Diabetic Slippers for swollen feet health crucially important for diabetic people? The main reason is called neuropathy: it’s a disorder frequently associated with diabetes that causes tingling, pain, numbness, or weakness in the feet. According to the specialists, the high level of sugar in the blood damages the small blood vessels that supply the peripheral nerves. On a global body level, it can also affect motor nerves and autonomic nerves, which means that potentially it can reach all innervated organs and systems.

If neuropathy is a complication of diabetes, the main issue for the feet is the complications that neuropathy creates itself like infections and ulcers. Blisters and sores appear on numb areas of the feet and it goes unnoticed due to the loss of sensitivity and becomes an open door for bacterias and infections.

The major action to avoid those complications linked to neuropathy is strict sugar-level control. Then comes foot hygiene, regular specialist visits and wearing adapted footwear, i.e. diabetic socks, diabetic shoes, and diabetic slippers.

That is why the rest of this article will be dedicated to giving you a glimpse of the best diabetic slippers on the market. Diabetic slippers or shoes are not pathology-solving accessories, but they are studied to relieve the pain and ensure the comfort of those with sensitive feet or problematic feet. They can help on a daily basis, at home or outdoors and despite the word “diabetic”, they can be suitable for people belonging to many categories: the elderly, people with edema or with regular feet swelling or people that just underwent surgery and need extra comfort for their aching foot area.

Here’s a selected mix of Woman, Man & Unisex Diabetic Slippers For Swollen Feet:

1. Silverts Men’s Extra Wide Slip-Resistant Slippers

Diabetic Slippers

These Men’s Edema and diabetic slippers for swollen feet offer extra wide width. These deep slippers come with adjustable closures if you are looking for incredible comfort for your swollen ankles and feet. They feature an easy touch loop fastener and adjustable hook to accommodate even the most swollen cases. The easy touch closure feature makes them easy to wear and adjust to foot size and swelling. On top of that, you get the ultimate comfort with its memory foam insoles. This heel-to-toe padding offers excellent cushioning.

These diabetic slippers for swollen feet have slip-resistant soles, which prevent potential skids or falls on wet or dry surfaces by providing grip for indoor and outdoor wear. The fluid barrier protects from smells and spills and is perfect for incontinence. It is ultra-comfortable footwear from Silverts with a wide width. The head of these therapeutic slippers is more comprehensive so that it doesn’t squeeze the foot. These diabetic slippers for swollen feet also feature removable insoles, which allow for orthotics.

There is one word of caution before purchasing a pair for you or your loved ones. You need not select a larger size to accommodate swelling or width. These men’s slippers are available in sizes 7 to 14 with the best foot length and width as per your preferences.

You can also wear slippers as a shoe. People with reduced skill levels or who have arthritis can comfortably use these diabetic slippers for swollen feet. You can also select them as gifts for men in a home care facility, skilled nursing, or rehabilitation centers. You can also gift a few pairs to your family and friends, as it is functional and beneficial to their health.

These slippers are extra roomy and deep, making them ideal for patients in retirement homes, nursing homes, post-surgery wards, and hospitals. These extra-wide slippers are also suitable as house slippers for comfortable casual use in the home care setting. These slippers are hand or machine washable, easy to care for, and ultra-lightweight.

These self dressing diabetic slippers for swollen feet are suitable for people with Parkinson’s, scoliosis, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, leg stiffness, hospice, edema, stroke, cerebral palsy, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and ALS, and extra-wide feet. They are also suitable for sore, tired, aching feet, plantar fasciitis, and bunion patients. Moreover, Silverts slippers’ adaptability offers an easy on and off feature for patients needing assistance when dressing.

Moreover, they are suitable for seniors, handicap, disabled, adaptive patients. Patients with arm stiffness, swollen feet, foot problems, diabetic footwear, broken leg, assisted living will find it helpful. Besides, incontinence, wheelchair, palliative care, podiatry, nursing home, independent dressing, home care, and health care needs also call for using these self dressing diabetic slippers for swollen feet.

You can put these diabetic slippers for swollen feet on your feet rather than having to force your foot into it. The uppers of these slippers have a high quality and soft material. Doctors recommend using these adjustable slippers because their design lets the wearer step in and out of the shoe quickly, and its hook-and-loop closures easily adjust to help comfort swollen feet.

