What Is A Spin Bike?

A spin bike is an exercise machine in the form of a pedaling cycle. It is usually found in training centers and Gyms and is particularly effective in strengthening your calves, thighs, hips, abs, and shoulder muscles. Unlike stationary bikes, they offer much more than regular cycling benefits. Spin bikes are pretty different from most other types of indoor cycles, especially stationary bikes.

Spin bikes mimic the actual cycling experience and bring the outdoor cycling experience to your living room or gym. Recently, spin bikes have risen to the level of the most popular workout trends in the world.

What Defines a Spin Bike?

Body Position: Your body position in a spin bike is remarkably similar to usual road bikes: ie. Low body profile where the saddle and the handlebar are at the same level

Pedals: Spin bikes feature pedals with toe straps to ensure that you drive down and pull up with equal force.

Flywheel: Spin bikes feature an open belt-driven front wheel. The rotation and force offer a road bike feel. Moreover, unlike road bikes, you cannot stop the cycle abruptly.

Resistance: A tightening pad usually increases the resistance so that the user applies additional pressure to maintain cadence. Stationary bikes use electronic buttons to adjust resistance; spin bikes mostly have levers or knobs.

Top 10 Features of a Spin Bike

1.   Q Factor: It is the gap width between feet paths. If it is lower, it feels closer to real bikes.

2.   Flywheel Weight: The weighted rotation maintains the forward momentum. There is a myth that flywheel weight less than 20 kg is useless. But actual resistance is provided by the tightening pads or magnets and not the flywheel weight. The flywheel weight translates to resistance only in the first few revolutions.

3.   Adjustable Seats: A correct saddle position ensures a comfortable workout vital to avoid injury.

4.   Adjustable Handlebars: It provides a comfortable riding position as people have different arm and upper body sizes.

5.   Resistance Types- Magnetic or friction resistance: Unlike friction resistance that wears out faster, magnetic resistance is durable but expensive to replace.

6.   Water Bottle Holder: Since spin bikes induce too much sweat, water bottles are a must for proper hydration. Of late, recent models feature dual water bottle holders, signifying the importance of hydration.

7.   Handlebar positions: It helps in sprints, seated and standing climbs, or flats. Multiple hand positions facilitate different workout actions.

8.   Drive: Belt-driven or chain-driven drives connect the crank and the pedals. Belt-driven spin bikes are near-silent.

9.   Pedals- SPD Vs. Toe straps: Toe straps are enough for commercial or home users, but severe users must rely on SPD pedals. They adequately fix the rider’s foot to pedals.

10. Transportation Wheels: It is a bit challenging to move spin bikes without wheels. Transportation wheels are a must for space-saving. Nowadays, almost every spin bike features transport wheels for quick movements.

Where To Buy A Spin Bike?

Although all the spin bikes are readily available on e-commerce sites like Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, etc., we recommended buying them straight from the company site.

Advantages of Buying from a Brand

1. Brands offer genuine products with a warranty.

2. Brands provide full customer support for assembly, after-sale services, or repeat purchase support.

3. Buying direct saves money, especially if there is appreciable price variation among different e-commerce sites for the same product.

4. They offer discounts for repeat purchases and accessories.

5. They deliver with higher convenience.

6. They provide more shipping options with potential savings.

7. They follow reliable lead times.

8. They also provide cost savings from bundling. (e.g., Free or discounted apps)

Although it has several advantages, you may still compare the prices, availability, discounts, shipping, etc., before making the final decision. You may buy from the spin bike brand directly after thorough market research because of the above factors.


1. Bowflex Velo Core Spin Bike

Bowflex Spin Bike

Salient Features

Stationary and Leaning Modes

The Bowflex Velocore spin bike allows you to choose from two different modes. The static mode is for sprinting straight, whereas the leaning method enables you to move while still static. You will feel natural and comfortable in both modes, enjoying your way through the scenic destinations globally.

The Unique Journey experience with JRNY Membership

You will find it a lot harder to skip your cardio routine with JRNY membership which comes with several benefits. It features adaptive workouts where the workouts get more challenging with your fitness. In a way, it plans the exercises to adapt to your stamina automatically. The virtual coaching feature is too friendly that cleverly encourages you with whimsical words. You will get access to more than 75 trainer videos where trainers breathe new life into workouts. Finally, you get to see more than 50 beautiful destinations by matching your speed.

