Bungee Workouts: All About Bungee Fitness and Its Benefits

When you first hear about this new out-of-the-box workout, you may conjure the adventurous images of jumping off a tall building or a bridge and swinging upside down. But bungee fitness does not involve such daredevil acts. So what exactly is a bungee workout?

Bungee workout is amongst the latest fitness craze these days to rock the world. Fitness enthusiasts are always on the lookout for something new and different to deal with their busy and stressful lives. Although traditional sports and fitness options are a great way to achieve our goals, we usually get bored by the mundane routines. If you also think the way I do, let us learn more about this fascinating fitness concept.

Top bungee workout instructors in the USA to find out more about this new fitness craze and why anyone should give it a try. Meet the first instructor in the US who got certification in a bungee fitness program – Amanda Paige, to find out what this craze is all about.

What Is Bungee Workout?

Bungee fitness refers to strength training designed to provide a complete cardio workout by attaching enthusiasts to individual bungee cords and harnesses. When you attach yourself to a bungee cord and lunge, squat, or jump into a workout routine, it offers you a low-impact exercise reasonably easy on your joints. Some people hate the idea of going to a regular gym and start loving bungee workouts from day one.

As the name implies, instructors strap the students into harnesses and fix them to the ceiling with a thick bungee cord. The suspension makes some workouts easier than usual, but other exercises are hard to perform. The suspension and resistance work like a double-edged sword. Even if some activities may seem more straightforward, the suspension makes you move around faster. At the same time, resistance plays its part in making several other things more difficult. You have to prepare yourself for a tough, sweaty session. You may fly like Peter Pan, but resistance training and cardio workout make you work harder to achieve your fitness goals.

It is a fun way of doing workouts. When you attach the cord to your harness, it both assists and resists you all the time. The harness safely and comfortably secures you to the bungee cord, which in turn safely attaches to the studio roof.

One of the most popular new trends in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom is bungee workouts. This kind of exercise is unique due to the combination of resistance training and bungee cords. You may have heard this type of aerial fitness activity because your body tethered to a bungee cord attached to your back with a harness and carabiner.

You can perform a series of practical aerobic exercises and tricks to strengthen and tone your body while engaging your imagination. Bungee fitness can improve your strength, coordination, and confidence. Not only do you receive a great cardiovascular workout, but the impact on your joints faded. You receive excellent resistance to work your muscles along with the feeling of flying through the air.

Your workout has components similar to old-fashioned aerobics, dance, yoga, and pilates. You can manage moves you may have been unable to achieve in the past, such as side flips, forearm stands, and handstands, simply by using your harness and cord. If you need to increase your strength, a bungee workout’s support offers you resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and core training.

The process is simple. You begin by securing the bungee cord attached to the roof to your waist. You can then perform various resistance training movements, including Dancing, Lunging, Running, Push-ups, Squatting, Planks, Jumping, and Sprinting.

The bungee cord decreases your body weight, so you can perform movements easier. You will also be making an effort to stretch your bungee cord every time you move at the same time. The result is a workout focused on the endurance of your muscles. The idea is to move as much as possible. You begin with movements for simple resistance training such as planks and squats.

You then transition to movements with more action, including jumping and running. Your bungee workout combines explosive, fast movements with the bungee cord bearing your weight. It is one of the unique exercises you will ever experience. You can also enjoy creative actions such as dance simply for fun. You can find good examples of ensemble, group, or solo videos online.

Bungees have been taken to new levels by certain companies, including Cirque du Soleil. You can watch the performers appear to fly in numerous productions such as Saltimbanco and Mystere. Both of these shows use a dual bungee system with a static trapeze. The styles of movement are virtually endless, including ethereal, humorous, and elegant.

Why Bungee Workouts? What is in it for me?

Bungee workout is a fitness program that can make you jump out of your comfort zone? Bungee workout promises to revamp your regular workout routine to plunge into this revolutionary technology that makes exercise fun.

People often mistake it for just another fun activity and don’t consider it a regular workout. But if you believe the statistics, people are burning as many calories in bungee workouts as they do by running on their treadmills, if not more, making it a great exercise. Bungee workout is the latest innovation for people who quickly get bored by the mundane daily routine of sports and gym activities.

The instructor makes the beginner focus on basic movements in the beginning. It gradually processes into jumps and bungee flights with a bit of practice when the aspirant starts to get the hang of it.

People feel surprised when they finish their first class of bungee fitness program. They tend to sweat more than they had earlier imagined. They laugh when they first ride on a bungee harness because it is such a different feeling. They love the fact that they feel enthusiastic about coming to something different.

