The Best Squat Rack For Home Gym

1. ROGUE RML-3W Wall Mount Squat Rack Review

Squat Rack 1

Do you want to have the best wall-mounted squat rack? Are you looking for advanced features to boost the usability and performance of your fitness tool? If yes, you can consider having a ROGUE RML-3W wall-mounted squat rack. While choosing a squat rack for your home gym, you will have to focus on a few things. You will need a compact size to ensure easy storage and accommodation. Also, you will need a tool that is easy to install and can serve you for a long time. ROGUE 3W wall-mounted squat rack can meet these unique needs. Yes, you can expect all the advanced features and durability. 

ROGUE 3W is a foldable and wall-mounted squat rack. As it is foldable, you can use it in your home gym conveniently. You can fold your equipment up against your gym wall and unfold and use it to practice your workouts during your sessions. The ROGUE RML rack features a folding mechanism, a fast attach pull-up bar, and 3 x 3 x 11 steel. Also, you will appreciate its extended warranty.

The best thing about this foldable squat rack is that you can fold it outward and inward to save space. All the credit goes to its hinge-and-pin system. This unique feature makes the end product super versatile and easy to use. You can use it as a pull-up rig, squat stand, or power rack. If you want to maximize the benefits of your squat rack, you can add a pair of stringers. 

Do you want to know more about ROGUE 3W? Would you like to know about the benefits, specifications, and features before going ahead with your decision? If yes, you can go through the following. It will answer all your queries. After going through the following, you can decide with any confusion. 

Features of the ROGUE 3W Squat Rack

ROGUE RML can help users with excellent durability and stability. It features 3×3″ 11-gauge steel to offer the desired strength for your workouts. Also, you will have the option to practice different variations. You can use the rack with a loaded barbell or for doing pull-ups. You can expect the best outcome with enhanced stability regardless of the intensity levels of your exercises. Also, if you want, you can boost the strength with the Rogue stringers. Apart from that, the powder-coated and Rogue signature black finish will give an impressive look to your tool. In addition to an appealing look, you can expect the best protection from external elements. 

Additionally, the rack will have the Westside hole spacing. Yes, the spacing in the bench area will allow users to position the bar securely for their workouts. Another noteworthy feature is the folding mechanism. Also, it comes with two depth options. These are 41.5 and 21.5 versions. You can choose the one based on your preferences. You can go with the 21.5 version since it can fold flush to your wall. However, the 41.5 version will offer more space inside your rack. The downside is that it will take more space for storage compared to the previous one. 

The US quality is supreme and gives a unique recognition to this rack. Yes, you will have US quality. The quality material makes the end product super durable. As it meets the highest standards, you can use it for a long time. Apart from that, ROGUE 3W offers a lifetime warranty. 

The product will come from Columbus, Ohio. The material is US steel, and the finish is also flawless. All these make the product durable, impressive, and the best companion for fitness enthusiasts.

ROGUE 3W features a built-in pull-up bar, J-hooks, and many other advanced additions. Apart from that, you can expect some extras. We can take the example of the custom-made stringers. They can be helpful to offer the desired stability to your rack. Besides, they will ensure easy folding. Some other compatible accessories are dip bars, storage plates, and safety bars. Even if the equipment can manage your weight, you can add safety bars to make it even more effective. Here are the details of the features of the ROGUE RML Squat Rack. 

Quality Material & Durable Result

ROGUE RML Squat Rack has thick 3 x 3″ 11-gauge steel and SAE grade 5-bolt hardware. The hardware and the laser-cutting holes will help to maintain the maximum strength. Also, the rack is compatible with many accessories. They will boost the functionality and durability of the end product.

Depth Choices 

As mentioned earlier, the Rogue 3W rack comes with a folding mechanism. You will have the option to fold it in two depths: 41.5 and 21.5 versions. If you go with the second version, the side of your wall-mounted squat rack will position against your wall in inward or outward positions. As a result, it will occupy minimal space. Also, the 41.5 version can fold out or in. But if you move both inward, it might overlap slightly. For easy folding, the second option will be the best choice. You can conveniently accommodate it in your home gym. However, if you go with the 41.5 option, you will need a bit more space for storage. 