2. Soft Terry Cloth Slippers

Diabetic Slippers For Swollen Feet

Silverts soft terry cloth slippers are bestseller self-dressing slippers for women. These diabetic slippers for swollen feet are adaptive arthritis slippers. They feature easy closure for a comfortable fitting for women of all ages.

Let’s talk about the product features of soft terry cloth slippers from Silverts. They include many valuable characteristics, including wide width, slip-resistant soles, quality material, adjustable, easy touch closures, and much more.

They can provide space to your toes with adjustable closures. They are ultra-lightweight and come with anti-microbial protection where the fluid barrier can control foul odor and resist stains. You can adjust these wonderful women’s shoes for the elderly as often as desired for swelling feet.

The diabetic slippers for swollen feet feature many benefits. Still, one of the most remarkable features is their wide width, allowing adjustment per your feet size and swelling condition of the foot and ankles. Think of a situation where the slippers are not wide enough or non-adjustable; they will be of no use for people with swollen feet. A wider size accommodates your feet to the maximum possible extent.

They are also suitable for patients suffering from arthritis or people with limited hand dexterity. Self-dressing shoes are helpful only if they feature easy touch closures and adjustable sizes. Patients will find them easier to use for their flexibility and user-friendliness. They feature adjustable closure accommodating different swelling degrees and are available in small to extra large wide sizes.

They can easily prevent potential falls and slips due to their state-of-the-art slip-resistant soles. The skid-resistant soles can help in avoiding elderly falls. Many a time, poorly designed slippers are the cause of avoidable slippages and skidding during elderly movements. Patients with old age will find this feature reasonably practical because they are highly prone to potential slips and skids in the bathroom or wet, slippery floor conditions.

These diabetic slippers for swollen feet are made of soft velour or terry, having inner sole cushioning. Their removable cushioned insoles are pretty comfortable and handy for regular use. You can use them as the bedroom and house slippers. This quality footwear from Silverts is ultra-comfortable and cozy. These comfy soft terry cloth slippers are machine-washable and are available in three different single-tone colors: black, blue, and taupe.

These affordable self-dressing diabetic slippers for swollen feet qualify as an ideal gift for nursing homes, hospitals, and home care. Similarly, you can also use them in long-term care facilities, home rehabilitation centers, and skilled nursing facilities. You can gift these diabetic slippers for swollen feet to your loved ones, and they will remember you for such a thoughtful gift.

These value-for-money slippers help patients in orthopedic footwear, wheelchair, swollen feet, stroke, palliative care, nursing home, hospice, and assisted living. People suffering from the following conditions will also find these slippers very useful due to their remarkable comfort and quality features: Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, ALS, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease. These easy closures wide, adaptive diabetic slippers for swollen feet are easier for people with limited hand skills.

These diabetic slippers for swollen feet are super comfortable. Please get in touch with Silverts to get your pair of VELCRO Brand fastener footwear.

3. Women’s Extra Wide Width Adaptive Diabetic Slippers

Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers

These extra wide diabetic slippers for swollen feet will most likely please all feet. They have a really wide size, so even a swollen foot can be accommodated easily, especially thanks to high-quality fasteners that allow you to adjust the width to fit perfectly your foot. Matching perfectly the foot size and shape is crucial for people that have feet sensitivity, problems or are diabetic as they are fragile and can not afford to be wearing randomly fitted shoes that will either put too much pressure on the foot or not hold it well enough.

The soles are skid-resistant and the insoles have memory foam. On top of that, you’ll enjoy their anti-bacterial feature in order to avoid smell and stains. We would say that the last feature described (skid-resistant, memory foam and anti-bacterial) is appreciated by everyone, but this is really an important factor if you are picking those slippers for an elderly relative who has walking difficulties or won’t notice when his slippers are “smelly”. It’s almost a safety guarantee for you to know that they will be less prone to accidental falls.

