Echelon Treadmills Review: Echelon Stride

Echelon brand entered the treadmill space with Echelon Stride, leveraging the value and qualities of its line of video workout mirrors, rowing machines, and indoor cycles. Here is Echelon Stride, the first in the range of Echelon treadmills. It is the most innovative addition to the Echelon family, where technology and functionality meet an intelligent design. It is a connected treadmill with auto-fold functionality to make your cardio more accessible than ever.

There are so many outstanding features to consider in this unit. On the positive side, it has a thoughtful foldable design which is considerably more compact than competing models available on the market, a clear plus for users in small spaces. However, there is a flip side to it when you compare it to its competing models. For instance, Echelon treadmills have a smaller running track, less powerful motor, smaller roller, and the absence of built-in touchscreens compared to models of NordicTrack. It seems that Echelon treadmills have compromised these features as a trade for its stowing and portable capabilities.

Echelon treadmills are perfect for a particular demographic. It has a significant selling proposition for urban apartment dwellers because it is compact and easier to tuck away. It is 49.2 inches long in the unfolded condition, but it shrinks to as small as 10.25 inches after folding. It means that if you have a clearance of 10 to 11 inches under your bed, you can slide it and tuck it underneath the furniture as long as you have a little space. You cannot say so for competing models of Echelon treadmills.

Besides the above considerations, you also need to consider how regularly you want to use Echelon treadmills and how motivated you are.

You may fall into the trap that once the treadmill is out of your sight, it may soon go out of mind because It is easy to ignore when it is hidden. Moreover, you have to shell out $400 for prepaid annual membership of the Echelon United app, which is similar to an iFit subscription. Although you can run Echelon treadmills with or without the app, it is better to use the app to reap the full potential.

Echelon treadmills like Stride are fit for shorter runners because the deck size is small. But it may feel a little cramped for tall runners because they have a long stride, which does not match the smaller deck size. This treadmill is lightweight at only 156 pounds, and you can manipulate it quickly in a folded condition. It is easier to move it around because you are only lifting one end and not picking the entire weight of the treadmill off the ground. Echelon treadmills have a neat 18.5-inch digital screen and an in-built tablet holder on the console.

It has a patented design with an auto-folding technology that ensures that it fits any size space, a metal safety bar that prevents unwanted objects from being pulled underneath, and an impact-absorbing deck area for best performance. When you wind up running or jogging for the day and activate the auto-fold function, Echelon Stride nicely folds to only 10 inches tall for quick storage.

But a compact foldable size comes with its own set of issues because it lacks a few bells and whistles, such as the absence of a cooling fan, less storage space, only two cup holders, etc. But these are minor issues, and it depends upon your preferences and priorities. Users can jog and walk on the treadmill, but taller persons may find it somewhat challenging to get a full running stride because the deck area is 20 x 55 inches only. We recommend that you experience different Echelon treadmills yourself to check if the deck area is long enough for you.

Echelon treadmills have redefined cardio workouts. You can trust this treadmill because it puts safety and convenience first with a metal safety bar, stop button, and strict international safety standards. Moreover, you can fold the treadmill in three quick steps. After you place the handlebars and console in position, simply pressing the lever will perform the folding job automatically for you.

This treadmill with its fitness app can help you make the fitness journey of becoming a cardio runner more enjoyable. It may sound expensive at about $1300 plus a fixed monthly amount for the app subscription, but you get to compete against a leaderboard. Moreover, you get access to a wide range of workout options, including yoga, strength training, and HIIT, to supplement your walking and running. If you are short on space, this treadmill with an auto-fold feature and a compact design reinforces the feeling that you are a proud owner of intelligent home gym equipment.

Salient Features of Echelon Stride

Interactive Workout Programs

Echelon treadmills managed to get a huge fan following after taking the services of professional trainers to deliver excellent training sessions. They keep you entirely motivated, even near the point of exhaustion. When you subscribe to the Echelon United app, you get access to endless workout programs all the time with on-demand and live running classes to guide you. You get access to an infinite variety of workout routines with live streaming by trainers and thousands of training programs.

You may subscribe for about $40 per month or as low as $33 or $29 on annual or two-year commitments. You can download the app on the Echelon treadmills or any other mobile device and carry it with you to analyze the workout data. With an app subscription, you may choose from scenic, interval, climbing, endurance, and many more classes from world-class instructors. You also get fitness programs, including boxing, pilates, strength, yoga, and many more. Please note that you cannot stream Echelon classes on the LCD screen of the treadmill; you have to connect the Echelon treadmills to your tablet or smartphone through Bluetooth to view them in the app.

Motor Horsepower and Incline

Although Echelon treadmills have a low incline and horsepower, they are suitable for beginners and intermediate users. Besides the compact folding feature, Echelon Stride offers a 10% incline with 12 levels, a 1.75HP motor, with a compact running deck ideal for most short to medium height users. Although competing models offer better specs with higher horsepower, 15% incline, and oversized deck, it is enough for specific demography. Echelon treadmills also provide a max speed of 12 mph with 12 incline levels for a challenging run.