Warranty Support

The warranty support of the ROGUE 3W is incredible. If you believe the manufacturer, they go through every process to make the end product super durable. They check each laser cut and every part after every step. It ensures that the end product will look appealing and last long without any exception. After the manufacturing, the product goes through a thorough inspection, and then they apply the final coating. Hence, you can expect the best outcome. The manufacturer is so confident about the quality and features that it offers a lifetime warranty. You might not expect this benefit from its competitors. 

Space Saving 

ROGUE 3W will have many advanced features to ensure effortless storage. We can take the example of the folding mechanism. In addition to this, it has detent pins that will lock the rack conveniently in your desired position. You can lock it either in an open or closed setting based on your needs. After folding, the tool will not take more than 5″ from your wall. Yes, you can have the best fitness equipment even if you have restricted space in your home gym.

Effortless Installation

Most wall-mounted squat racks will have a few installation requirements. Some installations will demand time, effort, and skills. However, you can install ROGUE 3W fast. It will come with detent pins, J-cups, the necessary hardware, mounting brackets, and a quick attach bar. There will be holes in the center to help with easy positioning. Apart from that, you can use stringers to ensure better stability. However, you will have to spend extra on custom-made stringers.

Best Protection

OGUE RML-3W will have a black powder coat finish. The finish will give a modern and sleek look to your rack. Apart from that, the black finish will protect your wall-mounted squat rack from any damages. Steel material is susceptible to rust and corrosion. However, the black coating will protect the tool from all these damages.


Main Specifications

ROGUE 3W rack has many advanced features to enable trainees to practice their workouts comfortably at their home gym. You can consider having this wall-mounted squat rack in your restricted gym. Yes, the foldable design helps with easy storage. The weight of this squat rack is 163LB or 190LB. The product length from your wall is 24.75″ or 43.75. The height of the ROGUE is 90.375, and the footprint is 24.75.

The product will have two depth options to enable users to go with the suitable one. You can consider the 21.5 or 41.5 version based on your space availability and workout needs. Besides, the product is compatible with the Monster Life series.


Easy to Accommodate

You will find many squat racks in the current market. However, ROGUE 3W is well-equipped to become the first choice for any home gym. Yes, you can assemble it quickly and fold it to ensure easy storage. Also, you will have the option to choose from two depth versions. 

 Lifetime Warranty 

Most racks come with one-decade warranty support. However, you can expect an exception with ROGUE RML. It comes with a lifetime warranty. That proves the usability, credibility, durability, and versatility of the end product. 


Even if ROGUE 3W is well-equipped, the end cost will be less. Yes, the product is affordable and can fit your budget. The best thing is that it has extended warranty support. That will help you with a durable result. 


Additional Costs 

If you want enhanced strength, you will have to spend on custom stringers. 

Folding Will Take Time

You cannot fold the rack quickly. The process will take time. 

Final Words

ROGUE is a leading name in the industry. Yes, it has earned a good reputation for manufacturing quality and advanced fitness tools. You can get the best material, solid built, quality hardware, and a lifetime warranty. On top of that, ROGUE 3W is foldable and easy to accommodate. You might not expect a better companion for your workouts. You can go ahead confidently. 

2. Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack Review

Squat Rack

Are you looking for the best squat rack for your workouts? Do you want a versatile rack to practice different variations and get the desired stability? If yes, you can consider having the Rogue RML-390F Monster Flat Foot Rack. You might have come across this equipment while searching for the best squat racks. It is well equipped to be a great addition to your home gym. 

RML-390F Flat Foot Monster Rack comes with a flat foot design. It will have two racks that you can use to lift weights and make your body flexible. The flat foot design will help users with easy usage. You do not need to drill this squat rack to the floor. Therefore, you can have this rack without damaging your floor in any manner. Drilling will impact some materials that including wood and rubber floors. However, you will not have this requirement with RML-390F.

Also, this rack is compatible with Monster series accessories. But, you cannot use a safety spotter arm and band pegs with this rack. Additionally, the squat rack features an 11-gauge steel material framing to offer a durable result. You will love both the material and the construction. Moreover, both these qualities will give the desired durability and stability.

