Heated Foot spa machines or foot baths have shown many benefits for feet health and wellness. They are also recognized for their extended results on the overall body and mental well-being. A few of the foot spa benefits include blood circulation improvement, stress relief, feet, and body relaxation, foot pain relief, and sleep enhancement through relaxation.

There are many health benefits that using a heated foot spa machine can bring. But on top of those, it can be a nice addition to your beauty set: the skin on your feet will be smooth and glowy after the heated foot spa session. Feet are often a pretty neglected part of the body. People often fail to understand the importance they have and the role they play. But they are indeed an important and crucial part of the body as they hold us all day long and their health has a serious impact on some vital functions.

We have been making extensive researches and went through several trials, investigations, and a lot of documentation in order to provide you with the best foot spa baths machines available in order to achieve the above-stated results of wellness and beauty.

This article is meant to simplify your researches, make you save time, and pick the most suitable foot spa machine for your needs.

Also, for your convenience, we have included a recap chart of the machines with their main characteristics.

1. Costway Electric Foot Spa Bath Shiatsu Roller

Costway Foot Spa

This foot spa from Costway is a best-seller and amongst the most popular on the market and we totally see why. It’s a great all-in-one product and boasts multiple features that you will adore. First of all, let’s start with the looks. It’s not a feature per se, but we are keen on mentioning it because it matters to many people and everyone loves some looking item in their homes. It has a very classic design, shaped like a basin, topped with a light, stylish, pink edges and a handle that surrounds the control panel. The handle comes in very handy to carry around the basin from the place you fill it up in, to the place you are planning to have your foot bath.

Functionally speaking, you will find four rollers with nodes, two on each side, at the bottom of the machine. Those are meant for you to rub gently your feet against them to provide a nice massage. You can use them in a more vigorous way, but we would always recommend being careful about the pressure applied. Particularly when the water temperature is high and the feet/skin more sensitive.

The control panel is very intuitive and easy to use. It features four buttons surrounding the temperature display. The button on/off: the temperature regulation button; bubbles; and red light.  Once you turn the device on, the water will heat up quite fast and you can choose to get it from about 95 Degree F to 118 Degree F. The bubbles will give you a nice sensation of the massage surrounding your feet, and the red light helps to relax.

As a little extra, in the middle between the feet, you will find a container where you can put some salt soak. There is also a drainage tube which will help you empty the basin from the water without creating a mess.

  • Bubble Massage
  • Automatic Rotary Massage
  • Temperature Control
  • Fast Heating
  • Timer
  • Leakage Protection
  • Germicidal Red Light
  • Net Weight 16.5 Pounds

2. All In One Lifease Steam Footbath Spa Massager with Heat and Massage

Foot Spa

Let’s start the review with a very useful feature of this foot spa bath: it has four rolling wheels to help carry it around! This is an aspect that would not come to the mind of many people as first thought, but it’s definitely not an easy task to carry it around when it’s filled with water. It also has a draining tube, which can it can be handy to empty the appliance without making a mess, even though it can be a bit slow due to the size of the tube.

This foot spa bath also has three pre-configured settings to choose from Heat+bubbles, Vibration+light, Vibration+heat+bubbles+light, and again heat+bubbles. We are sure you’ll be able to find your preferred heated foot spa option among those ones.

A really nice function if you know and enjoy the benefits of reflexology is the ergonomic setting of the massage nodules that are meant to massage your feet and have a collateral beneficial effect on specific zones of your body. Reflexology is the art behind most feet massages. It consists of pressure applied to specific zones of the feet which will affect in a positive way particular parts of the body.

The basin is wide and deep, which is nice to be able to soak up your feet fully, have some spare room, and not to splash the surrounding area.

