Proform Folding X-Bike Elite Review

The Proform Folding X-Bike Elite is an inexpensive, excellent entry-level alternative for at-home gyms. It is an upgrade to the earlier model Proform Bike, having an oversized cushion seat, dual 2 lbs weights, ten resistance levels, an EKG grip heart rate sensor, and iFit Bluetooth Coach. You get the info about calories burnt, time, distance, and speed on its LCD screen.

If you are a light to moderate user, you will get low-impact workouts from this bike, just like you do with more sophisticated ones. However, advanced riders will be better off with higher-end bikes for challenging rides. You will get smooth and quiet rides due to its high-quality flywheel. It is effortless to fold up your bike and store it for a clutter-free experience due to its minimalist folding space saver design.

The Proform Folding X-Bike Elite is a basic entry-level exercise bike – a new and improved version. The earlier model was too basic and lacked all bells and whistles because it was inexpensive and contained the bare minimum for a stationary bike. Proform introduced a beefed-up version after listening to customer’s needs and included several advanced features.

Still, the bike is relatively minimalist, but that does not imply that you will have to compromise with workouts. Now you can virtually exercise globally via Globe Trek workouts leveraging Google Maps with new iFit Coach functionality. You can build your fitness levels in an adventurous and fun way. But unfortunately, you will not get a free iFit subscription with the bike, and you have to buy it separately.

The Proform Folding X-Bike Elite has EKG sensors built into its handlebars to track your heart rate. The upgraded model increased two more resistance levels to come up with an Elite model with ten levels. Although it may be a helpful addition for beginner and intermediate users looking for light to moderate cardio workouts, they may not be challenging enough for stronger riders.

The oversized seat is one of the critical features of your bike and makes a lot of difference with comfortable seating. It motivates you to use the bike every day and never let it become a clothing rack just because you hated sitting on an uncomfortable seat. Moreover, comfortable seating encourages longer rides leading to improved general fitness.

Your machine has pedal straps to keep your feet in place. You can enjoy noise-free and smooth rides due to its inertia-enhanced flywheel, ensuring that you do not disturb anyone during early morning workouts. You can do a little weight training while doing your cardio using two two-pounds weights. The Proform Folding X Bike Elite has a user weight capacity of only 250 pounds, slightly lower than the standard capacity for competing models. Similarly, you get a short warranty of only one year on the frame and 90 days on parts. This entry-level affordable stationary bike has a minimalist design with a small frame, making it easy to use and store.

If you are looking for a bike to add more cardio without purchasing an expensive machine, Proform Folding X-Bike Elite is a good choice at a low price point. Space saver design, a small frame, a comfortable adjustable seat, and an HR monitor are the biggest perks of this stationary bike. Although it lacks preset programs, the iFit Bluetooth compatibility makes up for it. These features with a simple design make it a perfectly appealing entry-level machine.

This upright exercise bike is perfect for home use, falling in the most affordable range. It includes a few features generally found in higher-end machines; perhaps that is why the upgraded version is named “Elite.” The foldability option and petite frame make it ideal for people who live in apartments or have smaller houses.

Salient Features of Proform Folding X-Bike Elite

IFit Bluetooth Coach

Although this minimalist bike does not have readymade workout programs, it comes with an iFit Bluetooth coach to access your Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone. It offers fabulous features such as Globe Trek, giving riding options in any country worldwide using Google Maps. It is straightforward to join a virtual spin class on your iFit Coach-enabled bike for a fun and motivating program. But you have to spend for an iFit subscription starting at $15 per month.

With a paid subscription, you can virtually ride anywhere Google Maps takes you. Even if you are not interested in so-called outdoor adventures, you may join spin classes to help you keep your workouts exciting and fresh.

Fitness Metrics

You can track and monitor your fitness progress on the LCD screen of Proform Folding X Bike Elite. The basic fitness metrics displayed on the screen include statistics on elapsed time, calories burnt, distance traveled, and current speed, all at the same time.

HR Monitoring

The handlebars of your stationary exercise bike have in-built EKG Grip Heart Rate sensors to quickly capture your heart rate and monitor to stay in the targeted pulse zone.

Increased Resistance Levels

The earlier Proform model “X Bike” originally had only eight resistance levels. The upgraded version Proform Folding X Bike Elite now has increased it to 10 resistance levels to provide you more options to burn calories and tone your body.

Oversized Adjustable Cushioned Seat

Comfortable seating motivates to ride often and longer than usual. Your bike has an oversized cushioned seat to ensure a comfortable ride all the time. Moreover, you can adjust its height to suit users of different sizes. Remember that you cannot move it back and forth.

Inertia Enhanced Flywheel

You can watch TV while working out or do it early morning because its inertia-enhanced flywheel offers quiet and smooth rides without distracting others with the sound of your ride.

Minimalist Design With Foldability

This stationary exercise bike has a compact frame without any bells and whistles. You can fold the bike in just one step and quickly move or store it in a closet or an empty corner. It has a compact design taking very little space, and you can quickly move it out of the way when you finish riding. It is lightweight, weighing only 43 pounds so that you can move it around quickly.

Pedal Straps

The straps ensure that your feet stay in place on the bike pedals while you pedal away vigorously on the way to fitness.

Two two-pound dumbbells

Your bike comes included with a set of two dumbles weighing two pounds each on the backside of your seat. They are perfect for adding a little strength training while you perform your cardio workouts.

Easy Assembly

Assembling this bike is a pretty easy task. You get a manual with pictures to help you put together different parts of the cycle in a short period.


Proform Folding X Bike Elite provides a warranty of one year on its frame and 90 days on parts. The coverage is just suitable for an affordable minimalist bike.

  • Proform Folding X Bike Elite comes with an optional iFit Coach subscription to offer an array of motivation and fun activities. You can ride anywhere in the world with Google Map-based Globe Trek feature.
  • Previously, there were only eight levels on the X Bike, but the upgraded version has increased resistance levels to 10, a boon for novice and moderate users.
  • Pedal straps ensure that you stay safe, especially during intense rides.
  • Oversized cushioned seat enables comfortable seating with height adjustment for comfortable rides for all users.
  • You can add a bit of cross-training with included dumbbells for strength training.
  • It has a minimalist design with a small frame. The bike takes up very little space, and you can quickly fold it up for easy storage.
  • The inertia-enabled flywheel delivers quiet rides.
  • The user weight capacity of 250 pounds is on the lower side, where most bikes offer at least 300 pounds.
  • Even after getting increased resistance of 10 levels, it remains a light ride.
  • The warranty is too short.
  • Subscribing to iFit Coach will cost you extra as it is not part of the package.

Machine Specs of Proform Folding X Bike Elite

Dimensions (Inches): 37 x 17 x 42; Type: Upright; Frame: Standard; Resistance Levels: 10; Resistance Type: SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance); Pedals: Pedals with Straps; Seat: Oversized adjustable cushioned seat; Drive System: Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel; Programs: iFit Coach; Heart Rate Monitoring: EKG Pulse HR monitoring; Display: LCD window display; Maximum User Weight Capacity: 250 lbs; Warranty: Frame: 1 year, Parts: 90 days.

Final Words

Proform Folding X Bike Elite has a minimalist design giving you everything you may need as a beginner or intermediate user. There are hardly any bells and whistles, but it is suitable for light to moderate workouts. You can shake up your routine in a fun way by adding an iFit subscription. Moreover, it provides comfortable seating with smooth and quiet pedaling. All that is available in a relatively inexpensive bike that is easily foldable and takes up little space.