All about electric callus remover? They are simply part of the body’s defense: they are an accumulation of dead skin cells that harden and thicken, usually under the feet area (it can also happen on the hands), to protect the skin from damages potentially caused by constant friction or pressure.

You might have, or not, noticed that many people have foot calluses (for different reasons) and it’s something really common but not really aesthetic. In most cases calluses are not severe and don’t require to visit a podiatrist: the look of calluses is not really the most glamorous and many wishes to smooth it out and luckily they can do it easily at home thanks to many different methods: foot soaks, scrubs, lotion treatments, seeing a specialist, files or the best and most chosen solution: an electric foot callus remover. In the long run, it’s indeed the best, money and time-saving solution.

Here is an article to introduce you to the best electric callus removers currently on the market. Bear in mind that feet always need, preferably, to be soaked in warm water before electric callus remover to soften the skin and make the process easier and safer (why not to indulge in a proper nice foot spa by the way?). Not to consider the electric callus remover task as a chore, we would suggest that you transform this moment into a real spa and relaxation moment for yourself. Remember that it’s better to set aside regularly some time for this rather than waiting until you can’t have a look at it anymore or that it starts to getting cracked and being painful.

1. Amopé Pedi Perfect Electric Callus Remover For Feet

amope pedi perfect electric callus remover
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With no hesitation, the nicest feature of this electric callus remover is the fact that it is waterproof: you can use it safely under the shower or in your bathtub. You can easily say bye-bye to calluses and deep cracks with this device and as it’s waterproof, it’s easy to include it in your beauty routine. It has a regular 360° spinning coarse head, two-speed settings and it comes with a docking station (no need for batteries anymore). It removes gently but effectively hard skin and has an ergonomic handle for your ease of use.

This foot electric callus remover will give you results worth a professional pedicure and your feet will be irresistible.

This electric callus remover for feet (or hands) is perfect for the people on the go and very convenient: as it’s waterproof and you can use it under the shower, you can simply leave it there and use it when you do your toilette: quick, practical and very effective.
It’s the most suitable and best callus remover for busy people, always on the run and that just don’t have enough time to dedicate to pedicure, feet beauty, and callus removal. If you use this electric callus remover regularly, use the slowest speed not to injure your feet, same if you have sensitive skin, however, if your skin is really hard, if the calluses accumulate easily or if you do it more sporadically, you can use the fastest speed.

2. Emjoi Micro Pedi Electric Callus Remover

Emjoi Micro Pedi

The kit coming with this electric callus remover is pretty complete: there are three 360 rotating heads with micro-abrasive particles for gentle removal of hard skin and calluses. It’s handy when you feel it does not give the same results anymore, and you can replace the head to obtain the best results yet again as if you just purchased a brand new foot callus remover. You can power this pedicure callus remover with 2 AA batteries not provided in the package.

The pack comes with two black super coarse spare rotating heads and two blue extra coarse rollers, a brush, and a travel pouch called sustainability and adaptability! It is a small thing, but you will totally enjoy them at a moment or another. The spare stone rollers make sure you benefit from the same high-quality filing from when you start to use it until it’s over. It’s important to note that because some feet will require more work than others and this means the file would get smoother and less effective in time quicker if you develop calluses fast, so it’s nice to know, straight away, that you have a replacement.

If you appreciate to have silky smooth feet on all occasions and especially during holidays, you can then pack this electric callus remover in the travel pouch provided! It is then up to you to decide whether you want to put 2 AA batteries and take away the complete micro Pedi kit for all your rough skin needs. The battery option comes particularly handy if you travel abroad.

The Micro Pedi does all of the jobs with you. It’s an advanced apparatus that utilizes micro mineral pliers which twist at 360-degrees to help immediately and readily buff your way into smooth, soft feet plus longer. It’s mobile using an easy-to-clean layout and easy-grip handle.

3. Electric Callus and Foot Skin Remover by Naturalico

naturalico callus remover
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First thing we can’t deny: the look of this electric callus remover is really attractive! Indeed all tastes are in nature, but this purple/white combo, embellished by a stylish design on the side looks really good. The pack itself is also very appealing and it comes with a charging cable and a spare rotating head with a protective cap and a brush. We really want to highlight to you the fact that when we say that it comes with a spare rolling head it’s indeed the case for the whole head and not only the file! It really proves how solid and stable the file is. You can also buy more rotating heads independently and this assures you that you’ll always have the most effective filing and callus removal.

