Whether you call it to leg compression machine, air massager, or compression therapy massager it is impossible to deny the benefits these devices provide to your body.

Pressotherapy is the next level of therapeutic massage: it is compression massage realized by inflatable pumps that come and wrap your legs/arms/body and that are controlled by a central unit.

The benefits are multiple: besides the regular massages’ general good consequences like relaxation and achievement of well-being, Pressotherapy also induces venous (and blood) circulation, helping to eliminate the edema, the sensation of heaviness, and fatigue. It also activates the lymphatic and venous circulation favoring blood flows and the elimination of toxins.

Pressotherapy is the technological evolution of massage and manual lymphatic drainage. Indeed, pressotherapy allows action on the blood circulation as well as on the lymphatic circulation causing the stimulation of blood exchanges and drainage of toxins and waste, and on top of being a real deal for your health, it also has some non-neglectable aesthetic benefits such as activating the areas where cellulite is stocked AND stuck: it’s the best tool to treat yourself in a comprehensive way and achieve both health and beauty goals.

Usually, compression therapy is used in massage salons or even in health institutions but if you want to enjoy its benefits at home you can also purchase it easily. No need for heavy machinery or training to use those devices: most of them are pretty straightforward and can be used by a non-experienced person with no risks following meticulously the instruction guide. Few vendors and models are available, mostly online and we will show you our pick in this article.

1. Reathlete Leg Compression Massager Review 2020


Comfortable leg air massage provides personalized compression therapy to help you recover and enhance your performance on demand from your massage therapist. The pro-grade leg sleeve device firmly holds your legs, calves, and thighs, loosens tight muscles, and breaks stubborn nerve lumps. Even with the use of a few hours per week, you can expect to see a big difference in your training and day-to-day life. Get back at your pace – Stop work or stress from doing what you love. Reduce the swelling. Increase blood circulation. Move your feet freely will thank you.

Have you ever felt that your feet are made of cement, but you still have to get out of bed and train? We understand the demanding schedule of an athlete, which is why we have designed a useful compression tool to help you recover and break your limits. If you stand for more than 6+ hours each day, you are putting a lot of pressure on your knees, ankles, and feet. But with a personal compression therapy regime, you can loosen those tight spots and ensure that you can manage your busy lifestyle.

Sitting in an uncomfortable office chair all day has some adverse effects on the knees, thighs, knees, and tight calves. When you finally come home, your feet ache and ache! Using our leg massager, even for 1 hour, can help you reduce any pain and relax. The frequent and recurring pain in your feet can severely limit you. Patella tracking issues, swelling near the knee, tendinitis, etc. can all be detected by microarrays and insufficient retrieval. Our knee heat therapy can help you deal with mobility issues, increase flexibility, and protect your knees from further injury.

Poor blood circulation in the feet can cause pain and soreness. Also, as you age, it isn’t easy to recover and get back on your feet! Compression Air Massage is designed to promote adequate blood circulation, reduce swelling, rejuvenate your feet and eliminate that tired, heavy feeling. Train hard, rest harder! Reduce your recovery time after intense workouts and reach peak performance levels. Leg air massage promotes venous return, can flush out excess lactic acid, and reduce muscle soreness. You will be ready to work out again in no time.

Pro-grade compression leg sleeves act like your personal massage therapist, offering deep discounts wherever you are on demand. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a deep, relaxing compression therapy session for your entire leg. By embracing the thighs, calves, and feet, you will experience the rejuvenating qualities of leg air massage. Adjust the heat level according to your personal needs and feel the tension leaving your body and tight muscles! By leaving the superficial and deep tissues of your thighs and calves, kneading increases flexibility and reduces pain by breaking down collagen fibers and relieving restrictive fiber.

You will feel pressure around your muscles during the session and feel relieved after it is over. You can experience the benefits of Shiatsu, a massage technique that usually requires a trained therapist, on-demand. Relieve stress and pain from the pressure points of your feet and experience the rejuvenating properties of this unique massage method. Knee pain can cause extreme discomfort. Heat mode is excellent for muscle aches, stiffness, tension, and chronic and reduces stress. Experience the comfort of a warm cocoon around your aching joints.

