Benefits of Eye Massager

People who spend hours looking at mobile or TV screens complain about eye strain and headaches because screens are unavoidable nowadays; probably you are reading this from screen right now. Given such a scenario, it is not unusual to experience sore eyes and headaches. Moreover, after a long and busy day, you may find yourself lying awake during bedtime. It may not always be possible for many of you to take frequent breaks worsening eye-related issues like sore eyes, puffiness, dark circles, sleeplessness, etc. Eye massagers provide an intelligent solution to offer you instant relief from all such problems.

1. Regular eye massage reduces dark circles below your eyes caused by general tiredness, lack of sleep, age, diet, allergy, or genetics. It is made possible by airbag compression technology.

2. You can relieve your dry or itchy eyes with an eye massager without wasting money on eye drops. It can also get rid of bloodshot eyes, where red veins appear on the white area due to dryness, smoking, night-outs, etc.

3. It helps eliminate eye strains due to excess light or darkness causing headaches. In addition, you can recover your overused and worked-up eyes with the help of a good eye massager.

4. It can improve your mood, especially when the eye massage is accompanied by music. Some eye massagers have in-built music options to lift your mood.

5. You can rub your wrinkles away. Wrinkles can make you look old, and developing healthy habits of using eye massagers can help you stay young for long many years. Good eye massagers can reduce the severity of wrinkles using rubbing, compression, heat, etc.

6. It can prevent Glaucoma by reducing eye pressure. A good eye massager can help keep the eye pressure within the normal range of 12 to 22 Hg. Remember, Glaucoma comes with several irritating symptoms and can also lead to total blindness in extreme cases.

7. It also relieves sore eye muscles. There are six muscles attached to your eyeballs to help your eyes work effectively. Since those muscles work so much due to blinking and regular movements and focus, they can quickly become sore and look tired. Gentle airbags in the eye massagers can target delicate areas to ensure muscle recovery.

8. It can firm up the skin around your eyes. Loose skin is a sign of aging, and eye massagers work on the temples to firm up the skin.

9. It can brighten the look of your eyes. Many eye massagers use warm air to increase blood circulation. As a result, eye massagers can brighten up your eyes to get a mesmerizing gaze.

How To Use Eye Massager

Before using an eye massager, it is better to clean the whole face with a face wash and apply a suitable serum or eye cream around the eye region. When you are ready to use the device, turn on its power button. Most massagers come with the flexibility of changing the vibration and heat intensity.

You may adjust the variable setting of heat and vibration as per your preferences and the severity of your condition. You may wear the eye massager as per instructions given in the user manual. It may involve using straps, adjusting the headband around your nose, eye sockets, and the temple area for a comfortable fit.

Most eye massagers work on both eyes simultaneously. You may use it for about 15 minutes or as advised by the manufacturer. You can also turn on the in-built speakers to enjoy a better experience. Ensure the level of music, vibration, and temperature are low initially.

You may repeat the procedure three times a day every day or as advised. Remember that some vibration eye massagers may be complex on your eyes, so try not to exceed the recommended usage time.


3 Best Eye Massager Review


1. Vortix Eye Massager 2.0


Eye Massager

Features & Review of Vortix Eye Massager

Vortix Eye Massager 2.0 can relieve your tired and strained eyes with its four massage settings. In addition, it has a portable folding design with a rechargeable battery.

Intelligent Air Pressure System

You get a therapeutic and relaxing experience with its new intelligent air pressure system combining heat and massage with its unique heated massaging technology. While heat relaxes your eyes’ ciliary muscles around your temples and eyes, a gentle massage relieves fatigue and soothes your eyes.

Exceptional Engineering

It provides an enriching experience by allowing you to listen to relaxing sounds while wearing the eye massager. This FDA Approved eye massager can relieve your strained eyes and improve blood circulation to reduce dark circles or puffy eyes. Moreover, it can also help with headaches, dry eyes, sinus pressure, and other stress or tension-causing issues. An exceptional team of engineers has designed this unique V2 eye massager for your precious eyes.


Its six unique settings include music with heat, vibration with heat, vibration with music, only music, only warmth, and only vibration. It is suggested to use this eye massager three to four times a day in 15 minutes each. It is small enough to carry with use; when not in use, you can fold it in half to save space. You can charge its fast-charging battery in less than one hour. You can control the settings from a panel on the eye massager.

Unwind to Restore

This eye massager helps you unwind with its air pressure system and heated eye cushions. This wearable eye pillow is a novel method to restore your vision and a no-risk opportunity for people suffering from deteriorating eyesight and other eye health issues.

Specs of Eye Massager

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 2.6″ x 1.6″; Weight: 0.55 lb; USB Charger included; FDA Approved; Colors: White, Black; Material: Rubber & Plastic; Charging Time: 55 minutes; IC Chip control.


2. Aurai Heated Water-Propelled Eye Massager


Eye Massager 1

Features & Review of Aurai Eye Massager

This award-winning eye massager features the world’s first water-propelled device that works with the patented technology of water-waving. It works by compressing the area around your eyes with warm waves to relax the muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation. If you want to calm your mind and release your stress causes by busy routines, this eye massager can prove to be a great companion for you.

Aurai loaded this device with the following sensational features.