Space-Saving Auto-Fold Design

We don’t have the luxury of sprawling and spacious home gyms, so a compact treadmill makes more sense. It is nice to live with Echelon treadmills in small apartments because Echelon stride packs up nicely to save a lot of space. You can tuck it under your couch or bed with only 10-11 inches of space. Echelon treadmills with folding features make the system straightforward and painless.

The Echelon Stride is lightweight at 156 pounds and automatically folds down with arms, and the entire treadmill can fit almost any space. When you tip it upright, it needs only 10 inches of footprint. It is easier to slide it under the bed, tuck inside a closet or lean against the wall. You can use included screws, anchors, and safety straps to secure it to the wall when stored in an upright position.

You get horizontal as well as vertical transport wheels for easy maneuvering. Moreover, an in-built transport handle made of steel adds to your convenience for moving it around the area. Overall, in-built transport wheels and lightweight design make it easy to carry and store the treadmill.

Latest Safety Features

Echelon treadmills put convenience and safety on top priority. During an emergency, you have a safety stop lanyard to instantly slow down the treadmill before coming to a complete halt. Moreover, Echelon Stride prevents objects from being pulled under, thanks to a metal safety bar underneath the running deck. Overall, Echelon treadmills conform to international safety standards such as EN20957 and UL1647. Please note that it is not easy to clear these demanding standards, but the Echelon treadmills do!

User-Friendly Console

The console of the Echelon stride treadmill comes with a screen size of 18.5 inches which is easy to read because of the backlit display, making digital numbers come out much brighter. The LED readout shows calories burnt, speed, time, incline, distance, and pulse. The console design includes a tablet holder for easy storage of mobile devices.

The Echelon Stride treadmill has a secure device holder for easy viewing on your device. You may clip it to secure it so that it does not slide off the shelf while running or jogging. Moreover, there is a USB charging port on the back of the console to charge your device even when using the treadmill and avoid unpleasant breaks only to charge drained devices.

The only problem with the tablet holder is that it will cover the central part of the display where incline and pace details are showing when you place a tablet. It may not be troublesome for the Echelon app, but if you use third-party apps like Apple fitness or Zwift, you will be left guessing the incline and pace numbers.

Music For The Run

Echelon treadmills never play elevator-type music to kill you to boredom. Members ger motivated and energetic with the best music in the industry. Echelon has partnered with the top record labels to introduce the latest tracks for the best treadmill workout experience while jogging, running, or walking. It claims that it has got whatever your eras want – R&B, Latin, Metal, K-Pop, Hip hop, funk, folk, EDM, or dance music.

Echelon Fit Connect Programming

You get access to 24×7 programs with this excellent app with attractive price options.

Herat Rate Sensors

Echelon Stride treadmill has integrated heart rate sensors in the handlebars for quick measurement and monitoring. Besides quick controls, Echelon Stride has an up and down incline button on the left handlebar and speed buttons on the right handlebar for discrete changes.

Limited Warranty Plus Money Back Guarantee

Users get a limited coverage of one year on electronics and parts. Please note that the warranty is shorter than most of the competing models. Nevertheless, Echelon is committed to product quality. That is why, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product quality or experience, you will get a 30 days satisfaction guarantee with a promise of a 100% refund with no questions asked.

  • Members get access to video-based interactive coaching, on-demand classes, live classes, leaderboards, and much more to stay motivated with attractive workout programming options.
  • The auto-fold design brings technology and functionality together to save space for you effortlessly, great for users with cramped spaces.
  • You can tuck away the folded Echelon stride treadmill under the furniture even with 10-11 inch space.
  • Safety features like the emergency stop button, conformance to international safety standards, and metal safety bar under the deck area are noteworthy.
  • The backlit display makes it easy to read the digits on 18.5 inch LCD.
  • Members get access to endless music options.
  • You get a 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • The impact absorption technology for the deck area makes the running comfortable.
  • The horsepower rating of its motor is way too low, at only 1.75 CHP.
  • The warranty of one year is too short as compared to key competitors.
  • The deck area is a bit smaller for tall runners.
  • The incline of Echelon Stride is limited to only 10% with only 12 levels.

Machine Specs of Echelon Stride

Dimensions (Inches): 69 x 31 x 49 (L x W x H); Deck Size or Running Area (Inches): 20 x 55 (W x L); Item Weight: 156 pounds; User Weight Capacity: 300 pounds; Motor Capacity: 1.75 Continuous Horsepower (Energy-Efficient Brushless DC Motor); Incline 0-10% (12 levels); Foldability: Yes; Transport Wheels: Yes; Max Speed: 12 miles per hour; In-Built Programs: Interactive (App-Based); Deck Suspension: Impact-Absorbing Elastomer; Inbuilt USB Charging port; Water Bottle Holders: 2; Secure tablet holder

Final Words

Overall, Echelon treadmills like Stride will appeal to users who want to add class-based running to their workout routine from the comfort of their homes. It is also a top contender for stow-able and compact treadmills.