  • Ergonomic
  • Fits the curve of the foot steps
  • Rolling Massage
  • Thermal Insulation Cover
  • Circulating Steam

3. Touch Screen Heated Foot Spa

Heated Foot Spa

This all-in-one foot spa massager is a great comprehensive machine. It offers heated water, rolling massage wheels, bubble massage, vibration massage, and, of course, water jets. That is a lot of very welcomed features in this type of device and we wish we were able to choose which one to enable or not. The beauty of it is that a preset combination of features has pre-determined and you won’t have to worry about over or underdoing. It will be just perfectly balanced by choosing between three different modes according to the type of treatment you want to enjoy: it includes “vibration+light”, “heat+bubbles” or the full package “heat+bubbles+vibration+light”.

It has also massaging nodules along the floor of the spa for a foot massage. Those are removable so that you can decide whether to use them or not. As some people like strong pressure and for some find it painful, it’s always best to try to moderate its usage. Indeed the inserts have a quite sharp design and the plastic material is really rigid; somehow, there are also rolling heads on the top of the unit, in the middle, to complete some heel massage if needed. Feet up to men’s size 14 can fit in this device but there won’t be much room left afterward.

  • Nice and Constant Heat
  • Bubble Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage Ball Roller
  • Acupressure
  • Shower Function

4. Homedics Foot Spa

Homedics Foot Spa

The HoMedics Shiatsu Foot bath can provide you much-sought-after relief after a tiring day. It comes with a massage floor with ripples to invigorate your feet. The HoMedics foot spa soothes sore and tired feet and releases stress with the dual massage system combining both bubble and Shiatsu massages. Besides, there is an in-built splash guard and toe-touch controls to avoid any splashes or bending over.

This unique foot bath with heat boost technology comes with top-of-the-line features to provide the best comfortable spa-like experience.


  • Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage: This foot spa can massage your feet with the Shiatsu technique to provide relief to sore feet within minutes. The Shiatsu refers to rhythmic pressure on specific points for optimal flow of body energy.
  • Invigorating Bubble Massage: The bubble massage, along with Shiatsu, provides a combined effect on acupressure points of your feet. You will feel a range of sensations in your feet with a warm cloud of bubbles that invigorate, rejuvenate your tired feet, and also encourage blood circulation.
  • Heat Boost Technology: Heat boost technology refers to controlled water temperature maintenance to provide an excellent warm feel to your feet to massage them correctly. You will get heat treatment from the beginning to the end of your experience to relieve fatigue.
  • Rippled Massage Floor: The HoMedics foot spa floor has got a rippled surface to provide stimulating massage to the soles of your feet. The sole has got several acupressure hydrotherapy points that need steady pressure to soothe and relax your feet. Finally, you can add a salon-like foot bath pedicure to your nightly routine.
  • Integrated Splash Guard: An inbuilt splash guard system ensures that water won’t splash or spill around to irritate you.
  • Toe-Touch Control: You need not keep looking for a remote. You can control the foot spa with the touch of your toe to provide added convenience.
  • Corded Power Supply: It has a 120V corded power supply for an uninterrupted spa-like experience.
  • Combined Shiatsu and bubble massages provide excellent hydrotherapy
  • Ergonomically enhanced rippled floor for a spa-quality experience
  • Easy to reach toe-touch control for added convenience
  • Avoid splashes and spills with an inbuilt guard
  • Heat boost technology maintains water temperature
  • Product warranty of two years
  • No remote control
  • Missing additional acupressure attachments
  • It does not heat water, only maintains the temperature

5. HoMedics Foot Spa: Two-In-One Sauna & Footbath With Heat Boost Power

Homedics Foot Spa

Here is a beautiful product to give your feet a royal at-home spa-like treatment. You get a professional sauna footbath and pedicure with convenient toe-touch controls. It features a hydra stream that targets your aching feet with visible warm steam mist. Moreover, you get a complete temperature-controlled environment with an easy-glide cover to ensure you get the best possible heat treatment. Let us learn in detail.