Streaming Your Favorite OTT Platforms

Keep your popcorn ready to fit its cupholders! When you subscribe to JRNY, it unlocks the power to enjoy your existing OTT (Over the Top) platforms like Netflix, Disney plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu content accounts from the HD touchscreen of spin bike. The moment you provide the subscription details, the magic begins. You will be hard-pressed to decide between entertainment and workouts, and you will settle for both because it is a deadly combination. You get to enjoy both simultaneously.

Multiple Digital Experiences

You get to enjoy the variety on the bike that leans. With your Zwift and Peloton subscriptions, you can enjoy the streaming of thousands of on-demand and live classes. It will allow you to connect and view the content on your Smart TV, tablet, or smartphone for authentic multiple digital experiences.

Fitness Metrics Tracking

In this spin bike, you can track the most critical fitness metrics data on a real-time basis. The key metrics include the resistance, cadence, heart rate, calories burnt per minute (Calories Burn rate), distance in miles or km, and time. If you have a JRNY membership, you will also get the lean and interval data. And, wait! The watts metrics are coming soon.

Additional Features

Moreover, you get dual sides pedals, 3 pounds dumbbells, Bluetooth heart rate armband for tracking, Bluetooth speakers, media rack to hold gadgets, adjustable handlebars/ seats, 100 resistance levels, with console option of 22 or 16 inches.


Award-Winning design; 16 inches / 22 inches HD touchscreen console; 2 months trial membership to JRNY included; Bluetooth speakers; Bluetooth HR armband; 3 lbs dumbbells; media rack


Leaning mode; 100 resistance levels; 325 lbs user weight; adjustable seat and handlebars; dual side pedals

2. Sole SB700 Spin Bike

Sole SB700 Spin Bike

Salient Features

Noise Free Operation

The spin bike maintains a highly quiet workout with a smooth transition from one resistance level to the next. Whisper-quiet pad resistance will allow you to focus on achieving your fitness goals without worrying about equipment noise. Moreover, the Kevlar braking design and a heavy-duty chrome-plated flywheel (48 lbs) ensure a quiet operation.

Adjustable Seats and Handlebars

You can move the seat and backrest backward or forward and up or down. You get the freedom of adjustable seating to find a perfect comfort level for you because all of us differ in height.

Easy Viewing on a Large Display Console

Display of workout metrics is critical to meet workout goals because there are no distractions. The spin bike offers an easy console view on a large screen. You get real-time data on a bright backlit LCD regarding key metrics: speed, distance, Kcal, time and RPM, etc. Moreover, the wireless heart rate chest strap ensures that your heartbeat remains in the safe zone for optimal workout performance.

Sturdy Frame

Your Sole spin bike features heavy steel tubing with an aluminum shroud to make a sturdy, durable frame suitable for a light commercial category. Two wheels work as touchpoints for easy and convenient movements. The frame construction is strong enough for up to five hours of everyday use.

Indoor and Outdoor Cycling

Sole spin bikes combine features for both indoor and outdoor cyclists. You will get a dual experience that is comfortable and affordable. You can perform workouts in the comfort of your home or use the spin bike in a light commercial setting like apartment complexes, pay-per-use gyms, fire stations, and police stations.

The Comfort Factor

The Sole spin bike is a perfect blend of value and performance with a focus on your comfort. You cannot get a spin bike at double the price to match its comfort and durability. Adjustable seats and handlebars, wireless technology, quiet operation, and smooth response add to your comfort. It is the most stable spin bike in its class.


300 lbs capacity; Item weight: 141 lbs; Heart Rate: Compatible with Chest Strap; Resistance Type: Platform: Upright/Cycle; Pedals: Toe Cages; Multi-level Resistance: Turn Dial; Flywheel: 48 lbs.


