The Best Squat Rack For Home Gym

1. Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack Review

Are you looking for the best squat rack for your workouts? Do you want a versatile rack to practice different variations and get the desired stability? If yes, you can consider having the Rogue RML-390F Monster Flat Foot Rack. You might have come across this equipment while searching for the best squat racks. It is well equipped to be a great addition to your home gym. 

RML-390F Flat Foot Monster Rack comes with a flat foot design. It will have two racks that you can use to lift weights and make your body flexible. The flat foot design will help users with easy usage. You do not need to drill this squat rack to the floor. Therefore, you can have this rack without damaging your floor in any manner. Drilling will impact some materials that include wood and rubber floors. However, you will not have this requirement with RML-390F.

Also, this rack is compatible with Monster series accessories. But, you cannot use a safety spotter arm and band pegs with this rack. Additionally, the squat rack features an 11-gauge steel material framing to offer a durable result. You will love both the material and the construction. Moreover, both these qualities will give the desired durability and stability.

The high-quality material will make the end product strong. Yes, it can support around 1000 pounds. Furthermore, there is a black powder coat to make the product abrasion and corrosion-resistant. The RML-390F Flat Foot rack has a 48″ x 49″ footprint. Even if the footprint is small, users can expect 30″ of inside depth. Also, the trainer is not lightweight. It weighs 295 lbs. The weight and the construction keep the product stable on the ground. Apart from that, this squat rack is tall enough to become an ideal choice for all users. The height of the RML-390 Flat Foot rack is 92.375″.

In addition to all these, the rack features a triangle base setup. That means you can expect superior rigidity and balance while using this rack. Also, you do not need to bolt this equipment to the gym floor. Hence, you will not have to keep this rack in any room permanently. You can move it from one place to another whenever needed. In brief, RML-390F Flat Foot is well-equipped to offer the necessary support and stability during your workouts.

Do you find RML-390F Flat Foot worth for your home gym? Do you want to know more about the features? We will answer all your queries in the following. Keep reading to be aware of both the positives and negatives of this squat rack. We will also cover features and specifications to help you with all the essential information.

Features of the Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Rack 

Rogue is a leading name and known for manufacturing high-quality and durable fitness trainers. You can expect unparalleled quality. The quality of the material will help users with a lasting result. In addition to the quality, the construction will be solid. You can expect the best stability during your workouts. As a result, you can safely practice your lifting without worrying over safety issues.

Apart from that, it is super versatile. Yes, you can use it the way you want to support your workouts. You can use it as a single unit whenever you want. Also, you will have the option to convert it into the existing SML-2 and SML-3 racks. More importantly, you can again convert it into a standalone unit. Hence, you will have enough room to try different variations. You can customize it based on your requirements. Therefore, you can expect more benefits. Also, there will be many features to support your fitness goals. A few of them are in the following.

Quality Construction

As stated earlier, you can get supreme quality. The manufacturer has a good reputation for developing quality products to support the fitness goals of people. Hence, you can use your equipment for a long time. The Rogue RML-390F rack will have 2×3″ 11-gauge steel material bases and 3×3″11-gauge steel in uprights. Besides, the rack features 0.625″fasteners and bolts and Westside hole spacing. Users will have the option to choose from a Fat/Skinny 43″ Pull-up Bar or a Single Skinny pull-up bar. Also, the package will have a pipe/pin safety system and a pair of Lite J-Cups. 

Additionally, the parts of the squat rack will have a black powder coat. Yes, it will not only give an impressive look to your trainer, but it will also protect the equipment from corrosion and abrasion. The J cups feature plastic inserts. The inserts are sturdy and offer the required stability. More importantly, they will prevent chipping and maintain the freshness and new look for a long time. All these advanced features will boost the durability and usability of this squat rack.


You might prefer a versatile rack to meet different needs. This rack can serve your purpose. First of all, you do not need to drill to blot this rack to the floor. It is a free-standing rack. This feature makes it a preferable choice for many. You can keep it in any of your preferred places and move it to other rooms as well. Even if you do not need to bolt it, you can expect the required stability. The rack comes with quality material to offer the best support to users. Also, you can use it as a standalone unit or convert it to SML-3 and SML-2 based on your needs. The stabilizing base is worth mentioning as well.

Perfect Size

The footprint of this rack is 48″ x 49″. You might be thinking that the small size will not offer the desired stability. However, you can expect thirty inches walk in space. Also, it is heavy and sturdy enough to give the best support. The rack will not wiggle if you overload it accidentally. Therefore, you can safely lift weights. The trainer is also tall enough to support different heights. You might find it higher than the ceiling of your home gym. Hence, you will have to consider the size of your home gym to avoid any fitting issues later.

Enhanced Safety

Safety might be your first concern while buying any fitness equipment. However, you can expect enhanced safety from this squat rack. This machine is large, heavy, and sturdy enough to offer the required safety during lifting. You will not have to bolt it to the gym floor. But, you can expect enhanced safety. It features a 30″ pipe/pin system. The system will ensure that the weight is in its place while lifting. Therefore, the risk of accidents is minimal to nil. 

Main Specifications

Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Monster is a flat rack. It can be an ideal option for those who do not want to bolt this machine to the gym floor. You do not need to fix it on the floor. Hence, you will not have to restrict it to any room. Also, you will not have to damage the ground. In addition to this, you will appreciate the material, design, and convertible features. It is worth mentioning that Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Monster will offer a lot of customization to use. 

Additionally, the conversion kit of the Rogue RML-390F Flat rack will include two Monster Lite 90″ Sticks, one 30″ Pin/ Pipe Safety System, one XML-30″ Crossmember Pair, and all the needed hardware. The weight of this equipment is 295LB. The length is 48″, the height is 92.375″, and the weight is 49″. Besides, it has a small footprint of 48″ x 49″. Furthermore, it uses 2×3″ 11-gauge steel in bases and 3×3″ 11-gauge steel in uprights. Also, it is compatible with the Monster series hardware.


Solid Build

This squat rack has thick and strong steel material. Also, it uses a black powder coat to prevent corrosion. All these make the end product super durable.


You do not need to bolt this rack to the gym floor. However, you will have the best support for your lifting. All the credit goes to its solid construction and heavyweight.


As you will not attach it to your floor, you can move it to your convenient places. Also, this feature will prevent any damage to your floor bed. The rack is convertible as well.


Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot rack is compact and comes with a small footprint. Hence, you do not need a lot of space to accommodate this rack.

Good Spacing

Even if it is compact, you can have 30 inches of walk-in space. You can move and practice your workouts conveniently.


Too Tall

The height does not make it a suitable choice for all home gyms.

Final Words

Rogue RML-390F Monster Flat Foot Rack can be perfect if you do not want to blot your rack to the floor. Additionally, it is portable, stable, and quality-made. You can safely practice and use it for a long time without considering a replacement.