Horizon T202 Treadmill Review

Horizon T202 Treadmill is one of the best fitness machines offering unique features at a reasonable cost. Being the second model in the T-series of Horizon T101, T202, and T203, Horizon T202 is somewhat similar to T203 that comes under $1000. From 12% inclining range to the sound speaker system in T202, it works well for every customer entering the fitness journey for a long run.

T202 has a simple and easy-to-use console that enables you to work out quickly with minimal fuss. You can also use the manual mode available on the treadmill or go for workout programs available to you. The LCD screen comes backlit with a red background and black letters that display the progress/data of your workouts. 

You can track your calorie burn, distance, speed, time, incline level, and heart rate easily with LCD. Or you can also see the progress on LED accessible below the ledge even if you keep your smartphone on the shelf covering the LCD screen. Apart from the LCD on the console, T202 also provides you fans, pulse grips, and a speaker system. Yes, you can connect your device and play your audio during workout sessions. It gives you a lifetime warranty for the frame and motor that makes an excellent deal.

So, if you want a treadmill for walking or jogging, then T202 might be the right companion in your workout journey. If you have to ensure whether the Horizon T202 treadmill is suitable for your fitness requirements, then you can check the rundown of its features, pros, cons, and specs. Ensure to check the in-depth information about T202 before purchasing it.

Horizon T202 treadmill is a good-to-go, budget-friendly machine where you can set your fitness goals and achieve them by working out accordingly. Having 12 different preset workout programs makes it attractive equipment to buy for your home gym. Also, you no longer have to worry about its storage because it is foldable, which you can easily keep anywhere at your house even if you have limited space. If you are looking for an affordable treadmill with lots of benefits, T202 is the perfect choice for you.

Salient Features


The motor is the primary factor to look at while buying a fitness machine. T202 has a 2.72 CHP motor which can reach a high speed of 12 mph. This treadmill works very well with a high-speed rate and a 12% inclining range. When we talk about motors, we immediately remember rollers that contact the belt and make the belt move along the deck. So, the horizon T202 treadmill provides 46mm/42mm or 1.8 inches/1.65 inches tapered rollers. Usually, high-end treadmills come with 1.9 inches to 2.5 inches rollers. Thus T202 offers only slightly less, which makes an affordable deal.

LCD/LED console

Horizon T202 has an embedded LCD screen in the machine’s console where it shows backlit data with black lettering on the red background. Along with the LCD screen, the window LED is below the device shelf where you can easily track your time, speed, heart rate, incline, distance, and calorie burn. You can make sure that your treadmill workout programs are on the right track by reading these metrics. They will be beneficial to reach your health and fitness goals. The interface is quite simple and appealing for users, not demanding too many whistles or bells in the machine. 

Workout Programs

T202 treadmill has around 12 in-built workout programs that enable you to concentrate on your fitness goals such as workout time, distance, weight loss, calorie burn, and so on. Your machine automatically stops the workout session when you complete your objective in the chosen program. Users can also use the AFG Fitness application to get access to more training programs. This AFG application is free of cost to utilize from your tablet. Additionally, you can also use it over your smartphone but may have some interface issues with it. 

The AFG application allows you to access fitness tracking and also sync your favorite applications. Those 12 inbuilt workout sessions have the goal set, including time, calorie, distance, intervals, manual, and weight loss. T202 has advanced goals, which allows you to make 31 days exercise chart and concentrate on your journey for a long-run purpose. Apart from all these, you can quickly transfer your data and progress to your tablet or iPod. 


Horizon T202 treadmill has some of the advanced features that include excellent connectivity features. You can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth directly to the audio system of the treadmill. With streaming, you can enjoy your favorite playlists if you plug in your device. This Bluetooth feature does not come in any budget-friendly treadmill, but T202 has it, making it a good-to-go deal. It also has a small shelf that can hold your device so that you can watch or listen to your playlist comfortably during your workout sessions. This storage makes it very easy to set your device to use during exercise. 

Along with the shelf, you also get the USB port by which you can charge your smartphone during a workout. When you listen to music, watch shows, or movies via Bluetooth speakers, you can re-energize your device if necessary with this available charging slot. So now, with the T202 treadmill, you can have fun while exercising by watching your favorite series or movies.

Fan, Pulse Grips, and Speakers

Horizon T202 is an affordable treadmill having lots of features. One of those features is a nice fan that keeps you cool during your exercise. However, similar to T101, Horizon T202 has a tiny fan near the console base that does not put much air out. The treadmill walker can get a slight air current, but the jogger may not profit from the fan. Similarly, speakers play the sound from your tablet, and pulse grip measures your heart rate to check how hard you push yourself.

Heart Rate 

T202 treadmill provides the heart rate monitoring by two handlebars pulse grips available on the machine. These pulse grips are not highly accurate, but they show the correct measurement when you use them. You can check your heart rate during your workouts and decide to increase or reduce the speed intensity of the training accordingly.

