What Is A Handheld Massager

You may feel some fatigue, stiffness, or muscle pain at any time, especially after a hard workout or a busy day. A good handheld body massager is all you need to get rid of pain and stress. It is an excellent alternative to a professional massage therapist, available to you 24×7. It can loosen and relax your muscles while saving you money because going to a massage parlor every few days can be pretty expensive. A handheld massager is often a prudent purchase decision to deal with chronic muscle issues.

Electric handheld massagers are effective in pain relief. There are various affordable options available in handheld massagers that allow you to focus on specific body parts. You may look for the following features while going for an effective handheld massager.

The vital features may include:

  • Deep tissue massage, speed customization, multiple interchangeable massage heads.
  • Brushless motor, quiet operation.
  • Strong battery, portability, cordless, rechargeable, lightweight, adjustable, RPM, price, and especially ergonomic designs.

Handheld massagers can also control the buildup of lactic acid, the reason you feel muscle pain after a workout.

Where To Buy Handheld Massager

You can quickly buy a handheld body massager from the manufacturer site or stores like Brookstone, Best Buy, etc. Still, my personal favorite is Brookstone which provides attractive rates with special offers from time to time, faster delivery, and helpful customer reviews. I have taken many a decision on positive and negative customer reviews on its product pages.

While manufacturers can provide personalized attention, you may get better deals from online retailers. Besides genuine quality, you can make an informed decision based on product information and community buying details on these websites. You can also return the product within a few days if you notice any defects or mismatches with orders and similar issues.

7 Best Handheld Massager

1. Hammer NRG: Deep Tissue Body Massager

Handheld Massager

Here is the next best thing to a therapist, one of the most soothing and powerful cordless massage available out there.

Perfect Intensity With Four Massage Heads

It provides ideal intensity to select the style and firmness you want to massage your deep tissue muscles. This handheld body massager has four different massage heads to offer you variable speed control.

Relieves Joints and Muscles

It can address your muscle soreness, cramped legs, stiff muscles, tight joints, stubborn knots, and muscle spasms to provide you a quick relief by dialing its variable speeds with ideal intensity levels as per your unique preferences.

Facial Massage

It features an in-built facial vibration motor to help you with facial massages using its unique facial massage attachment.

Anytime Relaxation

You can increase your joint flexibility and physically relax your body by having a quick massage with this handheld massager. It can positively affect your body by controlling muscle tension and reducing pain or stress at any time.


This handheld body massager is lightweight, ergonomic, and cordless to ensure that you can use it wherever and whenever you need it, providing maximum effectiveness and comfort.

Perfect Gift Option

It is an ideal gift for anyone in your life which requires stress relief, relaxation, and self-care.


4 Massage Heads, Facial massage attachment (Facial vibration motor)


Deep Tissue body massager; cordless; handheld; variable speed control; lightweight; USB charging cable; Lithium-ion metal battery included

2. Prosage Nano Massager Gun

Handheld Massager 1

This handheld massager uses continuous percussion technology to release knots and fascia by improving your blood flow. You get a low noise experience due to its military precision engineering featuring quiet glide noise reduction technology with a brushless motor.

Works on Muscles

This handheld massager relieves body soreness deeply by working in different muscles with an assertive muscle massage after a workout, helping to restore your body faster. It is equally suitable for physical therapists and personal use.

Adjustable Speed Control

You can change the massage head to change the intensity for massaging different body parts with its four other massage heads. Multiple massage heads provide several options to soothe every muscle.

Strong Battery

It features a 2900mAh rechargeable battery that can last much longer. The lithium-ion battery can work up to eight hours so that you can apply correct pressure.

Four Speeds

It features a four-speed strength option in the neck massager to help you apply the appropriate amount of pressure to help you relieve your muscle pain quickly.

Ergonomic Design

It comes with a sturdy outer case to avoid acoustic resonance. The silicone handle and balanced design make it an ideal handheld body massager.


High energy 2900mAh lithium battery (16-hour standby); Max Pressure 5kg; Max 70W power; 500g weight; Speed of 900 to 3200 rpm; military precision engineering; silicon handle, balanced design


Four massage heads; Continuous percussion; quiet glide noise reduction technology with a brushless motor

3. Reathlete Deep 4S Massage Gun

Handheld Massager 2

Provides the relief you need

It can eliminate the pain by targeting inflammation, tendon strains, compression damage, and chronic tightness in the hamstrings. Deep vibration can penetrate deep into your pain points to offer lasting relief by improving blood circulation.

Silent Percussion Motor: 3200 RPM

Deep tissue massages are notorious for noise, but this handheld massager features a silent, powerful motor. You can relax without annoying yourself or the people around you.

It cuts down Recovery time.

It is perfect for athletes to reduce their recovery time by targeting chronically sore muscles. It has five interchangeable heads and four speeds to work deep into your tissues.

Ergonomic Design

It has a unique design equipped with an adjustable arm for total body reach and has ultra-long battery life that lasts six hours on a full charge.


Foam mallet; quiet brushless motor; 3200 rpm motor; Adjustable arm with full-body reach; five massage heads, four intensities; 12mm stroke


Deep muscle percussive beats; LCD screen; long battery life

4. Prosage Thermo: Percussion Massager With Warm-Up Technology

Handheld Massager 3


This handheld massager features the world’s first massage gun with cold, hot, and theralite. The warm-up technology mixes theralite with a cold massage head for pain relief and a hot massage head for muscles.

