Beurer FM60 Foot Massager
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Revitalize and relax yourself thanks to this electric foot massager from Beurer. A regular foot massage will help you improve your general physical condition and stay healthy. It literally applies to anyone who is struggling to sustain a balanced lifestyle: either you have a physical where you have to stand all day long and put pressure on your legs/feet and it in this case they deserve a nice relaxing moment when you come or you are an office person who is sitting about 8 hours a day and your lower members forget they have an important role and need to be dynamic : then, outside of work, it’s important that you stimulate those muscles and to revive the blood circulation. If you can’t always have a proper physical session, foot massager can help to stimulate and improve blood circulation and this will help to get around the lack of exercise for the ones who hold an office job.

In this article, we will review the key points of the FM60 Foot massager with heat function by Beurer. It will deliver a deep kneading foot massage focusing on the foot’s key point according to reflexology and shiatsu technique.

Technical details:

  • 18 massage heads
  • Heat function (on/off)
  • 2 speeds
  • Led function (on/off)
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Dimension: 37.5 x 43 x 11 cm (14.7 x 17 x 4.3 inches)
  • 50 watt

The massage experience:

Shiatsu has been developed in Asia centuries ago based on the fact that applying external pressure on certain parts of the body (particularly feet) could have a positive impact on internal organs: every pressure point is linked to specific organ or a specific function and shiatsu (as well as reflexology) is all about improving physical/ mental health as well as general wellness. The FM 60 foot massager with heat is meant to deliver this kind of beneficial Shiatsu massage without you needing to visit a massage salon. Its 18 rotating head will provide an intense and deep kneading foot massage and combined with the heat function you will be able to fully relax and let yourself go. The speed is adaptable to adjust the massage to your own liking and also, you can customize the height and incline through its feet.

  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Heat function
  • Reflexology
  • 2 speeds
  • 9 rotating heads per foot
  • Comprehensive coverage of the foot
  • Height/inclination adjustability

Health benefits:

The first purpose of home foot massager is to help you relax and it is non-therapeutical, however, the health benefits are numerous and not to be neglected: As we were saying at the beginning of this article, it can help you revive your blood circulation, which is crucial to sustaining a healthy body; it can be a great source of relaxation for tense muscles or muscles that are sore after physical activity. It is also great for the mind, as the smooth pressure and heat will help you relax and relieve the bad tension after a stressful day. Unlike many other devices, it will not stop automatically after a given amount of time, so we would suggest that you keep an eye on your watch (or to set up an alarm for the ones who know they’ll be super relaxed) and don’t go over 15 min: you might risk to over-stimulate your feet and muscle, create tension and you will lose the benefits you had till then.
NB: people with neuropathy, diabetes or other specific conditions should always seek expert advice before using electric foot massager.Beurer FM60 Health Benefits

  • Relaxes tense muscle
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Revitalizes and invigorates the feet
  • Stress relief 

The FM60 foot massager with heat from Beurer is a solid device that is worth the investment. It is pretty affordable, compact, and simple to use. There are no many modes to choose from, but the 18 rotating heads and heat functions make up for that. The shiatsu massage will aim to provide you a very relaxing moment: you will not get disappointed.