Some studios offer thirty to sixty minutes of bungee workout classes, including cardio, flight, and circuit training classes. People frequent such courses because they find something which they have not experienced before. It is an excellent way of developing core inner strength. Moreover, it is fantastic to tell your friends that you workout on bungee equipment almost every day.

Not only are bungee workouts tremendous and fun, but they also provide ambiance and community to women. Fitness studios give credit for their immense growth to this community of friends. They refer to the community as “the fly girls.”

How did Bungee Workout Originate?

You can trace the origin of this innovative fitness program to Thailand. Amand Paige, the first certificate holder of bungee fitness, trained himself in this technique at Stories to Tales Theatre in Bangkok. This fitness studio held the first classes for bungee fitness. When Paige saw this exercise’s first video, he immediately flew to Thailand and logged more than 130 hours of training in this method. The former Broadway dancer turned into a trainer when his first video became viral on Facebook in 2017 with more than 46 million views.

Whoever saw this video mesmerized the way participants jumped, bound, and dived their way through a workout. Everybody wanted to cash on this unique method, and bungee workout came into the mainstream.

Who Can Perform a Bungee Workout?

Bungee workout is versatile enough for all people of almost any background. Even if you are a beginner who does not perform a routine exercise, this can help you get going. It is suitable for people of different ages and body makeup. Bungee workouts can make you move in a new and different manner.

Since the bungee fitness program involves low-impact workouts, a person who has suffered ankle or knee injuries in the past can also use it effectively. It is possible because you can perform a cardio workout without the forceful pounding of regular training. It will never injure unstable joints or bring back old injuries. Even a knee, hip, or other physiotherapy issues cannot deter you from reaping the benefits of this low-impact fitness routine. 

Moreover, if anybody wants a higher level of cardio activity without bothering to use a treadmill or go jogging, bungee fitness is a practical option.

If you do not work out regularly or have not yet tried a bungee workout, you can still participate. This workout is appropriate for all different body types, ages, and movements. If you have injured yourself while working out in the past or have an ankle or knee injury due to running, bungee fitness may be the answer. You can get a great cardio workout without placing pressure on old injuries or joints.

A bungee workout is ideal if you have issues with numerous body parts, including your hips and knees. Since the training is low-impact, you should have an easier time than with the more traditional methods such as jogging and treadmills. You can strengthen your body and improve your health by working out regularly.

What Can You Expect in a Bungee Workout Class

You can expect a learning curve at the beginning of your experience. You will be building a certain degree of trust and familiarity the first few times. You may even expect an introductory class to make you comfortable with a new type of equipment which may feel a bit daunting at first. Once you get satisfied with the ambiance and equipment, you will start getting the hang of it.

Every new client comes with a different set of height and weight based on their body type. The learning curve, in the beginning, involves learning some basic body movements. You can customize the harness according to your weight and height. But it is vital to make up your mind to wear the equipment for the entire session. You will need to spend some time under the bungee line to get an idea of resistance levels.

Once you complete your basic training, the instructor guides you with strength moves like lunging, squatting, and doing push-ups. As the bungee workout progresses, you learn to use additional resistance to push yourself into different exercise postures. You may do cardio training in the last thirty minutes by running, leaping, and diving around the space.

Tips for Your First Bungee Workout

Initially, you may not like wearing the harness because it may feel a little uncomfortable in your first session. It will be better to wear workout clothes with moisture-wicking features. You may bring a water bottle, of course. Try wearing bike shorts or two pairs of leggings. It will reduce the feeling of the harness against your body the first few times.

If you are lucky, you might get padded shorts in some studios, which will guard your body against the hardness of a harness. Finally, you have to wear sports shoes as most classes would either ask you to wear them mandatorily. We would strongly recommend you to come wearing tennis shoes to avoid any inconvenience.

It is vital to do the bungee workout with an adventurous inclination and open-mindedness. The concept of bungee workout is exceptionally novel and unique in its ways. For instance, the squats and lunges of bungee workout are totally unlike regular squats and lunges. You will feel extremely special while doing it for the first time because this fitness method presents the concept of exercise uniquely. You may come prepared to laugh and sweat to get the most out of it.

Find a Bungee Fitness Class Near You

Bungee workouts are fast becoming popular in the US as an increasing number of studios are offering customized and personalized experiences. Nevertheless, a typical fitness studio running aerial yoga sessions usually offers bungee workout classes also. It is logical because they can attach the cords with their harness systems quickly to their ceiling. Several bungee fitness studios have mushroomed all over the US and offer fitness classes. You can use an app like MindBody to search for the nearest bungee workout classes or do a quick online search.

