Brookstone massage chair is a perfect combination of powerful technologies frequently demanded by users featuring innovative concepts like L-Track, Quad Roller back massage, zero gravity, Foot Roller, full-body air massage, Multi-region heating, and an adjustable height accommodation technology.

It has unique features that you will not find in any other chair. Moreover, it differentiates from other chairs with a Shiatsu calf massager and a shoulder height adjustment system. The chair offers multiple robotic massage features to provide you a daily massage that reduces your stress and pain.

The Brookstone massage chair can adjust to your height and needs by providing three positions in zero gravity, adaptable shoulder airbag, and auto reclining arms to uphold forearm and hand position. The feature-packed chair continues to shine with 42 airbags for plush comfort, a fantastic mechanical shiatsu calf massager, and soothing underfoot rollers.

Do you want to start your Brookstone experience quickly without hassles? The chair is a breeze for anyone to start relaxing in seconds with nine auto massage programs and a user-friendly controller. You can also use the add-a-minute feature to extend the massage by five-minute intervals.

The Brookstone massage chair has so many great features that you will soon start liking it so much. One of those versatile features is the adjustable shoulder height and foot extension option. It implies that a taller person has got his perfect massage chair. Similarly, it has the heating elements in the three prominent places: the forearm, calf, and lumbar area.

It will surely make you feel highly comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, you may add one of three levels of Zero Gravity, one of nine automatic courses, and create your own unique massage experience.

One more exciting feature of the Brookstone massage chair is its armrests will recline with the chair to provide you ultimate comfort.

Let us delve deeper to learn how this chair can do what you want it to do for you.

Salient Features of Brookstone Massage Chair

There is so much to talk about this incredible chair from the house of Brookstone. I am so excited to share what you can do with this beautiful piece of creativity and comfort. I don’t know where to begin but let us learn about its key features one by one.

 L-Track Design

It begins with the experience of a four-roller, L-track massage system. It starts in the skull base and outspreads into the gluteal muscles. The Brookstone Massage Chair’s L-Track design reaches from your neck, down to your back, and beneath your glutes. The chair features a body scan to ensure that the 50-inch track with a quad style massage head removes your back tension and provides instant therapeutic relief ensuring a massage right where you need it.

Three-Stage Zero Gravity positions

The Zero Gravity feature elevates your legs and feet above your heart level while massaging the whole body. It helps in reducing the stress on your back muscles. Researchers pioneered the zero gravity position for the first time to reduce spinal compression for astronauts. The chair can recline 115 to 160 degrees; to provide an optimal zero gravity position. It relieves tension and stress while boosting your circulation. You can cycle through three stages of Zero Gravity at the touch of a single button.

Foot Roller & Mechanical Shiatsu Calf Massager  

Suppose you have sore and tight muscles in the lower extremities, particularly your feet and calf. In that case, a mechanical shiatsu calf massager and soothing foot massage rollers beneath your feet amazingly address those issues effectively. Mechanical calf massagers are amongst the latest technologies in modern massage chairs. A backside calf roller quickly massages the calf muscles. The ottoman airbags help to hold the legs in place while the calf massager operates silently.

Triple Region Heater (Forearm, Calves, And Lumbar Region) for Heat Therapy

A comfortable, warm feeling in your forearms, calf, and lumbar area takes relaxation to an even further higher level. You might have noticed that traditional massage chairs usually restrict the heating essentials to the lower back area. But Brookstone massage chair is different. It features heating elements in multiple locations to increase your comfort and blood circulation for a healthier massage experience. The chair provides heat therapy where you precisely need it. The heat soothes and relaxes your forearms, back, and calves, loosening muscle fibers to expand your massage experience, thereby reducing aches and pains.

42 Airbags’ Air Compression Massage

There are so many muscle fibers in your shoulders, hips, arms, calves, thighs, and feet that need enhanced blood circulation to perform at their best. Our massage system with forty-two airbags stimulates those muscle fibers and enhances circulation in those critical body parts. The Pulse Air Massage system kindles muscle fibers and improves circulation. The compression helps in body relaxation while providing relief to painful areas.

Add a Minute (+5)  

The manufacturer introduced this feature to suit your relaxation preferences. You can use the add-a-minute feature on the control panel to extend your massage program in five-minute intervals every time and anytime.