Pro-Grade Compression Massage Ultimate Massage Kit by ReAthlete for fast and deep recovery, using individual compression and targeted percussion therapy. A holistic approach to rejuvenating the body.

2. Renpho Leg Compression Machine Review

Renpho Leg Compression Machine

Are you looking for the best leg compression machine? Do you want a versatile and durable machine? If yes, you are in the right place. A leg compression machine can be helpful to relax leg muscles. It can help those who experience pain and discomfort in their legs. The tool will massage their calves, thighs, and feet. Yes, your leg muscles will feel relaxed after using this machine. You will find many options in the leg compression machine. Most of them come with some benefits. However, if you are looking for the best one to get more advantages, you can go with Renpho Leg Compression Machine. The product tops the list due to some of its unique and advanced features. It can work as an all-in-one solution for your leg pain, discomfort, and other issues related to your calves, feet, and thigh.  

Your muscles will thank you every time you use this machine. It comes with detachable calf wraps and thigh wraps. Also, there will be three modes of comfort to give the desired support to all types of users. Moreover, it features an isolate massage mode to relax your feet, calves, and thigh. If your job makes you sit for long hours, you can use this machine to make your leg muscles flexible. Besides, it will have three air intensity levels. Yes, you can customize the tightness of your massage based on your unique requirements. The machine will offer you a lot of customization. The modes and intensities can enable you to have an enhanced experience.

The best thing about this leg compression machine is that you can adjust it fast and effortlessly to fit any size. All of your family members can use this machine. As a result, you will not have to spend extra on different tools. Moreover, it features an ergonomic design to ensure safe usage. Also, the compact design makes it the perfect choice for restricted space. You can transport it from one place to another conveniently. You can take it to your office. Whenever you feel like your legs need a massage, you can use it. You do not need to wait for the evening to relax your leg muscles. All these features make the end product super versatile.

Do you find Renpho worth your money? Do you want to know more about this adjustable leg compression machine? We are here to help you to make the right decision. In the following, we will cover all the possible aspects. Keep reading to answer the curious mind and decide without any confusion. We will start with the features, and then we will cover the main specifications. Finally, we will focus on the pros and cons.

Key features of the Renpho Leg Compression Machine

Renpho has added many adjustable and customization features to boost the functionality and performance of the machine. You can have this machine to help all your family members to eliminate leg pain and discomfort. Leg pain is not rare nowadays. We can blame to long sitting hours and lack of exercise. If the leg pain is consistent, it will impact the quality of your life. You can improve the condition by having this machine. You will not have to spend more on this leg compression tool. However, all of your family members can get benefits. Even if you do not have enough space in your home, you can accommodate this one. It is compact, versatile, adjustable, and customizable. The small package will have many advanced features. The comfort and adjustability features give it a preference over its competitors.

When it comes to features, Renpho will have three modes of comfort and three air intensity levels. You can adjust the intensity and comfort mode based on your needs. Yes, this machine is fully adjustable. You will find the cuffs adjustable as well. The easy adjustments and well-designed straps make it a preferred choice for all sizes and ages of users. Your younger and senior family members can use this machine comfortably by making some adjustments. The solid build, impressive design, and adjustments ensure a durable result. You can use it for a long time without any repair or replacement.

Renpho works as an all-in-one solution for your foot, thigh, and calf. Also, it will have adjustable calf and thigh wraps. You can use them separately whenever needed. In brief, you can choose any area for the massage, and then you can start massaging without any inconvenience. Also, you will have the option to massage your whole leg. If required, you can use its thigh wraps for the arms. The adjustable wraps can fit any size. Yes, you can use the wraps to change to any size. There is also a heat function. Yes, you can use this feature to offer warmth to your feet and calves. The heat function will relax your muscles. You can enjoy your massage and relax your tiring muscles whenever you want.