Felt pad brake resistance; Adjustable Handlebar/Seat: Horizontal/ Vertical; Workout Display: 3″ X 4″ LCD

3. Echelon EX-5 Connected Spin Bike

Echelon EX 5 Spin Bike

Salient Features

Focus on Performance

Echelon EX-5 spin bike is a connected bike that focuses on performance with its unique features to raise your cycling goals. You can count on this bike for anything ranging from stress-busting to competition training.

Collaboration with Mario’s Classes

Mario Lopez has joined hands with Echelon fitness to put a fresh spin on your workouts. Mario’s classes will cover everything from warm-ups to cycling, strength training, and cool down to reach your fitness goals. This ultimate collaboration will help you hustle harder with various workouts to have a blast while sweating out. You will never want to miss solid fitness activities with Mario.

A Versatile Machine to Suit Your Preferences

EX-5 Spin bike has a versatile design to suit every type of ride, ranging from easy pedaling to heart-pounding workouts. Thirty-two silent magnetic resistance levels allow you to choose your preferred resistance precisely. You also get a mounted console with 180-degree rotation. You can snap your favorite smart device onto the console and flip over the handlebars. The powerful adjustable features let you choose any fitness goal: whether you intend to take it slow or hit it hard.

Infinite Training Options

You can mix things up and exercise your body in different ways. It comes with several workout methods, and you can match your choice with your mood. The “Fitpass” features Zumba, stretching, pre and post-workout sessions kick-boxing, pilates, core, cardio, tone, and instructor-led yoga.

On-Demand World-Class Instructors

There are live and on-demand classes available with world-class instructors. The Echelon community can support and energize you and inspire you to climb the leader board. As a member, you can unlock different classes and equipment on the app. Al this is possible from the safety and comfort of your living room. You can sweat it out, have fun and get fit with membership allowing you to compete with your family and friends.

Pay Later

The flexible payment plans allow you to get fit first and pay later. There is no down payment, and you get a 30 days risk-free return option. Purchasing an Echelon spin bike is a lot easier now with its flexible financing schemes.


Ergonomic Design of Aero Handlebars; 6-inch lever to adjust seat; 32 flywheel tension magnetic resistance levels; Aero Weight: 58 kg; Dimensions: 1330 x 505 x 1280 mm; User Weight Limit: 136 KG (300lbs); Weight rack with two 2 pound dumbbells (sold separately)


Bluetooth; Smart device mount with 180-degree flip; SPD compatible pedals with fully adjustable toe cages.

4. Pro-Form Carbon CX Spin Bike

Proform Spin Bike

Salient Features

IFit One Year Family Membership

Here is a special trainer-led workout membership included with the spin bike. It means a cycling studio in your living room with iFit membership featuring various trainers, mountain biking, cross-training, road biking, studio classes, and interactive training. Trainers can interact with you and control your spin bike resistance. You will see the world while biking or working out in a studio class led by personal trainers online. They record all cycling sessions automatically to personalize your future workouts and nutrition plans.

Automatic Resistance Control

The trainers will lead your workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals. iFit trainer makes use of automatic resistance control by matching terrain to your movements. For instance, you will feel the burn when the trainer goes up a hill.

Cross-Train with Dumbbell Weights

The spin bike is not just about toning your legs. Cross-training workouts will allow you to exercise with included two three-pound dumbbells. This way, you can pump up your legs along with your upper body.

Comfortable adjustments

You can adjust your seat in all directions and move the handlebar up and down for a perfectly comfortable position because we believe that cycling should be for everyone, no matter what our shape and size are. Hence, the spin bike can adjust to most user heights. Even the pedals are interchangeable with option toe cages.

Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR)

Our patented SMR technology offers a silent, frictionless and smooth ride. You can adjust your training intensity without a break and without disturbing people around you.

Sturdy Build

The spin bike, a bike as rugged as you, features a high-quality welded steel body with corrosion resistance. The weight capacity of 250 pounds lets you work out as hard as you want. It has a 10-year warranty on its frame.

Roll with Ease

The space-saving feature allows easy movements with front-mounted transport wheels, making it easy to reposition your spin bike or store your bike when you complete your workout.


Its engineering marvels include an upright frame consisting of high-quality steel, 16 digital resistance levels, Ergonomic padded seats, Non-slip vertically adjustable handlebars, optional toe cages for pedals, and a flywheel with effective weight placement and a faster gear ratio.


iFit with one-year family membership: Trainers controlling the resistance, streaming studio workouts, led by professional trainers; Large LCD window with the adjustable console: Speed, time, calories burned, distance; Integrated tablet holder.

5. Nautilus U618 Upright Spin Bike

Nautilus Spin Bike

Salient Features

Unique SightLine Console and Screen

This spin bike from the Nautilus performance series comes with a tilting console and blue backlit dual-track screen. You can tilt the console for the best visibility. Your workout metrics are visible due to adjustable angles and illuminating screens irrespective of media tray usage.

Preset Training Options

It has 29 preset training programs for weight loss, interval training, heart rate training, and customized training. They are meant for serious cyclists.

Bluetooth Option for Smart Devices

It features a seamless recording of workout metrics on your supported intelligent devices through Bluetooth connectivity.

App Sync

You can ride through several real-life locations globally on a real-time basis because the free Explore the World App offers to sync your data. You can explore the world by exploring several high-definition places. You can select course lengths from exotic locations, including the streets of Prague, the Scottish Highlands, and the Japanese Countryside. It will kick start your motivation to conquer your training goals.

Adjustable Spin Bike Components

You can position your handlebars for the most convenient cruising angle. The integrated resistance/ incline controls with adjustable elbow rest ensure easy adjustments of intensity during your ride.

Seat Adjustments

Forward and backward seat movements along with vertical height adjustments enable customizing your cushions and saddle for a comfortable ride on this upright spin bike.

Other Design Features

Contact handgrips and wireless heart rate chest straps can effectively monitor your heart rate. You get smoother pedaling and easy foot placement with its three-piece chrome crank system and weighted pedals. The high inertia optimized motor drive with perimeter weighted flywheel ensures smoother workouts.

Durable body

The spin bike has a high 325 lbs user weight capacity made possible by its sturdy construction. It can handle any performance training with ease. That is why it offers a 15/3/1 warranty on frame, parts/electronics, and labor.


Integrated incline and resistance controls; Adjustable elbow rest; Multi-direction seat adjustment; Customise saddle and cushions; Contact handgrips; 3-piece chrome crank system; Weighted pedals; high inertia optimized motor drive with perimeter weighted flywheel; Spin Bike Dimensions: 38.5 x 24 x 58.3; Max user weight: 147 KG; Assembled weight: 37 kg; Frame warranty: 10 years


Sightline tilting console; blue backlit dual-track screen; 29 preset training options; Bluetooth connectivity; Explore the World App Sync

6. NordicTrack Commercial VU29 Spin Bike

Nordictrack Spin Bike

Salient Features

Experience Workouts Differently

The spin bike comes with iFit coaching for a truly immersive experience. The trainers can increase or decrease your resistance in real-time to match their levels. The streaming of high-energy workout content on your smartphone or tablet will guide and motivate you. It is possible to keep track of your fitness metrics in real-time so that you achieve your goals and remain motivated throughout. Finally, sometimes, you may get off your bike to cross-train your upper body with strength training or indulge in recovery yoga. You can stay motivated without an iota of boredom. There are infinite training options, from global workouts to studio sessions. You can even choose yoga and mindfulness for a change because strength is not only physical. Those mindfulness sessions offer necessary mental health workouts for a healthy mind as well.

Train Smarter with iFit on a NordicTrack Spin Bike

It brings an expansive on-demand workout library to your living room. You can stream them whenever you intend to work out. Elite iFit trainers deliver expert guidance to train you at your convenience at your home. They can control your incline and resistance by accessing 24 digital levels so that you focus on your workouts.

You get a series of recommended workouts every day, designed for everybody with extensive options. Google Maps workout technology supports your biking all the time, and you can track your statistics on a real-time basis. Moreover, you can personalize by creating up to four different profiles so that all the family members enjoy the iFit membership.