The high-quality material will make the end product strong. Yes, it can support around 1000 pounds. Furthermore, there is a black powder coat to make the product abrasion and corrosion-resistant. The RML-390F Flat Foot rack has a 48″ x 49″ footprint. Even if the footprint is small, users can expect 30″ of inside depth. Also, the trainer is not lightweight. It weighs 295 lbs. The weight and the construction keep the product stable on the ground. Apart from that, this squat rack is tall enough to become an ideal choice for all users. The height of the RML-390 Flat Foot rack is 92.375″.

In addition to all these, the rack features a triangle base setup. That means you can expect superior rigidity and balance while using this rack. Also, you do not need to bolt this equipment to the gym floor. Hence, you will not have to keep this rack in any room permanently. You can move it from one place to another whenever needed. In brief, RML-390F Flat Foot is well-equipped to offer the necessary support and stability during your workouts.

Do you find RML-390F Flat Foot worth for your home gym? Do you want to know more about the features? We will answer all your queries in the following. Keep reading to be aware of both the positives and negatives of this squat rack. We will also cover features and specifications to help you with all the essential information.

Features of the Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Rack 

Rogue is a leading name and known for manufacturing high-quality and durable fitness trainers. You can expect unparalleled quality. The quality of the material will help users with a lasting result. In addition to the quality, the construction will be solid. You can expect the best stability during your workouts. As a result, you can safely practice your lifting without worrying over safety issues.

Apart from that, it is super versatile. Yes, you can use it the way you want to support your workouts. You can use it as a single unit whenever you want. Also, you will have the option to convert it into the existing SML-2 and SML-3 racks. More importantly, you can again convert it into a standalone unit. Hence, you will have enough room to try different variations. You can customize it based on your requirements. Therefore, you can expect more benefits. Also, there will be many features to support your fitness goals. A few of them are in the following.

Quality Construction

As stated earlier, you can get supreme quality. The manufacturer has a good reputation for developing quality products to support the fitness goals of people. Hence, you can use your equipment for a long time. The Rogue RML-390F rack will have 2×3″ 11-gauge steel material bases and 3×3″11-gauge steel in uprights. Besides, the rack features 0.625″fasteners and bolts and Westside hole spacing. Users will have the option to choose from a Fat/Skinny 43″ Pull-up Bar or a Single Skinny pull-up bar. Also, the package will have a pipe/pin safety system and a pair of Lite J-Cups. 

Additionally, the parts of the squat rack will have a black powder coat. Yes, it will not only give an impressive look to your trainer, but it will also protect the equipment from corrosion and abrasion. The J cups feature plastic inserts. The inserts are sturdy and offer the required stability. More importantly, they will prevent chipping and maintain the freshness and new look for a long time. All these advanced features will boost the durability and usability of this squat rack.


You might prefer a versatile rack to meet different needs. This rack can serve your purpose. First of all, you do not need to drill to blot this rack to the floor. It is a free-standing rack. This feature makes it a preferable choice for many. You can keep it in any of your preferred places and move it to other rooms as well. Even if you do not need to bolt it, you can expect the required stability. The rack comes with quality material to offer the best support to users. Also, you can use it as a standalone unit or convert it to SML-3 and SML-2 based on your needs. The stabilizing base is worth mentioning as well.

Perfect Size

The footprint of this rack is 48″ x 49″. You might be thinking that the small size will not offer the desired stability. However, you can expect thirty inches walk in space. Also, it is heavy and sturdy enough to give the best support. The rack will not wiggle if you overload it accidentally. Therefore, you can safely lift weights. The trainer is also tall enough to support different heights. You might find it higher than the ceiling of your home gym. Hence, you will have to consider the size of your home gym to avoid any fitting issues later.

Enhanced Safety

Safety might be your first concern while buying any fitness equipment. However, you can expect enhanced safety from this squat rack. This machine is large, heavy, and sturdy enough to offer the required safety during lifting. You will not have to bolt it to the gym floor. But, you can expect enhanced safety. It features a 30″ pipe/pin system. The system will ensure that the weight is in its place while lifting. Therefore, the risk of accidents is minimal to nil. 

