Best Full body massage chair: what does this sentence represent to you? A sweet treat, a moment of relaxation, a little piece of heaven, pure me-time? The thought of a full body massage will arouse a lot of excitement and joyful feelings because it’s usually an exclusive moment, way too rare….however, there’s a very simple way to access this heavenly moment 24/7 at home: massage chairs! It’s the perfect solution for people who come home exhausted after a hard day of work or the ones who simply love to indulge often in this kind of physical treatment.

This article will be focused on modern massage chairs. More specifically on the top 5 massage chairs that are available on the market. We couldn’t mention this powerful device that can deliver full body massage in the comfort of your home. A little history to start with: the first massage chairs appeared in Japan early 20th century and have become popular and widespread in the 1950s. The models have improved successively going from very basic wooden chairs to the best combination of technology and luxurious materials today.

Having the best home massage chair is the guarantee that you’ll have access to this exquisite relaxation moment anytime you want: no need to go to the massage salon or to book a private therapist. It’s an amazing time-saver. It is also very economical: except for the initial investment, a massage chair does not really require much spendings afterward. In the long run, and with regular usage, you and your beloved ones will really enjoy it.

1. Zero Gravity Best Full Body Massage Chair Recliner with Yoga & Heating Therapy

kahuna full body massage chair recliner LM6800
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The ultimate massage chair to have at home. This massage chair is an all-time bestseller and it’s easy to understand why it will literally cover your body from head to toes with different several functionalities that will make this product from Kahuna almost an addiction. It’s one amongst the most popular massage chairs and here is what it offers:

Shiatsu therapy: shiatsu means “finger pressure” in Japanese. It’s an ancestral method of bodywork that aims to reach key pressure points and will have a positive impact on the body and the mind. Kneading, tapping, and rolling are the main movements used by this shiatsu massage chair. This automatic massage chair has different programs based on shiatsu therapy to provide you with the best sensations. It’s important to actually take care of your mind too, and this will help you to achieve a general state of well-being.

Yoga and stretching program: that’s a cool feature that everyone loves once they try it. It’s a mix of massage and stretching. Just like the best massage chairs, it’s a smart device that has “computer body scan technology” that scans your body and adapts the movements accordingly. You indeed feel like you are benefiting from a gentle and relaxing yoga session. Perfect for tired bodies after work or in the morning to start the day the right way

L track massage system

L-Track massage system: this feature is called that way because of its resemblance to the “L” letter and a roller trail with four wheels roller system. As simple as. It’s the best and most effective way to support your body from your neck until your buttock and relieve your dorsal spine while giving you a deep massage. An L-track system is respectful of your back’s shape and extends until the buttock. You could surely confirm that it’s extremely comfortable to have a chair that matches the human body.

Air-massage: Kahuna worked a lot on the ergonomy of this modern massage chair and to make it deliver the best and most comprehensive massage (full body massage). Airbags are located all over the chair and inflate separately in a smart way in order to give you the most realistic sensation.

Zero gravity position: ever wondered how it feels to lay down on a cloud? Look no further, here’s the answer. Zero-gravity massage chairs, thanks to the smart technology, help to spread the body weight across the chair. This will help your body to reach an absolutely relaxing, pressure-free position. Getting into this position will straight away bring you a wellness sensation and relaxing feeling.

Heat therapy: this is a nice extra function and it is often used to soothe and make the massage more pleasant. The heat function is located around the lower back and calves area.

dual foot roller

Dual foot roller massagers: feet and calves massages are really important. The two rollers located at the bottom provide a kneading massage that completes the massage delivered by the inflating airbags.

Warranty : 3 years

Specifications :
Weight: 200 pounds
Dimension: 46 x 48 x 31 inches
110-120 volt / 50-60 Hz

2. Full-Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage By Ideal Massage

shiatsu massager chair by ideal massage
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This full body massage chair is another top seller on the market. Its high customizability and efficiency make it perfect to have at home. It can provide up to 30 mins continuous massage with many add-ons such as heat or vibration. We really like that instead of a traditional remote control it has a control panel fixed on the side: easy to access and to operate, very user-friendly.

