zero gravity massage
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Ottoman is a company dedicated to zero gravity massage devices, particularly massage chairs, and their focus makes them specialists in this field. They have four models of full body zero gravity massage chairs and this is the Favor-01. It has a smart design, is pretty elegant and stylish, and comes in three different colors if you are lucky enough to be able to have the choice and pick your favorite one (black, khaki, burgundy).

This chair will be a great add-on to your household and you will find yourself easily looking forward every single day to that little moment of deep relaxation. The health benefits of zero gravity massage are well known and remarkable. Massage chairs aim to offer the same level of benefits as the ones you could get from regular visits to your massage therapist. The technological progress on this matter has been quite impressive lately and the power of massage chairs has been widely acknowledged.

As for Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair Favor-01, here is what it can offer

Full wrap shoulder massage airbag: there are four airbags that move around the shoulder area to compress it and provide an intense massage. It’s definitely a great advantage of this massage chair compared to others because it is quite rare to have isolated external massage airbags around the shoulder area. The neck is also being treated and there is a function that targets specifically that area delivering a great neck massage.

Backrest massage: 8 points inside the backrest work to deliver to you a perfect restful shiatsu massage. Shiatsu massage is a form of art that comes from Japan and it literally means finger pressure. The goal of this massage is to put pressure on fingers, thumbs, palms (or feet) to specific areas of the body to correct internal malfunctions. Be assured that after regular shiatsu zero gravity massage sessions on your massage chair, you will feel better and better.

Foot-massage wheels: foot and leg massage are provided by the same piece. There are full leg wrap airbags that surround as much area as possible and deliver a smooth massage to your legs and feet. There are also rollers placed under the feet to give you a comprehensive feet massage.

Hip massage airbags: just like the shoulder area, the hips are surrounded by external massage pads that move along to squizz and stimulate the hip and lower waist area. A heater is also built-in inside the seat. If you combine the zero gravity massage and the heat you will experience a delightful and restful moment.

Smart control: the LED remote control is simple and intuitive. You can control many simple functions and opt for which program you want to settle that night. You can choose the intensity and speed, the zone or the mode for instance.

Zero gravity: like most modern massage chairs, this model from Real Relax will allow you to recline to the most relaxing position that is to known to be: zero gravity. You will relieve -to the maximum- the pressure from your spine and your internal organs, facilitating an overall well-being sensation. A zero gravity massage chair can be a really good investment to improve your health


Model: Favor-01
Voltage: AC 120V 60Hz
Power: 100W
Package Weight: 166 Pound
Max Weight: 440.9 Pounds


This shiatsu massage chair from Real Relax is a great combo of comfort and technology. You can have it at home and enjoy regular shiatsu massage sessions covering your shoulders, neck, arms, hips, back, legs and feet with little heat therapy when needed. In this category of home massage chairs, it is quite affordable and enjoys a pretty nice value for money. It is also very convenient as it has wheels to be able to move it around easily (it’s a bit heavy though so if you are afraid, you might want to be assisted in the process).

In general, it’s very good product that could bring you some real health benefits: pain and stress relief, better sleep, improved blood circulation.