Main Specifications

Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Monster is a flat rack. It can be an ideal option for those who do not want to bolt this machine to the gym floor. You do not need to fix it on the floor. Hence, you will not have to restrict it to any room. Also, you will not have to damage the ground. In addition to this, you will appreciate the material, design, and convertible features. It is worth mentioning that Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Monster will offer a lot of customization to use. 

Additionally, the conversion kit of the Rogue RML-390F Flat rack will include two Monster Lite 90″ Sticks, one 30″ Pin/ Pipe Safety System, one XML-30″ Crossmember Pair, and all the needed hardware. The weight of this equipment is 295LB. The length is 48″, the height is 92.375″, and the weight is 49″. Besides, it has a small footprint of 48″ x 49″. Furthermore, it uses 2×3″ 11-gauge steel in bases and 3×3″ 11-gauge steel in uprights. Also, it is compatible with the Monster series hardware.


Solid Build

This squat rack has thick and strong steel material. Also, it uses a black powder coat to prevent corrosion. All these make the end product super durable.


You do not need to bolt this rack to the gym floor. However, you will have the best support for your lifting. All the credit goes to its solid construction and heavyweight.


As you will not attach it to your floor, you can move it to your convenient places. Also, this feature will prevent any damage to your floor bed. The rack is convertible as well.


Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot rack is compact and comes with a small footprint. Hence, you do not need a lot of space to accommodate this rack.

Good Spacing

Even if it is compact, you can have 30 inches of walk-in space. You can move and practice your workouts conveniently.


Too Tall

The height does not make it a suitable choice for all home gyms.

Final Words

Rogue RML-390F Monster Flat Foot Rack can be perfect if you do not want to blot your rack to the floor. Additionally, it is portable, stable, and quality-made. You can safely practice and use it for a long time without considering a replacement.

3. ROGUE S-2 Squat Stand Review

Rogue S2 Squat Rack

Are you looking for the best squat rack with a pull-up bar? Do you want all the benefits in a compact size? You will find many squat racks in the current condition. A few of them will have some advanced features. However, you will have to consider the one that combines portability and improved features. Otherwise, you might not be able to accommodate your squat rack in your home gym. The ROGUE S-2 is the most sturdy, compact, and versatile squat rack with a pull-up bar. It combines some features of S1 and S3. 

ROGUE S-2 will have the Westside hole spacing. That means you will have the option to customize the bench press based on your workout needs. The base will have the bolted triangle plates to offer the desired stability while practicing intensive workouts. Apart from that, it comes with impressive compatibility. 

Yes, ROGUE S-2 is compatible with many accessories. You can consider adding some extras to boost the functionality of your squat rack. You can add the dip attachment and safety spotter arms to make your fitness equipment versatile. 

In features, ROGUE S-2 will have 2×3″ 11 thick gauge steel and adjustable skinny/fat pull-up bar. Also, you can use it as a power rack to meet your workout needs. This single tool can help you in many ways to achieve your fitness goals. You will love this addition since it will not accommodate more space. 

ROGUE S-2 has been made in the USA and will have many innovations. We can take the example of the J-cups, 0.625″ fasteners and bolts, and Westside hole spacing. The height of this rack is 92″. That means you will have enough space to practice your pull-ups. The footprint is also worth mentioning. Yes, it comes with a 48″ x 48″ footprint. The compact footprint will ensure easy storage. 

Do you find ROGUE S-2 worth spending? Do you think that the features can help you to achieve your dream body fast? Are you looking for more information? If yes, you can keep reading. In the following, we will cover all the possible aspects. In addition to the features and benefits, you will be aware of the downsides. As a result, there will be no area for confusion. If you find the squat rack worth your money, you can go ahead. 

Features of the ROGUE S-2

ROGUE S-2 is a well-made squat rack with a pull-up bar. It comes with many impressive features to enable users to stay fit and healthy. You will not have to spend more on this squat rack. But you can use it for a long time to support your workout needs. It can help you to practice many lifting workouts. It will hold the loaded barbells properly in place and enable you to practice squats comfortably. 

