Who does not appreciate a relaxing foot massager delivered with love after a long day? Only fools, but they probably have their reasons. Outside of this small exception, everyone would appreciate a nice massage when they get home. But maybe not everybody has a doting partner, on hand, gifted with massage talent. Time, patience or skills are lacking sometimes. That’s why the industry invented the electric foot massager!

How do they look like? Electric foot massagers often look like a device where two obvious insertions for the feet are visible. Alternatively, they could look “ball-like” and you will see two holes to insert the feet. In most cases, those devices have a pretty modern look and combine a nice blend of comfort and technology. Some, though, can have a very distinctive shape, like the Medi-Rub (and MediMassage) that looks like a flat platform where the feet are not circled by the massaging heads and nodes.

Automatic foot massager will represent a big benefit to most people but some specific categories will see the benefits of these devices even more : the ones who have a work where they stand a lot (waiters, teachers, tour guides, etc…), sporty people with activities that require a lot of pressure on their feet (running, basketball, football etc..) and people with some health conditions such as bad blood circulation.

The regular use of an electric foot massager can help to ease some chronic or punctual pain, soothe sore muscles, help the blood circulation to kick-in and participate in a general wellness experience. Most of them are also equipped with heat function which will help you to perfect your relaxation moment.

We know that getting one can require some background work as you want to get the one that will benefit you the most. To help you, we gathered up a mountain of information in this article and we are happy to introduce you America’s 5 most popular models:

1. Best Heated Foot Massager by Hammacher Schlemmer

Heated Foot Massager

Available only by Hammacher Schlemmer, this heated foot massager has rated The Very Best by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute since it provided that the best massage and has discovered to be probably one of the most comfortable. The expert analyzed 18 components, or you can call features in this very model.

This one is not even close or unlike smaller versions of foot massager that hurt their feet or ankles. The bizarre massager features like Shiatsu, compression, and vibration to fulfill a very great massage. Its built-in heating element targeted at on the top of their feet, making a soothing warmth which panelists ranked more advanced than smaller versions scarcely heated their toes’ underside. Rated as the very comfy unit analyzed,” The Ideal version’s soft liner created dentures an excellent encounter, even in its most extreme atmosphere.

This home foot massager is outstanding, and it will give you a different level of customization features. Because every person is singular and unique in their way, and we don’t have the same needs and requirements. It’s genuinely user-friendly and will accommodate most feet sizes comfortably for an excellent massage session. This electric foot massager is a fantastic tool to have at home.

Product summary :

  • Massage Type: Shiatsu, Compression & Vibration
  • Soothing Warmth
  • Heated Massage
  • Fits feet up to 11 inch in size
  • Auto Shut off
  • L – 15 3/4″ x W – 14 1/2″ x H – 91/2 (13.5 Pounds)

2. Arch Refresh-Premium Kneading & Vibration Heated Foot Massager

foot massager

Its gentle yet invigorating massage can shake all your aching feet in soothing and curative massage touching from the feet into your knees. The Arch Refresh-Premium Kneading & Vibration Heated Foot Massager employs a triple roller coaster machine that spreads coverage throughout the foot while layering in warm infrared heat therapy. It effortlessly corrects the plantar fascia and the whole foot, at a tender yet firm method.

You can use the elastic strength settings and put in foot insoles to customize the potency of one’s massage to find all right and allow your feet to feel great. The Arch refresh foot massager works for men and women and may fit around a size 13 adult man foot. Even the Arch Refresh foot massager is very straightforward to install, plug it in, and you are all set to proceed; and also, the truth is that its light weight makes it a cinch to shoot along with you.

The Arch refresh weighs 12 pounds and can be 18x15x10 inches. Maybe it’s not small, but it’s not too bulky or clumsy. It plugs into any conventional 110-volt socket having its ability adapter (included). The Arch Refresh foot massager comprises top-quality cotton-like gray cloth, foam, and a plastic casing keeping it lightweight. The simple fact that the Arch Refresh made out of superior components means its built to survive, and you are also included in the Inner Balance Wellness rock-solid 12 months warranty if something will happen. So get your Arch Refresh massager delivered for you.

The BrookStone Foot Massager box includes your very own Refresh foot massager, power cable, warranty card, add in foot inserts, and operator manuals.

Product summary :

  • Light Weight
  • Heated Foot Massage
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Tripple Roller Massage
  • Infrared Heat Therapy
  • Vibration & Compression

3. Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat

Brookstone Foot Massager

Welcome on onboard of  Brookstone relaxation earthline! Sit back, relax and enjoy the two main features of this electric foot massager: deep kneading massage rollers and air compression. They will help you to experience a spa-like massage session. Air compression is a really gentle way to deliver a seamless massage that will wrap up your feet without compressing it excessively. It also means that the covered feet surface is nearly exhaustive (which is not possible on flat home foot massagers or the ones that cover the bottom and the side of the feet only).

