Boxing Bike Review

Cycle boxer is the innovative fitness equipment that includes a punching bag and an exercise bike. You pedal and punch simultaneously during training, where you can do both strength training and cardio. You can increase your muscle strength, concentration, stamina, balance, and coordination. This innovative fitness equipment will help you achieve your fitness goals. Also, The punching bag has some colored targets present on the punch pad. It is your challenge to hit the appropriate plan at the proper time. Also, It makes your training monotonous and less tedious as you do not have to pedal where you can concentrate on something else and challenge yourself.

Cycle boxer has a user-friendly console that has a clear view of your training data. The seat and the punching bag are adjustable in height so that you can adjust backward and forward to get the perfect distance towards the punching bag. 

Cycle boxers are suitable for athletes who select power training and cardio fitness and wish to train in practical, fun, and unique ways. In addition to the benefits, It consumes less space and is movable by the wheels. You can store it and place it in a space-saving manner. You can also utilize it at home that provides you about 16 resistance levels.

Salient Features of Boxing Bike

Boxing Bike Frame

The steel and welded boxing bike frame are durable, sturdy, and secure. The beam having solid coils supports the panel that provides the upright straight cycling position so that you can produce the highest force and maintain your core activated/balanced while boxing. Though made up of steel, the machine frame does not weigh more and is lighter than other similar fitness machines. It is strong enough to withstand the weight capacity of athletes up to 300 lbs. This equipment is compact, having small footprints. It has handles and wheels behind the seat to move it around if you lack a training space at home.


Pedals are flat metal, having adjustable straps and toothed edges for holding your shoe securely as there is no clip for SPD or another cycling shoe. The design of the cycle boxer is to be used by any athlete so that pedals will work with any athletic shoes.


Cycle boxer has 13.2 pounds flywheels that are not the heaviest but the typical weight for the upright cycle. The motion of cycling tends to be gentle and controlled during a workout. Cycling helps you keep your feet spinning and legs engaged to avoid limited circulation problems during boxing. Most of the focus is on the boxing panel; it is good that your feet have things to do. A gentle spin makes the experience more engaging than standing in front of the punching panel. The flywheel is quiet, and you would not hear any noise while pedaling.

Resistance Levels

Cycle boxer provides about 16 resistance levels giving you choices of more or less challenging intensity levels of workout depending on the fitness needs and goals. You can mix, play and match unless you customize your activities to your capacity of burning calories, toning and strengthening your muscles, weight loss, and other goals when improving overall health, cognitive functioning, and cerebrovascular at the same time.


The seat is contoured and wide, but it is not at all overly padded saddle. The saddle is vast, having a thick ledge at the backside. The design of the harness provides an upright riding position for correct balance and stability during boxing. Users who have a height above 6 feet 5 inches may not have enough saddle height. One element can be favorable for all, i.e., a handy level present under the seat so that you can adjust your saddle height while sitting on it. It is helpful since determining the appropriate size can be challenging while standing to the side. It is also the adjustable pop-pin level to move the saddle forward.

Boxing Panel

The Boxing panel is where you will throw your punches with five boxing sensors consisting of colored lights. Each level of force corresponds to the high degree of difficulty that you can present with shapes or lights to target. Thus, you need to stay concentrated and ensure you are hitting those targets perfectly. Lights may indicate to you which sensor to target or which hand to punch. The use of shapes and lights is intriguing, and there is a lot of room to challenge your mind and body and develop hand-eye coordination. 

Heavier, more accurate, and faster blows lead to better results with more effective workouts. Punching bag made for withstanding the harshest of strengths and blows. Punch sensors are stable and can detect light strikes and hard impacts. Data gathered will be processed for real-time and accurate workout metrics. The boxing gloves are part of the package when you buy a boxing bike as they are adjustable and must fit most hands with elastic finger links and a velcro strap.

Sensors With Shapes And Color Lights

There are around five sensors that come with various shapes and lights available on the boxing panel. It is strong enough to absorb the effects of solid boxing strikes quickly that respond to light taps. The color lights under the sensors shine which hand to punch on which sensor depending on the boxing program you choose. 

The colored shapes are a little more challenging for responding when displayed. The combination of different forms and flashing lights is the most difficult for people with fast hand-eye coordination. They help to leave your thumbs free and fists to move around where you do not need to remove the gloves while checking your phone or holding a water bottle.


The cycle boxer has handlebars that are placed beside the console and below the boxing panel. They are located conveniently for support if you wish to concentrate on cycling or require a quick break from boxing. Handlebars have rubber grips for comfort, and they are non-adjustable. 


The console on the cycle boxer has a single touchscreen where the screen is easy to see, having a bright background and black font. Touchscreen includes all functionality in one element that keeps the cockpit tidy. Nothing is cluttering up the boxing bike’s front aside from a cup holder on the top tube. It is easy to use and turn ON/OFF since you do not need to stress about moving around buttons or another tech for getting seated on a boxing bike. 

You can select to do a quick start in the manual mode to set the pattern and tempo cycling and boxing. Do the user challenge that is a preloaded program that changes in difficulty level from easy to hard. A Bluetooth button is available on the main screen for connecting a phone or other gadgets with the heart rate monitor. When you choose a user challenge program, the touchscreen offers directions and instructions about the boxing program. 

There is no tablet holder, but a cup holder can fit our phone on the top tube. Though you can sync Bluetooth connection to your mobile, there are no integrated speakers.


You can download the Cycle boxer application from google play or the apple store, where you can sync easily with the console. It not only offers workout metrics for every round but also offers an ongoing tally of all workouts. The application is free and must work with android or Apple operating systems.

Pre-program workouts

Cycle boxer also comprises some pre-program workouts with brief tutorials to get started. From quick start to preloading challenge programs of users at different difficulty levels such as easy, medium, or hard enables you to select the pattern based on color shapes and lights. Few programs also need to punch lights on different sensors with either right or left hand varying the speed and punches. 

  • It has 16 levels of resistance with 12 different punch levels.
  • Cycle boxers have a durable boxing panel.
  • Punching sensors have Inbuilt lights. 
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity and wireless heart rate monitoring.
  • The cycle boxer has a touchscreen LCD.
  • This fitness equipment Includes gloves.
  • Weight capacity of only 300 lbs.
  • Light flywheel.

Machine Specs

Weight: 121 lbs; weight capacity: 300 lbs; bluetooth connectivity: yes; dimensions: 43.6″ * 27″ * 63-74.5″ (L * W * H); resistance levels: 16; punch levels: 12; pedal bi-directional: forward and backward; warranty: lifetime warranty on frame, 1 year warranty on parts, and 1 year warranty on labor.

Final Words

Cycle boxers are unique in their potential to improve hand-eye coordination, focus, and concentration. It provides both strength training and cardio since cycling and exertion from boxing strengthen your heart and lungs. Cycle boxer also utilizes flashing color lights present on the boxing panel and has sensors integrated into it. It is known as an excellent motivator for non-athletes also because it turns the workout into a game. Users can do cycling and boxing simultaneously. Athletes can target many muscle groups and push themselves as hard as they can.