The height of this rack is impressive. With 92 inches in height, you will have enough room overhead for the chin-up and pull-up practices. However, it can be only suitable for an 8 feet ceiling room. If your ceiling height is more, you cannot accommodate this one. However, you will have the option to choose from two pull-up bars. Yes, you can go with the single skinny bar or skinny/fat pull-up bar. When the single one sets at eighty-eight inches, the fat/skinny one will position at 80-5 inches. The weight capacity makes this rack an ideal option for all types of users. Yes, it can support up to 1000 pounds.

Also, you will have the option to store plates on its bar temporarily. As mentioned earlier, the triangle base plate will offer motion control and solid stability for different variations. Apart from that, the product will have a black powder coating. The coating will make the rack impressive and eye-catching. Besides, it will contribute to enhanced durability. The black finish will protect your equipment from moisture, rust, corrosion, and staining. The J-cups of the rack will have a plastic liner. The hardliner will contribute to the durability as well. As the cups will not wear fast, you can use them confidently.

Additionally, you can expect a lot of customizations. You will have plenty of room for adjustments. You can add many accessories to your rack. Yes, the stand is compatible with Rogue landmines, safety spotter arms, Rogue Matador, and many more. Besides, the size of Rogue S2 makes it a perfect addition to small home gyms. Also, you can use it in commercial gyms and large-scale facilities. It can help with easy transitions from bench to squat, pull-ups to the floor press, and anything you want to get a fit body. Here are the details of some features you can go through for a better understanding.


You cannot buy a squat rack without being aware of its functionality. Rogue S2 uses quality 11 gauge steel material to make the end product super durable. Besides, it uses 0.625 bolts. Both these will offer enhanced strength to practice different types of workouts. It can handle the most grueling exercises. Also, you will find this equipment easy to use once you become familiar with its J-cups. The material, weight, and foundation will ensure that the rack will offer the required stability and strength for heavy lifting. You will feel comfortable and get enough room while practicing your intensive workouts.


J-cups of this rack are worth mentioning. The stand is stable to support rigorous workouts. You will appreciate the J-cups. These heavy-duty cups can handle almost everything. The cups are easy to maneuver and look quite impressive as well. Besides, it comes with hard plastic to protect barbells.


The footprint of the Rogue S2 makes it versatile. Yes, it comes with a compact footprint of 48″x48″. That helps with easy storage. You can conveniently keep it in your home gym or garage. Even if it is small, you can expect desired strength and stability to get the best support for your intensive workout sessions.

Dual Pull-up Bars

Rogue S2 will have dual pull-up bars. You might not get this feature from most of its leading competitors. Yes, you can choose from two pull-up bars. One is forty-three inches skinny/fat pull-up bar, and another is 1.25 inches single pull-up bar. Also, you will have the option to set your pull-up bar at the desired heights based on the workout needs. As a result, you will have enough room to try whatever you want without feeling restricted.

Best Protection

Rogue S2 rack will come with J-hooks. Also, the hooks will have a high-density plastic coating. It will protect your bar from external elements. Without these additions, you will have an uncomfortable grip where the bar sits on your rack. Also, there will be holes to set the J-cups and support different weights.

Main Specifications

Rogue S2 has all the best qualities to support your fitness goals. It is well-equipped to meet the different needs of lifters. We will start from its thick 2×3″ 11 gauge steel. The material will help with desired durability and stability. Yes, you can get the best support for different workouts. This USA product focuses on innovations to meet the unique needs of users. The height is ninety-two inches, and there will be two pull-up bars with different height limits. You can choose the suitable one to maximize the benefits of your workouts.

The footprint of the equipment is 48″ x 48″, and it weighs 146lb. The weight capacity of the rack is 1000lb. Besides, it comes with Westside holes and J-cups. The J-cups will have a UHMW plastic liner to boost the durability of the end product. Furthermore, it has a triangle plate base to contribute to the stability and strength of the rack. Apart from that, you can have many compatible accessories to use your tool in many different ways and achieve your fitness goals fast. 



