Bowflex C6 Bike Review

Product Review

Good things happen to people who wait a little more. Bowflex shook the market of streaming training bikes by introducing the Bowflex C6 model as an affordable alternative to Peloton and other similar streaming training bikes. Bowflex shied away from this segment for a long time and surprised everyone with an option at a modest price of only $949. It perfectly executed the vision of building a sturdy indoor cycle that could link up to several other streaming services. Suppose you ignore or find a workaround for some of its few weaknesses. In that case, Bowflex C6 deserves a second look because it is worth exploring as an affordable option to Peloton, depending on your unique needs and preferences.

Bowflex C6 is an ergonomic bike with a sturdy frame and several adjustment features. You can find the usual stuff in it, including quiet and smooth magnetic resistance, toe clip pedals, weight holders, a dual water bottle holder, etc. But it also has its flaws that you will not be able to enjoy its best features without a stable wifi connection and a decent tablet. However, since you are considering this Bike, there are high chances that you have already taken care of the basics and are ready to enjoy the best the Bowline C6 Bike has to offer.

After a long wait, Bowflex entered into the market with its affordable indoor cycle Bowflex C6, leveraging the fame of Peloton and similar other fitness options. Well, it is worth the wait for good reasons. Presently Bowflex C6 can connect to about 12 different fitness apps, including Zwift and Peloton – among the world’s two of the best-rated apps you can download for streaming training on your fitness bike. Both Horizon Fitness and Echelon are giving a tough fight to Bowflex C6, but it seems that C6 is winning because of its most diverse training features.

Spin bikes offer incredibly intense workouts, and streaming is like a cherry on the cake. However, if you can afford to get this deadly combination, you must cash in the opportunity.

Salient Features of Bowflex C6 Bike

Workout Programs

Who would like to pedal away while staring at a blank screen? Bowflex C6 bike offers you to work out with streaming classes with about 12 leading fitness apps, including Zwift, Peloton, Sufferfest, FulGaz, Bowflex app Around The World, Bowflex’s JRNY platform, and several others, bringing the entire world closer to you. Most of these apps offer a free evaluation, and you can quickly narrow down on training features that matter the most to you.

Some of these fitness apps will take you to open road pathways while providing the fitness metrics to track your performance, while others may log you into leaderboards to let you compete against your fellow fitness freaks. Moreover, you will get more accurate heart rate data due to Bluetooth-enabled armband monitors than typical contact grip sensors.

Sync With Apps

You can sync your Bowflex C6 bike with popular fitness apps by using the Bluetooth connectivity feature. For example, you can follow a cycling trail around the world on the Explore The World App or compete with other fitness enthusiasts on the Zwift app. You may note one crucial point here that data connectivity options vary from app to app.

For instance, you can track almost all fitness stats in real-time in the Rouvy app, but the Peloton app display only the RPM data in its app onscreen on a real-time basis. In addition, if you go through the Bowflex C6 app integration with third-party apps on its website, you will find that some apps support iOS alone, whereas others support both Android and iOS. Similarly, many apps give data on only two to four parameters. Sometimes, their data may slightly differ from the console data, but you will get a fair idea of your fitness using these apps.

If you don’t want to restrict yourself to only one fitness program, this Bike offers you an opportunity to try workouts from several famous apps. However, remember that you need to shell out money to pay for their subscriptions. Signing up for some of them may add up quickly. Therefore, it is better to take advantage of free trials and choose the one that suits your budget and needs.

Online Streaming and More

More bikes are coming that are affordable but support interactive training. Bowflex C6 Bike is one such machine that combines high-quality components with an open-access console to connect to popular fitness apps. As a result, you get access to the Peloton experience without a high price tag.

You can stream a wide range of on-demand and live classes like strength training, stretching or cycling, etc., from the comfort of your home using the Peloton App. You may interact and compete virtually using the Zwift app. The Explore The World app lets you automatically adjust to your speed while cruising through cycle tracks worldwide, right into your living room. You can use any phone or tablet to stream classes. For instance, you can start with a 30-minute high-energy class followed by 20 minutes of strength training and 10 minutes of the core class.

Robust Flywheel with 100 Resistance Levels

Bowflex C6 Bike features a heavy-duty 40 lbs. flywheel drive to provide you excellent resistance that is enough to challenge any cyclist. It provides up to 100 magnetic resistance levels to ramp up your challenge gradually at your pace as you progress. In addition, it offers micro-adjustable resistance settings to help you fine-tune your preference from 1 to 100. The C6 Bike provides a quiet and smooth ride because of its magnetic resistance.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Bowflex C6 bike box comes with a heart rate armband monitor in it, Bluetooth enabled to track your pulse while you work out. So you can keep yourself within the targeted heart rate zone to get the most of your workout sessions.

Tablet & Bottle Holders With Dumbbell Cradles

Bowflex C6 is a BYOT device (Bring Your ‘Own’ Technology) and offers a tablet holder place to keep your smart devices. But, of course, it is required to keep the bike price affordable. Secondly, it includes a set of 3-pound dumbbells for upper body toning. That way, you can keep your entire body fit by maintaining a balance between lower and upper body workouts. In addition, you can use multi-grip handlebars with dumbbells to target several muscle groups of your body every time you work out with Bowflex C6 Bike.

