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Foot Vibe Vibration Massager by U.S. Jaclean. Foot massaging is still a big deal in many people’s lives as they stand or walk hours on their feet during their regular days causing pain, discomfort and aching feet when they arrive home. Not really the best feeling to finally start your “me-time” or family time with pain caused by your feet.

Foot massage helps to relieve the discomfort and reduces the pain of an aching foot very effectively and having an electric foot massager at home allows you to have this amazing experience waiting for you when you are ready (and not when the masseuse is ready like in a massage salon).

A regular use, like three times a week, of an electric foot massager will help you reach sustainable results as the pain won’t be able to accumulate for a too long time.
Let’s go for the review of Foot Vibe Vibration Massager by U.S. Jaclean.

The company:

U.S. Jaclean is an American company established in 1982 and now has its main office and warehouse in Southern California. They praise themselves to produce high-quality health related products and massagers. Their products are affordable and yet effective for a great value for money result. U.S. Jaclean goal is to help their customers to improve the quality of their lives.

Vibration massage:

Foot Vibe Vibration Massager by U.S. Jaclean Benefits

Let’s talk about vibration massage: it might not be the most popular foot massage technique (shiatsu, reflexology etc…), however, it can be very beneficial and just as effective as the other techniques. It consists of pressing and releasing the body tissues to create an important stimulation that will revive several functions.

The muscle/body part is shaken thanks to these vibrations, which can be more or less intense. It can be manually done but when an electric device is used the “shaking” can be much more firm and vigorous. Vibration massage or also vibration therapy can be either general i.e. standing on a vibrating machine done specially for this purpose or localized and, in this case, your specialist will apply vibrations on a particular part of the body.

Specificities of this unit:

This electric foot massager is quite sharp and appealing. It’s in the “flat” category of electric foot massagers, as opposed to the bubble-looking ones, but it has much relief thanks to the peaks that will deliver the vibration. It has a classic black color and the led function that gives heat will turn red, which gives quite a cool aspect to it. The inclination is made on purpose for you to have the best position possible when enjoying your vibration massage. As it is flat, big or small feet will not encounter problems to use this device.
Foot Vibe Vibration Massager by U.S. Jaclean Specificities

One of the big pluses of this electric foot massager is the numerous options you have to define the heat and vibration intensity you wish. You can choose between 12 different levels of speed for the vibration, which will allow you to really have a good command on your massage and you will be able to choose between eight levels of heat that is supplied by the infrared leds. We have no doubts that with this level of customisation you will be able to find your perfect fit for every occasion you’ll use this electric foot massager.

The little tricks are the instructions, which are basic and the remote control that has been reported non functional in some cases, but then you can contact their customer service that is very efficient.

Health benefits of vibration massage:

  • Relaxation: vibration creates a real and deep shaking in the aimed area and reaches out the deeper tissues and muscles. This stimulation will help to create a further state of relaxation.
  • The vibration massage is excellent to help somebody to prepare for physical activity: the muscle is gently asked to start working out through the vibrations and when you start the sports the muscle is already going on a cruise mode.
  • Blood circulation: like many massages, one of the purposes of vibration massage is to stimulate the blood flow and circulation. Excellent for those who are having troubles with poor blood circulation, are having a job where they are bound to their chair or simply for the ones who are enjoying a little bit too much the sedentary style of life.
  • Prevents bone loss: vibration therapy (at a general level) has been proven to help stimulating the secretion of osteoblasts which are the cells that synthesizes bones. These cells can help to keep the bones in a healthy shape and avoid and prevent fractures and bone loss.
  • Pain relief: massage is one of the best non-drug based therapeutic techniques to relieve pain by creating a gentle stimulation of the aching area and the release of endorphins, whose principal function, once produced by the central nervous system, is to inhibit the signal of pain and even create a state of euphoria. Let’s call them happiness or well-being hormones.
  • NB: people with neuropathy, diabetes or other specific conditions should always seek expert’s advice before using electric foot massager.

This Electric Foot Massager can be a great purchase for people that are really in need of a strong massage and desire their muscles to be stimulated and activated. The function is different from a more classic relaxing massage machine. It is, indeed, very beneficial and will help you revive your muscles, deep tissues, and blood circulation.