As for the feelings of the ones wearing those slippers, the memory foam insoles will act like a glove and allow them to be extra comfortable anytime they wear them (versus when a shoe/slipper has a too rigid structure and you just can’t feel at ease inside of it). Also, being diabetic or old does not mean necessarily that you don’t care about the way you look anymore, that’s why these diabetic slippers for swollen feet come in four different colors from which to choose your favorite one.

4. Men’s Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers – Swollen Feet

Diabetic Slippers 1

Those diabetic slippers are pretty good looking and come in three different colors: they are pretty manly (blue, black and brown) but the fact that its tartan (a major of one brown or blue -the black is plain- mixed with two other minor colors) facilitates the fact of wearing them for women too. They are as well adjustable to your feet’s width: the fact that they have three straps to “wrap up” your feet (one frontal, two lateral), should really make them feel like they are customer-made for you, the Velcro fasteners will guarantee a perfect stability of the grip.

They are thick so they’ll keep you warm which is important for diabetic people with neuropathy because of the sensitivity loss. The feet play a major role in our overall health and are a very exposed area as well. It’s not uncommon to have cold feet -especially for women- and this can be a sign of a little “lazy” blood circulation, even if it’s just a sensation, it’s not pleasant and can be really difficult to be overcome and can lead to some colds or other illnesses. For people with neuropathy, it’s absolutely critical to keep their feet at a good temperature and they won’t realize themselves straight away that they need more warmth.

Those slippers also benefit from skid-resistant insoles with memory-foam with all the benefits advised on the above review. Those might be diabetic slippers but as the sole is thick and the black version pretty sober you can also wear those shoes outside, as proper footwear, the days you feel you need this extra comfort. You will be at ease walking and it won’t look like you are neglected.

5. Men’s Comfortrite Wide Diabetic Slippers

Foamtreads diabetic slippers

The biggest advantage of Silverts is that it’s a company with over 50 years’ experience in the market that focuses on comfort slippers for women, men, and children. Their specialty line is called Foameds, which features rich medically designed slippers bringing comfort to patients with health concerns that impact their feet or mobility. With all this, you are sure to opt for a top-quality product. You’ll have a real choice in the sizes for these diabetic slippers: from 7 to 14.

They have hook-and-loop enclosures and can be considered highly customizable and the nice distinctive feature is the heel strap: usually, diabetic slippers have top/lateral fasteners to ensure the right fit on the width but these ones also have back ones to make sure your heel also has the perfect match.

Those slippers will be a great benefit for the ones suffering from edema, neuropathy, general foot pain or are undergoing some kind of surgery that will affect the foot area and will leave them with permanent or temporary decreased mobility. It will be a great relief for those people and nice comfort for their families to know their pain is not emphasized by the footwear.

They are anti-bacterial, so no risk for uncomfortable smell and you can wash them gently with soap and air dry them. They are labeled for men, but sincerely, as they are plain black, they won’t look shocking on a woman’s foot.

6. International Men’s Diabetic Slippers

Perry diabetic slippers

These slippers could be adequate for diabetic people with well-controlled neuropathy and not too swollen feet as they are not specifically designed for them: they don’t have fasteners and straps to really adjust each side of the shoe. However, we still included them in this list as they could be great for those with less critical needs (or no neuropathy) and that is simply looking for comfortable, warm slippers.

These slippers have a synthetic sole (not rubber), so you’ll prefer to wear them inside, but a brief outdoor usage won’t create too much damage. As general feedback, it’s really a long-lasting product for a little investment. Also, you might want to pay attention to the fact that if you live in a warm place or if you tend to have sweaty feet, you might be bored of the fluffiness of these slippers as it will indeed act properly and create a nice warmth around your feet. They come in five different colors, all pretty neutral and our favorite is “tan”: it looks just gorgeous and chic.

7. Silverts Women’s Stretchable Comfort Hugster Shoe / Slipper

Foamtreads doctor diabetic slippers

These lightweight diabetic slippers for swollen feet offer extra-wide deep width. They consist of lightweight materials and slip-resistant soles, which help in avoiding potential skids and falls. These beautiful slippers for women are perfect for swollen feet or ankles.