Salient Feature of HoMedics Foot Spa

Two-in-one Spa experience

HoMedics foot spa features a visible warm steam mist that will surround your feet to soothe them with optimum heat to provide a sauna footbath. You need to sit back and relax with this home foot spa. Whenever you feel pain in your soles and arches, its massage hydra streams will target them. The footrests are removable, providing added comfort to you.

Heat boost power technology

You need to add warm water to this foot spa, and the magic of heat boost power technology begins. It increases and maintains the temperature for long hours. Moreover, the HoMedics foot spa also features an easy-glide cover that helps you keep the visible mist and warmth closer to your feet, ensuring optimum comfort to relieve you of stress and pain. It guarantees to keep the steam inside to keep your feet warm. It implies that soothing heat maintenance can efficiently maintain the water in warm conditions throughout your massage routine.

Feel-at-home in-built pedicure

The HoMedics foot spa features three included pedicure attachments. You can remove any of them from an in-built storage area in the foot spa for an at-home professional pedicure experience. The pedicure attachments include a massage roller, cleaning brush, and pumice stone.

Pedicure Attachments

The pumice stone ensures that you enjoy a manual massage of your feet with just the right amount of work you prefer. A cleaning brush is there to clean and gently exfoliate your feet on those lazy evenings or long holidays, or weekends at home. Finally, the massage roller offers a manual massage you can never forget. All three pedicure attachments are there to provide you with massage benefits and gentle exfoliation as per your unique preferences.

User-friendly interface

You have full control over the foot spa with its in-built toe-touch controls so that you get an uninterrupted massage all the time. Moreover, the LED lights automatically illuminate to alert you that it is time to fill the basin again.

  • Relieves your pain in your soles and arches: The heat treatment is effective in treating foot aches
  • Massaging hydra stream: Hydra streams can target a specific part of your feet, especially soles and arches. HoMedics foot spa is another name for warm hydrotherapy massage of your feet professionally.
  • Controlled temperature: This is the best feature to maintain the heat for long hours. It has a heat boost technology that can increase and maintain the same temperature.
  • Easy-glide controller: It can bring the warmth where it is required the most: closer to your feet; to keep your feet warm throughout your massage.
  • Pedicure at-home: You can use three attachments to pedicure professionally.
  • Storage of pedicure attachment: You can store all three pedicure attachments in the in-built storage area.
  • Pumice Stone: It can provide a manual massage to your feet.
  • Cleaning Brush: It can clean your feet by gently exfoliating the dead skin.
  • Massage Rollers: It offers a manual massage of your feet with its state-of-the-art three rollers.
  • Uninterrupted massage due to toe-touch controls: It has a user-friendly interface at your toe-tips. You need not stop the spa experience of sauna footbath to change any settings. You can control the unit to power on each of the stages with your toes.
  • LED Alert: LED lights up automatically on sensing that you need to refill the basin.
  • At-home foot spa experience: The HoMedics foot spa has all the features of a foot spa that you get at a regular spa center to take care of your feet. Who doesn’t like to have the luxury of soothing the aching feet with warm steam mist?
  • Visible steam mist: You can feel the visible moisture on your soles and arches when it comes out of the streaming jets to give you an at-home foot spa experience.
  • Two-in-one foot spa: You get the best of both worlds by getting a sauna foot bath and pedicure in the same machine.
  • Removable footrests: You can remove the footrests to add to your convenience.
  • You need to add warm water. It maintains the temperature of that water. You got to be careful not to add boiling water.
  • There is no remote control to change the settings, and some people may have to struggle to control it with their toes.
  • It has a limited two-year warranty which is a little disappointing.
  • It would have been better if there were some Bluetooth music functionality to spend the time without getting bored.
  • There is no memory function to store favorite settings.
  • It has a delicate plastic body construction which may not be durable.
  • It has light colors which may fade and get dirty quickly.
  • There are no splash-resistant features like a splash guard.
  • There is no seagrass surface or bubble bath to provide a luxurious massage.
  • A carry handle would have been better for easy transportation.

