Bowflex Max Trainer M6 Review Product Review

Bowflex M6 Max Trainer is a fantastic stair stepper elliptical machine for indoor workouts. It is an excellent machine that leaves users sweating with intelligent application compatibility. It helps you monitor your fitness level, inspect your activities, and increase your fitness levels to reach your workout goals.

Bowflex M6 provides users a good intensity workout in a short duration of around 14 minutes. Suppose you are looking for compact cardio equipment that can offer intense training, Bowflex M6 perfect fit for professional athletes. Especially suitable for HIIT-style workouts, M6 provides full-body exercises by burning considerable calories in a short time. It includes 16 resistance levels, endless activities via the JRNY application, and multi-grip handles. Its burn rate display makes it a more motivating machine that shows you how many calories you are burning every minute precisely during workout sessions.

Overall, Bowflex M6 is a high-intensity and effective home gym machine that can be helpful to reach your fitness goals. Its design and motion will encourage you to purchase an elliptical combined with a stair stepper machine. This equipment gives full-body workouts, especially for toning quads, butts, shins, and calves, along with developing cardio training efficiently.

Bowflex M6, along with a burn rate display, has a heart rate monitor integration that monitors your heart with a grip as you glide. You can turn on music and place your smartphones or tablets easily on the media rack available. It Provides full-body workouts such as toning muscles, burning calories, cardio endurance, etc., that does not adversely impact your joints.

Bowflex M6 is the perfect choice for athletic training, high-intensity interval training, and cardio workouts. It can help you increase or decrease speed and intensity according to your exercise targets while keeping a tab on the burn rate display. Bowflex M6 comes in different variants and is available online from retailers like Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

Bowflex Max Trainer M6 is worth buying as it gives you many levels of challenges in your fitness journey. It acts as your trainer as its application suggests many workouts for you, including assessments of your fitness program.

Salient Features of Bowflex M6


Bowflex M6 has 16 levels of resistance available that to provide you advanced fitness. Different resistance levels effectively satisfy the need of many users in one home for the long run. Bowflex Max Trainer M6 has a broad range, making it fit for beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels. High-intensity and advanced workouts will get satisfactory results, including burning calories, losing weight, and cardio endurance.

You can decide your level of intensity for an effective outcome of getting a high heart rate, as M6 involves a full-body movement pattern. It comprises legs motion, alternating push and pulls, arms motion, etc., to activate muscles by increasing heart rate quickly. Thus, adjusting resistance levels makes it perfect for advanced athletes or beginners as you can do all sorts of workouts such as lower or high intensity, steady or active state cardio workouts, and so on. Bowflex M6 has a magnetic resistance system that results in a smooth and intense workout experience.

Compact size

Bowflex M6 is your compact size trainer that fits in almost all spaces. It is easy to store and move because it has rollers to move. It has assembled weight of around 148 lbs. It is relevant to place in any corner of the gym or home due to its small size.

29 Workout Programs

Whether it is a low impact, high intensity, cardio, or whole-body workout, the design of M6 is excellent for all. A Bowflex Max intelligence app is available on an AI platform that makes it more motivating as it evaluates your fitness level and history. It also suggests increasing your difficulty levels every time you get on the equipment.

Bowflex M6 also gives you access to 29 workout videos with leading instructions. The free version will provide you 17 videos, while the paid subscription will provide 29 videos overall and the option to customize videos according to your requirements.

Warranty And Guarantee

The product warranty is available in different sections such as – 

  • Two years for frame and parts.
  • 90 days for labor.

It would have made the perfect deal to go if it had a four to five-year warranty on frame and parts. The warranty period is relatively short, especially for the cardio equipment in this price range. 


The compact size machine grabs the attention of almost everyone as it takes less space to store. Bowflex M6 has a footprint of 46″ x 26″ (L x W), where it takes half the area than other full-size treadmills or ellipticals. This machine can be perfectly suitable for those living in apartments, tiny houses, or lack space for large appliances in their home. M6 has a robust, compact, and durable frame quality that can hold heavy people with ease.

Maximum User Weight And Intelligence Platform

The use of Artificial intelligence’ application surveys and recommends workouts to reach fitness goals. It analyzes, predicts, suggests, and tracks your workout sessions. Bowflex M6 can hold the 300 lbs weight of the user at its maximum that accommodates many users.

Burn Rate And Heart Rate Monitoring Display

The console available on this trainer is quite simple, having a backlit LCD screen, but the burn rate meter seems cool. It is similar to a speedometer, but it displays the number of calories you burn in real-time instead of showing your speed. And so, it is considered an efficient motivator during workouts. You can also use Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless heart rate monitor connection to read accurate heart rate readings during exercises.