You will find it the best for both your home and office. You can use it as a gift to surprise someone who wants some proven technologies to relax her leg muscles. As it is versatile and compact, everyone can have this one to relax the leg muscles. The massage will reduce inflammation and support your sleep. You will not have to visit your doctor to find a solution for your leg pain or similar issues. Here are the details of some features you can go through.

Detachable Wraps

Yes, Renpho features a detachable calf and thigh wrap. That means you will have the option to detach these additions whenever needed. If you want to massage your thighs, you can focus on that area. Also, you can consider your whole leg relaxation after a day-long activity. There will be many options for different users. You can focus on any particular muscle or the entire leg based on your needs. Also, the detachable wraps ensure easy storage and transportation. You can detach the wraps and pack the machine for your office use. Whenever you want, you can use this portable machine to get relief from leg pain.

All-in-one Solution

While considering a leg massage machine, we focus on the one that can relax feet. Some can relax thigh muscles. However, this one compression machine can take care of all your leg needs. You can use it to massage your thighs, foot, and calves. Yes, this affordable machine can serve you the best when it comes to your leg muscles. You can adjust the size effortlessly by using its Velcro straps. Yes, these straps make this machine the best choice for all. You can make the adjustments to fit the leg size of your family members. You all can enjoy a relaxing leg massage at your convenient time. More importantly, you can have this benefit without spending much. This leg compression machine is affordable and well-equipped. Also, it will have many accessories to boost its functionality. You will appreciate all its improved features. Once you start using it, you will notice a difference in your leg muscles.

Three Comfort Modes

Apart from all these advanced features, you can expect three modes of enhanced and combined comfort. You can adjust the modes of the machine to get the desired comfort. The combined one will massage your entire leg, and the combined two will relax your calves and feet. When it comes to the combined three, it will focus on your thighs, calves, and feet in intervals. All these modes make your machine super versatile and the most useful. You can use any comfort mode and relax your muscles fast. You might not expect this benefit from most of its competitors.

Isolate Massage Mode

Have you ever heard of isolate massage mode? Yes, you will have this feature in the Renpho leg compression machine. You can use this mode to focus exclusively on the calves, feet, or thigh. Yes, this feature can help with the best outcome. You can give full attention to that specific area and enjoy the massage to the fullest.

Three Intensity Levels

Renpho features three air intensity levels. As a result, you will have the option to change the intensity level based on your needs. You can go with level one to get relief from minor pain. It can also be the best for the elderly. Level two and level three intensity levels will give more relaxation to your leg muscles. Also, different levels make the machine a suitable choice for all. Young, elderly, and athletes can use this machine and get the desired comfort.

Heat Massage

Yes, Renpho will have this unique feature. You can consider heat massage to relax the tiring muscles the most. You might be aware of the benefits of heat massage. It will promote relaxation and reduce inflammation. With heat massage, you can give warmth to your feet and calves. If you experience inflammation in your leg, you can have a heated massage to get immediate relief. Also, it will heal some other inflammation and swelling issues naturally.

 Portable Controller

In addition to all these benefits, you will have a handheld controller. That means you can adjust the features effortlessly whenever you want. Yes, the handheld controller will enable you to adjust the modes and intensity at ease. You can adjust the setting based on your needs. As all the adjustments will be easy, you can try different options and enjoy massage variations. The easy adjustments make it a perfect choice for the elderly. They can adjust the features fast and massage comfortably.


Renpho will come with many accessories. The package will include two leg wraps and one power adapter. Besides, it will have one handheld controller, one storage bag, and one user manual.

Main Specifications

Renpho is well equipped to become the first choice for those who want a well-made and well-equipped leg compression machine to meet the different needs of their family. You can have this one machine for your entire family. Yes, all your family members can use this machine and relax their leg muscles. You will appreciate the easy adjustments, ergonomic design, easy controls, customization, and detachable features. You can set the timer for twenty minutes as well.

