foot skin remover by nature tech
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Easy to operate Foot Skin Remover

Are you used to manual foot skin remover for your calluses? Do not worry, there’s no difficulty in stepping up your game to electric ones: they are very user-friendly and safe. They are very simple to operate as they usually have one main on/off button and the shape is ergonomic so that it’s simple to hold, grasp and use. The Pedi Electronic Foot File Callus Remover is no exception to the (simplicity) rule and you’ll find your way to work with it fairly quickly.

All the features you need

This super pedicure device is the ultimate tool to get rid of the annoying dead skin that you have been accumulating around your feet some times already. It has the 360 spinning head that will scrub away your calluses gently, yet rapidly and efficiently. Once you’re done using it, you will obviously notice that all the patches of rough dead skin are gone. If you have cracked heels, the same applies: you’ll find yourself with baby soft skin on your feet (soles, toes, heels, sides). Very conveniently, it’s also water-resistant, so you can use it under the shower if you find it more practical for you.

Handy and portable pedicure must-have

This foot skin remover from Nature Tech is a must-have tool in your pedicure routine. It’s just so effective and it makes such a big difference when you use it or not that you can’t skip a good callus removal session. It will be the cherry on the cake for your pedicure: your feet must look picture perfect from every side. Is it worth to have very well shaped and smoothly colored toenails with soft toes if the side of the feet and heels look absolutely neglected? If we are being frank, for most people taking care of their calluses won’t require more than a few minutes once a week but it will make a huge difference. Electric callus removers are affordable, you can use them anywhere (this one on dry or wet feet) and very effective: definitely something you deserve to have.

Great value for money

This device comes packaged with a unique cleaning brush to help discard dead & dry skin (with this you are sure you can keep your callus remover clean and hygienic for a long time) and a free extra coarse roller! That’s really cool as eventually, like for any other electric callus remover, the spinning head will be less efficient and will need to be replaced. It’s battery-operated and you will require to have 2 AA batteries that are not included, though. So make sure you have some.


This amazing foot skin remover is going to get rid of all of the dead skin that you have on your soles. Get healthy-looking feet right now by getting the Pedi Electronic Foot File Callus Remover. This foot file callus remover made by Nature Tech is going to take so well care of your feet that you are going to love using it: thousands of people already do! Happy customers are the best sign of success and Nature Tech is absolutely confident that you are going to love it as they run a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy and will refund you within 90 days if you are not satisfied, but we are sure you will totally be.