As for features, we can safely say that it’s a fully-packed device! The heat option is available to help you relax and enjoy the benefits of your massage in a warmer way. The intensity levels of the massage are customizable to adapt them to your needs, sensitivity, and wishes. This device also has three pre-configured auto-massage programs: soothe, pulse and energize.

The combination is expertly put together to address particular concerns. Each of these programs will have a specific action and target a particular need that you are looking to fulfill. As for the looks, this electric foot massager is probably one of the classiest looking foot massager with heat on the market! The looks are sober, effortlessly chic and appealing: black leather-like surface, dark grey feet insertions, and the panel control lighten up discretely with blue lights (red for heat) when in function.

Its round shape it will surely provide a comprehensive foot massage and cover all the areas. For practical reasons, a convenient handle has been placed on the top of the unit. It comes in handy when you are carrying it around. At the level of his feet insertions, you can detach the fabric part to wash it and keep it clean and free of any sweat/odors/dirt. All the members of the family will be able to enjoy this electric foot massager as it can fit up to men’s size 14: who said big fellas can’t enjoy a foot massage.

Brookstone is a well-established American company and has been selling its products since 1965. They are well known for their products’ high quality, design, and functional purpose. You are certain to get high-end products backed up by the manufacturer’s experience, expertise, and reliability.

Product summary :

+ Customization: three hand-picked programs to adapt the massage experience to your needs and physical condition.
+ Heat: available. It will definitely help to get you relaxed and warm.
+ Structure: the round, convex shape allows you to fully insert your feet. The surface covered will be indeed considerable.
+ Hygienic: if you enjoyed a bit too much this foot massager with heat and have sweat in it, you can always remove the inner fabric and wash it to keep it clean.
+ Design: stylish, discreet and classy
+ Air compression: gentle, effective, and innovative massage technology

– Timer: Not Available
– Size: In theory, it fits sizes up to 14. However, as you need to insert your whole foot in the device, if you have large feet you might not feel too comfortable.

4. Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager with Soothing Heat

Homedics electric foot massager

If you are familiar with Shiatsu, you’ll be delighted to see that you can enjoy it at home easily thanks to this foot massager. If you are not familiar with Shiatsu, here’s a very compact presentation: it’s a Japanese massage and in Japanese, it means “finger pressure”. The pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet that are connected with our internal system and deliver a positive healing motion.

All the benefits of Shiatsu can be achieved directly at home thanks to this foot massager. It will provide you with a deeply relaxing massage thanks to its three rotating heads on each foot that are targeting the different key parts of the foot: the heel, midsole, and forefront. There are also 18 massaging nodes to give you a deep kneading foot massage and the heat option will perfect the shiatsu massage experience.

You will be amazed by the ease of use and simplicity of operation of this automatic foot massager. You won’t even need to bend down to use it thanks to its convenient toe-touch control: you press first time to power on the device, a second time to start the heat and third time to switch it off. Heat is a really nice feature but it’s optional, so if you don’t want/need it, you don’t have to, which is great if you are simply in need of a massage. 

Also when the heat mode is on this electric foot massager will get a quite singular look as red lights will turn on on the rotating head and it’s going to look quite futuristic but cool indeed. It’s a great home foot massager but we regret that you can’t adjust the massage speed and thus we wouldn’t really recommend this device to people with fragile feet, diabetes or neuropathy unless they check with their doctor first.

HoMedics is a brand specialized in-home massage products that help you relax and de-stress, so you can surely trust that this electric foot massager has been thoroughly elaborated for your needs and it is one of America’s most popular home foot massager.

Product summary :

  • Soothing Heat
  • Gel Coated Massage Nodes
  • Toe Touch Controls
  • Gentle Shiatsu Massage

5. Miko Shiatsu Electric Foot Massager with Heat

Miko Foot Massager

Is it futuristic? Stylish? both? In any case, this “bubble looking” electric foot massager from Miko is set to amaze us. It is really light and can be carried around with no problem. It also has four feet on the bottom for increased stability and grip. It has a default massage session duration of 15 minutes: the perfect daily relaxation moment, it starts from 15 and acts as a countdown.

We love the user-friendly menu bar that is pretty intuitive and easy to use on this automatic foot massager: power button, kneading, less intensity, more intensity, and heat. It’s straightforward. The kneading function acts to imitate a hand massage through a continuous change of direction and provides you with the most realistic foot massage experience. It is opposed to the vibration function, which is more constant and regular.

In terms of the massage intensity, you can choose between 5 different levels. We always suggest raising gradually the intensity to try it out and see where you feel comfortable. Sometimes a firm massage is needed and appreciated but it’s better not to overdo it and finish up with some bruises. The heat feature is included and it allows a gentle sensation of heat surrounding your feet. This home foot massager really has it all thanks to the heat, vibration, kneading, intensity, timer and removable inner cloth. The only extra accessory that might be missing is a remote control, but it’s a detail.