These washable diabetic slippers for swollen feet feature removable insoles, which are excellent for orthotics. The feature of easy touch closure provides flexibility in terms of adjusting to swelling conditions. It is quality footwear from Silverts offering super comfortable wearability.
Doctors recommend using these self dressing diabetic slippers for swollen feet as they are a product of careful research and thoughtful design. The ultra-comfortable material lets you feel like a big hug to your feet. The extra-wide fitting ensures that you do not have to force your ways into the shoes, and you can slide your feet in and out without any struggle.

You can even remove soft insoles for separate washing if required. The slippers also have antimicrobial protection and a fluid barrier to help control foul odors and resist staining. Hence, they are ideal relief for patients with incontinence. The shoes are available in a complete size range from 6 to 12 in an extra-wide format. You can wear these lightweight slippers indoors or outdoors.

These easy slip-on, diabetic slippers for swollen feet offer a full-coverage style. They feature Velcro closures that provide a customized fit to your feet. Such types of slippers prove an excellent nest for arthritis. The best aspect is that you can wear the slippers on your feet instead of forcing your feet into rigid shoes.

Thanks to their anti-skid soles and fluid barrier, you can comfortably walk on a wet floor without worrying about falling or slipping or getting your shoes wet. These versatile slippers will let you move inside or around your house for completing routine jobs like watering the lawn, checking the mailbox, or fetching water without changing shoes.
These slippers have a fully closed back heel which wholly covers the ball of your heel. You can walk up or downstairs safely. You can gift these hand or machine-washable pairs of slippers to your friends and loved ones on anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, or Halloween.

They are great gifts for hospital patients, the elderly, doctors, and diabetic patients. They are available in seven sizes for women from 6 to 12 and can fit all types of feet, including Standard, Slim, Wide, and Extra-wide ones. You can select the next size up if you are between these sizes.

Our extra-wide diabetic slippers for swollen feet are great for anyone who suffers from foot problems associated with Parkinson’s, orthopedic footwear, incontinence, wheelchair, swollen feet, stroke, post-operation. Besides, paralysis, nursing home, multiple sclerosis, home care, health care, handicap, foot problems, edema, disabled, diabetic footwear, cerebral palsy, assisted living, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and ALS also find it useful. It can also bring some help to Hallux Valgus, Talipes Valgus, flatfoot, and splayfoot with comfortable wearing.

The slip-resistant soles will not leave any scratch marks on wooden or tile floors. These slippers are ideal for women of all ages and lifestyles. They have a fluffy plush interior that will hug your feet and provide a cloud walking experience with every step you take. They are the best treatment for your feet and will also keep your feet warm.

8. FootSmart Wrap-Around Diabetic Slippers

Diabetic Slippers 4

With no hesitation, we can say that this pair is one nice-looking pair of diabetic slippers for swollen feet. They are available in light pink and this makes them really stand out compared to their dark counterparts and it also comes in light grey and navy blue. On the functional side, these diabetic slippers also benefit from straps to help you adjust the fitting. The v-notched heel counter provides stability and support, it’s made on purpose to help people be comfortable in their shoes. If you know the pain and recall the harsh feeling new shoes or too hard shoes can provoke on the Achilles tendon, let alone the blisters, you don’t want that to happen to people with sensitive problems or health conditions and needing extra care. The V-notch help with this too.

These diabetic slippers are great help for any needy feet. The hook and loop closure opens up completely for conveniency: they are easy to put on and to remove, also the hook and loop feature is a favorite one amongst people with feet problems as it really helps to get a perfect fit: not too tight or too loose. The synthetic sole is pretty thick guaranteeing a good shock and impact absorption as well as the ability to be worn indoors or outdoors. The inside is made of ultra-soft micro-terry cotton that is absorbent, cool and dry. It’s perfect material if you are looking for all day long comfort and breathable material.

Overall, it’s a really great product for people with neuropathy, that just had surgery, edema, or who have sensitive feet, and these diabetic slippers also deserve special praise as their look is really stylish and pleasant for the eye. When you are looking to relieve pain, looks are not the first criteria to be considered, however, it’s always appreciable to wear a pair of diabetic slippers that do not look too therapeutic!

9. Men’s or Women’s Deep Wide Foot Protectors

Diabetic Slippers For Swollen Feet 1

This revolutionary healthcare product comes with unique features of quality and comfort. These diabetic slippers for swollen feet offer a wide width, adjustable closures, and a comfortable fit.

First of all, a wide width is perfect for swollen feet or ankles as you can adjust as per different degrees of swelling. With their easy touch closures, you can rest assured that they will provide a comfortable and cozy feeling to your feet by keeping them warm and pampered.

These diabetic slippers for swollen feet accommodate as per feet swelling because they consist of ultra-comfortable cotton and polyester blend. The material quality ensures that you get the best quality footwear to soothe your condition. Their extra-extra-wide snuggler foot protectors promote blood circulation through adjustable cushioning of your swollen feet and ankles.

These diabetic slippers for swollen feet are wonderful edema and diabetic slippers as they are excellent for delicate and fragile skin. If you suffer from corns, foot edema, hammertoes, bunions, or other podiatry foot issues, these diabetic slippers for swollen feet are a perfect choice, mainly if you belong to the elderly group of people prone to such conditions.

If we talk about their cushioning and lining, you get the best quality, quilted diabetic slippers for swollen feet by Silverts. They feature a warm plush lining made of polyester and cotton. Although not meant for walking or ambulating, these easy-touch fasteners open to toes. Such diabetic slippers for swollen feet are an appropriate choice for elderly who are either disabled or dependent on a wheelchair for movement.

You can also use these loose boot-style diabetic slippers for swollen feet in post-operation, post-surgery conditions, home patient residents, wheelchair-dependent patients, and people who have arthritis. They are suitable for nursing such patients as they offer a comfortable fitting. You can wash the slippers in gentle wash cycles.

These diabetic slippers for swollen feet are unisex (for both men and women), self-dressing, deep, comprehensive adjustable healthcare solutions for people suffering from foot problems, Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, diabetes, paralysis, etc. They are practical in assisted living, leg stiffness, multiple sclerosis, swollen feet, etc. People with bedridden conditions, broken legs, delicate skin, and home care can use this product for added convenience.

These diabetic slippers for swollen feet can completely adjust to the width of the foot. They feature memory foam insoles and anti-bacterial material, ensuring a hygienic experience for patients, doctors, and caregivers by controlling foul odor and stains. They are terrific for people with reduced hand skill as they can adjust the Velcro fasteners and wear them as a shoe by changing the width.

These diabetic slippers for swollen feet use the best VELCRO brand fasteners, which provide outstanding comfort in most swelling cases. They have non-slip, skid-resistant slipper soles. They are also suitable for retirement homes, patients in hospitals, or casual use in homes for regular home care. Their extra-wide width ensures that both men and women can use them comfortably for a wide variety of situations outlined above.

Few tips on how to pick your diabetic slippers and what to consider when buying footwear if you have feet problems :

Width: the main error that many fall into is choosing extra wide diabetic slippers (or footwear in general), hoping that it’s not going to damage their feet and feel like it’s safe. It’s a lure: why not wear a box with cotton pads in this case? Footwear is meant to protect the foot alongside wrapping it up and supporting it. You need to pick shoes/diabetic slippers that are matching the size of your feet. If people with no particular foot problem are generally less regarding finding the perfect fit when you suffer from neuropathy, you need to be extremely careful. That’s also why manufacturers came with adjustable models, mostly thanks to fasteners/hook-and-loop features, and it’s a blessing because you can really adapt your footwear to your needs.

– The box: it’s the model of your footwear/slippers. Large, long, low-cut, high-cut, tight, loose, etc.. many models are available. Extensive researches/trials can be the key to find the perfect match in terms of diabetic slippers. The toes must not touch the front, and the side toes must have a little wiggle room (feet are not static).

– The sole: it has to be solid, skid-resistant, and not slippery. The ticker it is, the most likely it is to last (careful, you should still be able to walk around with your diabetic slippers, not feeling you carrying an ingot under your feet). Also, when the sole is solid and thick, you can use the outdoor’ slippers, which might be very convenient for short walks around the surrounding areas. Usually, it’s rubber.

– The material: it needs to be breathable. The last thing you want is diabetic slippers that keep the heat and makes you sweat. Cotton-like materials are the ones to opt for: they will maintain a proper temperature within the slippers and let the extra heat breathe out.