Advanced comfort features

Stay terrific with its ergonomic foot pedals and oversized cushion seat. AutoBreeze workout fan can pamper you for a much-need comfort during those strenuous workouts. There is all-new Bluetooth audio connectivity that can sync your spin bike to your favorite headphones. You can enjoy iFit workout music and listen to iFit trainer so that you are undistracted. Wireless connectivity with clear trainer instructions will help you in focussed workouts while enjoying workout music.

What’s More

You have got a 14 inch HD Smart Touchscreen with 24 Digital Resistance Levels on your spin bike. iFit Interactive Personal Training with 19LB Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel and several engineering and technological features will make your fitness soar.


SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance), 325 Lb User Capacity, One-Touch Controls, Horizontal and Vertical Seat Adjustment, 24 Digital Resistance Levels, Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel; Oversized Ergonomic Pedals with Adjustable Straps; Oversized Cushion Seat


Google Maps™ Technology, Automatic Trainer Control; Two 2″ Digitally Amplified Speakers, Bluetooth Compatible Audio; 1-Year iFit Membership Included worth $396, 14″ HD Smart Touchscreen; 10/2/1 Frame/Parts/Labor warranty

7. The MYX Plus Spin Bike

Myx Fitness Spin Bike

Salient Features

Quality Build

This spin bike is rust-proof, durable, and hypoallergenic.

Space-Efficient Design

The MYX Plus spin bike has a compact footprint of only 3’4″ in length and 1’7″ width. However, you will need a 4′ x 6′ area to ride and move the spin bike; it is pretty compact by any standards.

Adjustable and Flexible

You can easily adjust the bike height due to its flexible design. Riders with a maximum weight of 350 lbs and a height range of 4’11” to 6’8″ can easily ride this spin bike.

Unique Swivel screen

The swivel option is so flexible that it throws unlimited options beyond the bike. You can bend it the way you want in all directions.

Versatile pedals

The pedals are versatile enough to accommodate athletic shoes or SPD clip-ins.

Silent Rides

It features mechanical friction-breaking silent operation. Moreover, the 41 lbs flywheel makes it smooth.

MYX App advantage

You can add workouts to a calendar for uninterrupted scheduling. You can even schedule your activities in a way that your family knows that it is your turn. In this app, you can connect your Apple watch seamlessly for heart rate tracking. You can quickly cast the app content on all devices compatible with chrome cast and Apple TV. What is more, you can even stream it parallelly on two Smart TVs or such devices. You can also get credit points for your exercises in Apple health.

MYX membership

You can opt for MYX membership separately for $29 per month. Every week hundreds of workouts are added with new sessions. You will get the ability to track your progress easily, unlimited access to content, heart rate monitoring and reporting, world-class coaches, hundreds of total-body workouts, and workouts at just the right level for you.

Other features

Other exciting features include an oversized exercise mat (48″ x 72″), stabilizing mat, EVA foam roller (24″), resistance band, Polar OH1 heart rate monitor, 6-piece weight set with kettlebell (weight rack not included), an interactive touchscreen tablet (21.5″), 30-day return policy and one year warranty.


Recommended max rider weight: up to 350 lbs; Recommended rider height range: 4’11” – 6’8″; Footprint is 3’4″ L x 1’7″ W; 134 lbs weight; 41 lbs flywheel; mechanical friction breaking resistance; 6-groove Poly-V belt drive; 21.5″ interactive touchscreen tablet; 6-piece weight set with kettlebell


Swivel screen; Versatile pedals; Polar OH1 heart rate monitor

8. Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Spin Bike

Schwinn Spin Bike

Salient Features

100 Resistance Levels with Micro Adjustments

Finetune your cycle ride workouts with so many micro-adjustments. 100 Magnetic resistance levels allow you to change the resistance in minute adjustments for a smooth and silent biking experience.

Track Metrics on LCD

You can follow critical metrics like RPM, calories, distance, and time on a generous display of this spin bike. You can also monitor your heart rate with a Bluetooth HR armband.

Dual Link Pedals

This spin bike features dual-link pedals with toe cages. You can either use SPD clips or standard toe cages for a safer biking experience as per your unique preferences.


It can offer a perfect comfort level by allowing you to adjust the seat and handlebars. A series of vertical and horizontal adjustments can find an ideal arrangement.