S-track: the chair is ergonomically designed to match your back. The S-track goes from your neck, follows the dorsal spine and ends up on your lower back. This system is meant to make you enjoy a perfectly comfortable massage chair even when you are using it as a regular chair. The best massage chairs will all feature at least an S-track or L-track system to be really compliant with the actual industry standards and requirements.

4 automatic programs: the four automatic modes are set up to target specific areas and achieve different sensations. “Activate”: a vigorous, human-like massage; perfect to provide you with a deep massage. “Relaxation”: this is more suitable when you are in need of a gentle and smooth massage to help you relax and evacuate the stress. The “Upper back” and “Lower back” modes aim to the specified zone of the body to provide a very precise massage.

3D detection: this smart feature enables the chair to scan your body and adapt the massage to its shape and weight. Ideal Massage is one of the best massage chairs for home as it can provide you a tailored massage experience.

Zero gravity: this position is achieved by arranging the recline position of the chair to mimic the position astronauts take during the takeoff. It’s the position that’s the less stressful for the body as it distributes the stress evenly through the body. It’s possible that this position will satisfy you enough by itself and you won’t need a massage. We also like the fact that, even though the “zero gravity” position is automatically set up, you can still arrange the back to suit your comfort at best. This feature has indeed helped this chair to be amongst the best-rated massage chairs on the market.

Air-bags: dozens of airbags are located all over the chair to fully provide with a comprehensive massage: arms, legs, calves/feet and shoulders. The inflation/deflation movement applies an exquisite pressure on the targeted area.

ideal massager chair control panel

Customizable: the control panel is really self-explanatory and easy to use to fully enjoy the high level of customization and all the options that this modern massage chair offers. There’s also a manual mode where you can select the speed, direction, intensity, and area; vibration; heat; 4 pre-set programs, zero gravity position, and a timer.

Warranty: 3 years for the Steel Frame and Body, and a year on all electronic parts.

Weight: 200 pounds
Dimensions: 33 x 55 x 49 inches

3. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

massage chair by real relax
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Real relax is a company that has been focusing on body massaging products and it has been on the market for a few years already, yet they already managed to sell out a few of their key items! If you get lucky you can still grab one of their notorious and affordable massage chairs that are very sophisticated and efficient. This one is the model Favor-03 and it has everything you need :

Armrest linkage technology: this technology links the armrest movement to the rest of the chair during movement: when you lower or raise the massage chair, the armrest keeps pace with it so that your arms don’t slip away. It’s the summum of comfort as an optimal position is held during the whole time.

Airbags: there are airbags placed all over the chair (shoulders, arms, hips, legs, neck). They are strategically placed to provide soothing compression in order to relieve tension, stress, and fatigue.

Heat: lower back pain is one of the most common pains and that’s why a real relax massage chair focuses particularly on this area: there is a built-in waist heater that provides heat around the seat/lower back area on purpose to relieve pain on that critical body part.

Shiatsu massage: Real Relax made indeed a nice work of innovative technology to build the massage system of this chair. The back: several heads placed meticulously through the back area deliver a shiatsu massage. Feet and calves: airbags take care of massaging the calves and feet, and on top of that there are rollers placed at the bottom of the feet for perfect teamwork. This will help to activate the blood circulation and relieve the tired legs; perfect for people who stand all day long or have physically demanding jobs. Arms: airbags are placed on top and at the bottom of the armrest so that gentle massaging pressure is delivered. Neck and shoulders: 4 airbags are placed around the shoulders compressing the area to give a firm massage and 2 massage points are located on the neck delivering a more gentle massage.

