Natural nail care: the cherry on the cake

We may all agree that clean, beautiful and sophisticated nails, whether on toes or fingers, bring the final touch to an elegant look. Your hands are visible all year around but with the summer coming, it’’s time to double up your natural nail care routine and invest more time on your toes, as it’’s easy to become a bit more lazy during the winter when we know they are going to be hidden under woollen socks and warm boots.

Natural nail care is not all about beauty; it’s also a way to make sure you keep your nails healthy and strong for a better natural protection and avoid any possible problems and infections (especially toenails).

Here are some tips to help you adopt an easy natural nail care routine !

Natural nail care tip #1: Trim them regularly

nail clippers

Natural nails are doing better when trimmed regularly. There is no ideal length but consider that the free edge (the white part at the edge of your nail) should measure at least a few millimeters and the nail should not be much longer than your finger/toe.
Use small on-purpose scissors or a good nail-clipper.
If you want to file them, don’’t use the classic emery board or metallic file: they are too aggressive for natural nail care, use rather a smoother nail filing block. Also, don’t file them forth and back as it can create breakage, file just in one direction.

Natural nail care tip #2: Moisturize them

olive oil

Few people think that nails deserve a proper moisturizing, but just like the hairs, they can get very dry quickly! It’s not only due to their composition (Keratin) but also to the fact that they are constantly being under the attack of all sort of chemicals : shampoos, soaps, gels, domestic products ( dishwashing liquid, cleaning wipes etc… ). The toenails (and feet in general) are particularly neglected.
You can hydrate with a traditional cream, balm or moisturizer but if you want to enjoy a real natural nail care you can try soaking your fingers in olive oil – n1 multipurpose oil since forever- for about 15 minutes. You can start once a week to give a quick boost to your nails and then have a maintenance about once/twice a month. For your toes, the nicest recipe we can recommend (tested and approved) is a mix of : 1 spoon olive oil, 1 spoon honey and 1 spoon lemon juice. Rub and gently massage your feet in this yummy home-made mix, then apply a bandage, cellophane or simply clean socks and let it rest for about 1h. You can walk of course but we would advise to simply take this time to enjoy your favorite show. After rinsing your feet, you’’ll enjoy how smooth your feet feel and how hydrate your nails are.

Natural nail care tip #3: Change socks every day


Changing your socks helps to maintain your nails healthy and bacteria-free. Imagine that your hands are usually free (sometimes under gloves) but your feet lie often under at least two layers most of the time: socks and shoes, you can picture the difference and how little the feet breathe. Damp or wet socks are the perfect environment for fungus, so make sure you change your socks daily and as much as you need if you tend to have sweaty feet.

Natural nail care tip # 4: Wash your feet daily and dry them properly


 It can sound basic but, yet again, feet are not the most well-taken care of the area of our body. It’s important to wash them meticulously, cleaning well between the toes. If you shower in the morning, take the habit to have a quick rinse night-time: freshness guaranteed and you’’ll also avoid bringing germs into your bed.
As for drying part: have you ever smelled the odor of stagnant water in a puddle or canal? The drops between your toes just have the same fate, so pass your towel through your toes.

Natural nail care tip # 5: Have a good diet


 A balanced, varied, and rich diet is very important for our general health, but also, some specific nutrients can help to boost the look and strength of your nails. Also, remember that you can kill two birds with one stone: nails and hairs are made of keratin, so what is good for your nails will benefit your hairs as well!

A small list of aliment that will help you achieve a natural nail care:

B Vitamins: fish, meats, cereals, oats, nuts, grains … widely spread in many aliments
Zinc: shells, crustaceans, fish
Calcium: dairy products i.e. milk, cheese, butter… but also some mineral waters
Iron: red meat, shells, legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas)

This article is a small introduction to help you gain natural nail care habits. On the long run, you will be able to see how efficient and cost-effective it is : not many expenses for nice and sustainable results.Using traditional creams and having professional manicures/pedicures can be nice and enjoyable as well, but for an affordable and easy-to-achieve results, there’’s nothing better than starting by a natural nail care.