3. Circulation Improving Leg Wraps

Leg Compression Machine
  • Fit Calves 16″-18″
  • Fit Thighs 23″-25″
  • Feet size 6-11 3/4″
  • Dimension 33 1/2″ H x 30 1/4″ W x 3/4″

Accessible from Hammacher Schlemmer, these air compression leg pliers inflate and deflate to enhance circulation, soothe sore muscles, and decrease swelling in your legs. They have six airbags that inflate and also wrap around the leg and deflate to assist blood vessels in contract and expand. The leg compression machine pliers utilize compression periods to help alleviate blood flow back into the heart and also to stimulate flow. The wraps are helpful for recovery after exercise or conducting. The remote-to-air compression leg pliers enable you to pick from seven apps and three intensity levels.

The main point and specificity of this leg compression device are that it is a sequential compressor circulator, which means that the massage pattern is clear and defined: there are six airbags within the cuffs and they’ll be consecutively air filled by the unit but not all continuously: each one of them will be inflated during 15 seconds before deflating meanwhile the next chamber fills up… and cause images sometimes speak better than words:

You will definitely like this product if you need improvement with your leg’s health, well-being, and a boost to your blood circulation.

4. Thermosage 7 In 1 Circulation Enhancing Massage

Leg Compression Machine
  • Leg Massager
  • Air Compression
  • Indra Heat
  • Graphene
  • Theralite Therapy
  • Magnet Therapy
  • Cold Pack

This leg compression machine is one of the simplest on the market and one of the easiest to use. The leg compression machine has seven distinct features Massage, Air Compression, Infra Heat, Graphene, Theralite Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Cold Pack. The sleeves can be easily fitted by wrapping them up around the legs and securing them with velcro closures.

Thermosage’s proprietary Heat Treatment goes deep to the muscle tissue to target the sore places, and at the particular same period helps flush out the lactic acid and also causes you to revitalized back in action and better than ever before. Red Light Therapy has plenty of advantages and maybe a part of general wellness practice, whereas Magnetic Field Therapy aids equilibrium magnetic energy.

Features an incorporated massage using three unique ways; Shiatsu, Kneading & Tapping. You’re producing relaxing and comfortable vibrational massages. With infused Graphene, heat is generated to target the muscles to revive and rejuvenate, which means you may get in contact with your everyday pursuits or your athletic procedure of life. Studies on Graphene tout it has antifungal properties with its distinctive power and electrical conductivity.

This might boost blood circulation following the ice pack has been removed, fostering recovery and pain relief. ActivAir controlled compression aids accelerate healing and help in enhancing circulation throughout your whole body. The Thermosage heating massager bathes the thighs, ankles, calves, and toes in warmth while supplying relaxing massage to rejuvenate muscles, which can be aching. The excellent heat helps melt away anxiety, as it provides a group of 3 excellent massages to your feet and legs to help improve circulation.

5. Slabway Foot And Leg Massage Wrap: A Leg Compression Machine With A Difference

Leg Compression Machine

Slabway leg compression machine is an ideal leg, feet & calf massager for people of all walks of life. Since feet and calves are among the most critical body parts, Slabway effectively designed this device to relieve stress and fatigue in your lower extremities. Here is a beautiful leg compression machine that uses traditional Shiatsu and reflexology therapy for circulation and relaxation.

All of us feel tired and sometimes painful, including young people working in the office, athletes performing workouts, or the elderly staying at home. Slabway leg compression machines can safely and quickly improve blood circulation, thereby relieving fatigue and pain.

Salient Features of Leg Compression Machine

Massager With Heat Therapy

Slabway leg compression machine features airbags that squeeze and massage with air compression technology. It compresses and massages your foot and calf muscles by relieving fatigue and improving circulation. It works from calves to toes to relax your feet and legs with Shiatsu massage, an ancient Chinese heat therapy. This healing treatment applies pressure to selects points on your lower limbs by kneading, pulsing, and rolling actions, relieving pain and tension.

Massages Multiple Areas

It features sequential compression to cover all critical parts to massage essential pain points in your feet and legs: Soles, Toes, Calves, Heels, ankles, insteps, thighs, and Arches. The Slabway leg compression machine mainly targets multiple areas through different massaging techniques. You can choose from three levels of intensities by starting from a lower level. You can gradually increase the power from light to tight and choose a specific intensity setting that proves best for you. It has 3×2 airbags that can massage from feet to thighs and calves to toes.