This callus remover is also a super speedy device: it can spin up to 40 times/second! This will give you unquestionable results on removing the rough skin from your feet and you’ll be able to choose between two speeds. It has a built-in battery that needs to be charged for 8 hours the first time and then you can use it up to 40 minutes (red/green light system to indicate when the battery is fully charged). If you want to make this profitable foot skin remover last even longer, clean it regularly with the small brush that is included: it will allow it not to get clogged.

Rare enough to be pointed out: this electric callus remover has an LED light that lightens up when it’s on to help you see better the area you are filing, a nice and enjoyable feature when you reach spots that are hard to see.

4. Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Electric Callus and Dead Skin Remover For Feet

emjoi nano electric callus remover
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As its name suggests, this Micro-Pedi Nano electric callus remover from Emjoi is very small and compact and you can easily hold it in the palm of your hand. This is a must if you are traveling and want to have silky-smooth feet on all situations. It’s battery-operated (2AA but not included so make sure to have them). Nice, compact, effective straight to the goal product for your feet wellness and beauty. The best callus remover for people on the go. This foot callus remover is completely bladeless and its rotating roll (with micronized mineral cartridge) spins 30 times a second removing effectively all the calluses, corn and cracked skin from your feet. It’s absolutely safe to use (if you press too hard it will automatically stop), simple to handle and very effective. It works fast and it has a rubberized handle for an easier grip.

The design of this electric callus remover is also pretty nice and very smooth. One good thing that we like with Emjoi is that all Micro-Pedi Refill Rollers are compatible with all Micro-Pedi models and they are also very simple to get, the rollers included by default are the standard ones, but at the moment you feel like it’s getting too old, tired and needs to be changed you can order and try the other ones (the green ones are the extreme coarse for really stubborn calluses (ideal for dancers, waiters, etc…) and the black ones are super coarse, so a little harsher than the regular ones).

This product is a best seller on the market and it seems that it will stay on the top charts for a while: it’s a great dead skin remover for feet.

5. Pedd Egg Power Electric Callus and Foot Dead Skin Remover

ped egg power electric callus remover
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Here is another great electric callus remover for your foot care routine: The Ped Egg is efficient, handy and comes at a very affordable price and you’ll have two type of rotating heads: the main scrubbing one that will get you rid of calluses and hard skin, and the smoothing head that will make you finish the job beautifully: with these two spinning heads you will be able to reproduce a full professional pedicure in the comfort of your home and with really little effort and is it’s pretty gentle you can use it on your hands too. Baby-soft skin guaranteed. It’s battery-powered (2AA and they are not included).

This foot dead skin remover is simple and will get the job done, also we like the fact that it does stop under pressure: it’s for your safety, we understand that if you have very thick or stubborn calluses you won’t find this unit strong enough, but you are not supposed to put too much pressure on the area you are treating anyway.

A Little Medical Overview on Calluses

What are calluses?

Calluses are a very widespread skin condition, that can easily be taken care of: it is thickened skin, usually still flat, that spreads through a limited area. It is a defense mechanism from the skin when it has to face continuous friction or excessive pressure. It is literally a patch of dead skin.

How to recognize calluses?

You can look for calluses down under your feet, particularly around the heel area or on the sole. It usually looks brighter than the rest of your skin, it’s rough when you touch and it feels a little “numb” when you touch it (try to pinch calluses.. you’ll have hard times) as the skin that builds up there is dead.

The most common condition that calluses are mistaken with is “corns”. They are similar indeed but corns can be found mostly on top of the feet/toes and between toes, they are shaped more like a “cone” with core pointing inwards. The thickening of the skin that appears both in calluses and corns is called hyperkeratosis.

What causes calluses?

Calluses are caused by a repetitive or long friction/pressure on the skin and there are several reasons that can lead to that such as physical conditions like hammertoes or bunions that cause the foot not to be perfectly fitting in the shoes, or on the contrary, wearing shoes that are oversize or too small can also cause friction and narrowness which can lead to the build-up and formation of the so dreaded calluses because the shoes do not fit the foot. Our beloved and so good-looking high heels are also, unfortunately, bad for our feet: as the heels lie on a higher level than the rest of the foot, it causes a bigger pressure and stress on it, causing almost inevitably, calluses, and where it gets complicated is that walking barefoot also can lead to calluses… because usually, the surfaces can be very rough. So, footwear wise, the best option is to find some very nice, good quality, adapted shoes and stick to them. Callus on the hands can also be frequent in musicians playing stringed instruments (violin, guitar, etc..) or people who intensely use their hands on a daily basis (ex. carpenter)

How to prevent calluses?

