Brookstone Biosense Pillows Review

Brookstone Biosense pillows are fully customizable pillows brought to you from the house of Brookstone. These Layer Adjust Memory Foam pillows, popularly known as Brookstone Biosense Pillows, let you customize the pillow height and support per your unique sleeping needs because they offer three pillow support layers within a single pillowcase. You may prefer a soft low-profile pillow or a firm, supportive pillow; no worries!

You can now mix and match those three pillow layers to make a perfectly personalized sleep system for your sleeping requirements. That is why it is an ideal solution for all kinds of sleepers – Back sleepers, stomach, and side sleepers, just about everyone. Take a closer look at what it can do for you, and you find out that you can make as many as 15 different combinations with only three different layers. That is an incredible amount of customization for we mortal souls.

At this point, you might be interested in learning a little more about these three incredible interchangeable layers of comfort and support for you. The Brookstone Biosense pillows consist of firm, medium, and soft support layers. Each of them has its unique characteristics, which combine to make a single marvelous pillowcase that is incredibly comfortable and supportive to a wide variety of users.

1.   Soft Layer: This support layer is smoother but better than Down Fill. It offers the loft of and softness of Down and is fully hypoallergenic.

2.   Firm Layer: This memory foam support layer is firm and conforms to the contours of your neck as well as head for excellent support, with state-of-the-art Biosense technology.

3.   Medium Layer: This support layer combines chipped foam and is better than Down fill. This combination provides you a softer layer with a touch more support.

Overall, Brookstone Biosense pillows ensure a restful night’s sleep with layer adjust memory foam technology, aka Biosense. You can remove or interchange any of the three layers to individualize a custom pillow. It provides an ideal amount of firmness to support your neck and head. Stomach or back sleepers may choose the low-profile soft pillow combination, and side sleepers may choose the perfect firm one. You can discover your ultimate variety for incredible comfort. Overall, the Brookstone Biosense pillows are perfect for all sleeping positions offering just the right amount of firmness.

Buying a pillow is the most personal than anything else. You may manage with imperfect quilts and sheets, but a wrong pillow can disturb your entire sleep pattern. It is similar to dating, where you try out different options with trial and error and decide what you like and what you don’t. We can make your life easier with Brookstone Biosense pillows.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pillow

There is no one size fits all formula for finding the best pillow to suit your sleeping style. Some users may insist on a firm feel while users experiencing neck pain hate it. The overall sense of the product depends on the filling used and many more such factors.

Type of Fill

What’s filled inside your pillow Down – Alternative, Gel, Latex, or Foam. Memory foam is the most popular material because it is soft and plush, allowing you to sink in the cushions. The gel is a type of memory foam that is more breathable. The third option is Down which is found under the birds’ feathers, such as ducks and geese, and is typically more expensive. Although it offers a luxury feel, it may also trigger allergies. There are ethical issues too. Down alternative are identical to real ones for almost the same feeling. Similarly, some people prefer latex material as it is a chemical-free alternative.

Firmness Levels

As far as firmness levels are concerned, most pillows are plush, firm, or something between soft or hard. Firmness is not always hardness, and softness is not always thickness and plushness. It depends on the material inside. You may need a firm pillow for neck or head pain issues. It supports your head as it will not sink into it. Other users prefer soft pillows for barely-there and cloud feeling because soft pillows conform to your neck.

Sleeping Style

Side sleepers should look for pillow height. Firm or medium-firm can keep your spine and neck aligned. Back sleepers may need flat pillows with less fill, and they may prefer firmness for neck pain. Stomach sleepers require super soft cushions; a flat pad is better for them, and they must not choose a hard one.


Your memory foam pillow must be CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring that the material is free from heavy metals, flame retardants, and hazardous chemicals. Similarly, popular Greenguard certification implies that the foam contains low levels of chemical emissions.

Salient Features of Brookstone Biosense Pillows

Fully Customizable Pillows

You have already seen that Brookstone Biosense pillows offer 15 custom pillow combinations from three individual support layers – Firm, middle, and soft ones. You have the liberty to choose the order to design your sleep experience with a preferred mix and match option. You can rearrange the layers to adjust firmness, profile, and loft to fit your desired sleep style. In this manner, you will get your perfect pillow by flipping, adding, or subtracting the layers in any configuration you like.

Firm, Medium, And Soft Support Layers

You can select from a total of three customizable pillow layers. The soft layer is a comfy cloud-like comfort layer, a gentle down fiberfill alternative. The medium layer comprises Down alternative fiberfill and chipped memory foam to provide a smooth layer with Touch more support. The third and final layer is firm. It includes firm memory foam to support your neck and head while sleeping. You can mix and match these three layers to create your dream pillow, suiting your sleep preferences.

Luxury Premium Materials

Brookstone features “Better Than Down” signature material which is Down alternative fiberfill. Besides providing loft and softness of Down, It is completely hypoallergenic. The Brookstone Biosense pillows feature luxury premium material to perfectly support your shoulders and neck contours to relieve pressure and stress with Biosense memory foam technology. This technology essentially resets itself whenever you change positions all through the night.

Neutralized Odor

Memory foam pillows often have a strange odor, but BioSense technology uses seed oil, charcoal, and green tea to neutralize odors.

Easy Care

Brookstone Biosense Pillows have an outer cover made of 100% soft polyester. The outer surface is removable; you can directly toss it in the automatic washer and dryer. This ultra-soft cover also features a hidden zipper so that you can easily remove it for cleaning or changing.

5 Year Limited Warranty

You can find the sleep system you require from Brookstone Biosense pillows with layer adjust technology with a five-year limited warranty. However, if you ever feel dissatisfied, you may contact the firm to set things right because their customer care team is eager to work with you to find a solution.

  • You can completely customize these layers adjust pillows by mixing and matching; the firm, middle, and soft support layers. Of course, you can change the combination if you don’t like it.
  • You can try as many as 15 combinations to choose the one that matches your sleeping styles – back, stomach, side, or anything else.
  • A combination of memory foam and down-alternative fill is ideal for a wide range of users. Memory foam conforms to the contours of your head and shoulders for optimum support.
  • The Brookstone Biosense pillows feature luxurious material to provide a perfect loft and softness.
  • Biosense uses natural material to get rid of the typical odor of memory foam.
  • The pillows have an ultra-soft cover made of 100% polyester that you can machine wash. It even features a hidden zipper for quick removal.
  • You get a decent five-year warranty on the pillows.
  • You cannot wash the pillows in the washing machine; only the cover is machine washable.
  • The warranty of 5 years is decent but limited, which may not be helpful in many practical situations.

Specs of Brookstone Biosense Pillows

Pillow Type: Standard /Queen Bed Pillows; Size (Inches): 18 x 26 x 2 (W x L x H); Fill: 80% memory foam + 20% down alternative fill; Layers: Three densities (Soft, medium, firm); Cover material: 100% Polyester; Sleep positions: All; Machine washable: Cover – yes, pillow – no ; Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years (Limited)

Final Words

It is not easy to pin down a demanding sleeper, especially back sleepers and side sleepers. Some of them prefer a super-soft option, while others look forward to an ultra-firm feel. An adjustable pillow is perfect for such users, and we recommend Brookstone Biosense pillows with layer adjustment options. They can test 15 fill combinations before settling for the best one. Even if they change their mind, they may switch to any other layer combination without much ado. Brookstone Biosense pillows are best for users who prefer to test different options before they commit.