Whether you call it to leg compression machine, air massager or compression therapy massager it is impossible to deny the benefits these devices provide to your body.

Pressotherapy is the next level of therapeutic massage: it is compression massage realized by inflatable pumps that come and wrap your legs/arms/body and that is controlled by a central unit.

The benefits are multiple: besides the regular massages’ general good consequences like relaxation and achievement of well-being, pressotherapy also induces venous (and blood) circulation, helping to eliminate the edema, the sensation of heaviness and fatigue. It also activates the lymphatic and venous circulation favoring blood flows and the elimination of toxins.

Pressotherapy is the technological evolution of massage and manual lymphatic drainage. Indeed, pressotherapy allows an action on the blood circulation as well as on the lymphatic circulation causing the stimulation of blood exchanges and drainage of toxins and waste, and on top of being a real deal for your health, it also has some non neglectable aesthetic benefits such as activating the areas where cellulite is stocked AND stuck: it’s the best tool to treat yourself in a comprehensive way and achieve both health and beauty goals.

Usually, compression therapy is used in massage salons or even in health institutions but if you want to enjoy its benefits at home you can also purchase it easily. No need for heavy machinery or training to use those devices: most of them are pretty straightforward and can be used by a non-experienced person with no risks following meticulously the instruction guide. Few vendors and models are available, mostly online and we will show you our pick in this article.

1. Reathlete Leg Compression Massager Review 2020


Comfortable leg air massage provides personalized compression therapy to help you recover and enhance your performance on demand from your massage therapist. The pro-grade leg sleeve device firmly holds your legs, calves, and thighs, loosens tight muscles, and breaks stubborn nerve lumps. Even with the use of a few hours per week, you can expect to see a big difference in your training and day-to-day life. Get back in your pace – Stop work or stress from doing what you love. Reduce the swelling. Increase blood circulation. Move your feet freely will thank you.

Have you ever felt that your feet made of cement, but you still have to get out of bed and train? We understand the demanding schedule of an athlete, which is why we have designed a useful compression tool to help you recover and break your limits. If you stand for more than 6+ hours each day, you are putting a lot of pressure on your knees, ankles, and feet. But with a personal compression therapy regime, you can loosen those tight spots and ensure that you can manage your busy lifestyle.

Sitting in an uncomfortable office chair all day has some adverse effects on the knees, thighs, knees, and tight calves. When you finally come home, your feet ache and ache! Using our leg massager, even for 1 hour, can help you reduce any pain and relax. The frequent and recurring pain in your feet can severely limit you. Patella tracking issues, swelling near the knee, tendinitis, etc. can all be detected by microarrays and insufficient retrieval. Our knee heat therapy can help you deal with mobility issues, increase flexibility, and protect your knees from further injury.

Poor blood circulation in the feet can cause pain and soreness. Also, as you age, it isn’t easy to recover and get back on your feet! Compression Air Massage designed to promote adequate blood circulation, reduce swelling, rejuvenate your feet and eliminate that tired, heavy feeling. Train hard, rest harder! Reduce your recovery time after intense workouts and reach peak performance levels. Leg air massage promotes venous return, can flush out excess lactic acid, and reduce muscle soreness. You will be ready to work out again in no time.

Pro-grade compression leg sleeves act like your personal massage therapist, offering deep discounts wherever you are on demand. Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself a deep, relaxing compression therapy session for your entire leg. By embracing the thighs, calves, and feet, you will experience the rejuvenating qualities of leg air massage. Adjust the heat level according to your personal needs and feel the tension leaving your body and tight muscles! By leaving the superficial and deep tissues of your thighs and calves, kneading increases flexibility and reduces pain by breaking down collagen fibers and relieving restrictive fiber.

You will feel pressure around your muscles during the session and feel relieved after it is over. You can experience the benefits of Shiatsu, a massage technique that usually requires a trained therapist, on-demand. Relieve stress and pain from the pressure points of your feet and experience the rejuvenating properties of this unique massage method. Knee pain can cause extreme discomfort. Heat mode is excellent for muscle aches, stiffness, tension, and chronic and reduces stress. Experience the comfort of a warm cocoon around your aching joints.

Pro-Grade Compression Massage Ultimate Massage Kit by ReAthlete for fast and deep recovery, using individual compression and targeted percussion therapy. A holistic approach to rejuvenating the body.