Warranty: 3 years

Voltage: AC 120V 60Hz / Power: 20-230 Watts
Package Weight: 200LB

Max Weight: 440.9 pounds
Packing Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 33 inches
Recline Dimensions: 33″ width x 31″ height x 68″depth
Upright Dimensions: 33″ width x 49″ height x 53″ depth

4. Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with New SL-TRACK with 6 Rollers – SM-7300

top performance kahuna superior massage chair
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Kahuna is a therapeutic massage technique based on the knowledge and practices of ancient Hawaiian Kahunas. It’s a vigorous massage meant to bring benefits to the mind as much as to the body. These high-end massage chairs from Kahuna have been on the market since 1997 and have been a real success among customers from different backgrounds and with different needs, bringing them relaxation and satisfaction with all of its multiple features. It’s really a versatile and comprehensive chair:

SL track with six rollers: the massage delivered by the SM-7300 massage chair follows perfectly the curves of the body with a newer, extended track starting on the neck and going all the way down to the buttock area. It has six rollers for a wider reach throughout the body and especially the back.

Heat therapy: not to overwhelm you with warmth, the heat diffusion is strategically located on the most sensitive area, a.k.a. the lower back. The heat, on complement to the hip squeezing airbags, provides you a very relaxing and pain relieving sensation around the waist area, which is often the source of complaint for most people.

Advanced foot massage: this is one specific area where kahuna therapeutic massage chair excels and that people really like. First of all, the leg rest area is extendable (up to 6 inches) for a maximum comfort for everyone, then the feet and calves are completely surrounded by wraps that massage them through a nice squeezing motion and, to finish, there are wheels under the feet and cushions on the side that provide you with rolling, kneading and tapping sensations for a really satisfying feet massage.

5 Auto programs:

  • Yoga Stretching: this program is meant to eliminate the toxins from your body and make you feel light and fresh. It’s a nice program for when you are in need of little relaxation.
  • Fast recovery: this program is mostly intended for people needing to recover from doing physical activities. Whether you are very athletic or have a job that requires constant physical activity you will be glad to set on this mode to help your muscles recover faster thanks to sports therapy inspired techniques.
  • Pain relief: have you been too harsh to yourself, overdid/did wrongly an exercise or lifted heavy weights not properly? This is the kind of pain you want to get rid of pretty quickly. It’s not the “nice” pain after you killed it at the gym, it’s a proper pain caused by an injury, so you want to make sure you to heal as quickly as possible and having the kahuna massage chair at home will certainly help the pain relief and healing process.
  • Relaxation: a.k.a. Heaven therapy, or how to get you instantly relaxed. Very soft and gentle massage, composed of different techniques and movements to relieve you from any stress or contraction that you might have accumulated during the day.
  • Athlete: another great mode if you are very athletic and want to keep your performance at best by taking care of your muscles before and after the activity.

4 special modes

  • Senior mode: especially conceived to benefit the ones with the most delicate muscles and bodies in general. This “senior” mode is designed to give a gentle, smooth overall massage and as much as it can sound aimed to the senior citizens, everyone in need of a little relaxation will take great advantage in using this pre-built function.
  • Office person: concentrates on the upper body muscles such as neck and shoulders to relieve the tension of a whole day at work, which can be potentially stressful. Also, as we tend to be sitting all day long and not move enough, the muscles are more inclined to be stiff at the end of the day and it’s a real deal when you get to go home and know that you will be able to enjoy a function specifically designed to relieve that fatigue from you and get you going for the rest of the evening/night.
  • Golfer mode: sport and physical activity are essential to maintain a healthy body and mind, and outdoors activities are even more enjoyable at times. One of the most praised outdoors activity is golf: long walks on the green, standing watching the game, swinging… all this is enjoyable but makes your bodywork, notably the lower body, and that’s exactly the area that this function from the kahuna massage chair is dedicated to ! lower back, hips, legs: after a well-deserved session of massage, you’ll be ready to hit the green again.
  • Dynamic sport: this mode is pretty unique as it’s a good one to do… in the morning! It’s definitely a vigorous and dynamic massage that is delivered through this mode, its purpose is to put your muscles into “working mode”. It’s perfect to wake you up and get you started for the day or for a sports session.