Integrated Device Holder

There is no need to add a device holder because this spin bike comes with an integrated holder to keep your smart devices so that you engage yourself with valuable content throughout your workout sessions.

Premium Grip Handlebars

You may feel uncomfortable during those long or intense biking sessions. This spin bike features extra-large, dipped handlebars ensuring continued comfort levels.

Dual Water Bottle Holders

It is crucial to stay hydrated during a workout, and nothing could be better than using a dual water bottle holder when you feel the heat.

Optional App connectivity

You can get additional benefits by connecting to leading fitness apps through Bluetooth, like this spin bike designed to work with many cycling apps. For instance, Peloton App can stream thousands of live and on-demand classes directly into your home. The Zwift app can interact, train, and compete against others in a virtual world that motivates you at every mile. Similarly, the Explore The World App lets you experience virtual courses and stunning trails from across the globe that automatically adjust.

Misc Features

Other features include a media rack, 3 lb. dumbbells with easy-reach cradles, and a USB charging station.


Dual-link pedals with toe cages; Adjustable Seat and handlebars: Vertical/Horizontal; Integrated device holder; Premium Grip handlebars; Dual water bottle holders; Media Rack; Max User Weight: 330 lbs; Assembled item weight: 106 lbs; Power Source: Wall adaptor; Warranty: 10/3/1 for Frame/Mech+Elec/Labor


Trainer-led workouts; Bluetooth connectivity for Cycling apps and Heart rate band; 100 resistance levels; cadence tracking; 3 lbs dumbbells

9. One Peloton Spin Bike: A Game-Changing Cardio

Peloton Spin Bike

Salient Features


This game-changing spin bike can support you in virtually any position because it has three adjustable components: an adjustable seat, handlebar, and screen. The screen of 21.5 inches in 1080 HD quality has a touchscreen with 10 point multitouch. The bike seat is a sports series saddle with an ergonomic channel. You can adjust them vertically or forward-backward movements, and once you find your suitable spot after adjust, you will enjoy the biking experience. The adjustable screen can accommodate people of different heights.


The peloton spin bike has a Poly V Power transmission belt drive, which ensures a near-silent operation all the time. It implies that you can sweat at any hour without worrying about the noise it will make. It won’t disturb you or the people around you.


The screen of 21.5 inches in 1080 HD quality has a touchscreen with 10 point multitouch, making you feel as if you are interacting face-to-face with your instructors. The sweatproof screen offers an immersive experience you can never forget, as it will keep you reminding of it with every day’s biking sessions.


You will always feel connected with the world because it offers wifi connectivity in addition to Bluetooth. You can connect to your favorite devices, including smartwatch and heart rate monitors.


The peloton spin bike has a compact footprint of only 4′ x 2′. It means that it can fit in your room comfortably.


Frame: Welded steel, ED & powder coated; Resistance; Magnetic with mechanical adjustment; Drive: Poly V power transmission belt drive; Seat: Sports series saddle with the ergonomical central channel; Pedal: Aluminum pedals; Industrial grade bearings with ISIS splined spindle for bottom bracket; Footprint: 4′ x 2′; Dimensions: 59″ L x 53″ H x 23″ W; Total Weight: 135 lbs; User Height range: 4’11” – 6’4″; maximum weight: 297 lbs; minimum age: 14+


Screen: 21.5″ 1080p HD 10-point multi-touch; Camera: 5 megapixel front‑facing camera; Sound: 2-Channel rear-facing stereo speaker system with 16 watts of total power; USB micro port: 3.5 mm headphone jack; Bluetooth® 4.0 connectivity; Built-in microphone; 2.0 GHz Mediatek quad-core processor; Connection: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; ANT+ wireless; 100 Mbps ethernet; Power Requirements: 100 V to 240 V; 50 Hz to 60 Hz, 1.2 A-Max

10. Horizon IC7.9 Indoor Spin Bike

Horizon Spin Bike

Salient Features

Functional Design

The Horizon IC7.9 indoor spin bike comes with a chrome handlebar and seat adjustment options for a comfortable workout. You can adjust the seat and handlebar vertically or forward/backward. It can provide accurate cadence feedback to help you in keeping pace with your ambitious fitness goals. You can clip in sneakers or cycling shoes with their safe dual-sided pedals.