S2 will last long and support all your workout needs. The rack comes with innovative designs and quality material to be your great workout companion. Also, its J-cups will have a hard plastic liner to contribute to the durability of the product.


The S2 is versatile since you will have the option to use it as a pull-up rack, power rack, and squat rack. Also, it comes with a small footprint that helps with easy storage. Users will have the option to choose from two pull-up bars as well.


Users can consider having extra accessories to boost the functionality of their rack. The rack is compatible with many accessories. Hence, you will have enough room to practice different variations confidently. 


Lacks Plate Storage

Yes, you cannot store your plates on this rack.

Final Words

Rogue S2 is an innovative squat rack that can serve different purposes. It can be the best addition to any home gym. You can use it for a long time. All the credit goes to its quality material and solid design. You can set the height based on your workout needs and practice whatever you want. You will have enough room to try variations. Also, you can consider adding some extra accessories to make it even more functional.

4. Rogue Combo Rack Review

Best Squat Rack

So, you want the best squat and bench rack in your home gym. You have come across Rogue Combo Rack. However, you cannot go ahead without adequate information. We understand your concerns. While buying such expensive fitness equipment, you will prefer to cover all the possible aspects. Rogue combo Rack is worth considering if you want a single gym tool to meet different workout needs. The combo squat and bench rack can be a perfect addition to any home gym. You will appreciate the advanced features, versatility, durability, and design. 

First of all, it is an innovation of Rogue. The name itself proves the quality. Yes, you can expect the best gym products from Rogue. Hence, the quality will be supreme, and the design can suit any home gym. This combo rack tops the list since it is versatile and well-equipped to meet your fitness goals. 

The stability of the rack makes it the best choice for experienced trainees. Yes, you can practice intensive workouts without bothering about the strength and stability of your squat and bench rack. It can withstand more than 1000lb benches and squats. That means it can handle all the weights. As a result, you will have the option to explore more. 

Apart from that, the Rogue combo rack is IPF certified. Yes, it can be the best tool for competitive purposes. Besides, there will be many adjustments to support your workouts. In brief, you will have the best stability and custom adjustments. In addition to easy adjustments, you can expect many other advanced features. We can take the example of the solid wide-range rack base, 3×3″ 7 thick steel, a removable bench, safety spotter arms, and innovative diamond-tread spotter decks. The rack bench will have a competition fat pad, and the two uprights will be fully adjustable. All these advanced features make this combo rack a preferred choice for many. 

Also, the height of J-cups is worth appreciating. Users can adjust the high point of the J-cups to switch between weights. The jack system of the rack will help with easy adjustments. Therefore, you do not need to remove plates from the barbell for any adjustment. Instead, you can consider using the lever arms to lower or raise the position.

The quality material makes the product durable. The telescoping tubes and jack handles use stainless steel material. Also, users will have the option to position the upright angled or straight based on their workout needs. You will get all the desired support to practice your workouts comfortably and confidently. Besides, the weight capacity makes it an ideal choice for all sizes and levels of trainees. 

Now, you know what makes Rogue squat and bench rack worth spending. If you are still unable to decide, you can consider going through the following. We will cover the features and benefits. After going through them, you will know this combo rack is suitable for you not. 

Features of the Rogue Combo Rack 

The rogue combo rack can support most of your workout needs. As it comes as a combo, you might need to spend a bit extra on its advanced features. However, you will have the option to explore different workouts. Also, you will have a lot of adjustments to get the most out of your workout sessions. Another worth considering feature is acetal rollers. You will have these rollers instead of metal rollers. You can effortlessly replace the rollers. Hence, your barbell will have less wear over time. That will ensure better durability. Besides, you can adjust the side of the bar.

The lever arm jack system makes this combo rack versatile. You will have the option to adjust the J-cup heights without a lot of effort. The effortless adjustments can enable you to meet your powerlifting needs fast. You can train with your partners and change the weight quickly whenever you want. Another feature is the removable bench. Yes, the rack bench is removable and comes with a competition fat pad. The pad will sit 17.5 inches from the floor. Also, it has diamond-plated decks. The spotter decks make this product different from its competitors. You will have a quality-made and versatile combo rack to achieve your fitness goals fast. 