Remote control: one of the easiest to operate and modern looking and the chair comes with a handy side pocket to put it aside while not in use. There’s a shortcut to the quick-relaxation function and zero gravity position as well as the auto function; you can also control the leg rest and back, then through the menu and thanks to the digital display, you can enjoy the advanced functions that this massage chair can offer.

Warranty: 2 years

Voltage: 50/60 Hz 230W max 110/120 V
Packaged Weight: 246.92LB
Dimensions: 55.5 * 30 * 48.5 inches

5. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System by RELAXONCHAIR

full body massage chair by relaxonchair
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Here, we have a really comprehensive full body massage chair that excels in terms of value for money. It combines advanced technology, high-quality materials, and affordability, which is the best combo a demanding customer could be asking for. Relaxonchair makes a big point on their customers’ satisfaction, so the chairs that are tested really need to meet the high standards set up by the company. To still be compliant with its user-friendly standards, this chair is super easy to assemble and comes along with a one hand accessible remote control that makes it absolutely intuitive to operate. You can finally enjoy a therapeutic massage chair at home for a minimum investment.

Buttlock L-Track Massage System: do you have in mind what’s a roller track ? all massage chairs have a roller track that goes from the neck/shoulders area until the lower back. The rollers go all through the upper body area (back-neck-shoulders) in different directions (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, etc..) in order to provide an efficient massage and to perform as realistically as possible. The purpose is for you to feel as if someone was massaging your back. The traditional roller track that is present in most actual chairs, and is mostly referred to, is an S-track because of the shape of the dorsal spine. Subsequently, the S-track follows that shape too. The L-track is a newer, improved version of the S-track, as basically, it’s an extension of it. The L-track reaches out to your lower back, buttocks, and hamstrings. It’s the perfect continuation for a massage: you won’t feel ever again that frustrating moment when you feel the focus pressure point arriving towards your lower back and going up back again without hitting THAT spot you were aiming for. Great for people suffering from lower back problems or a fragile back or people who work hard their glutes at the gym and are seeking some post effort comfort.

Full Automatic Programs: there are four completely automatic programs to give you a massage fit for every one of your needs without too much hassle to find the right balance (strength, type, zone) yourself. These programs are deep massage, comfort, recovery, and decompression. Thanks to the computerized body scan, that consists of built-in sensors, you can access the most personalized experience provided by a therapeutic massage chair. Detecting the length of the spine helps to optimize the massage delivered to you and, thus, the results. You will also be able to enjoy what is called “spinal decompression”: it’s a deep tissue massage that will provide an intense and localized pressure to stimulate every single part of the body. A deep tissue massage is a firmer type of massage aiming to reach the deeper layers of muscles and the tissues around the muscles (fascia). It’s the most recommended massage for areas that can be easily stiff such as back, neck, shoulders as it will “unlock” the muscles; firmly but effectively. Slow movement, deep pressure, great results. This unbelievable massage chair will deliver to you a performance that is expected only from a professional masseur/physiotherapist as it requires precise movements and techniques to relieve muscular congestion and loosen up muscle tissues.

full body air massage system

Air Massage Technology & zero gravity position: this best value massage chair benefits from numerous airbags placed strategically to provide you the best sensation during the massage. You will feel them in the following spots: arms, hands, shoulders, hips, calves, feet. By inflating and deflating they will create a smooth massage for the targeted area. The airbags are independent and you can decide which ones to activate or not. To maximize your comfort and your experience, you can also adjust the strength of the pressure applied (there are 3 levels of airbag intensity control). You can choose also which type of sensation you want to feel while being massaged: shiatsu, kneading, tapping, rolling. The feet sole is not forgotten, there are rollers ready to massage the bottom area of your feet according to reflexology principles. And for maximum comfort, you will be able to enjoy their three stages zero gravity position that aligns your feet to the same level as your heart balancing perfectly the weight repartition of your body. No pressure felt anymore by your skeleton or your organs: you will be amazed by the lightness that you will feel.