Machine Specs of HoMedics Foot Spa

Item Model No.: FB-S100H; Product Dimensions: 16.69 x 15.24 x 11.58 inches; Product Weight: 9.15 pounds; Power Source: 120 V Corded; Cord length: 72 inches; Footbath capacity: 6 gallons; Steam capacity: 200 ml; Low water indicator light: Yes; Colors: White or Gray; Plastic 54%; Electronics 5%; Water Pump 4.60%; Metal 3%; Packaging 33%.

What the box contains: HoMedics Foot Spa: Two-In-One Sauna & Footbath with heat boost power, Three Pedicure Attachments (Cleaning Brush, Pumice Stone, Massage Roller), Two Removable Footrest Inserts, Quick-Start Guide, Two-Year Limited Warranty Card.

Health Benefits of heated foot spa machines:

  • Improves blood circulation: Foot spa can act just like a massage. Through the soft, or harder, touch of water on your calves and feet, your blood flow and circulation are activated and dynamized. It can be very beneficial for people with poor blood circulation or for the ones who tend to have “heavy” legs at the end of the day, especially the ones having a job where they stand a lot.
  • Relaxation: What’s best than enjoying the heat, and the wavy sensation, and smooth massage in the comfort of your home? not much. Feet are a great vector for relaxation, so acting on your feet can lead to a complete sensation of relaxation and calmness.
  • Regulates body temperature:  For most models on the market, you do have the possibility to choose to avail of heated water or not according to when you are using this machine. It will help you cool down during a summer day or get cozy and warm during winter.
  • Reduce pain: The bubble massage and waves will help to ease out the pain of aching feet. Some will even prefer a heated foot spa bath rather than a hand massage because it is more gentle. If you suffer from tender, soft feet, this might be a solution that even your practitioner would recommend.
  • Relieves stress: It is well known that using a heated foot spa will help you breathe out, relax and break free from your daily tensions. Stress is part of most people’s lives and having the opportunity to cut it out, even for a moment, is a real luxury
  • Helps with insomnia: Because of the relaxation state and stress-relief we spoke about in the above points, indulging into a heated foot spa session will help you to fall asleep more easily and sleep better and we all know how a regular and restorative sleep is important for your general well-being and health.

Tips on how to use a heated foot bath:

  • Is there a stifling heat outside and you can barely lift your feet from the ground? have a cooling foot spa massage with waves, bubbles, and a waterfall of water: you will feel like new and your legs will feel lighter. Just like finishing a shower with a cold water jet on your calves will help you feeling re-energized and help the blood circulation to kick-in.
  • On the other hand, having a heated foot bath during colder days will help you warm up. This will help you to generally regulate your body temperature and bring a soft sensation of relaxation.
  • Do not abuse the heat: just like all the good things, if you use hot water for too long on your feet it can cause negative effects like tenderness. Remember that the feet are also fragile and need to be protected. If you suffer from some specific medical conditions, please consult your doctor before having an extended use of hot water.
  • Planification is key: if you are planning a pampering session after your relaxing heated foot spa bath experience (pedicure, callus removal, moisturizing, etc), have all that you need next to you such as towels, tools, nail polish, filers, etc. there’s nothing more annoying than settling down, being in the middle of a very nice me-time and realizing that something is missing.
  • When the model allows so, use relaxing oils and salts (lavender for example): the delicate smell will be diffused all over the place and will touch also your olfactory senses. This will stimulate even deeper functions and will help you to be totally relaxed physically and mentally.
  • If you want to take it a level above, use some petals! Take a handful of them and put them in your foot spa water: we would suggest doing this with nicely scented flowers such as roses or lilies: not only it will give your heated foot spa bath machine a really nice look but it will also release a delicate perfume that you will definitely enjoy. Also note that you can, for instance, use mint leaves for a more invigorating smell and action. Many botanicals are great for this purpose, but they’ll have to be picked sensibly.

