Powerfit Elite Review

Here is a powerful device to work your arms, legs, and abs with the pulsating power of vibrations. PowerFit Elite features a multi-directional vibration technology to help redefine and sculpt your body to help you look and stay fit.

It is an opportunity to join a new revolution that is shaking up the entire world. The device has a unique design for total body wellness with resistance bands and an oscillating vibration plate. Moreover, the user-friendly workout guide and healthy eating plan are there to ensure you never miss a healthy routine.

It is a fun way to engage your entire body to make a slimmer you. The device uses vibration technology to motivate your muscles to work harder as it creates muscle confusion. It is a perfect choice to enjoy low-impact home cardio workouts, helping in improving flexibility by promoting high energy levels and overall wellness.

Salient Features of Powerfit Elite

Ideal Choice for Home Gym

This product is suitable for most home gyms. You can not just stand still on the platform and expect outstanding results. It enhances your workout by infusing an additional dimension of challenge to your existing set of routine exercises.

This vibration plate is not a magic machine to solve all your workout woes, but you can use it to enhance your routine and diversify your existing activities. Powerfit Elite fitness machine makes your workout more accessible and efficient. The vibration plate works better to burn fat faster and cause weight loss by increasing the kinetic energy in your body, spurring all your muscles into action. A workout session of only 15 minutes on this device can produce the same result as 30-minute cardio.

If you look forward to tone your muscles and burn fat safely and effectively from the comfort of your living room, Powerfit Elite deserves your attention.

Multi-Directional Motion

The Powerfit Elite features all-in-one workouts to help you stay in shape and look great. The vibration plate can support movements in multiple directions to simulate jogging, running, or walking exercises through horizontal oscillatory movements. The vibration plate has slower oscillation movements at the center, while the edges have the fastest oscillation.

For instance, if you put your feet close enough while standing on the vibrating platform, it creates a walking activity. Similarly, you can jog by placing them further apart and simulate the running movement by placing them at the furthest. Powefit Elite has capitalized on this simple idea to create a wide range of workout options.

All three workout standing positions will help you engage your different muscles. It allows the muscles to grow by tightening your abs, toning your legs, lifting your buttocks, and working your arms, including several other beneficial movements. To sum up, the multi-directional vibration technology of Powerfit Elite involves redefining, transforming, and sculpting your body from head to toe. Powerfit Elite provides the feeling of a full-body workout within minutes using its supercharging vibrations.

The device has a state-of-the-art platform that creates a vibration of varying frequencies to force your body to work harder while maintaining stability. Revolutionary vibration technology stimulates your muscles by activating and contracting them throughout the workout. When the machine vibrates, it tricks your muscles into working. Consequently, you end up engaging your legs, core, and torso muscles with every move.

Wide Range Of Speed Levels (1-99)

This machine has adjustable speed control with 99 levels starting from 1, making your body work harder. The remote control allows clicking between different frequency levels quickly. Before ramping up the speed, you can enable your body to maintain stability by selecting an optimum level as per your preferences.

You can alter the speed with the help of buttons on the unit itself, but it may be inconvenient at times. The remote control is convenient to quickly increase or decrease the vibration intensity so that you are always in control of your workouts. You can choose your preferred settings to optimize your training at various levels and three standing exercise positions.

Arm Resistance Bands

You can use this indispensable piece of exercise equipment to work your arms with the resistance bands. If you are looking forward to tone and strengthen your upper body, Powerfit Elite comes with arm resistance bands to add several workout routines. However, some users noted that these bands add minimal resistance because they are not sufficiently tense to qualify for strength training. Still, the resistance bands allow the users to add a wide range of moves diversifying their workouts.

Resistance bands attached to the front of its base create a cardio gym at your home for toning and strengthening your whole body. You can add all sorts of movements. You can include a wide range of actions like laterals, bicep curls, cross pulls, squats, cores, lunges, push-ups, and yoga. With so many variations, you can do whatever you like in a fun and easy way to perhaps even forget that you are working out. You can say that the device is ideal for supercharging your conventional exercises. Women and young girls can look forward to shaking their entire bodies to a slim, firm, and sexy figure!

Compact and Easy to Store

Powerfit Elite is a compact model with about 21″ x 13″ platform to suit most homes. It is as tall as a weighing scale, making it appear ultra-compact. It is a perfect choice for small spaces like apartments to enhance your entire body with at-home exercise options. The ultra-compact size ensures that you don’t sacrifice much space besides promising easy movements and storage.

You can quickly slip the unit under the couch or bed after use. The transport wheels facilitate easy movements around your space. If you require a large platform with a higher weight capacity, you can go for the XL version to hold up to 330 pounds of user weight. The XL version has a base of 24″ x 15″ with a thickness of only 4.7″.

The space-saving feature does not imply that it can not enhance a fitness routine in multiple ways. It combines vibration and movements to engage your body muscles.

What’s More

The package also contains a workout guide to explain different types of exercises that you can do. You may not have imagined that this compact unit can allow so many variations of exercises. Moreover, it also provides a healthy eating plan booklet in the box to keep you focused on your fitness goals.

  • It is a robust vibration plate to work up your arms, legs, and abs.
  • It offers low-impact home cardio workouts that are suitable for all ages and health conditions.
  • It is a suitable home gym option that can add the challenge to your existing workouts by diversifying and enhancing.
  • It can reduce your weight and burn fat faster because it is doubly effective. Only 15 minutes on the vibration plates can be as effective as cardio of 30 minutes.
  • It is a safer low-impact alternative to traditional workout and strength training routines.
  • It offers multi-directional movements to simulate three workouts for standing positions – running, jogging, and walking.
  • Horizontal oscillatory movements add to the muscle confusion, triggering your body into extra work to maintain a stable posture.
  • It can tone your legs, work your arms, tighten your abs, strengthen the core and lift the buttocks.
  • It offers complete head-to-toe exercises, ensuring full-body workouts.
  • Ninety-nine levels of intensity are there to optimize your training. You may feel spoilt for choice!
  • You can use the remote control to increase or decrease the speed of vibrations quickly
  • It comes with two arm resistance strap bands to work up your arms. You can add a wide range of moves to diversify the activities.
  • You can do many movements like laterals, bicep curls, cross pulls, squats, core, lunges, push-ups, and yoga.
  • Women and girls can make their bodies firm and slim.
  • The unit is ultra-compact with a length of only 21 inches and a width of 13 inches.
  • You can also choose the XL variant if you prefer a bigger platform.
  • Compact size offers space-saving benefits without having to compromise fitness routines.
  • It allows easy movements and storage due to transport wheels.
  • Surprisingly, the company offers no warranty on the device. It may stop working the very first day, and you may have no scope for redressal.
  • Unlike other machines, this vibration plate has a lower weight capacity of 220 pounds, denying overweight users the opportunity to use it.
  • Resistance bands offer minimal tension leading to limited strength training options.

Machine Specs of Powerfit Elite

Dimensions: 20.87″ x 12.6″ x 4.53″; Machine Weight: 18 Lbs; Weight Capacity: 220 Lbs; Remote Control: Yes (Two AAA batteries – not included); Program Levels: 3; Vibration Intensity: Adjustable (1 to 99); Standing Positions: 3 (Walking, Jogging, Running); Warranrt: Nil

The package includes the Vibration Platform, a remote control, two nos. Loop Resistance Bands, the Use & and Care instructions guide, and a meal plan (Workout Guide & Healthy Eating) booklet.