3 Best Assault Bike Reviewed

Are you looking for the best Assault bike for your home gym? Do you want to know which Assault bike can meet your workout needs? You will find many options in Assault bikes. However, you will have to choose a suitable one based on your workout preferences. An Assault bike can be your great companion to achieve your fitness goals. These bikes can support safe movements without leaving any impact. Also, they can be perfect for metabolic conditioning.

As stated earlier, you will have to choose the best one to get the desired shape fast. In the following, we will cover the top 3 Assault bikes. You can go through it to check the features, benefits, and downsides. After going through all these, you can find the most suitable one for your workouts. 

1. Assault Bike Classic

Assault Bike Classic

Assault Bike Classic can be a perfect machine for your home gym. It combines many user-friendly features to meet the workout needs of different types of users. Even if it is well equipped, the price is reachable. Yes, you will not have to spend more on this bike. However, it can support intense workouts and enable you to meet your fitness goals fast.

The design is super cool and impressive. The performance is excellent. Once you have this indoor bike in your home gym, you do not need to rely on other equipment to achieve your dream shape.

Key Features of the Assault Bike Classic

This Assault bike can help to practice serious workouts. Also, you will appreciate the comfort and sturdiness. Both will help to practice your exercises for a long time. Also, you can try different variations. The comfy seat is worth mentioning. Moreover, there are comfort stops and other features to enable users to practice all their favorite workouts. You can use this Assault bike to work on your legs and arms.

The fan system of the Assault Bike Classic helps users with desired resistance. It will support you to achieve your desired body regardless of the levels you want to practice. Also, the fan will offer the required cooling during intensive workouts. You will not feel exhausted and dehydrated after working on your muscles. Furthermore, the bike comes with a satisfactory warranty period. In brief, you can have this bike without hurting your budget, and you can use the warranty period to boost durability. Here are more for your better understanding.


The bike features two steel arms. The arms are sturdy and stable. They can move smoothly to enable users to try different variations. The same is about the pedals. They are comfortable and smooth. In brief, the whole bike feels excellent and well made. All the credit goes to its user-friendly and versatile design.

It can support up to 300lbs. Therefore, almost everyone can use this bike. However, if your weight is more than 300lbs, you can consider the Assault Elite. Apart from that, Classic’s LCD will display all the training progress at a glance. Hence, you can track everything. Besides, the seat is adjustable. You can adjust it in six ways. You can make it up, down, fore, aft, and tilt. The supreme and well-shaped padding will offer maximum comfort. 

As it will have wheels, you can effortlessly move it from one place to another. However, the heavy and solid steel frame will help with the desired durability. 


The best thing about this bike is that it comes with many adjustment features. Yes, users can adjust the seat position. As a result, they can conveniently practice different workouts without worrying about seat position. You might not expect this feature at this price. When it comes to the adjustment, you can adjust the seat position. Also, it features four adjustable leveling feet. Besides, there is a steel pop-in lock for easy adjustments.

LCD Hi-Contrast Screen

With Assault Bike Classic, you can practice most of the workouts that include intensive ones. Also, you can track your progress. You can track your calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, time, and RPM. You can practice and monitor internal training. Once you know all these, it will be easier for you to find out the areas of improvement. With every passing day, you will be a step closer to your fitness goals.


A gym bike needs to be versatile to meet the different needs of users. Assault Bike Classic meets this objective. It is super comfortable and versatile. As it is easy to move, you can keep it in any of your convenient places. Also, it will not occupy a lot of space. You can store it in your gym, living room, or garage. The compact design makes it a preferred choice for limited places.

Some features that include the adjustable stabilizing feet, integrated transport wheels, and compact design make this gym bike super versatile. In addition to these, there will be a battery-powered console and fan resistance design. Also, you do not need electric outlets and messy cords for operating this bike. Apart from that, the assembly will be easy and less time-consuming. As there will be zero carbon footprints, you can use your bike in all environmental conditions.


The design, construction, and features make the end product super durable. It has sealed cartridge bearings in the moving part and every pivot to ensure the desired durability. Yes, the bike has twenty sealed bearings to make it durable and easy to use. However, all of them are not visible. The twenty sealed bearings, industrial powder coating, heavy-duty steel frame, and reinforced cranks and pedals contribute to the durability of the Assault Bike Classic.


This one bike can meet all your workout needs. It is a powerhouse machine that can meet the unique needs of users. They can achieve their fitness goals and get the desired shape fast. The bike can support from stamina training to Tobata, HIIT, and endurance ones. In brief, it can be a suitable option for all regardless of the differences in their specific fitness goals. It offers different calorie-torching exercises. You can choose from its seven onboard programs. Also, you can design your workouts to get more benefits. You will have to consider the heart rate, distance, calories, and time while doing exercises. You can try total body workouts, resistance training, and intensive workouts.