2. Circulation Improving Leg Wraps

Leg Compression Machine
  • Fit Calves 16″-18″
  • Fit Thighs 23″-25″
  • Feet size 6-11 3/4″
  • Dimension 33 1/2″ H x 30 1/4″ W x 3/4″

Accessible from Hammacher Schlemmer, these air compression leg pliers inflate and deflate to enhance circulation, soothe sore muscles, and decrease swelling in your legs. They have six airbags that inflate and also wrap around the leg and deflate to assist blood vessels contract and expand. The leg compression machine pliers utilize compression periods to help alleviate blood flow back into the heart and also to stimulate flow. The wraps are helpful for recovery after exercise or conducting. The remote-to-air compression leg pliers enable you to pick from seven apps and three intensity levels.

sequantial compressor

The main point and specificity of this leg compression device are that it is a sequential compressor circulator, which means that the massage pattern is clear and defined: there are six airbags within the cuffs and they’ll be consecutively air filled by the unit but not all continuously: each one of them will be inflated during 15 seconds before deflating meanwhile the next chamber fills up… and cause images sometimes speak better than words:

You will definitely like this product if you need improvement with your leg’s health, well being and a boost to your blood circulation.

3. Thermosage 7 In 1 Circulation Enhancing Massage

Leg Compression Machine
  • Leg Massager
  • Air Compression
  • Indra Heat
  • Graphene
  • Theralite Therapy
  • Magnet Therapy
  • Cold Pack

This leg compression machine is one of the simplest on the market and one of the easiest to use. The leg compression machine has seven distinct features Massage, Air Compression, Infra Heat, Graphene, Theralite Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Cold Pack. The sleeves can be easily fitted by wrapping them up around the legs and securing them with velcro closures.

Thermosage’s proprietary Heat Treatment goes deep to the muscle tissue to target the sore places, and at the particular same period helps flush out the lactic acid and also causes you to revitalized back in action and better than ever before. Red Light Therapy has plenty of advantages and maybe a part of general wellness practice, whereas Magnetic Field Therapy aids equilibrium magnetic energy.

Features an incorporated massage using three unique ways; Shiatsu, Kneading & Tapping. You’re producing relaxing and comfortable vibrational massages. With infused Graphene, heat is generated to target the muscles to revive and rejuvenate, which means you may get in contact with your everyday pursuits or your athletic procedure of life. Studies on Graphene tout it has antifungal properties with its distinctive power and electrical conductivity.

This might boost blood circulation following the ice pack has been removed, fostering recovery and pain relief. ActivAir controlled compression aids accelerate healing and help in enhancing circulation throughout your whole body. The Thermosage heating massager bathes the thighs, ankles, calves, and toes in warmth while supplying relaxing massage to rejuvenate muscles, which can be aching. The excellent heat helps melt away anxiety, as it provides a group of 3 excellent massages to your feet and legs to help improve circulation.

4. Belmint Foot & Leg Air Compression Massager With Heat

Leg Compression Machine

This leg compression machine is another version of the above one: it’s gradient sequential, which means that rather than inflating a chamber after the other and not keeping the air pressure all the way (sequential), this one will indeed pressure gradually a chamber after the other for a whole coverage at the end.

The compression cycle is about 9 seconds per chamber and the pressure is held. It will start from the feet, then to the ankle, the calf and at last the tigh. The deflation will be simultaneous for all the chamber and last 24 secs.

It’s great to promote better blood and venous flood, control leg swelling and relieve leg fatigue.
This model, which is also 12 x 10 x 5 inches and weighs 5 lbs prides itself to keep up the blood and lymph fluid with no back flow and the gradient pattern assures a smooth circulation. It’s worth to try.

neomedic compressor

5. NormaTec – Pulse 2.0 Leg Compression Machine

JB5462 leg compression machine by north america

This product is a best seller online. It’s pretty similar to the other units except that the leg wrap are totally independent and unwind after a workout with this NormaTec Pulse 2.0. Advanced remote control and fully connected mobile app ensures targeted attention where you need it most. The best in material and patented NormaTec pulse technology for massage pattern.

This leg compression machine from NormaTec allows you to integrate your recovery session flawlessly into your training plan and control it directly from your phone. The gentle massaging session delivered by this unit has a very interesting and unique way of control: with the buttons up and down you can actually choose the inflation/deflation lapses

inflate times

NormaTec product is an expensive leg compression machine than the other devices but its good for professional athletes and for those who are looking for a bit extra.


Leg compression machine can be very beneficial for your health as we stated many times in this article (helping with blood circulation, lymphatic draining, sore muscles) and also for your beauty and looks (cellulite, swollen legs) and it’s a tempting device to have at home. You can find some models that are really affordable, but the quality of the results are not always met by the end-users. When you go for the level above you can start seeing a higher satisfaction rate. The high-end units almost always have good reviews. The point is that with this type of device, the quality of the materials and the technology really counts: if the fixations are sloppy, the materially poor and the air pump not powerful, you will clearly take no advantage of that unit in your home. A good, reasonable choice will help you really enjoy your purchase.

2. Circulation Improving Leg Wraps wins our ranking because of its quality, reliability, flexibility, and the possibilities of customization.