Five Programmed Massages

You can choose from five pre-programmed massage settings and use the remote control or hand-held controller to get a personalized experience by adjusting the speed, power, massage direction, and massage modes quickly. You can choose from three massage modes: Circulation, Sequence, or whole massage mode. In total, there are ten different massage methods and techniques available to suit your preferences.

Adjustable Leg Wrap Size

The Slabway leg compression machine fits all foot and leg sizes, and it features adjustable sleeves. It comes with two size extensions and can accommodate a maximum calf size of 28.5 inches, which covers most of the population. It starts with a standard calf perimeter of 22 inches. It has a compact design which becomes handy for effortless storage. Moreover, it has a high-quality breathable fabric that is convenient and durable for long-term usage.

Full Leg Coverage

If you follow an intensive body training routine, you need sufficient recovery time to avoid injuries and achieve top performance. Moreover, you might experience increased soreness and pain in your legs and feet as you get older. This leg compression machine improves blood flow and circulation by providing relaxing compression therapy for your entire legs. Consequently, you get healthier feet and better sleep as massage relaxes muscles, significantly reduces pain, and improves flexibility.

Versatile Massage Wrap

Almost everyone can use this leg compression machine to massage calves and feet. It is beneficial for people who suffer from cold and weary legs. Hence it is perfect for people who stand or sit for extended periods and suffer from tired and aching feet, mostly elderly and middle-aged people. Active People such as dancers, bikers, climbers, yoga practitioners, and frequent gym-goers who seek effective medical recovery should also use this leg compression machine. People having high labor intensity, high working pressure, frequent travel, or who wear high-heeled shoes specifically benefit. It can improve poor circulation and soothe restless leg syndrome. People having varicose veins, swollen legs, or edema on lower limbs should consider using this.

Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

Slabway is well known for its best quality products that are ideal for home use and gifting. This leg compression machine can be a thoughtful gift for your loved ones: family members, friends, and relatives.


It has three types of indicators for a user-friendly interface. The Power mode has on/off buttons, and the mode indicators include M1, M2, and M3 for Sequence, circulation, and full massage. Finally, intensity buttons range from low, medium to high.

Money-Back Guarantee

It guarantees 100% satisfaction. Rest assured that the product features a 30 days money-back guarantee with a 100% refund (no questions asked) if you are not satisfied with its performance.

  • It can massage multiple areas from thighs to feet and calves to toes.
  • You can choose from 3 intensity levels and three massage modes.
  • You can use the hand-held controlled to personalize your experience.
  • It is ideal for all categories of people seeking recovery.
  • It features ancient Chinese heat therapy: Shiatsu massage and reflexology.
  • It precisely mimics massage techniques like kneading, pulsing, and rolling.
  • It uses air compression technology to improve circulation and blood flow.
  • It has six airbags, three for each leg.
  • You can choose from five pre-programmed settings and a total of 10 massage techniques.
  • It can accommodate calf size from 22 to 28.5 inches due to its adjustable leg wraps.
  • It has a compact design for handy storage and travel.
  • The breathable fabric is convenient and durable.
  • It covers 100% leg coverage.
  • It is a perfect gift for your loved ones.
  • The device interface is highly user-friendly.
  • You get 100% money back if you feel dissatisfied within 30 days of usage.
  • It has the brand equity of Slabway ensuring high-quality products.
  • You can adjust speed, power, massage direction, and different modes.
  • It comes with two size extensions to fit all leg and foot sizes.
  • It has mixed customer reviews, including significant negative feedbacks.
  • It is a bit noisy device which may disturb others around you.
  • It does not feature cool therapy.
  • You have to buy the complete set and cannot purchase parts for only one leg.

Machine Specs of Leg Compression Machine

What’s included: Hose Connector, Velcro, Adaptor, Handheld controller, Pocket, High-grade fabric, air hose, Durable airbag.