It is essential to mention here that all bungee workout classes do not offer standardized experience. Therefore they have varying class sizes and prices depending upon the type of studio. However, you can drop-in at any ongoing class for $20-35. It may sound a bit expensive, but you must appreciate that the studio needs to provide a different bungee suspension system for each client.

Benefits of Bungee Workouts

A unique way of staying active

You might have guessed by now that bungee workout is among the unique activities globally. Its uniqueness is two-fold; firstly, the equipment is unusual, which is also the fun part; secondly, it keeps you moving around here and there to the maximum possible extent. It is a deadly combination of movement and resistance. On the one hand, you get a fast-paced action around the space. Simultaneously, on the other hand, you get the benefits of resistance, lunging, and squatting too. Perhaps any such workout cannot provide the best of both worlds.

Builds Muscles And Burns Fat

It may be easy to perform resistance exercises like planks or push-ups because the bungee cord carries your weight. Still, your constant movement implies that these low-intensity activities activate the stored fat to burn it while building your muscles.

Bungee workouts primarily benefit you by improving your endurance, increasing the heart rate, burning calories, and stimulating muscle-building. The best part of a bungee workout is that you get full-body training due to a wide range of movements involving the core, legs, arms, and back.

With the help of a bungee cord and harness, you get an optimal mix of cardio and strength movements without compromising intensity. Usually, you will get 70% cardio movements coupled with 30% of strength training, which includes squats, push-ups, lunges, and of course, jumping.

Improve mobility

You can improve your mobility without compromising joint issues. It is a low-impact workout to enhance mobility efficiently. With bungee cord absorbing the maximum impact on the joints, you will need more flexibility to carry a wide variety of movements. There are no issues of joint pain or tight, sore muscles. Improvement in your mobility has become a game-changer in the industry.

The Fun Part

Bungee workout offers a tremendous amount of fun with its uniqueness. When you fly around the studio while the ceiling supports you through the bungee, you feel entirely carefree and weightless. Such a state of mind helps release the endorphins, the happiness hormones, leading to a joyful and hilarious personality and outlook.


You may argue that one cannot do much exercise while hanging to the ceiling with the help of a strong cord. Perhaps you’re mistaken to no small extent. It is a trendy concept and an exciting way of training in itself. Moreover, it features endless options to workout with the magical bungee cord. You can set cardio movement goals and implement resistance strategies to suit your preference and stamina. The bungee workout system is so versatile that people of all ages, fitness levels and physical build can enjoy it, unlike traditional workouts.

Bungee workouts are an excellent way to reignite your love of working out. You don’t require massive efforts to come out of your comfort zone and accept this challenge because it is flexible, versatile, and quite adaptive.

What are Bungee Cords?

Bungee cords are great shock-absorbers. The reason they referred to as shock cords. The first reference to the word bungee was in 1938. The sport of bungee fitness began during the 1970s. The belief is the practice had already existed for numerous centuries. Different types of bungees have different purposes. Some are used as ropes to make jumps from tall buildings, while others are for sport.

The types of movements you can make with a bungee cord are exhilarating. You can use your cable to flip, leap and bounce. The most common type of workout encompasses your entire body and includes a series of lunges, push-ups, and squats. Once you become comfortable with the experience, you can improve your endurance with a low-impact, high-intensity workout.

You can attach your cord behind you or at your hip. If you connect the cable to your back, you can rotate 360 degrees. You will remain more upright with a dual bungee system. Bungees ropes made using elastic materials like rubber. A fabric sheath is used to bind them together. Originally bungees were used by the military. The nature of the elastic enabled the military to perform previously impossible tasks.

Safety Tips

Before you perform any aerial movements, including spinning and jumping, you need to be sure your equipment is secure, or you may end up on the floor. If you decide to purchase your equipment, look for a reputable company offering products that have been weight-tested. Knowing the weight limit of your equipment is extremely important. You need to hang your bungee in the most appropriate location.

The equipment you need is dependent on your specific space. The way you will set up your aerial rig will most likely be different than what you see at a performance venue or professional studio. To help ensure your safety, follow the tips below.

  • Follow the recommendations of your equipment manufacturer.
  • If you have questions, talk to a trusted professional.
  • Do not exceed the workload for your bungee equipment.
  • Store your equipment safely.
  • Check your rigging and equipment before you begin.
  • Training partner recommended.
  • Use a crash mat during your training.

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