Main Specifications

Users can expect twenty-seven diameter steel fan, heavy-duty frame, reinforced crank and pedals, and industrial powder coating. Additionally, there are twenty sealed cartridge bearings, drivetrain design, and 300lbs weight capacity.


Well Equipped

This Assault bike is well-equipped to support the workout needs of different types of users. They can practice whatever they want without limiting their choices.

Easy to Store

It has transport wheels that help to move the bike conveniently from one place to another. The compact design also ensures easy storage. You can store it in any of your preferred spaces and bring it to your home gym to practice workouts.


You can adjust the seat position based on your workout needs. You can practice intensive workouts, resistance training, or whatever you want without feeling restricted.


The bike is affordable and can be your companion with a limited budget. However, you can expect many advanced features. You can shape your body fast without investing in any other workout equipment.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance requirements will be minimal. The bike is well-made to last long. Also, it comes with five years warranty on the frame. It has two years warranty on non-wear parts.


A Bit Noisy

 Yes, the bike will not operate quietly. You will find it a bit noisy.

Lacks Bluetooth Connectivity

You can share your progress.

Final Words

The Assault Bike Classic features all the best qualities of a gym bike at an accessible price. Yes, you can practice an unlimited level of resistance and get stamina and strength. You can also move it effortlessly and practice upper body workouts.

2. Assault Bike Pro

Assault Bike Pro

You can expect all the advanced features in the Assault Pro. It has many upgraded features to become a suitable option for those who want an upgraded version of the Assault classic. You can expect more customization and a powerful workout experience. Yes, it combines the best features of the Classic and some features of the Elite. In brief, you will have some excellent features of the Classic and Elite in Pro. This hybrid version is durable and well-built to serve you for a long time.

This Assault bike uses advanced engineering and air resistance to custom scale automatically. Also, it features a comfortable padded seat, heavy-duty steel frame, supportive handlebar grips, and suitably placed footpegs to take your workout experience to the next level. The steel frame will offer firm support for different workouts. Also, its reinforced steel pedals will enable you to practice rigorous exercises without bothering about stability and balance. Apart from that, it features twenty sealed cartridge bearings and a sealed bottom bracket. Here are more details.

Features of the Assault Bike Pro

Pro is well-appreciated for its user-friendly features. It can sculpt your body regardless of your body type, fitness goals, and workout needs. It can be perfect for beginners and experienced trainees. You will have eleven height settings, and you can choose the one based on your preferences. Also, you will have six front-to-back positions. All these will help with enhanced customization. 

Additionally, there are an Elite-style console, ANT connectivity, more than seven onboard programmings, and the competition mode. Also, it will display multi-faceted and instant feedback to have better control over your workouts. You can track your heart rate, time, RPM, speed, calories burned, and distance. You will be allowed to create a setup for the HITT interval training.


As mentioned above, Pro can be the best for all types of users. The reason is the customization. It offers enough freedom to control and track your workouts. This hybrid bike will enable you to design your exercise based on your needs. You will not have to restrict your choice. The hybrid design makes it super versatile and customizable.

High Contrast LCD Screen

The LCD screen of the Pro is also worth mentioning. It features improved readability to enable users to track their progress and make adjustments based on their workout needs. They can track almost everything. They can monitor the distance, time, heart rate, calories burned, and RPM. Also, users can monitor their intensity interval training results. There is a competition mode setting. They can use this setting to achieve more from their workouts.


The seat is super comfortable. Users can adjust the steel seat post and get a comfortable position based on their workout demands. The comfortable padded seat will maximize the power output and energy efficiency. Therefore, you can practice your workouts for a long without feeling stressed and exhausted.

 Enhanced Durability

The heavy-duty steel frame offers the required balance and support to practice any type of workout. Its reinforced steel pedals, a sealed bottom bracket, and sealed bearings will protect it against dust, dirt, debris, and sweat. In addition to the durability, users can expect the smoothest ride. Some features that contribute to enhanced durability are corrosion-resistant powder coating, hydraulically pushed ISIS-Drive connections, and adjustable stabilizing support.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Assault Bike Pro features Bluetooth connectivity. Hence, users can connect it with their smart devices or phone to share their progress. Also, they will have the option to customize workouts with its seven onboard programmings. They can use the competition mode setting as well. Besides, you will have the choice to connect to the Assault fitness app. 

Smooth Ride

Yes, users can expect a better experience regardless of the workout levels. They can use this bike to practice high intensity, cardio, low impact, and any of their preferred workouts. Its comfortable padded seat, encouraging handlebar grips, and well-placed footpegs will enable users to practice their exercises smoothly. Also, the transport wheels will ensure easy mobility. Compact design will help with convenient storage. Apart from that, you do not need electricity to operate this bike.