Inclining Range And One-Touch Speed

Keeping and tapping a finger on a key available on the console is not desirable when working out. Horizon T202 treadmill has quick one-touch change buttons where you can easily focus on your workouts and not on controls. You can incline your treadmill by 12% with just one touch easily and quickly. Users no longer need to get distracted from workouts to operate control as required. 

Running Deck

Many users check out running space at first when they choose to decide to buy a treadmill. The running surface of T202 is 60 inches long and 20 inches wide, where you can have giant strides while walking or jogging. A big size area is always better whether you are tall or short. If the treadmill is short or narrow, you will feel uncomfortable while running. So if you are budget-friendly and want a comfortable running area, the T202 treadmill provides you ample space during exercises. 

T202 is the perfect machine if you are looking for home treadmills. Many users can sprint at full speed without shortening the stride using this model of horizon equipment. Horizon T202 has a three-zone variable response cushioning system that offers more cushion at the deck’s front and less cushion at the deck’s end. The cushioning will be helpful to protect your joints from unwanted stress during a workout. Apart from these, the best perk for this treadmill is that it folds vertically to store if you are short of space. The folding system makes it easy to keep your machine almost anywhere.


The treadmill belts are often small, having a two-ply belt, but the T202 treadmill belt is around 1.4 mm. This lower ply of T202 can wear out quickly in comparison to thick or commercial straps. If you want to use the treadmill for jogging or walking, you will not have much stress with this thickness of the treadmill belt.

Feather Light Folding

The huge advantage of the Horizon T202 treadmill is that it can fold up easily. The deck of this horizon model is light, and when you push the release of the latch, the deck goes back from the foldable position to land featherlight. Fold the treadmill, and it has a very compact footprint. When you fold up your horizon T202 treadmill, it will become 47 inches long and 34 inches wide which is relatively easy to fit in the corner of your room. 


Warranty is another feature that everyone looks for in any fitness equipment. For many users, a warranty is a derived indicator of good product quality. Horizon T202 treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty for frame and motor whereas one year warranty on labor and parts of the machine. It is a good warranty at this price range. The warranty for a lifetime on motor and frame is the best sign of the high-quality equipment, although one year on labor is standard. 


The best thing about the Horizon T202 treadmill is that it is pretty easy to assemble. According to the manual, the horizon machine is ready to operate within 30 minutes when you take it out of the box. You need to follow only five steps from the assembly instruction manual, and all the steps are displayed clearly. Images of all hardware are visible in an organized way, along with labeling for every step. Included every required wrench, but you need a screwdriver for the assembly. Overall, it is simple without any hassles.

Weight Capacity

Horizon T202 treadmill provides you a weight capacity of 325 lbs that is appreciable. Its weight handling feature makes it a good product overall. If the treadmill can handle around 325 lbs person’s weight, it is a sturdy machine. It makes the treadmill worth purchasing for your home.

  • Horizon T202 treadmill is a quiet event at its highest speed.
  • T202 has the in-build Bluetooth speakers available with the additional shelf to keep your device and play your favorite playlist.
  • This treadmill gives a lifetime warranty on frame and motor, making it an excellent product to buy.
  • Horizon T202 has three cushioning zones to decrease the impact on your joints and knees.
  • T202 has a pretty small footprint, especially when folded.
  • This treadmill is easy to store as there is no need for ample space.
  • T202 model of Horizon treadmill has the 12% ability to incline and has a motor of around 2.75 CHP.
  • From an easy-to-read LCD screen to the display of calorie, time, and distance, Horizon T202 makes a perfect deal to go.
  • It easily monitors your heart rate, having an easy dual grip that comes with cushioning, protecting your joints from pain or strain.
  • You can also plug in your device to charge as a USB port is available in the equipment.
  • It has in-built fans that keep you cool while walking.
  • Horizon T202 treadmill is not for serious runners who run at a speed higher than 12 mph.
  • The fan makes a noise louder than the motor.
  • T202 treadmill does not have a chest strap to monitor heart rate.
  • The motor of the Horizon T202 treadmill is 2.75 CHP which is lower than competing treadmills.
  • Inclining range can be a disadvantage for those who want more than a 12% inclining ratio in their workout sessions.

Machine Specs

Model: Horizon T202 Treadmill; Weight of Treadmill: 187 lbs; Lightweight; foldable; Motor: 2.75 CHP; Running area: 60 inches by 20 inches (length by width); Display: Backlit LCD and Three LED windows; Max weight capacity: 325 lbs; workout programs: 12; The speed of treadmill: 0.5 to 12 mph; Inclining range: 0 to 12 %; Warranty: Lifetime warranty for frame and motor, one year on labor and parts.