You can hang the dumbbells on the Bike in easy-to-reach dumbbell cradles thoughtfully located below the handlebars. Over the years, we have seen that this layout is better than the usual tail mounting practice used by many manufacturers. Finally, there are two water bottle holders to take care of your increased hydration needs.

Versatile Pedals

It has versatile pedals to suit a wide range of foot sizes. A variety of users can use dual-link pedals with toe cages. Depending upon their riding styles, they can use the SPD clips or standard toe cages. It sounds like a thoughtful pedal design. Conventional toe cages are suitable for home users working out in their sneakers, while SPD clips are apt for riders using cycling shoes.


When you try to find the correct riding position on Bowflex C6 Bike, its easily adjustable ergonomics make an appreciable difference. Although the ergonomic features are pretty standard these days, they provide comfort and convenience with open access elements. The saddle, with a universal stem, is padded and adjustable for added convenience. Moreover, the dual-link toe cage pedals and SPD clips add to your safety. Adjustable handlebars and a seat provide optimum versatility to your Bike. You get a high-density racing-style foam seat that is comfortable and functional.

Transport Wheels

Bowflex C6 Bike is a durable and sturdy exercise machine weighing 106 lbs. with transport wheels for easy portability around your house to reclaim your space when not in use or for instant storage after a workout session.

Backlit LCD

The primary LCD console is backlit on Bowflex C6 Bike, providing all the fitness information in one place, including pulse, resistance level, distance, calories, speed, time and RPM, etc.

Decent Warranty

Your Bike gets shipped with a good warranty which is commensurate with its competitive price. You get a full ten years of warranty on the heavy-duty steel frame, three years on electrical and mechanical parts, and one year warranty on labor. Several high spec bikes like Flywheel and Peloton offer only one year warranty on bikes that cost twice as much.

 A higher than average warranty of 10/3/1 is relatively decent for the class of bikes and reflects the brand’s confidence in its superior build and quality. You can also purchase extended warranties online or after receipt. Considering the fundamental tech nature of the Bike, you should be okay with the standard warranty because there are low chances of malfunctions or failures in such low-tech Bikes.

  • Bowflex C6 Bike is compatible with various popular fitness training and cycling apps like Peloton, Zwift, Explore The World, Apple Health, SufferFest, Google Fit, FulGaz, Rouvy, TacX, Trainer Road, and MyFitness Pal, etc. In addition, on-demand classes and workouts make working out on the Bowflex C6 Bike a fun-filled activity.
  • You can stream on-demand and live classes on its tablet rack. Sync bike data on fitness apps, follow leaderboards, compete against fellow cyclists virtually, explore cycle tracks worldwide, control your workout as per your speed, store your data, use your tablet or smartphones, etc., on this affordable Bike.
  • The magnetic 40-pound flywheel system provides 100 levels of micro-adjustable magnetic resistance with a quiet and smooth riding experience.
  • It includes a Bluetooth-ready armband pulse monitor to display your heart rate accurately while working out.
  • While toning your legs with Bowflex C6, you get the opportunity to exercise your upper body with a set of 3-pound dumbbells included in the box, and you can access them quickly from below the handlebars. Moreover, dual water bottle holders provide the needed hydration.
  • Dual-link pedals with toe cages are versatile to allow several user feet sizes. In addition, toe cages and SPD clips help the riders work out safely while offering a smooth ride.
  • It is suitable for tiny homes due to its small footprint, but whenever required, the transport wheels help you move around this Bike with 106 pounds of weight effortlessly to reclaim your space when not in use.
  • The heavy-duty steel build of the Bowflex C6 Bike is robust, allowing a maximum user capacity of 330 pounds in an affordable price range of only $900-950 compared to more than $2200 for competing bikes.
  • Warranty of 10/3/1 is a good proxy for the excellent quality of the Bike made using high-quality components. It is much better than a pathetic warranty of only one year on Peloton bikes.
  • The backlit LCD in its basic Avatar can display all the essential fitness metrics to you on a scrolling screen in an easy-to-read display format. So you get crucial information in front of you.
  • The monthly subscription expenses of streaming training services are quite a lot. So you will have to subscribe to popular apps to tap their exotic features.
  • You don’t get any dedicated platform to stream your classes. You need to take stock of the Wifi situation with access to tablets to get the best features. It is essentially a BYOT device.
  • Cycling workouts may not be ideal for all users because this Bike demands high energy to provide optimum health benefits, especially not suitable for people seeking low-impact exercises.

Machine Specs of Bowflex C6 Bike

Dimensions in inches: 48.7 x 21.2 x 51.8; Minimum Ceiling Height: 15 inches over and above user height; Resistance Type: Magnetic; Resistance Levels: 1 to 100; Maximum User Weight Capacity: 330 pounds; Assembled Item Weight: 106 pounds (Including transport rollers – excluding dumbbells; Seat: Adjustable and Padded; Pedals: SPD Clips and Toe Cages (Dual-sided); Bike Frame: Heavy-Duty Steel; Display: Backlit LCD; Heart Rate Monitoring: Armband Sensor (Bluetooth); Accessory Tray: No; Cooling Fan: No; Speakers: No; Power Source: AC Adaptor; Warranty: Frame (10 Yrs), Parts & Electronics (3 Yrs), Labor (1 yr).