Ottoman is a company dedicated to zero gravity massage devices, particularly massage chairs, and their focus makes them specialists in this field. They have four models of full body zero gravity massage chairs and this is the Favor-01. It has a smart design, is pretty elegant and stylish, and comes in three different colors if you are lucky enough to be able to have the choice and pick your favorite one (black, khaki, burgundy).

This chair will be a great add-on to your household and you will find yourself easily looking forward every single day to that little moment of deep relaxation. The health benefits of zero gravity massage are well known and remarkable. Massage chairs aim to offer the same level of benefits as the ones you could get from regular visits to your massage therapist. The technological progress on this matter has been quite impressive lately and the power of massage chairs has been widely acknowledged.


If you desire a massage chair that comes with unique features and benefits, you can consider the zero-gravity massage chair.

What is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Zero gravity massage chairs are simply massage recliners specially designed to suspend the body. The chairs elevate the feet in alignment with the heart resulting in a neutral posture. Their name comes from their effect, i.e., triggering weightlessness, allowing you to relax deeply and release tension from the body.

The definition highlights differences from traditional recliner seats designed to place the body to transfer pressure to the pelvic and lower back regions. Zero gravity seats address this problem linked to common back problems (nerve pain (sciatica) and lower back pain) by eliminating lower body pressure (on the back and pelvic regions) and distributing it evenly to the entire body.


Product Review and Features: 

Top Features of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs to Consider When Buying

If you want the best zero-gravity massage chair in the market, consider the features below:

High-Quality Upholstery

The best zero gravity massage chairs have high-quality upholstery that looks good, feels good, and combines other important upholstery qualities like easy cleaning. Faux leather is a good example.

Superior Adjustability Feature

The best chairs also have adjustability features like power recline and width adjustment. The entire chair is easily adjustable when you press a button. It should include leg extensions that adjust automatically and in size to accommodate individuals with varying body sizes.

Unique Massager Features 

You should also purchase a zero-gravity massage chair with unique massager features. For instance, besides the bare neck and back massager, consider chairs with a calf massager and features like therapeutic compression massage.

The best seats offer many massages from kneading, knocking, rolling to tapping, compression, foot massages, calf massages, finger pressure massaging, acupressure, four-way roller massages, full-body massages, and more. The best massage chairs combine massages and other features like heating.

Adequate Weight/Size Capacity

The best zero gravity massage seats also accommodate individuals of varying sizes. A weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. or more is ideal for accommodating most people.

Strong Frame

Since zero gravity massage chairs purpose to redistribute the body’s weight evenly and hold a person at zero gravity, they need to be strong. The best chairs have strong metal frames that can hold the weight and varying postures/movements during massages and when adjusting the chair.

Easy Maintenance/Cleaning

Maintenance is another crucial factor to consider. The best chairs are easy to clean. They were leading Zero gravity massage seats with removable cushions or covers and other features like upholstery that is easy to clean/wipe.

Safety Certification

Multiple features like heating and massage don’t mean much if the chair hasn’t been tested and proven to operate safely. Before choosing a Zero gravity chair, make sure it has an elite safety certificate such as cETLus.

Product Guarantee

Massage chair backed by good guarantees that are a testament to quality. Focus on chairs that have fast repair guarantees. The chair should also have warranties covering malfunctions like broken hardware, seam separation, automatic feature malfunctions, accidents (staining, chipping, etc.

Besides getting a chair replaced if you don’t like it, it should be done fast with free shipping. Money-back guarantees are also a testament to quality. Since the best Zero gravity massage seats last long, manufacturers don’t have a problem offering money-back or other related guarantees.

Good Customer Support

The Zero gravity massage seat brand you select should also have exemplary customer support. It should be easy to reach customer support for queries and online claims in case of anything.

Customer Reviews 

Before making a final purchasing decision, you also need to check online Zero gravity massage chair reviews. The best chairs have overwhelmingly positive reviews. While it is normal to find disgruntled customers given the differences in tastes and preferences among other issues, the best products are rated highly, with more positive than negative reviews.


While different customers should consider their unique preferences and tastes when selecting Zero gravity massage chairs, the above features are standard in the best chairs today. The chair you settle for should have high-quality upholstery, superior adjustability features, unique massage features, adequate weight/size capacity, a strong frame (preferably metal), safety certification, and a good product guarantee. The chair should also be easy to clean, be highly reviewed online, and have good customer support. Once you consider the above, you can factor in price and choose a chair you can afford.