Lumbar Back Heating: Heat therapy is really well-known for being effective in case of back pain, whether you use patches, hot towels, baths etc…it brings a sensation of relaxation and eases up the pain/discomfort. When you suffer from back pain, it’s mostly and usually due to overexertion or a bad move that created tension in the muscle and the surrounding area. According to how bad the damage is, the pain signal sent to the brain will cause any type of sensation going from simple discomfort to excruciating pain to be felt. Heat tends to relax the walls of blood vessels inducing a better blood flow, bringing more oxygen around. All this will relieve the pain by relaxing the muscles and help them recover from the stretch pain in the first place. This massage chair features 2 heating pads located on the lumbar area to help you relieve the pain in the area if needed. Once you activate the heat function, it will take about 3 mins for the sit to get warm and you will enjoy the process. As good as this feature is, we would suggest to use it carefully: if you have tender skin or poor blood circulation, use it for a limited period of time (about 10/15mins). In general, it’s recommended not to abuse the heat function for anyone.

Warranty: 3 years limited

Weight: 231.5 pounds
Rated voltage: 110-120 volts; 60Hz
Rated power input: 150 W
Warranty: 3 years limited warranty

Health Benefits of Using a Massage Chair

Enhanced blood circulation

Massage brings major benefits to those suffering from poor blood circulation as it’s a fact that it improves it. By applying a massage throughout the body, the circulation is facilitated thanks to the pressure put on the congested areas. Tense muscles can slow blood, thus the need to relax those muscles. On top of that, as all are linked, once you massage the zones of tension, and the circulation is activated to its best, essential functions, such as oxygen delivery and toxins evacuation, will run at their best maximizing the effects of a good massage on your overall health.

Stress relieve

Stress can be caused by many different reasons and it can manifest itself through different symptoms. It can go from a “simple” stress state where you just don’t feel completely all right to some serious physical consequences (hair loss, insomnia, weight loss, higher blood pressure, and many other symptoms that are obviously visible but that are hard to link directly to stress). The primary stress hormone is called cortisol. It’s not bad as per se as it’s naturally present in the body and is released in bigger amounts when the body thinks it is facing a danger (just like adrenaline), and then the levels come back to normal once the danger is gone. But the problems start when the danger is present permanently (financial problems, hard job, a difficult relationship, etc…) and the levels of cortisol can’t go down by themselves. That is when massage therapy can bring a real physical and mental bonus by helping to reduce the cortisol levels in the organism. It’s been very difficult to single out concretely the benefits of massage in the decrease of cortisol…but the results are there and are undeniable.

Improved sleep quality

Do you have in mind how good you feel after a full night of restorative sleep? And now try to remember how wrecked you could feel after the same amount of sleep but that wasn’t that restorative to your body. Sleep is essential for your body to regenerate and to keep functioning smoothly during the day. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, fatigue, difficulty concentrating etc…the relaxing effect of massage has been proved to help balance the level of serotonin and melatonin that are the hormones that regulate your awakening and sleep. When the levels are balanced, you’ll feel a boost of energy during the day and will extend your period of deep sleep, when your body truly rests.

Pain relief

We can safely assume that at least once in your life you felt like a good little rub could help you get rid of some pain and stiffness. And it worked. Massage is a great therapy to reduce pain. As explained above, the mechanisms explaining how massage alleviates the pain are still being worked on and not clearly determined as of today, however, the positive results are regularly demonstrated. After all, massage increases the blood flow in the tensed area favoring the oxygen input and flushing out the toxins. All these changes will have a great impact on the well-being sensation and the relief of pain: our body shelters a lot of chemicals that create chain reactions and “spread the word” on the good feeling you are experiencing and will help you (mentally and physically) to feel well.

Post workout recovery

After a good workout, the one where you gave 100%, you know you are going to have sore and stiff muscles and possibly you’ll really be in too much pain to keep on with your routine. Massage is proven to accelerate muscle recovery saving you precious time and sparing you some pain. No need for much: just 10 minutes deep-tissue or swedish like massage will do, right after your workout session. Massage will help to reduce inflammation around the muscle and help to build it back again accelerating the process.