Adjustable Shoulder Height & 6″ Foot Extension

The shoulder height adjustment option lets the Brookstone massage chair work for everyone, be it your family members, friends, or guests. The shoulder adjustment coupled with the leg extension is so innovative that it allows the massage chair to accommodate any tall individuals with ease. Earlier, such persons might have struggled to find a suitable massage chair that won’t let them use the chair just because they do not fit. The flexibility of height adjustment allows a wide range of user height from 5′ to 6’5″.

Usually, massage chairs featuring shoulder airbags don’t offer adjustable height options, which leaves taller people at a disadvantage. But Brookstone massage chairs can accommodate all persons in the height range mentioned above.


You can remotely control the chair in a very intuitive and user-friendly way. The LCD lights up, showing the function in use, making it easy to operate the chair in low light conditions. It also has a single power button touch option that shuts off all settings and returns the chair to an upright position. This remote has an in-built LCD massage-control unit. This LCD indicates what the massage chair is doing during its massage cycle. Ultimately, all the buttons are very user-friendly for a smooth operation.

Nine Automatic-courses

The Brookstone massage chair has nine auto-course options to offer you various therapeutic relief experiences for all purposes. You may try every one of those auto programs and choose the perfect one for you. The nine automatic programs are as follows: Full, Therapy, Yoga, Relief, Stretch, Air, Night, Quick, and Flex.

Power Recline & Rise with power ottoman

The chair has armrests that Recline with the chair. The power recline and rise option let you stretch the way you feel comfortable. You can recline to a wide range of angles from 115 to 160 degrees. You can recline the Brookstone massage chair to 160 degrees with the touch of a button. You can also raise the ottoman to bring you in a suitable position for optimum massage and relaxation benefits. The chair resets to the upright position when your press the power button.

Adjustable Footrest

The adjustable footrest uses airbags to massage your calf muscles, instep, and soles of your feet. The airbags work in conjunction with the stationary Shiatsu nodes on the bottom of your feet to provide maximum relief. The footrest can accommodate taller users by extending an extra 6 inches.


You can also adjust the airbag intensity of the Brookstone massage chair. You can change the speed and the width of the massage rollers to finetune them to your body and your needs.

Versatile construction

It is straightforward to set up the Brookstone massage chair. Connect the shoulder panels to the side panel, and it is ready to do the magic. The assembled chair weighs only 212 pounds. You can move the chair around by tilting it back a little to engage its real roller wheels. You can quickly wheel the chair into any place, which is an excellent space-saving feature.

The chair features premium quality synthetic leather, mostly found in chairs three-time costlier than this chair. You can plug in the chair to any standard 110-volt outlet with proper earthing. Persons with a weight of up to 300 lbs can enjoy the chair because it has a sturdy steel base frame. This massage chair consists of premium components, which implies that it is durable and will last longer.

Solid Warranty

An excellent build quality makes the chair durable, but in case of any eventuality, the five-year warranty comes to your rescue. Moreover, you get one year warranty on home labor, a two-year warranty on parts, and five-year warranty coverage on the frame. You get everything in the box when you get the massage chair delivery in a box condition – Massage Chair, shoulder panels, side panel, assembly hardware, power cord, warranty card, and a user manual.

Pros of Brookstone Massage Chair

Frequently asked features at a reasonable price.

You name it, and we have it. Brookstone massage chair features unique height adjustment technology and several other popular features at this price point. There can not be a better value for money proposition than this. For instance, the leather upholstery featured in these chairs is usually available in chairs priced above $10,000.

Multiple robotic massage features

You get multiple robotic massage options like L-track, quad roller, three-stage zero gravity, full-body air massage, Shiatsu calf massager. You can also comfortably choose nine preset options.

Multiple user body sizes

Special height accommodation is a unique technology feature in Brookstone massage chairs. After all, it can accommodate any person in five feet to six and a half feet height. That covers almost everybody. The best part is that the chair adjusts according to your body size and unique needs and not vice versa.

The perfect balance

It offers an ideal blend of Shiatsu massage techniques and therapeutic compression massage. It features 42 airbags with Shiatsu calf massage, underfoot rollers with power recliners, quad roller back massage, and full-body air massage. What more do you want? You have everything you want, and I am sure you will get pampered while enjoying the best massage experience.

