Brookstone Foot Massager Review

If two phrases could sum up Brookstone foot massager, they are nothing but effective pain relief plus easy controls. Brookstone has an excellent reputation for the style and quality of its products, and Brookstone foot massager is no exception.

You have to consider this foot massager to help your feet recover from length weekdays, treat diabetic issues, or unwind and relax at the end of the day. Try our comprehensive review guide on Brookstone foot massager to learn more about the product. Although it is a bit expensive, it still offers a lot to an average user. This foot massager covers every part of your foot and is highly effective in helping you relax, reduce pain and boost blood flow.

Who can use the Brookstone Foot Massager?

Diabetic or Pre-diabetic People

Well, you knew the fact that diabetes can affect your feet and toes pretty adversely. If you have issues with your feet, such as balancing troubles, loss of sensations, and difficulty standing for even small durations, a foot massager like Brookstone foot massager is the perfect product. This device will help bring back feeling, soothe pain and promote better blood circulation, especially for diabetic and pre-diabetic users.

People Who Have to Work on Their Feet

A foot massager is a good idea if you spend most of the day on your feet for work or family obligations. If you stand on your feet for hours at a time, your feet cry for help due to excessive wear and tear. If you do not take care of them today, your feet will not recover before the next day rolls around.

Brookstone foot massager is beneficial for every inch of your feet. The shiatsu massage system works on the bottom side to feel particularly good as your feet feel less sore and recover from the pain and wear. Are you planning to get a new pair of shoes that are comfortable for standing on all day long? There is nothing more relaxing than a high-quality massage at the end of the day when your feet are tired and aching.

Salient Features of Brookstone Foot Massager

Air Compression Technology

Air compression is the identity of a high-quality massager. Brookstone foot massager works on the top and sides of your feet to inflate and deflate to squeeze them, which replicates the experience of an actual foot massage. The electric compression with a regular rhythm boosts circulation and feels relaxing and soothing.

Air compression is specifically beneficial to PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease) and diabetic patients. PAD reduced blood flow to your feet, resulting in a typical feeling of cold, loss of balance, numbness, and pain. Squeezing all parts of your feet is an excellent way to relieve patients with PAD and diabetes symptoms.


Shiatsu refers to an ancient Japanese massage practice with specific techniques focussing on gentle kneading of pressure points to reduce stress, relieve pain and promote a sense of calmness. Brookstone foot massager features Shiatsu massage nodes at the bottom, powered by electrical motors.

These massage nodes apply pressure to the bottom of your feet to relieve pain and soreness in your muscles and stimulate nerve endings. It is one of the most relaxing features of this foot massager. Your feet will feel better, and you will feel less stressed up to enjoy your day better. Perhaps it can rejuvenate you more than an extra cup of coffee when you have a quick 20-minute foot massage after an entire exhausting day or even in the middle of the afternoon.

Heating Option

Heat is another aspect for sore feet that is beneficial in more ways than one. We all know that a heating pad helps us relax and unwind. That is why hot tubs are so relaxing! Although the heating element will not make you feel warm all over, it adds to your relaxation experience when warmth combines the compression and kneading actions.

Besides relaxation, heating inside the foot massager also serves many other ends. It helps reduce numb or cold feet and boost blood flow in diabetic patients. Many people suffer from such issues, and just like air compression, heat plays a more significant role in resolving these issues.

Several people work on their feet or run log hours for exercising. Heat is a good option for such people, that helps repair their feet and reduces pain after an entire day of working or after a long workout. Foot massage always feels better when the heat sinks into your feet, no matter who you are.

Large and Spacious Foot Area

It may sound like a minor feature to some of you but not to people with larger feet. Brookstone Foot Massager can fit any shoe size up to 14 for men. That is a sigh of relief for users who felt the discomfort of getting into a foot massager that does not quite fit.

Quiet Operation

Loud buzzing and creaking motor sounds is the last thing you would like to hear while getting a massage at the end of a long day. Brookstone foot massager is a quiet device that lets you focus on relaxing your feet and not those irritating sounds.

Machine Washable

When you use a foot massager over and over, it ultimately needs regular cleaning from the inside. It is straightforward to clean your foot massager. It has machine-washable removable covers that you can straightway toss into your automatic washer and drier. It is all that easy to keep your foot massager clean and, most specifically, smell clean.

User-Friendly Controls

Your foot massager is so user-friendly that you can operate the entire device with only a few buttons. After all, the massager has uncomplicated functions, and you do not need many buttons in any case. So lack of too many controls is a positive aspect, so is using those buttons because nobody wants to spend hours learning how to use a massager than actually using it.

Space-Saving Design

There is a convenient handle to carry your foot massager around, and it is lightweight too. You can quickly transport and store it anywhere in your home or office. Unlike other massagers with large and heavy designs, Brookstone foot massager has a space-saving design worth your attention. It does not get in your way when you are not using it.

Stylish Looks

It has a stylish appearance, typical for Brookstone devices. It is sleek, small, and has a smooth appearance that differentiates it from a hospital machine. You have to choose this foot massager if style matters to you.

One Year Warranty

Brookstone foot massager offers a limited warranty of only one year, covering mechanical or electrical issues and factory defects, excluding alterations, user errors, damages, wear and tear, etc.

  • It is an effective pain reliever for sore and aching feet, especially for PAD and diabetic people or people who work on feet for long hours. It improves blood circulation, reduces numbness and pain.
  • The controls are minimal with a user-friendly interface.
  • It uses air compression techniques to squeeze your feet.
  • The Brookstone foot massager has a unique Japanese massage system called Shiatsu that gently kneads your feet from the bottom side to relieve pain.
  • It has a large and spacious foot area that can fit up to Men’s 14 sizes, covering almost every user with a need for foot relaxation.
  • The heating option complements the air compression and kneading movements to provide maximum relief from pain.
  • The foot massager works quietly without irritating electronic noises.
  • The removable covers are machine washable.
  • Since the foot massager is lightweight and features a handle, it is a cakewalk to transport and store the device.
  • It has a stylish design, backed by the substantial brand equity of Brooklyn with a one-year limited warranty.
  • Some people dislike intense massages, and this foot massager lacks a vibration massage that is relaxing but gentle. Vibration massage is very popular among such users. If you prefer a softer touch instead of intense movements, you should have a look at a foot massager that works on vibration instead of air compression or Shiatsu techniques.
  • This foot massager may be too big for users with foot size less than women’s 6. Technically, your feet will fit inside the massager, but you may not enjoy the full power of this device. Either it may be too loose from the top side, or it may be too uncomfortable on the bottom side of your geet.

Machine Specs of Brookstone Foot Massager

Product Description: Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Selectable Heat, Rollers and Air Compression; Dimensions (inches): 8.78 x 16.81 x 14.41 (H x L x W); Item Weight: 12.6 lbs; Heat Option: Available; Shoe Size: Maximum up to 14 (Men’s Size); Massage Modes: Two; Programs: Energize, Pulse, and Soothe.

Final Words

Brookstone foot massager is a brilliant device to provide a relaxing massage on your aching feet. It features user-friendly controls, sleek design and effectively soothes soreness and pain in almost all sizes of feet.