Extra Moisture

This eye massager helps maintain adequate moisture and achieve water permeability. Your tired eyes deserve this moisturizing device that works around your eyes to provide extra moisture without irritation. It brings excess moisture to your tired, dry eyes, gently relaxing the muscle tension around your eyes.

This eye massager improves skin elasticity around your eyes by bringing extra moisture. It can unravel your natural beauty by repelling dark circles and improving sleep quality. All of us are grappling with the issues of digital eye strain caused by laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

Gentle Relaxation

It features a unique water circulation system to soothe your eye strains by simulating wave pulses and utilizing water circulation in the most comfortable ways. It gently relaxes the muscles around your eyes and temples while controlling unwanted noise.

Unlike other eye massagers that vibrate rigidly, it works gently to reduce your eye strain. Severe vibrations may be harmful and uncomfortable to many of you, but this eye massager provides a tender massage to cradle your eyes for deep relaxation.

Warm Sensation

This water-propelled massager can soothe your tired eyes with two levels of warm temperature. No need to replace gel packs or hot towels! Its dual-phase temperature with an in-built thermal system ensures that the temperature stays within the set range, normal or high as per your choice. Your eyes can produce more tears in response to dry eye and promote oil gland production in a high-temperature setting.

Soft and Tender

Conventional eye massagers use air compression bags to squeeze your eyes or work rigidly with metal tips that roll mechanically. But your eyes are delicate and so vital for you. They need good care, and this eye massager is skin-friendly, gentle, and soft to the eyes. It is easy to maintain and clean your eye massager as it consists of medical-grade silicone and is hypo-allergic. Its ergonomic bag molds to eye sockets ideally to allow uniform temperature massage.


It is more portable, lighter, and compact than the earlier models to travel with you quickly. It works with a micro-USB connection on an AC power adaptor, external battery packs, or power banks. You can use this device almost anytime, anywhere, as it works with either an adaptor or a power bank. In addition, it comes with a soft and tender medical-grade silicone eye mask fitting suitable for all types of facial shapes.

Specs of Eye Massager

Water waving Technology: 12,000 MPH per min; Material Type: PC & ABS; Input: 50-60Hzz 0.4A (100-240V); Output: 5V (2A); Micro USB port for power bank or adapter; Temperature setting: 2 (Normal-102 to 105 F; High- 107 to 111 F); Cord Length – 180 cm; Charge time: not applicable; Rechargeable: not applicable; Charging cable type: Micro USB (included); Run Time (Minutes): 10per session; Plug type: US (Dual pin)

The Package: Eye massager; plug, power adapter; fill bottle, power cord; carry pouch, gift box; user manual


3. Renpho Eye Therapy Massager


Eye Massager 2

Features & Review of Renpho Eye Massager

Suitable for Digital Fatigue

Renpho eye massager reduces headache and relaxes tensions caused by digital fatigue by targeting acupoints (Chengqi, Sizhukong, Temple, and Jingming acupressure points) near the eye region for sweet dreams. It is ideal for people highly dependent on digital products like smartphones, laptops, and TV screens or who get tired after a long day of work or studies. However, it is not suitable for cataract patients or retina conditions or has undergone some eye operation.

Heat Treatment

This eye massager has in-built heating pads that maintain a uniform temperature range of 104 to 107 degrees F. It offers rhythmic percussion massaging, oscillating pressure, trigger point therapy, and kneading with heat technology. Such treatment is ideal for curing dry eyes, eye puffiness, and relieving stress and strain.

Sleek Portable Design

You can fold this eye massager in half (180-degree folding) to carry it with you almost anywhere. It travels with you, or you can take it to the office or use it in the plane, spa, or while having rest or sleep due to its portable design. Moreover, you can quickly adjust the headband to fit all types of face sizes of adults and teenagers for a comfortable, secure, and snug fit on their noses. It features an easy-to-adjust headband to serve all people. You get maximum portability due to USB charging and rechargeable large-capacity lithium battery.

Music with Massage

It has in-built speakers to play pre-recorded natural sounds. Alternatively, you can also play your playlists wirelessly, connecting them with your music players. It helps to listen to music while having a massage because it reduces the physical effects of stress and anxiety.

When this eye massager is activated, it compresses air and produces vibration, resulting in normal sounds of less than 55 decibels which is only similar to people’s voices when they talk.

Multiple modes and easy controls

You can relax your eyes by choosing from any of the five modes. For example, you can choose to enjoy the heat with air pressure, heat with vibration and air pressure, or only heat, only air pressure, or only vibration individually. In addition, it has quick controls on the right side in the form of short press and long press variations. For example, you can change mode, volume, or air pressure with a quick press on three buttons. Similarly, you can use those three buttons to activate less used functions of powering it on or off, changing the next track, or switching Bluetooth on or off with a long press.

Specs of Eye Massager

Dimension; 7.95×5.67×4.25 inches; Weight: 1.68 pounds; 107 degree F; Remote control; Bluetooth music; Charging time: 2-3 hours; Usage time : !20 mins (Auto timer of 15 mins x 8 times); Airbag massage; 180 degree folding; Less than 55 decibels; Color: Black or white; Battery: one lithium ion (included);

The pack includes Eye massager, USB cable, Battery, Remote control, and user manual.