– The inner sole: the best would be a memory-foam sole to be reliable and keep an ergonomic shape as long as possible. This feature helps to feel as if the diabetic slippers had been custom-made. It’s also good if the insole is anti-bacterial: it’s important to keep a healthy, bacteria-free environment for your feet. As we saw throughout this article, feet health is vital, and it starts with good hygiene; also, an anti-bacterial insole will help with avoiding/reducing inconvenient odors.

Tips to look after your feet when suffering from diabetes :

– Look closely after your diabetes. It might seem obvious, but foot problems are just the consequence of existing diabetes and not the cause, so to avoid foot problems or not make them worsen, look closely after your diabetes just as your doctor advises you to.

– Keep your hygiene irreproachable: wash your feet daily in lukewarm water previously tester with your hands. The water temperature should be just as not too hot to burn your feet or not too cold to create a numb sensation. You can use any regular soap you’d like, but preferably a soap (liquid or hard) moisturizing not to dry out your skin. Clean thoroughly between your toes, and do not also forget to wash the sole/arch properly. Rinse them well and dry them with a clean towel. Do make sure that you are drying out between the toes correctly: it’s often an overlooked stage by everyone.

– If need, after cleaning your feet, apply moisturizer. It’s not a necessary step if your skin is naturally moist, but it’s indeed going the extra-mile into foot care. The skin will be soft and smooth.

– Take advantage of this moment dedicated to your feet to check them out for anything suspicious or to catch an eventual problem at an early stage (warts, cuts, calluses, blisters, scratch, etc..) It will not take you five minutes, but it will spare you a lot of time if you injured yourself and did not notice it.

– Perform some regular maintenance: if you see some calluses or corn, polish them out gently with a gentle scrub or a pumice stone. The gesture should not be too harsh not to take the risk of injuring you and avoid doing it before getting a shower. The warm water will soften the skin and will make it easier to work it, but that’s the trap: it can be so soft that a gesture with the wrong level of intensity can cut you open. So be careful when performing this.

– Take care of your toenails. Don’t let be too long, nor cut them too much: none of these situations is really appreciable, so you better keep your nails to a short regular size. There is no ideal length, but consider that the free edge (the white part at the edge of your nail) should measure at least a few millimeters, and the nail should not be much longer than your finger/toe. You can use a small adapted nail-clipper if it’s convenient for you or a nail filing block. If you can’t handle a nail-clip and feel like a filing block is not efficient enough, you can use an emery board: be careful to file constantly from a side to another and not back and forth (bad or your mails) and avoid using a metallic file as it’s way too aggressive (and dangerous if misused).

– Privilege the right footwear and avoid walking barefoot. Your feet must be supported but not squeezed, and footwear needs to breathe and be comfortable. In most cases, people are wearing shoes/slippers almost all day long, so making sure you to a quality product that can last for several years is not a waste of time. Adapted footwear is key when looking after fragile feet as it helps to maintain a healthy environment to keep the feet away from problems


The above list is non-exhaustive: it’s just a quick review of the best diabetic slippers available at the moment on the market: it’s a health-related article, so looking closely at every product you are considering buying is not something you will regret. You always need to check with your medical surroundings (GP, specialist, surgeon) what footwear is the most suitable for you: you might sometimes be surprised at their answers.

Because of all the health reasons quoted in the introduction- diabetes, neuropathy, decreased feelings- you need to be well equipped to keep your general physical condition stable or even improve it but essentially, at least, not to deteriorate it. The two main criteria to verify before buying diabetic slippers would be with no hesitation the straps around the shoe, to ensure a customized fit and the solidity of the sole, to guarantee the stability of the foot and the overall quality.

Diabetic slippers for swollen feet help you stay comfortable and be at ease in your home or outside. They will also greatly benefit the persons who use wheelchairs and those who just underwent surgery: an extra comfort and pain relief for those who need it. Bear in mind that this article does not feature a ranking. It is simply the combination of what’s best at the moment on the market. It will be up to you to determine which of these diabetic slippers for swollen feet can best suit your needs and be a great accessory in your daily life.

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