You get Bluetooth compatibility to sync up with the JRNY application of Bowflex or any other popular fitness app to track your metrics. Along with it, you get JRNY application compatibility. It is a paid subscription application worth $19.99 per month that gives you unlimited workout videos with leading instructions, scenic routes, all jazz, and metric tracking. Similar to other apps, it also provides all kinds of workouts, not just for M6.

Accessories holder

During your workout sessions, you also get the accessories holder with your Bowflex M6:

  • You get a magnetic media rack at the top of the console where you can keep your phone or tablet from sliding during workouts.
  • You also get a holder for holding your water bottle. You can sip between your activities whenever necessary. You can keep your water bottle, beverages, or detox drinks according to your choice and convenience.
  • A USB charging port is available where this feature allows you to plug in your device and charge during workouts.


Bowflex M6 does an excellent job with its assembly manuals. The manuals have large images explaining every step with zoomed pictures of hardware. It makes it easier to tell what to do next. M6 becomes simple to put together as per the procedure of assembly. You will be just attaching handles, pedals, stabilizer feet, and consoles. However, it provides almost all essential tools required for assembly.

User Programs

Bowflex M6 can program up to around two users, with progress and history. It can track workouts of up to two users. Your progress, history, and exercises will be recorded and can easily be monitor under your identification. 


Owning the elliptical along with a stair stepper in one machine for your home will take less space. Bowflex M6 is a small machine that measures 46 by 26 inches. Along with being more petite in size, it is portable. It has in-built wheels that help to move from one place to another as required. Additionally, it is also light in weight in comparison to other machines.

Whole-body workouts

Two sets of handlebars are available for your usage during workouts. One of them moves, and the other fixed, while the moving one is selected when you exercise, giving you a total body workout. It helps to pump up your arm work biceps, deltoids, upper body muscles, and triceps. 

Noise Levels

Bowflex M6 is not a quiet machine. When you work out, the handles and pedals may make an audible sound as they move through the air. You can say that the decibel level is moderate. It is not so quiet as some other fitness equipment but is more peaceful than any treadmill.


Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, the machine allows many levels of resistance that keep you from plateauing. If you begin to feel that you can handle more difficulty, there is an easy option to gear the machine to another resistance level. It depends on your choice to select the resistance to challenge yourself.

Different in-built programs in this machine vary in intensity. You can pick any when you are on your fitness journey. You get access to a bright backlit display that is easy to follow and read.


Using this Bowflex M6 has no impact on your knees or joints pain. M6 is painless to use machine having zero effect on your joints. So it is known as pain-free equipment. You no longer have to worry about injuries from this machine. It is not like a treadmill; your feet will never leave the device as it is designed in a way so that the motion seems sensible for your joints. It supports your joints naturally. Due to its high level of comfort, you can work out for a more extended period to get better results faster.


Bowflex M6 design for work out in the living area without bothering or disturbing others. Hence, M6 is perfect and comfortable where its pedals are of elliptical style, having a wide texture area. You get a good grip that will not let you slip or move. Max M6 has both moving and fixed handles that give a full-body workout, and whenever you want, you can take a break if necessary. 

  • Bowflex M6 is a convenient fit for any home workouts and gym.
  • Max M6 has 16 resistance levels where you can choose intense or low-impact exercises according to your need and burn more calories in a short duration.
  • M6 works like a personal trainer to you as it integrates the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform application. It helps to analyze, predict, and make suggestions every time you exercise.
  • Bowflex M6 has easy-to-read dual-mode LCD and LED screens.
  • It has a burn rate monitor display accessible that shows the number of calories you burn and the time duration of your workouts.
  • You can use an in-built heart rate monitor or grip that is easy to use and read without interfering with your activities.
  • Users can choose low or high impact, steady or active state workouts as per their convenience.
  • There is a media rack accessible for keeping your phone or tablet. Also, a storage option for a water bottle is available to users.
  • M6 comes in a compact size that measures 46 inches long, 64.2 inches high, and 26 inches wide with 148 lbs.
  • Its optimal and classy design makes it look more attractive, having Bluetooth compatibility for your tablet, phone, heart rate monitor, and other fitness applications.
  • Bowflex M6 provides a full-body workout that promises effective results. In addition, it also offers 29 workout videos that you can choose from any time for yourself.
  • The warranty period for labor is around 90 days, and the frame for two years is too short according to the current price point.
  • You have to bear the subscription cost for reaping the machine’s full potential with its Max Intelligence.
  • There is no cooling fan or speaker in the console.

Machine Specs

Dimensions (in Inches): 46 * 26 * 64.2 (L * W* H); Maximum User weight: 300 lbs (136 kg); AC Adapter integrated; Assembled Product weight: 148 lbs (67kg); Minimum Ceiling height: User height + 15 inches (38cm); Workout Programs: 29; HR Monitor; Media Rack; Burn Rate Monitor; Resistance Levels: 16; Warranty: 2 years for frame and parts, 90 days for labor.