How to choose the best foot spa bath for you:

The advantages of a heated foot spa bath or machine can be seen by anybody. It has a lot of health and wellbeing benefits. Whether you use it to help aching feet, to recover after intense activity, or simply to indulge in a nice and relaxing session, you will most likely see results in a very short period of time. Though, it is an investment often questioned by the first-time purchasers: is it worth it? is it a nice product? will it really benefit me? etc. So here are a few questions you need to answer before deciding the level of investment you want to do. The point is not really to know if you should invest or not, because, realistically, you will benefit from it and to have one at home is a good idea. It’s rather to help you point out some key factors you should consider to help you find the best fit for you:

  • What’s my condition? It’s important to understand your needs and see the level of extra comfort this can bring to your everyday life. If you are a waiter, teacher, patrolling officer, or do any job that requires standing up most of the time, you will indeed benefit from having a nice heated foot spa massager to relax after a long day.
  • Why am I looking at a heated foot spa? That’s the natural second question after “Do I need it?”. It’s basically “what do I need it for?”. Are you looking at it as a supplement for your feet’ beauty routine? Or maybe you just want a relaxing time? Or else, your feet are sore and you’re looking mostly at the massaging part? In any case, singling out which functions you will need the most will guide your pick
  • How many times will I use it? These devices can bring you great results and satisfaction, but only if you use them! If you can do it on a regular basis, that’s the best: 2-3 times a week according to your needs. Once a week/ once every second week is also fine for a“relaxation and pampering” session. If you think you will “play” with it a little bit and leave it in the storage room for half a year, maybe you should consider doing homemade foot baths (but you won’t enjoy the bubbles and massage provided by these machines).
  • Do I have a particular problem I am trying to solve? If you think you have a clinical condition you are trying to help thanks to a heated foot spa bath, first, ask for advice from your specialist; especially if you suffer from diabetes or neuropathy. As nice and powerful as these devices can be, they are not meant for medical purposes and can only be used with the consent of your doctor. The same goes if If your problem regards poor blood circulation, aching or swelling feet, foot spa can be really helpful used on its own or as a complement to an electric foot massager, another must-have at home that will help you in many ways and make you save money and time.
  • How much should I invest? After checking the above session and considering all the answers you gave to the above questions, you should now be able to determine if you should opt for a simple device or a high-end one. They can start from as little as 29.99 USD and can cost up to 299 USD + for the fancy ones. Up to you to see how often you will use this device and how beneficial it can be to you and decide the budget you are willing to invest in.


We hope this article helped to have an overview of the top foot spa baths that are available on the market. We considered many criteria to establish this listing of the 5 Best Foot Spa Machines 2021.

As we reviewed the most popular and best foot spa machine, it’s tough to pick one over the others, as each of them has its own singularities and advantages. Remember that only you can determine precisely which machine will fit you the best, but all together, if we had to recommend a single one, it probably would be the No. 4 Homedics Foot Spa. It’s nice, it features many functional and practical options, it has an excellent, robust structure, and it’s a great compromise in terms of value for money. We love how it can combine ease of use, efficiency, and convenience

If you feel like five options are not enough to choose from, we reviewed individually other outstanding alternatives on the market. You will find the links here below:

  • The challenger: Conair Waterfall foot spa. This all-in-one foot spa is great and could have figured in our ranking. Worth to be checked out for sure.
  • The pedicure: HoMedics FB600. All the essentials tools to keep your feet smooth and attractive are available o this model. Relaxing moment and beauty session reunited in the one-foot spa.
  • The specialist: Dr. Scholl’s. You will find here the three best foot spa that this famous foot specialized brand has to offer.
  • The feature-packed: Ivation multifunction heated foot spa. We simply do not see what else could be asked for in this foot bath. A sensational machine that will satisfy even the pickiest customers.
  • The big one: Carepeutic motorized foot and leg spa.  Perfect for people who are looking for a little more space as here you’ll be able to soak easily up to the middle of your calves.