It features a lightweight and durable aluminum flywheel with magnetic resistance. The transition is always smooth as you can change resistance from 0 to 100% with a precision resistance lever for quick intensity adjustments. It implies that you can make swift resistance changes with a precision resistance lever. It also comes with a perfectly positioned secure tablet holder so that you can stream online classes the way you want.

What’s So Special About Precision Resistance Lever?

Unlike conventional resistance knobs, this lever can adjust from 0 to 100 as per your instructor’s cues. Hence, there is no guesswork involved here. You can perform interval workouts with precision and maintain your focus on your effort instead of equipment.

You can set exact and repeatable intensity levels in this spin bike. If your classes demand the most of you, you can do the same with your bike, and this spin bike will not disappoint you.

Stay connected with the Studio SWEAT on-demand classes from Studio SWEAT or Peloton. When you add intelligent features such as precision resistance lever and real-time cadence feedback, your workouts will become more effective and fun-filled.


Frame Type: Indoor cycle; Adjustable Pedal straps; Dual-sided pedals with toe cages/ clips; Racing-style road saddle seat; Horizontal and Vertical seat adjustment; Magnetic resistance; Precision resistance 0-100%; 35 lbs flywheel weight; Max user weight: 300 lbs; Spin bike weight: 123 lbs; Lifetime Frame warranty; Integrated Media holder;


5 inch LCD; Accurate cadence feedback; Workout Metrics: Calories, distance, Kcal; Time, speed, Odo.


Best Budget-Range Spin Bike

We have reviewed the following five spin bikes in the budget range of about $599 to $899:

No. 2 Sole SB700 Spin Bike ($699)

No. 4 Pro-form Carbon CX Spin Bike ($599)

No. 5 Nautilus U618 Upright Spin Bike ($699)

No. 8 Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Spin Bike ($899)

No. 10 Horizon IC7.9 Indoor Spin Bike ($699)

Considering different parameters, the Pro-form Carbon CX Spin Bike seems to be the best budget range spin bike.

Features like free one-year iFit family membership. Automatic resistance control, cross-training, seat and handlebar adjustments, silent magnetic resistance (SMR), ten-year frame warranty, 250-pound user weight, transport wheels, high-quality steel, 16 resistance levels, weighted flywheel rotation, and large LCD.

Best Mid-Range Spin Bike

We have reviewed the following two spin bikes in the mid-range of about $1239 to $1299:

No. 3 Echelon EX-5 Connected Spin Bike ($1239)

No. 6 NordicTrack Commercial VU29 Spin Bike ($1299)

Based on different parameters, the NordicTrack Commercial VU29 Spin Bike seems to be the best mid-range spin bike.

It features iFit coaching, mindfulness sessions, 24 resistance levels, Google Maps technology, Ergonomic design, an Autobreeze fan, Bluetooth audio for clear trainer instructions, 14 inches HD Smart touchscreen, 19-pound flywheel, and 325-pound user capacity. Silent magnetic resistance (SMR), amplified speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and a ten-year frame warranty.

Best High-End Spin Bike

We have reviewed the following three spin bikes in the High-End range of about $1499 to $2199:

No. 1 Bowflex VeloCore Spin Bike ($1699-$2199)

No. 7 The MYX Plus Spin Bike ($1499)

No. 9 One Peloton Spin Bike: A Game-Changing Cardio ($1895)

One Peloton Spin Bike: A Game-Changing Cardio seems to be the best high-end spin bike.

Based on different parameters. It has unique features like adjustable screen along with seat and handlebar adjustments, 21.5 inches 1080 HD quality multitouch screen, ergonomic seats, Poly V power transmission near-silent belt drive, high-quality sweatproof screen, Wifi connectivity along with Bluetooth 4.0, compact 4′ x 2′ footprint, steel frame, magnetic resistance, Sports series saddle, delta compatible aluminum pedals, industrial grade bearings, 297 lbs user weight, 5-megapixel camera; Stereo speakers, microphone, Mediatek quad-core processor, and unique Peloton app features.