Are all chair massage really expensive?

Who has not dreamed of owning a relaxing massage chair at home but has been stopped by the cost? it’s understandable, not everyone has thousands of dollars available to fork on such a device, as helpful as it might be. That’s why we are introducing to you this massaging black leather recliner that is a cheap massage chair. We indeed mean cheap as in affordable and not as in lack of quality.

The solution

Here is a really nice model that is widely spread, appreciated and you can order it easily on Amazon. It’s a black leather recliner with its ottoman (foot rest). We really wanted to introduce it to you as it is super efficient and your wallet won’t suffer from this purchase. If you are looking to make some savings and still get yourself a beautiful relaxation tool get this cheap massage chair.

flash futniture black leather cheap massage chair
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When you consider a chair massage, you have a look at the quality, and this one is composed of leather and polyurethane. It has a metal base making it very durable and reliable without forgetting comfort thanks to the swivel seat, which makes this recliner pretty fit for the work environment too. As regarding office space, if you have the chance to have some room and an understanding boss, you could place it there: it’s proven that we are more effective and performing when we take breaks regularly, even short ones. It can be a real advantage for a working structure to provide a chair massage to its employees.

Thanks to the included remote control, you can have access to a tailored chair massage and play with the functions until you find your favorite one. There are four zones where you can activate the chair massage (vibration) separately or all at once. You can choose between 9 modes that will create different massaging patterns. This will help to cover as much area as possible and stimulate as many zones as it can. There are also 5 levels of intensity that you can choose from. Depending on your needs, your sensibility and your health, it’s great to be able to adapt the strength of the vibration. You need indeed some firm chair massage to relax you but when you have some muscular/skeletal problems it’s better not to go to hard yourself.

flash futniture remote control

On top of the intensity, zones, and modes, you can also use the remote to activate the heat function, to make you feel completely relaxed, and to set up the timer. Massages are good but like everything, it’s better to limit them to a certain amount of time per day. What if it’s so good that you fall asleep? The timer will help here too! Once you are done, you can simply place back the remote control in the convenient side pocket where you can place too your favorite books or magazines.


This cheap massage chair is very easy to assemble and it won’t require more than about 30 mins. Once it’s done, we are sure that you’ll try it and adopt it straight away. Do not forget that it is a set and it comes with the ottoman footrest that is appreciable. It’s a product that has been purchased, tested and approved by many customers and you won’t regret to be part of that list too.