Bonus Review: Compex Ayre Wireless Air Compression Recovery Boots

Leg Compression Machine

This leg compression machine, also known as rapid recovery compression boots, features a set of wireless, user-friendly & portable compression boots providing quick recovery for your legs and thighs.

You can get relief anywhere, anytime with a Compex Ayre leg compression machine. Health experts have designed this therapy machine for elite recreational athletes, coaches, and therapists on the go. It uses intermittent pneumatic compression to provide relief. Your body produces excess lactate as you exercise, and your regular muscle contraction creates this by-product as a natural stimulus-response. This leg compression machine breaks up these tiny molecules and sends a stimulus to the nervous system. The fitness experts have designed the product in such a way that it improves your circulation and blood flow in the lower limbs by stimulating lactic acid, excess fluids, and similar toxic elements.

This leg compression machine helps in quicker healing because it generates dynamic pulse compression in waves while using it. You can comfortably enjoy the recovery for about three hours on a single charge. All you have to do is sit back, power up the leg compression machine, and enjoy the experience.

Salient Features of Leg Compression Machine

This leg compression machine offers a set of wireless, rapid-recovery compression boots with an in-built control unit. The box includes a convenient charger and a carrying case. Moreover, it features high-quality standard linings in the boots’ interior and exterior area to ensure maximum comfort and limit bacteria and foul odor risk.

You can reap the benefits of a leg compression machine for relaxing or while doing other work. If you wear it regularly, it can accelerate your recovery. It is an excellent device for pain or discomfort because of any sports injury. If you suffer from sore and aching muscles after an exercise routine or muscle swelling, diabetic blood flow issues, or vein problems, it can help you control your condition.

Let us review all its main features one by one.

Excellent Compression

This leg compression machine can provide a powerful compression of about 120 mmHg, which is enough for recovery. You can adjust its compression in units of 10 mmHg to ensure an accurate level of personalized compression for you.

Versatile and portable

It features a rechargeable battery which implies that you need not tether to a power outlet. This sense of freedom is the ultra-portable nature of this leg compression machine which is quite useful for a three-hour-long compression session. It has Integrated compression controls. Hence no bulky separate, wired units.

Long Recovery Period

It comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which can last up to three hours of recovery compression therapy. You can recharge the batteries quickly to start another session.

Separate compression chambers

The Ayre leg compression machine has four different compression chambers, separate from each other so that you are free to inflate them together or one by one separately as per your convenience and preference. You have full freedom to use both boots independently from each other.

Premium Lining

It features excellent high-quality lining both in the exterior and interior areas. The outer lining allows you to clean the external black finish quickly. The internal lining uses high-quality material that prevents unwanted odors, especially useful because you may wear it for three continuous hours.

Storage Case

You can store the leg compression machine very quickly in the provided storage case after deflating. Once deflated, the boots fold up nicely into the box. Moreover, there is enough space for charging cable and user manual.

Treatment and Prevention

You can use this device to treat and prevent any pain or swelling of your muscles or sore or aching muscles with its powerful compression.

Perfect for workout and recreational use

This leg compression machine helps in relieving you from aching or sore muscles. You may get some muscle injuries or develop painful muscles during a workout or recreational activities. It provides recovery from such issues to be ready to go with full energy the next day.

Usage of the leg compression machine

One size fits most people. First of all, you put the compression boots on your legs. You can slide them on quickly because they are adjustable. It can work for different sizes quite efficiently. There are convenient hook & loop zippers in these boots, which you need to secure correctly. Turn on the in-built device by holding the power button for one second. The leg compression machine starts working in default F1 mode as all four chambers inflate in a default pressure setting. You can adjust the compression mode and pressure intensity as per your liking. You can turn off the machine by holding the on/off button for one second.