Deep Muscle Release

It combines theralite heating with percussion to improve recovery, activates muscles, and release pain and tension by controlling lactic acid buildup. It provides a professional-grade massage used by trainers and athletes. A powerful motor with three-speed intensity and interchangeable heads make it the best choice for pre-workout and post-workout sessions.

Three-level intensity

It is a 3-speed handheld massager with oscillating heated warm-up technology to relieve sore and stiff muscles by promoting blood circulation. It can activate muscles with heat to bring more nutrients, blood flow, and oxygen to painful areas by providing 3200 percussions per minute.


powerful motor with three-speed intensity and interchangeable heads (heat therapy head, acupressure head, acupressure finger head, deep massage ball head, and cold gel head)


Theralite; combines theralite heating with percussion; Deep muscle release; oscillating heated warm-up technology; 3200 percussions per minute; Digital Display; EMS adapter; Internal rechargeable battery.

5. ReAthlete Foldable Percussive Therapy Massage Gun

Handheld Massager 4

Versatile Handheld Massager

It is your powerful portable pain relief device that is foldable. It can increase blood flow to help break up stubborn knots, relieve pain, and reduce muscle tension or inflammation to cut your recovery time. It has four speeds and five interchangeable heads (Bell shape, bullet, wedge, fork, etc.) to work deep into the tissues. It is a natural solution to address your muscle discomfort and pain issues anytime, anywhere.

Ergonomic Design

You can reach tough spots with its adjustable arm. This handheld massager can open up to 45 or 90-degree angles. You can go every inch of your muscles to enjoy a deep tissue massage.


This portable handheld body massager can quickly fold up and travel with you. You can take it anywhere in its premium hard case, keeping the device and all accessories safe. The battery lasts six hours on a single charge to enhance your mobility. The silent motor ensures that you don’t annoy yourself or others around you.

Four Speeds

You can adjust the device speed to suit your needs. You can use a light speed for sensitive areas and choose the faster one for powerful strokes. At 1200/1800 RPM, it provides muscle warm-up and relaxation. The 2400 RPM speed can help in lactic acid removal, whereas the 3200 RPM is suitable for a deep massage.


16.8 brushless motor with Super quiet 45 decibels; Foldable to 45 or 90-degree angles; 55 lb stall force


Lightweight 1.75 lbs; Up to five hours working time; Four speeds from 1200 to 3200 RPM; 5 changeable heads;

6. Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Percussion Massager

Handheld Massager 5


It features a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery to enjoy a cordless portable massage experience without fading indeed. It has a durable and lightweight aluminum body with two ergonomic handles for applying correct pressure on your tight muscles.

Unlimited Reach

You can soothe your sore muscle at any angle with its unlimited reach. You get 1750 -2550 RMS of massaging power in its five-speed motor. It has five speeds to help you customize your experience. You can also plug in the AC adaptor for corded use that shuts off automatically in twenty minutes.

Dual Nodes

It can relax and soothe your overworked muscles with its dual-pulsating massage nodes and three massage programs. It has a portable design with 3 hours of use.


Lightweight Aluminum body; portable; rechargeable; 3.81 lbs product weight;


5-speed intensities; 3 massage programs; Dual pulsating massage nodes

7. Homedics Cordless Percussion Body Massager with Soothing Heat

Handheld Massager 6

Single Head Massager

This single head handheld massager can massage sore and stiff muscles on the go to relieve your pain and ache by rubbing intensely where soothing heat comforts your sore muscles.

Two Speed Intensities

You can choose from high or low intensity to enjoy an intense or gentle massage as per your unique preferences. The rechargeable battery provides portability for one hour with a charging time of about two and a half hours. You will always get a personalized experience with its custom zones, programs, and settings.

Workable Ergonomy

It has an ergonomic design with curved handles to help you quickly reach your shoulders and backside for meeting your head-to-toe massage needs. You can choose from invigorating vibration, relaxing rolling, precise percussion, or deep-kneading shiatsu styles. You can target problem areas to focus on achy feet, ease leg pain, get full-back coverage, or relax stiff neck and shoulder muscles.


You can ditch the wires with this cordless handheld massager with a soothing heat option. It has a unique elliptical massage node to make you feel instantly relaxed by providing deep-kneading percussion massage to your tight muscles.


Single head percussion; oblong massage node; integrated controls;


Lithium-ion battery; cordless percussion; soothing heat; two intensities – high or low; cordless; rechargeable


Best Budget Range Handheld Massager (Below $70)

We have reviewed three handheld massagers. While Homedics has many limitations in terms of battery and number of massage heads, we found the Prosage Nano massager gun as the best handheld massager due to its quiet operation, strong battery, military precision, and ergonomic design.

# 1 Hammer NRG: Deep Tissue Body Massager ($69)

# 2 Prosage Nano Massager Gun ($60)

# 7 Homedics Cordless Percussion Body Massager with Soothing Heat ($52)

Best Mid Range Handheld Massager

We could find only one massager in this range which is neither expensive nor cheap. Besides usual functions, it also offers Theralite technology with oscillating heated warm-up technology and 3200 rpm percussions.

# 4 Prosage Thermo: Percussion Massager With Warm-Up Technology ($90)

Best High-End Handheld Massager ($200 And More)

We reviewed three handheld massagers in the high-end range, and all three provided tough competition. Reathlete Fold came out the winner due to its super quiet motor, foldability with adjustable arm, lightweight, max 3200 rpm, five massager heads, and premium hard case.

# 3 ReAthlete Deep4S Massage Gun ($200)

# 5 ReAthlete Fold First Ever Foldable Percussive Therapy Massage Gun ($206)

# 6 Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Percussion Massager ($230)