Cubii JR Comprehensive Buying Guide

Cubii Reviews will guide you on using the Cubii Junior desk elliptical at your office or home. It is a mini desk elliptical used primarily by somewhat lazy people who must burn calories to remain healthy.

Some people are skeptical about Cubii JR and consider it a total waste of time. However, it can help many users burn more than 500 calories every week. Well, it will translate to a few gym workouts. Even better, you will burn those calories while working. Have you ever wondered who the ideal users of this type of machine are? Cubii reviews will not compare this under the desk elliptical with a standard one thinking that several people use it at the office; because it is not fair.

Cubii reviews will essentially talk about what this machine is all about, its features, specs, pros, cons, etc. In the end, we will try to give a final verdict about the product. So keep reading till the end.

Cubii Jr is an under-the-desk elliptical. You can also say that it is a seated oval machine used to get healthy at your office or home (if you work from home). Cubii JR has two oversized pedals and a small screen to keep track of your mini workouts. You will have to pedal it to use it as a workout while working.

Please note that it is not a typical elliptical you might see at your community gym or home gym. Cubii Jr does not have any handlebars to hold or straps to secure your feet. You don’t have to stand on the pedals of this mini machine. All you have to do is to sit on the couch at home or on your office chair.

You may consider Cubii Jr as a fitness device for users recovering from an injury or for seniors who struggle to stay fit, or for office goers who have no time left for dedicated workouts. The company has already sold thousands of its units, but the question remains: Does it work?

Cubii Jr mini desk elliptical machine is a steady-state or low-impact cardio device. 

These kinds of workouts do burn calories but only after a while with repetitions for weeks together. You can not expect to burn calories by just having a quick 15-minute Cubii workout. You have to spend at least a couple of hours every day for Cubii movements to start seeing the expected benefits.

Cubii Reviews of Salient Features

Eight Resistance Levels

A resistance knob is all you need to save you from endless hours of useless Cubii workouts on ordinary machines. Cubii Jr has eight resistance levels that can help your legs to work at different intensities. You can complete your mini exercise bike of the day under varying intensity levels.

Here are a few tips for you to get the best out of your machine. Cubii reviews recommend that you adjust the intensity of Cubii Jr before sitting down so that you do not put undue pressure on your lower back trying to reach the intensity knob when you are in a sitting position. There is a piece of simple advice on resistance levels also. It will be best to reduce your intensity level when doing typing work to let you concentrate a little better. Similarly, you can use a higher resistance level when you are just reading on your laptop.

Low-impact exercises

We are living in a sitting society where an under-the-desk machine can benefit us immensely. Cubii reviews help us understand how beneficial such a small device can be.

Several research reports suggest that low-impact exercises performed on mini elliptical improve your cognitive and physical health. They can also positively influence the moods of adults. There are more benefits with seniors and sedentary office workers who cannot perform more vigorous workouts on fitness machines to burn calories. Cubii reviews suggest that you weigh yourself every month to check your body weight fluctuation even if you train yourself with low-impact ellipticals like Cubii Jr.

LCD data

Cubii reviews are meaningless without tracking the fitness data. You may find more affordable mini ellipticals, but many of them cannot accurately depict the fitness metrics. You can keep track of your workout details such as time spent, calories burnt, and your stride data on the small LCD panel of Cubii Jr.

Although the in-built monitor of Cubii Jr may seem a little outdated, it does its job pretty well. You can track your fitness data on this mini device. However, Cubii Jr does not save any exercise data, and if you are the kind of person who is particular about your training progress, you will have to write that down somewhere after every session. Moreover, the LCD panel of Cubii Jr is not backlit; you can keep a small light source handy to check the required details quickly.

Live classes

You can access live low-impact classes daily on the Facebook page of Cubii. You may choose from body flexibility or core activation classes to help you when you are a little unsure about your fitness commitments.

Of course, it may be a little difficult to follow along with online classes when you are at work. Live classes target users who train at their homes on the couches. Still, you get to know how to use a Cubii bike better and how they differ from just another office elliptical.

It is true that under the desk cycles like Cubii Jr cannot keep you motivated for long and can become a bit boring faster than you think. Hence, you require secondary activities like desk work, watching TV, or attending fitness class to get through weight loss routines with Cubii under the desk ellipticals. You can discover new motivation activities like watching videos on a computer to get through with Cubii Jr without getting bored.

Online Cubbi Communities

Many Facebook communities and Reddit groups, including Cubii Jr., are available online for users of under-the-desk peddles. Our Cubii reviews recommend that everyone join such online communities to resolve any technical issues quickly. For instance, we found the process to replace a Cubii monitor here without any outside help. But rest assured because the product quality is better and you will not have to deal with too many faults as you may find in run-of-the-mill machines.

Where to Use

You can use Cubii Jr in almost any place where you sit for a few hours. It can often be your office or home. It would be best if you were pedaling for at least one hour each day. On sunny days, you can also use it outside on the patio with the added benefit of fresh air.

Bluetooth Progress Tracking Vs. Display

Cubii Jr does not have Bluetooth compatibility like Cubii Pro. It means that you cannot connect your under desk cycle to fitness apps. But Cubii Pro does not come with a digital display. You will have to connect it to a smartphone, fitness watch, or a similar tracking device like fitness tracker Fitbit to keep track of your data. Although you can use Cubii Pro without data tracking, it is better to have an LCD panel than a Bluetooth feature without any LCD Panel. Of course, it also depends on the individual preferences of a user.

  • You can burn five hundred calories per hour using a Cubii Jr mini under desk machine.
  • It is suitable for all feet sizes because it comes with oversized pedals.
  • Cubii Jr is exceptionally efficient for low-impact training, especially for those with lower back or knee pain.
  • It burns five times more calories than a standing one which can burn only 100-200 calories per hour.
  • It is a lightweight and portable under desk bike weighing only 25 pounds, and you can lift and carry it easily.
  • It balances your sedentary work style because it is easy to use at work.
  • It is one of the most practical under-the-desk elliptical options for Seniors.
  • Cubii Jr has eight resistance levels for training, so it is a little less boring for users.
  • It is affordable than a full-size elliptical.
  • The LCD panel of Cubii Jr seems a little outdated and is not even backlit
  • You cannot use it correctly on hardwood floors without mats because it slips while using, requiring frequent adjustments.
  • Unlike Cubii Pro, Cubii Jr does not offer Bluetooth connectivity.

Machine Specs of Cubii JR

Dimension (inches): 23.15 x 17.56 x 9.77 (L x W x H); Type: Under Desk Elliptical; Item Weight: 27.56 pounds; Resistance Levels: 8; Resistance Method: Knob; Operating Temperatre: 25 Degree C; Non Operating Temperature: 32 Degrees C; Blutooth: No; LCD: Stride, Calries, RPM, Time, Distance; Wheel Stoppers: 2; Workout Mat: Non Slip 25 x 18 inch; Design: Under; Warranty: 1 Yr

Final Words

Cubii Jr under desk bike is gaining popularity in 2021. Sedentary lifestyles and weight problems are fast becoming mainstream issues because the end of the Covid pandemic is not in sight. The number of people working from home has been consistently increasing. Cubii reviews confirm that machines like Cubii Jr will be a little help in our continuing battle to ward off excess weight and improve the cardio health of users.