Main Specifications

Assault Pro Bike comes with eleven different height settings and six front-to-back settings. Also, there are 36mm diameter handlebar grips and a 25.25 diameter Fan. The weight capacity of this bike is 300lbs. It can be perfect for both commercial and home gyms.


Adjustable Heights

It features eleven-height settings. Users can adjust the height based on their workout needs. Also, they can practice different variations without any discomfort.

Transport Wheels

The Assault Pro will come with transport wheels. Hence, you can move this bike to any of your convenient places to practice workouts. You will not have to use your muscle power to move the bike. The transport wheels will ensure easy mobility.

Comprehensive Warranty

The bike will have seven years warranty on the frame and a three-year warranty on the non-wear parts.

Low Maintenance

The bike is well-built to last long. Also, it does not require a lot of maintenance to offer the desired durability.


Chain System

The bike has a chain-driven system instead of the belt drives.

Final Words

Assault Bike Pro combines the basic features of the classic and advanced features of the Elite to become the first choice for those who want more control over their workouts. Also, Pro needs less maintenance and can support high-intensity exercises. 

3. Assault Bike Elite

Assault Bike Elite

Assault Bike Elite can be the best for those looking for a new breed gym machine to support their advanced workout needs. You can say that it is a highly developed model of Assault. This advanced version has addressed all the issues that you might have experienced with its previous versions.

Currently, gym-goers want a single piece of equipment to practice all workouts at home. They need something to fulfill their fitness goals with a lot of adjustment and customization features. Yes, Assault Elite will have everything to sculpt your body. It will tone your muscles, keep you in shape, and boost your cardiovascular health. It can help users to work on the lower and upper body in unison. However, you will have to spend a bit more on this bike.

Features of the Assault Bike Elite

This advanced and more expensive version of the Assault is well-equipped to stand out in the crowd. The design looks impressive and inspiring. It will offer a durable result even if you practice intensive workouts every day. As stated by the manufacturer, they have created this bike for hardcore use and interval training.

The upgraded design and advanced engineering will intensify the resistance with increased speed. Also, there will be an option for lower and upper body isolation. Apart from that, the pedals of the bike can be backyard and upward to support workout variations. Here are more details to avoid any confusion.

Build Quality

The build quality will be a determining factor. If the quality is poor, you cannot expect the best outcome. When it comes to Assault Elite, you can expect an appealing look and quality construction. It features a thick steel frame that has ten years of warranty support. The warranty period proves the credibility of the end product.

The heavy-duty steel and reinforced bearings in every orifice will ensure desired durability and smooth movement. The powder coating will make the frame corrosion resistant. Also, the seat will have a broad base with extra padding to offer increased support. Additionally, it will have easy adjustments to get forward, up, down or aft positions. You can adjust the size based on your requirements. 

Impressive Look

The look is also worth mentioning. It has stylish curves and elegant colorways to transform the look of any home gym. Different shades of grey on the frame and contrast black trim on the handlebars, drivetrain, and seat give the product an inspiring look. The pedals have small cleats to offer extra grip on flat sprints. The wide levelers will maintain the stability of your bike. There are also an integrated wind guard, transport wheels, phone holder, and many other attachments.

Improved Console

The Assault Elite features an advanced console. You will have a larger and comfortable seat to get excellent support for your lengthier rides. Also, there is a removable widescreen that you can use or remove based on your ride needs. Additionally, you can share your progress with ANT and Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect to the Assault fitness app as well. Some other features are a Hi-contrast LCD screen and custom programming options.

Main Specifications

Assault Bike Elite features a heavy-duty steel frame, sealed cartridge bearings, reinforced crank and pedals, and industrial powder coating. All these will make the end product sturdy and durable. Also, it can support up to 350 lbs of weight.


Advanced Version

Elite is an advanced version of the Assault. Hence, you can expect superior quality, unparalleled comfort, better stability, and the smoothest ride. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Yes, you can track your progress and share it with others using your smartphone and other devices.

Extended Warranty

Elite will have extended warranty support. Users will get ten years warranty on the frame and one year warranty on the labor. Besides, they will have three years warranty on non-wear parts.

Easy to Use

The Assault Elite is easy to use. You can practice intensive workouts smoothly. Also, you can track the progress through the LCD. You can move the machine with its transport wheels.


Requires Assembly

 It will not come assembled. Also, the assembly will demand time and effort.

Final Words

The Assault Bike Elite has all the commercial gym qualities. Yes, it can be the best home gym bike to practice different variations. You can track your progress and share it with others.


Now you might have an idea about Assault Classic, Pro, and Elite. All of them are well-equipped to meet your specific workout needs. If you want a basic model, you can go with Classic and have it without hurting your budget. If you like a hybrid version that combines the best qualities of Classic, you can consider Pro. If you have a flexible budget and want all the advanced features, you should not look beyond Elite.