The fat pad dimensions are 50″ L x 12.5″ W x 4.5″ T. The bench will have a black powder coat to offer the desired grip. Also, you can expect a stable platform for heavy lifts. Whenever you want, you can remove the removable bench of the rack and practice squats conveniently. The spotter arms will measure 19.5″ L x 3″ W. Also, it will have the UHMW plastic covering and stainless tubes. You can remove the spotters to switch to squats. All these advanced features make the Rogue combo rack the best addition to any home gym. Here is more about the features and benefits. 

Easy Height Adjustments 

Rogue combo rack will help users with easy adjustments. All the credit goes to its lever-arm jack system. Besides, the telescoping uprights can enable you to set the desired height for your workouts. The best part is that you can position the high point without removing the plates. You might not expect this from other leading names of the industry. Also, it features two j-cups. One is for the bench, and another one is for the squat. Hence, you will have a lot of room to practice whatever you want. When it comes to adjustments, you can adjust the bar from a minimum of 29.461 inches floor height to a maximum of 68.405 inches. Yes, the easy height adjustments make it the best choice for both tall and short athletes. They can adjust the height based on your height and workout demands. You can change the bench range from 29.461 inches floor height up to 57.461 inches heights. When it comes to the squat, it will be adjustable from 40.405 inches floor up to 68.405 inches high point. 

 Durable and Versatile

The quality material makes the Rogue combo rack durable, and the design makes the end product versatile. As it comes as a combo, you can expect many advanced features. The most impressive one is the quality material. Yes, the product uses 3×3″ 7-thick gauge steel and laser cuts. In addition to the cut numbering, there will be an MG black powder coat. The black finish will contribute to the durability and appealing look. Besides, it features telescoping tubes that use stainless steel. Apart from that, it will have four machined pins to get upright positions. Users can adjust the high point on center holes. They will have the option to change the height in either angled or straight positions. If they consider the first one, they can put their hands J-cups’ outside while squatting. 

Removable Bench & Spotter Arms 

The rack will have a removable bench and spotter arms. The bench features two diamond thread decks that will have a black powder coating to ensure easy usage. Yes, the finish will make the platform stable and offer a proper grip. The spotter’s arms are easy to remove and come with a plastic coating.

IPF Certified 

Rogue Combo Rack has met the requirements of the International Powerlifting Federation for competition use. The footprint makes the product space-efficient. Also, it has many advanced security features that include UHMW plastic and rubberized feet. The rubber will prevent any damage to your flooring. Also, it features specific tightening knobs to boost the rigidity and stability of the rack.

Main Specifications 

The rogue combo is a squat and bench rack. That comes with many advanced features to help trainees to practice their workouts comfortably. The USA product is IPF competition certified. The color of the product is black, and it weighs 505lb. The length of the removable bench is 77.25 inches, and the total width is 80.25 inches. The inside width of this combo rack is 43.5 inches. The bench height is 17.5 inches. The fully extended high point is 78 inches. The footprint of the Rogue combo rack is 77.25″ x 80.25″.

Additionally, there will be two adjustable uprights, four machined pins, four J-cups, and two safety spotter arms. Other features are rubberized feet, spotter decks, fat fad, UHMW plastic, and black powder coating. 



The Rogue squat and bench rack is well-made to last long. It uses quality steel to offer a durable result and rubberized feet to prevent any damage to the floor. You can expect the best stability with its innovative design.


Users will have the option to set the rack in an angled or vertical position. As a result, athletes can have extra-width squats. Also, you can adjust the height quickly without removing the plates. 

Smooth Assembly

Users can assemble the rack fast in less than an hour.



The only downside is the price. You cannot have this one with a restricted budget. 

Final Words

If you want a squat and bench rack, you should not look beyond the Rogue combo rack. It features both squat and bench J-cups. Hence, you can expect the best support for your workouts. The adjustments will be super easy. Also, you can consider it for competitive use. The combination of squat and bench will give you enough freedom to diversify your lifting.