Zero gravity position

This is not a benefit as per se, however, this feature is particularly remarkable. Of course, activating this function on an electric massage chair won’t make you fight gravity, however, the chair will take you into a position where your body will be the least subject to it: the purpose is to achieve the “lightest” weight possible through optimal alignment. You will feel like on a cloud. The extreme state of relaxation will be achieved thanks to almost no pressure on the spine and organs, plus, you’ll have improved circulation, enhanced breathing, and easier digestion. The concept has been developed by NASA to help alleviate the stress on astronauts’ bodies when in the space: we can surely trust their work.


Massage chairs are products that offer great health and well-being benefits, however, like any item, there are some basic health and safety measures to consider:

User manual/instructions

Always read carefully the guidelines provided with the massage chair you just bought. They can seem long and overwhelming but are crucial for your safety. Assembling the chair wrongfully or place it in a hazardous zone can lead to catastrophic events. Safety guidelines are made to keep you safe, not to annoy you.

Children and young adults

Massage chairs are safe to use by all family members, however, as any device related to health, and especially technical devices, children, disabled persons, and teenagers should be guided and supervised while using massage chairs. A responsible adult should be present at all times during the massage session. Usage should be limited.

Massage chairs can lead to confusions

Bruising can occur to those overusing massage chairs or running intensity levels above their own ability to receive such treatment. Usually, the intensity control is quite efficient and you can easily decide what level is enough for you and for how long you can stand it, but sometimes you feel like you need a more powerful type of massage: keep in mind that as satisfying as it is, you should not overdo high-intensity massages. When you are in the hands of a specialist, he controls the massage rhythm; with a massage chair, you should be able to determine the right level of intensity and the length of the session yourself. Being reasonable in simple words. Do not worry too much: we needed to highlight this potential danger but it’s very rare to be bruised by a massage chair.

Use accordingly to your health condition

Massage chairs, as we saw, can be a great benefit to your health, however, there are some precautions to take of you suffering from one of the below conditions.

Consult your general practitioner or your specialist before operating a massage chair:

  • If you have any spine deformation
  • If you have chronic back problems
  • If you have diabetes, osteoporosis or sensory impairment
  • If you have any joints dysfunction or sensitivity that might be worsened by too much pressure
  • If you have a pacemaker or other electronic medical devices
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have phlebitis or thrombosis
  • If you have an increased risk for blood clots
  • If you recently had a surgery
  • If you have surgical pins, screws, or anything mechanical implanted in your body

*Nota bene: those conditions do not imply that you can’t use a massage, they just require further precautions and/or medical consent.

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing a Massage Chair


For most people, this will be a key factor. You will need to fork out a couple of hundreds of bucks for an entry-level, basic massage chair and only the sky’s the limit! (maybe not but some high-end massage chairs can reach 14,000 USD or more) but don’t worry, there are indeed some very good and affordable massage chairs. If you look well, there are even some cheap massage chairs that are really good. If you are financially at ease, this factor won’t be the most important and you can directly skip this section and go to the next one, but if you have limited means, here are some tips on how to set a realistic budget for an optimal investment: you need to be able to evaluate how much you are currently spending into massages, various treatments and possibly over the counter medicine. You can take into consideration all your expenses related to relaxation and health improvement and consider it yearly: that figure would get you an idea of what you could be spending on a massage chair. You can also take into consideration what a massage chair can bring you but you are not currently having: you might not visit your masseur every week but will you be using your massage chair once a week? Most likely yes. Basically, you need to be able to determine your ROI or Return on Investment.


Simply two words will summarise this: very important. A full body massage chair is a health investment, and as such, you don’t want to opt for a cheap knock-off that won’t last or worst, which could cause health and safety problems. Investigating, checking massage chairs reviews, discussing with your acquaintances: every method is good to make sure that you are getting a quality massage chair. We understand that choosing a massage chair can be overwhelming, but it shouldn’t and this article is here to help and guide you through this process. If you decide to opt for a massage chair that is lacking quality, chances are that you will realize it soon enough and be disappointed.