Word of caution

Please note that you must not use the machine on people who are insensitive to pain or who suspect to have any of the following conditions, whether untreated or active:

  • Pulmonary Edema
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Ischemic Vascular Disease
  • Severe Congestive Heart Failure
  • Severe Arteriosclerosis
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Any Active Infection
  • This leg compression machine is the best rapid recovery tool for athletes, coaches, sportspersons, therapists, etc.
  • The wireless option sets you free from the clutter of wires, and you don’t need to tether to a power outlet all the time. It is an anytime-anywhere machine.
  • It improves your blood circulation and breaks up lactate to relieve you from sore muscles.
  • The dynamic pulse compression waves help you in faster healing.
  • The leg compression machine can continuously run for three hours on a single charge.
  • You can relax while doing other works or relax.
  • It has a powerful compression of up to 120 mmHg, which can compress aching legs to a high degree of intensity.
  • You do not have to restrict yourself and will be free from the clutter of wires.
  • The lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable to ensure ultra-portability for your regular compression needs.
  • Four separate chambers allow you the flexibility to inflate them singly or collectively.
  • You can use any one chamber or a combination of them where you feel more soreness.
  • It has an excellent interior lining of high-quality to offer an odor-free experience.
  • The exterior lining is also of high quality, allowing you to quickly clean your leg compression machine.
  • You can store the boots after flattening them in the storage case provided.
  • There is sufficient storage space in the case to put all the items, including cable and user manual.
  • In addition to its treatment by compression therapy, you can even prevent pain by regularly using this compression device.
  • It is an ideal device for sports, gym, workout, and recreational activities.
  • The usage of the machine is relatively user-friendly. You can slide it on, secure the boots and start using it.
  • It has adjustable boots which can work well with different leg sizes.
  • You can use its zippers to secure your legs before activating compression properly.
  • Turning on and off the device is as simple as pressing the power switch. The boots automatically inflate to default settings.
  • You can adjust the compression intensity and changes the compression modes.
  • The leg compression machine has an affordable price.
  • It reduces your usual time of recovery.
  • It abolishes waste material and toxins, including lactic acid.
  • It has a two years’ manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.
  • There is no separate wired unit bulk due to its Integrated compression controls.
  • Although it is quite user-friendly, you have to manually deflate all the chambers of both boots to pack and store in the case. An automatic deflation feature would have been quite useful to bring the leg compression machine into a deflated state.
  • There is no memory function to store your favorite settings of compression mode and intensity.
  • By default, all four chambers activate when you power it on. It may be inconvenient to change it every time you intend to use fewer compartments.
  • It may not be appropriate for people with certain specific health conditions.
  • It does not feature any specific hot or cold therapy
  • You cannot target a specific area for compression.
  • It comes in a pair only, so you need to buy two boots even if one of the shoes gets damaged.
  • Presently, the site offers only S and M sizes, and L / XL sizes are out of stock. It will be available in three months.

Machine Specs of Leg Compression Machine

Product Dimension: 11.75 x 17 x 5.25 inches; Weight: 7.7 Pounds; Battery: 2 x 4500 mAh Lithium-ion batteries included (3 Hours); Color: Black; Model Number: CX201FB01; Manufacturer’s Warranty for Parts and Labor: 2 Years; Charger and Carrying case: included; Four Different Compression Chambers – Can Inflate Simultaneously or Separately; Compression Power: up to 120 mmHg

What’s in the box: Compression boots (Quantity: two); Downloadable quick start guide; Charger with adaptor; carrying case.


Leg compression machine can be very beneficial for your health as we stated many times in this article (helping with blood circulation, lymphatic draining, sore muscles) and also for your beauty and looks (cellulite, swollen legs) and it’s a tempting device to have at home. You can find some models that are really affordable, but the quality of the results is not always met by the end-users. When you go for the level above you can start seeing a higher satisfaction rate. The high-end units almost always have good reviews. The point is that with this type of device, the quality of the materials and the technology really counts: if the fixations are sloppy, the materially poor, and the air pump is not powerful, you will clearly take no advantage of that unit in your home. A good, reasonable choice will help you really enjoy your purchase.

2. Renpho Leg Compression Machine wins our ranking because of its quality, reliability, flexibility, and possibilities of customization.