Once you read all the explanations given above, you can understand the best and simplest way to avoid calluses is to take regular care of your feet and opt for proper footwear. It’s not rocket science but it is simple habits that need to be blent into your routine: wear well-fitting shoes (change them according to your activity: running, hiking, beach, snow, etc…) and clean, dry well and moisturize your feet. It seems very obvious but not enough people clean properly the area between the toes, dry well their feet before putting on socks or moisturize their feet. Daily hygiene and awareness is the key to avoid getting calluses

How do I get rid of calluses?

If prevention is not enough (or you will start the good habits after reading this article…) there are always solutions to get rid of your calluses and gain back silky smooth feet. For the extreme cases of calluses and cracked heels, a visit to the podiatrist might be the best option, otherwise, a visit to the pedicurist salon will do and you will get a professional to pamper where you provide absolutely no efforts. If your case is not too severe and you don’t have time/money to book an appointment at your beauty salon there are callus removers: you can soak your feet, get the skin softer and then start to “remove” it; if you decide to use the manual version of a callus remover, pumice stones or files are widely available, but as we’ve seen throughout this article, electric callus remover are the best option to keep your feet clean at home easily: it’s fast, easy, safe and effective.

The Advantages Of Using an Electric Callus Remover

– Efficiency: the results speak for themselves: if you ever experienced a professional pedicure before, you won’t see the difference, your feet will be silky smooth and ready to be shown in flip-flops and other revealing shoes. Whether you develop thick calluses or you just want to smooth gently your heels you will for sure find the best callus remover for you among the above-stated list of devices.

– Value for money: electric callus remover is really affordable and widely available. It’s a small investment compared to the long term savings that you realize by avoiding regular and expensive visits to the podiatrist, beauty saloon or spending in manual callus remover/tools/products that are not as effective an electric callus remover and have a shorter life-span.

– Safety: there’s almost no way to hurt yourself using an electric callus remover, they are actually safer than the manual ones (manual callus remover are cheaper but you can’t trade your safety): they are thought and designed to prevent you from cutting yourself or getting an injury. There are always, of course, precautions to respect, but in fairness, they are absolutely simple to follow, unlike the manual callus remover, that could be compared more to blades, and that can end up in deep cuts and possibly need of stitches. With a callus remover, there are really not many chances that you will remove too much skin and get injured.

– Practicality: you could see it throughout the article, most electric callus removers are waterproof and can be used under the shower or in the bath-tub, which is a big thing to save you some time and make sure you don’t forget to do it (how likely is it that you don’t see it in your shower?). Also, most of them do not require to be plugged in: charging them on a docking station or using batteries is sufficient, which is really handy. Their sustainability is also a solid point to opt for an electric foot callus remover: as long as you care for them (a minimal care that consists of cleaning it after each use), you will be able to use them for several years. Conveniently enough, you can also use them on different parts of your body, should you notice you need it: calluses can also occur on the hands, often in people who do manual jobs, so it’s really a swiss knife that you have there as you can use for the hands too.

– Portability: they are really pocket-size and absolutely easy to carry around. A few of the foot callus remover even comes with a small bag to gather the callus remover and all its accessories in order not to lose them. It’s absolutely handy for those who want to take their device along on holidays. It’s also very light, so you won’t have to worry about it when you load it in your suitcase and you will totally be happy when you realize that you have it ready to use anywhere you are.

– Rapidity: using an electric callus remover is an obvious time saving compared to going to the beauty salon or at the podiatrist but it also saves you time compared using a manual tool. It’s for sure the fastest way to get rid of calluses and get yourself silky smooth feet: unless you treat yourself to a complete feet pampering session, it will not require more than 5-10 mins of your time, which is definitely time that you can allocate for your own feet.

– Easy to use: these devices are meant to be efficient and easy to use: quick to apprehend, simple to operate and with straightforward functionalities: you can’t get lost or not understand how to use your callus remover, we can guarantee you that! The design is ergonomic and studied to befitting your hands like a glove. It is easy to grasp and to operate around your heels’ area, for maximum comfort and agility.


To summarise this article, we would like to highlight the fact that this is a selection of the most popular electric callus remover available at the moment. We decided to cover only the electric ones because they present major benefits compared to their manual counterpart: safer, quicker, easier to user and last longer. They can offer the same results as in a pedicure salon but will be much cheaper in the long run, and we all like to make some savings.

The Amopé Pedi Perfect Electric Callus Remover has gotten our preference because it’s really a product that matches the description, gives you excellent results, and will become soon a beauty and health essential in your home. But remember that we are all potentially looking for something different and reading the reviews of these callus removers will help you see what features are the most important for you (price, waterproof, battery, refills, etc..) and that will guide your choice. It needs to match your expectations and style of life: traveling a lot, on the go, or stubborn calluses.