This goes alongside with the quality and the reliability of the manufacturer. Good and trustworthy companies will always offer some kind of warranty or at least a pretty good and helpful customer service. And it’s pretty simple to understand why: when you sell a good quality product, you are not afraid that they will break down in a short time and you are happy to provide support/replacement if this happens. This is applicable for most of your purchases.


An extremely important factor to consider when choosing your home massage chair is your needs. Are you looking for some relaxation from time to time? Are you a sports addict and a massage chair would help recover faster from your training and improve your performances? Or do you suffer from regular pain (back/neck/muscles) and are looking for some relieve? All this is important because it will drive your selection process. The chairs featured here are mostly full-body and will cover most of your needs, however, it’s important for you to recognize if you need a chair with a very good heating system, strong air massage or a very good relaxation program.

Health Conditions

What is your current health condition? Have a look at our section “caution”. Massage chairs have a really great benefit for our bodies and general health, however, you need to be precautious if you’re suffering from some chronic conditions (high/poor blood pressure, heart problems, spine conditions, etc…). Simply consult your practitioner before investing in a best full body massage chair; he might even recommend it to you.

Practical details

  • Chair size: imagine the frustration when you purchase the full body massage chair of your dreams and… it does not fit in your living room. Massage chairs can be quite massive and you need to consider their dimensions also when deployed. You can lay back and pull the feet up, and the zero gravity position can significantly increase the area covered by the chair. This is indeed more applicable for people living in flats but it’s always good to have a look at the size of the chair and make sure you can spare the dedicated area in your accommodation for it.
  • Corpulence: the same goes for the way you will feel and fit into the chair. They are designed to be able to accommodate most body types, but it’s worth to have a closer look if you are overweight, really tall (some chairs have a leg extension for instance) or if on the contrary, you have a very petite silhouette. An extra little check to make sure you enjoy your new chair.
  • Where to buy: traditional stores, specialized shops, fairs, online? Many options are available to you and they all have their advantages and downsides. Buying a best full body massage chair in real life is good because you can try it and see how it feels concretely, however, the selection available in a fair/shop will be limited and you won’t have the time or possibility to check unbiased user’s massage chairs reviews and it’s going to be difficult to see if the price offered to you is the right one. Online, you almost have the whole world to pick from. You can compare, research, investigate and get the best deal! At least you gave yourself all the chances to choose the massage chair of your dreams. Start from Amazon, a trustworthy website where you’ll find all that you need.
  • Installation: when buying online, or in a shop, we would definitely recommend you to check how it’s being delivered and if the installation is included. It’s a detail that can make a difference. These chairs are a concentrate of technology and some might not be that intuitive to assemble. Quite a few manufacturers will have “how-to” videos posted online and you can see if you can do it or not, and if not, you can check if they offer this kind of service (even for an extra).

To Conclude

We hope this article will help you choose the best massage chair for you. The one that will match perfectly your requirements and expectations. Massage therapy has proved its worth over the years and is indisputable when it comes to wellbeing and relaxation. Different techniques have been developed over the years, always being inspired by this ancestral art.

Since the introduction of highly technological massage chairs, the market of massage has noticed an important shift as well as a democratization of this treatment. Before this shift, massage used to be enjoyed only by the people who could afford it or the ones that needed it for medical reasons. Today, luxury massage chairs allow you to have almost the same experience as when you visit a massage salon. The models are extremely sophisticated and powerful and can reproduce the various types of massages: deep-tissue, Swedish, shiatsu, etc…

The above article is a summary of the best-rated massage chairs according to real independent users. It’s really important to closely dig on the internet and check as many massage chairs reviews as possible as ultimately it’s the only way to be safe when choosing such an important device. Use this article as a massage chairs comparison starting point and add your little twist. Whether you are picking one for yourself, a relative or a friend, we don’t doubt that this guide will help you get the best massage chair!

Massage chairs: a piece of heaven in your home.

*For the latest warranty conditions and T&C’s, please see directly with the manufacturer