Multiple heat zones

Do you know that traditional chairs concentrate on heating only the lower back area? Perhaps they believe that other parts are not that important or immune to stress? What about your calves and forearms? This chair helps improve blood circulation by loosening muscle fibers in multiple heat zones. A comfortable level of heat coupled with the right amount of massage relieves stress and pain.

Airbags for almost every organ

A massive number of 42 airbags stimulate your most painful organs, including hips, shoulders, arms, thighs, feet, etc. Optimum suppression levels ensure that you get the needed relief in these painful areas.

What a gravity!

Do you know that researchers designed a zero-gravity feature to reduce spinal compression for astronauts? Of course, you are equally unique. The chair reclines and elevates your legs and feet in such a way that you get a feeling of zero gravity or weightlessness.

Liberal doses of flexibility

The Brookstone massage chairs are highly flexible to satisfy your relaxation needs. If you like your massage and want to continue without hassles, press the add-a-minute button on the controller to get an extension of 5-minute intervals. If you are taller than usual, there are no issues; the machine is so flexible that you can easily fit into it by making a few shoulder adjustments. Even the foot extension of six inches is quite accommodating for taller persons.

It is vital to understand that most massage chairs with airbags don’t offer adjustable height options, but this chair is flexible enough for people in heights of 5-6.5 feet. You can also adjust the airbag intensity as per your needs. Changing the speed and width of massage rollers can provide you a custom experience of a relaxing massage.

User-friendly LCD Remote controller

You get an intuitive control option that extends maximum user-friendliness. The display screen lights up to show which function you are using. It is quite useful in low lights. You can also reset the chair with a single button, which shuts down everything and brings the chair back to an original upright position.

Spoilt for choice

You get nine auto-course options of therapies with preset programs of massage options. You can try all of these preset options and choose your favorite ones.

Robust build

You can quickly assemble the chair by joining the shoulder panels to the side panel. The chair is so robust that it can service persons up to 300 lbs. It has a sturdy steel base frame to support heavy users. With the help of rear roller wheels, you can move the chair around quickly. The chair with premium components is super durable and comes with a confident 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Value for Money

This durable chair with the most innovative technologies is available at a cost of only $3999. You get the best value for money proposition because you are getting a better deal at a reasonable price.

Cons of Brookstone Massage Chair

No memory settings

You cannot personalize your massage options as there are no memory-saving settings in it.

No vibration

Vibration usually adds spice to a monotonous massage routine. We feel that this chair is missing the vibration part.

Limited Warranty

The product is durable and features premium components, but the warranty is only limited to five years. Similar chairs from competitors offer a better warranty period.

Lack of Entertainment

There are no music or video enhancements available. Merely sitting on a chair may be boring. It would have been better if the chair provided some Bluetooth music connectivity.

Foot Rollers

Foot rollers are a little uncomfortable for beginners.

Machine Specs Of Brookstone Massage Chair

Massager Features

Foot Roller, Manual Controls, 42 Airbags, Quad Roller Massage Robot, Adjustable Shoulder Height, L Track, Adjustable Air Pressure


Assembled Upright dimension of 54.75 x 32 x 49 inches, Assembled Reclined dimensions of 67.75 x 32 x 42.25 inches, Inbox Side Panels dimensions of 39.5 x 28.75 x 20.9 inches; Inbox Chair dimensions of 56.25 x 29.75 x 49.1 inches with assembled Weight of 212 lbs and Inbox Weight of 252 lbs.


Recommended height range is 5’0″ – 6’5″, whereas recommended Weight Limit is 300 lbs. The upholstery is synthetic leather, and the color options are black and espresso.


The intuitive, user-friendly LCD lights up to show function in use; one power button touch shuts off all functions – returns the chair to an upright position.


In-Home Service warranty of 1 Year; Parts warranty of 2 Years; Frame warranty of 5 years

Miscellaneous Specifications

The manufacturer is Brookstone; Country of Manufacture is China (Imported); 2D Roller Type; Roller Length 50″; is L-Track Roller Track Type; Power Reclines; 3 positions of zero gravity; 9 Auto programs; 42 airbags; Timer Setting of 10 to 20 Minutes; Slim LCD Remote type;

No Roller Intensity Adjustment; Roller Width Adjustment; Roller Speed Adjustment; Roller Glute Massage; Airbag Intensity Adjustments; Manual Ottoman Length Adjustment; Removable Back Pad; Spot/Partial Massage; Manual Programs.