Product summary :

+ Heat: available
+ Timer: 15 mins countdown. It’s the generally recommended session span. You can, of course, reduce it or restart it if needed.
+ Customization: five different levels of vibration are available to meet your expectations.

+ Kneading: helps you getting a foot massage that is barely distinguishable from a “real” massage
+ Removable inner cloth to be washed and kept clean

– No remote control


We hope that this article helped you in your choice of getting an electric foot massager. Remember, these are the most popular ones, but you’ll find home foot massagers for all needs and all budgets on the market.

The benefits of having an automatic foot massager at home is tremendous. Particularly for those who  are standing on their feet during hours, that practice an activity that demands a lot from the feet (jogging, hiking etc..), that have blood circulation problems and heavy legs or simply the ones that enjoy a foot massage session.

The main questions you should ask yourself before getting an electric foot massager are:

— How will I use this? How do you see yourself using it? Is it a matter of relieving aching feet and legs after a long day standing or more like an occasional treat? According to your answer and needs, you can opt for a powerful and sophisticated device or a simpler one with the basic features… We don’t all have the same needs, so adjusting your expectations and budget according to your needs and financial means is a wise decision and this should guide your choice. Will you share it with your hubby or wifey? Then consider that the home foot massager machine will be used twice as much and will have to accommodate comfortably everyone ! Hence you should be looking for high quality, reliable and sustainable devices to last in the long run. When people under-look their utilization and opt for entry-level units and expect the moon from them, they are quite often disappointed and frustrated: this is called “time and money wastage”, so you need to be perspicacious and realistic on your needs and what are you are looking for.

– What am I looking for? Those are the needs we were talking about above. It’s important to identify them precisely. Are you looking to improve your blood circulation thanks to an electric foot massager? do you have a special condition or are you looking for a device for a relative of yours? It’s great to understand what you truly need to choose the best option possible for you. Some devices cover the whole foot, some are plank-like, some try to massage the maximum with articulated ends. These are all features that will become relevant (or not) once your needs are assessed. It’s also in your interest to understand if you want to involve more the calf part, in this case, foot and calf massager can be considered. Also, be mindful if you are picking an automatic foot massager for a dear relative with specific conditions (Fasciitis, neuropathy, diabetes): the devices can be a great help to relieve the daily soreness but must be chosen with attention and in severe cases, a discussion with the doctor beforehand is a good idea.

– Is it worth the investment? You will find an electric foot massager for any budget: a standard entry-level will be great if you just want to indulge some massage from time to time but if you require more assistance from a specialist and you feel like the results provided by a good electric foot massager help to achieve the same results at home then yes, it’s totally worth it.

Get familiar with the features when considering to purchase one:

Heat: The cherry on the cake for a foot massage, yet it’s a very looked for feature. That’s what is going to bring this overwhelming feeling of wellness as heat will be diffused from your feet to the rest of your body. It’s indeed not necessary as a good and effective foot massage will totally relax you enough. But for those days of the year when you are running to get inside and get comfortable, this feature will make a well-appreciated difference.

Vibration: that’s the essence of electric foot massagers. All of the models will have some type of vibration available. To determine what’s best for you, you need to look at what type of vibration you’re looking for: the variations of speed, intensity, cycles, etc…. It will feel more like an artificial massage but still, it will stimulate your feet quite well.

Kneading: This is the second massage method next to vibration. Kneading will feel closer to a real massage because of the change of direction. It can be mistaken for a real hand massage

Shape: we saw that essentially there are three types of home foot massager types: the flat ones, the ones that will reach also the side of your feet and the “full wrap” ones. Each type will address different purposes (feet’s size and sensitivity will be a key factor to consider here).

Customization: most of the foot massagers will have several features to choose from but many will also limit the experience so some pre-set modes. It feels great when you can tailor from A to Z.

Timer: the most practical and convenient feature. The recommended time of usage of electric foot massagers is about 15-20 mins. If you do it daily or very often don’t go over this time span. If you have no particular health problems and enjoy this pleasure more rarely you can treat yourself to a longer session


We just saw how beneficial electric foot massager can be and we hope that this article could help you in getting the best one for you. Regardless of how you are thinking to use it, the above guidelines will assist you in choosing the device that will most suit your needs and expectations. It’s a purchase that you certainly won’t regret and will enjoy for a long time. If you feel generous, you can even share it with your relatives and spouses.

It’s pretty hard to conclude this article by picking the “best” electric foot massager as we saw that indeed that this is relative. But if we really had to single out one, we would probably go for Brookstone Shiatsu Electric Foot Massager with Heat: it’s stylish, long-lasting, convenient, and features packed. It’s a great comprehensive deal.

When is enough, enough? never when considering to get an electric foot massager! There are plenty of fishes in the sea, just as there are plenty of models on the market. The above options that we just reviewed are great, but here are some more: