Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Product Review

Whether you are a beginner, a casual user, or a regular fitness freak, there is something for everyone with the ability to work out at home with this excellent home gym equipment. Of course, visiting the gym has a certain appeal, but you may not enjoy the luxury all the time. For example, the operating hours may not suit you or the weather is terrible, or you feel too tired to visit. There may be several reasons, and in these and similar situations, it is worth it to go for a home gym like the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym.

Almost everyone has limited space for maintaining a home gym, and they can not spend a great deal of money to install every piece of exercise equipment that a fitness club can offer. A multi-piece home gym machine like the Bowflex home gym model comes into play in such a scenario.

The Bowflex Home Gym is a piece of equipment that comes fully loaded with functional features accompanied by simple instructions for assembly and use. You can put together the equipment with standard tools you probably already have at your home. This all-in-one home gym machine lets you perform more than 60 exercises from the comfort of your home.

Bowflex revolution home gym boasts 210 lbs of power rod resistance, perfect for back, shoulder, and arm workouts. You can upgrade to increase the resistance level to 310 or even 410 pounds if you so desire. In addition, you can efficiently perform all sorts of leg exercises, including rowing motions and presses, thanks to the sliding seats of Bowflex Revolution.

You can position the Bowflex Revolution to suit you, irrespective of user height, using several adjustable positions for its pulleys and cables. In addition, it features fold-up functions with triple function ankle cuffs/ handgrips, a squat bar, and a lat bar for your convenience.

You will appreciate how compact and portable the Bowflex revolution home gym can become, primarily if you work in a small space. It is easy to move it from one place to the other as per your needs because the entire system is on the wheels. Moreover, this versatile fitness machine can fold up quickly for simple storage. It is an excellent feature if you work out in a part of your space that sometimes doubles as a guest room, office, or playroom.

Bowflex Revolution home gym has a sliding seat rail to help you perform leg presses and aerobic exercises. In addition, you will not have any trouble customizing workouts by adjusting cable and pulley positions with seven free trainer-built workout regimens on top of 60 ready-made gym-quality exercises. This model is an excellent choice for its ease of use and simple operating instructions.

You can stay in shape with Bowflex Revolution home gym workouts with several exercise options and enough power rod resistance. A wide range of more than sixty exercises can work up all your muscle groups. In addition, the power rod resistance technology improves your training potential and helps you meet your fitness goals. It also provides a placard with instructions to follow different workouts.

Home gym machines are a great option to get quick workouts at home or finish a maintenance routine if you have a time crunch. Bowflex revolution comes from a famous home gym equipment brand, “Bowflex,” providing a low impact on joints with controlled power rod resistance, offering excellent versatility and utilizing minimal space with foldability and movement features.

Bowflex Revolution is usually considered a beginner or an intermediate level of helpful equipment for many users. However, even professional users can use this home gym equipment after upgrading to a maximum of 410 lbs resistance.

Bowflex is an industry leader for the last several years, and it understands the customers well to provide a wide variety of machines to fulfill the results they always crave. Users hit their fitness goals to maximize their strength training with Bowflex Revolution home gym, as it is suitable for all ages and experience levels. The users who want to recover from joint injuries can appreciate the functional aspects of unique power rod technology that is easy on your joints. Moreover, Bowflex is putting its reputation behind the Bowflex Revolution by giving a lifetime warranty on power rods and five years on the Machine itself.

The Bowflex Revolution home gym is firstly a strength training equipment and then a cardio machine. You can enjoy several high-power and low-impact workouts that are easy on your joints with this single unit. Although odd gaps like the absence of abs workouts or the Machine taking up more space may bother some users, Bowflex Revolution home gym does offer excellent value for money with its remarkable array of features.

We will take a closer look at Bowflex Revolution home gym to understand its salient features, pros and cons, and a lowdown on its machine specifications.

Salient Features of Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Innovative Resistance Technology

Bowflex Revolution home gym comes with innovative Power Rod resistance technology that you can only find on Bowflex machines. It offers fluid and ultra-smooth movements that are easy on your joints. Such resistance is available during the entire routine of exercise movements, similar to what you can get with free weights.

You also have the option of resistance upgrades to 310 or 410 pounds that you may not get in the PR1000 or PR3000 series of home gyms. Additionally, these power rods weigh lesser than usual weights, and hence moving or transporting the Bowflex is a bit easier than other home gym equipment.

Full-Body Workouts

Bowflex Revolution offers full-body workouts that all of us look for in-home gym equipment. You can perform several chest exercises using mid-level pulleys and experience aerobic rowing with a sliding seat, allowing you to work your arms, shoulders, and deltoids. In addition, you can target your shoulder, back, and lats with the upper pulley system.

Leg extension or leg curl work on your hamstrings and quads, making it a complete body workout engaging all muscle groups. You can even perform squats with mid-level pulleys for full-body fitness. In addition, you can now cancel the gym membership since you are getting it all in Bowflex home gym.

The Bowflex home gym targets all the major muscle groups, including the heart, lower body, and upper body. Here are some movement types and workout muscle groups to target to give you a rough idea of a complete body workout. It includes kickback, curl, and leg extension for legs, decline press, incline, and flat for chest, lower back extension, row, and lat pulldown for legs, tricep pushdown and bicep curls for your arms, shrugs, delt raise, and press for your shoulders, and oblique crunch, trunk rotation, and ab crunch for your core.

However, there is a word of caution that it somehow excludes the ab part. Nevertheless, it is a full-body workout machine. All in all, it may be suited more for strength training and muscle building and less for cardio, and not at all for developing abs.

Bowflex stands a guarantee for its commitment to give you faster results by working out thrice a week for only 20 minutes per day. The 20 minute Bowflex Revolution workout offers a design to benefit the functional configuration of the Machine. All the 60 exercises focus on offering fitness by sculpting your muscle and burning fat to keep you fit.


The Bowflex Revolution home gym is a functional piece of equipment for your home for a couple of reasons. First, it is versatile enough to provide you with multiple workout options. A lifter can perform well over 100 exercise types, ensuring a full-body workout targeting all muscle groups, which is quite an improvement over PR1000. It also offers several accessories and settings to help you become a little creative to perhaps coin more variation of these well-defined workouts.

Ease Of Use

The Bowflex Revolution is relatively easy to use and user-friendly, especially for beginners who may not find their way around various workouts. Users can use the manual to build their exercises or use specific movements to target goal-oriented muscle groups. Your equipment comes with a detailed user manual and a 20-minute workout DVD to help you dive straightway into the fitness world by getting clear-cut instructions about how to perform each one of them.

It is beneficial for new lifters who need primary direction on setting up and performing their workouts. They can grow muscles with higher and higher resistance levels starting from as low as 5 lbs and up to in-built 210 lbs and upgradable 410 lbs. Although 210 lbs are enough for beginners or intermediate users, a higher resistance option includes seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

Bowflex Revolution can be helpful for users as primary exercise equipment, but it can also be beneficial for someone who requires it as a maintenance tool. You can use pre-designed workouts as per DVD and manual or easily design your custom training as per your unique preferences to fit your fitness goals.

Customizable Workouts

Besides its full-body solid focus, you can customize further by using multiple pulley and cable positions along with its triple function ankle cuffs and handgrip. All that paraphernalia built into the Machine ensures that you can develop your perfect customized workout with a versatile dose of accessories, in-built features, and upgrade options.

What’s More

Bowflex revolution home gym is one compact unit to offer so many functions as all-in-one equipment. There is no risk of joint pain as its power rod technology comes without the inertia of free weights, ensuring low impact on your joints.

Have you noticed that the sliding seat rail offers aerobic rowing training for cardiovascular warm-up, cool down, and burning calories? You can reach your targeted heart rate using its aerobic rowing and leg presses with the sliding seat rail. You can include shoulder cuff, foot cuff, ankle cuff, non-grip cuff, and regular grip using a unique handgrip of Bowflex revolution.

Bowflex Revolution offers seven free workout regimes with an instructional placard designed by experienced trainers with open options for you to customize them the way you want to justify your fitness goals. You can perform a myriad of gym-quality workout combinations with a little bit of aerobic element from the comfort of your living room or any room you use as a gym room. You can add flexibility and performance to your workouts with a 5-way hand grip or ankle cuffs.

Finally, the Bowflex Revolution home gym features a heavy-duty steel frame build indicating durable performance for years together. It doubles as a rowing machine with a user weight capacity of 300 pounds and a lifetime warranty on power rods. You will never miss an exercise session again because it is a no-excuse fitness tool for your entire family, ready to be folded up for quick storage whenever you are not using it.

You can refer to workout descriptions for easy references on provided placard while you are exercising. Bowflex Revolution home gym is a perfect unit with all the essential functions you may need to succeed with full-body fitness. If you compare it with top-of-the-line Bowflex models, it uses the same power rods for resistance.

This weight machine resists moisture, tearing, and cracking and has an adjustable seat with a Polyurethane cushion designed for long-term use. You can change the angle of resistance using pulley and cable positions to improve the effectiveness of your workouts. Finally, the accessory basket offers proper storage for small accessories and squat bar, etc.

  • Bowflex home gym comes with an innovative power rod resistance system to provide you the 210 pounds resistance, which you can upgrade to 410 pounds.
  • You get full-body workouts covering your body’s strategic muscle groups for complete and balanced fitness. It covers the upper body and lower body muscles, including legs, chest, arms, core, and shoulders.
  • It offers more than 60 different exercises using the power rod resistance coupled with a unique pulley and cable system.
  • The Bowflex is user-friendly with easy-to-use instructions, placard, manual, and DVD to explain step-by-step procedures, especially for beginners who use it as a primary exercise machine.
  • You can customize your workouts by changing multiple cable and pulley positions as per your preferences. Moreover, angle of resistance, adjustable seat, upgraded power rods, accessories, and railing help you design new and creative workouts suiting your fitness needs.
  • It is an all-in-one weight machine offering low-impact workouts that are easy on your joints, reducing the risk of injuries and heal you soon.
  • Since the power rods are lighter than usual weights, the overall weight of the Machine is lower than a typical weight machine for training, and you can easily transport it around your house, thanks to its wheels. Moreover, the foldability option is helpful to save excess space, especially during a space crunch.
  • Bowflex is also beneficial for maintenance routines, besides strength cum resistance workouts. Hence it caters to a wide variety of users with up to 300 lbs user weight capacity.
  • It has special technical features like pulleys, sliding seats for row motion, adjustable mid-level and upper pulleys, squat bar, and lat bar. Moreover, triple function ankle cuffs/ handgrips, sliding seat rail, leg extension, among several others, are there to make your workouts energetic and versatile.
  • The instruction manuals, placard, DVD videos, a fitness guide, clear-cut instructions are beneficial for beneficial and intermediate users.
  • The Bowflex has a somewhat bulky design and takes up more floor space than usual, causing inconvenience to users with space issues or transportation. With dimensions of 8’4″ x 6’6″, it may not be perfect for some small spaces.
  • A limited resistance of 210 lbs may be grossly inadequate for advanced lifters and does not support all categories of users.
  • It does not target abs which technically makes it one point less than a complete body workout machine.
  • Many users noticed and reviewed that its resistance gets easier after two to three years of use. Constant bending makes the power rods lose resistance, and it is not covered under warranty because it is normal wear and tear. You have to consider the replacement costs.

Machine Specs of Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Dimensions (L x W x H): Inches – 90 x 38 x 83, CM – 229 x 97 x 211; Workout Area: Inches – 100 x 78 (L x W), CM – 254 x 198; Footprint after folding ( L x W x H): Inches – 52 x 28 x 83, CM – 132 x 97 x 211; Resistance Method: Tension Rod/ Band; Standard Resistance 210 lbs or 95.3 kg (Upgrdable to a resistance of 310 lbs or 410 lbs); User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs or 136 kg; Assembled Item Weight: 191 lbs or 86.5 kg;

Warranty: Rods – lifetime, Machine – 5 years, Parts – 60 days