Ironmaster Super Bench Review

While being out for a walk is beneficial to your physical and mental health, the climate does not always support you. Neither does everyone wish to go to the club. Over the decades, the IronMaster Super Bench has proven to be a famous bench. It’s the best alternative to commercial-grade movable benches for novice to intermediate bodybuilders for in-house and basement gyms. It’s adaptable, affordable, and the benefits surpass the drawbacks for the ordinary lifter. 

Possessing a well-equipped super bench can help you achieve half of your goal. You can do the workouts at home to shape your physique. However, finding a modern and well-made super bench is difficult. There are several alternatives, and you’ll need to do some research to find the best one for you. 

You’ll have to think about the endurance and technical features. You’ve arrived at this section because you wish to use the ironmaster super bench. However, you like to learn more about the goods before buying a product. We know your problem, and you will be able to clear your doubts by reading this review.

You may believe the price is too much, but if you want a bench that will tilt and decrease, you’ll be looking at the bench’s pricing. The tool adjusts quickly and is simple to shift around. The cushioning is thick and durable. The quality is on par with, if not better than, professional gym equipment. Each stitch is a statement of excellence. The cushion is sturdy but soft, and the seat is rock sturdy during use, with no bumps, while remaining compact enough to move. 

We will go through the Super Bench’s features, options, comfort, accessory possibilities, and more. You will read a few pros and drawbacks near the end. Hopefully, at the end of this guide, you will have learned everything there is to learn about the ironmaster Super Bench and will be able to determine if it fits your requirements. 

Features of the Ironmaster Super Bench 

Perfect for dumbbells, barbell, equipment, or cage exercise. Dumbbells, cages, and racks are all great options. Examine all the connections available. It is the best super bench at an affordable price.

With less place, you can accomplish more. Ironmaster has more bench extensions than every weightlifting bench, allowing you to expand your possibilities in a small home gym. To save space and cost in the gyms, remove the requirement for extra gear. Heavy-duty bench foundation is simple to carry and has a layout that saves space. It is the best workout equipment for gym lovers and can’t go out due to restrictions. 

Ironmaster made this super bench to include features that the users have requested over the months: a ten-year structural assurance and a one-year upholstery warranty. Ironmaster is always willing to assist if required. 

Attachment for Dip Bar Handles 

The Dip Bar Grip is a highly cost-effective and great addition to the Super Bench designed for only one type of workout – dips – it is the most effective way to strengthen your triceps. 

Super Flexible and Very Adjustable 

You can change the super bench to meet your specific workout requirements: With the inclusion of Ironmaster accessories, the iron bench may be utilized for different exercises and features eleven lock-out positions. It isn’t just a weightlifting bench; it’s the foundation for your entire home gym. Ideal for use with weights, cages, racks, and better than other benches.

In every position, the bench is rock solid. It is excellent for newbies, especially the tiny frame and different angle options. 

One thing that inexpensive, low-end seats never provide is sturdy stability. Even some of the more costly, higher-end quality benches have flaws. The price of Super Bench is in the middle of these two levels, yet it provides stability. 

Design and Functionality  

The Ironmaster Super Bench is a one-of-a-kind product with a cutting-edge design. It needs its section to explain how it works because it’s so uncommon from most other movable benches in the industry: 

Only the rear pad makes up the complete width of the bench. Like many other moveable bench models, the cushion does not contribute to the seat length. 

The adjustable arc system on this bench is remarkable. It connects to the bench pad at two separate spots; all other seats with adjustable arcs only hook at one place. 

You will find a support column around the back pad. The point for altering the inclination is this column, which links the back cushion to the structure. Whenever the bench changes to inclination, the front part of the bench slips below the length of the super bench. It can cause problems to some people and may not like this built.


When you are not using the bench, you may fold the back cushion up and store it vertically to save room. Although the frame bottom will remain on the ground, the back cushion will be completely hidden. 

By laying the bench level and resting it on its edge, you can save room. The best part about it is that it is fully self-contained. It’s not necessary to rest it against the wall. It functions irrespective of which side the wheels are on. 

There Are Numerous Attachments Offered

There are a variety of extra attachments that can considerably increase the number of workouts you may perform on it. It is the main selling feature for many people who wish to save space by constructing a modular design rather than purchasing individual pieces of gear to accomplish the same skills, which will cost extra and use substantially more room in the private gym. 

It will expose you to the super bench’s decline settings, which you can use for ab exercise or decline pushing. You may exercise without the accessory on the Super Bench, though at low decline inclinations. Even at mild descent angles, many people may prefer to be held in place by leg support. 

It works by inserting itself into the frame’s center rod at the end of the ironmaster super bench. It includes five slots that enable you to position it closer or farther away from the bench’s border. It allows lifters of all heights to find a suitable posture. 

If you’re exercising in a tight space, having a compact bench will be beneficial. A smaller one allows you to shift or place it wherever you want it and store another tool. 

The pad has a thickness of 2.5 inches. It is much thicker than other benches in terms of the cushioning material utilized within and done on purpose to answer complaints about the first pad being excessively soft and fragile. 


Even if you adopt a narrower posture, you can easily hang the legs off the top thanks to the seat’s curved shape. It’s not necessary to straddle an oversized chair. The seat position is perpendicular to the rear pad. 


Excluding the feet, which you must install and secure four full bolts, the Ironmaster Super Bench comes constructed. 

Who Should Purchase This Bench? 

As previously stated, the 600-pound seat capability is not suitable for people weighing 250 pounds or more who intend to lift heavyweights. However, they can do flat or decline leg press. 

Now, it is the best bench for decline press. So, if you don’t want to decline workouts in your workout, feel free to switch to a higher incline capability. 

Heavy users with broad backs and shoulders may find the 10-inch cushion inconvenient. Aside from that, the Super Bench is an excellent option for novices and intermediates. 

Quality Product 

This Ironmaster Super Bench is composed of 11 gauge steel which is almost as sturdy as available in all configurations. The bench has been created with the best sturdiness and longevity in view, having an 11 gauge metalcore that is covered to prevent dents and rust. 

This bench’s chromed pieces add a beautiful touch, and the connections are of excellent quality, consisting of high-density metal and effortlessly blending into the bench. 

The Super Bench features all of the benefits of the original bench, like the same construction quality, several adjustment positions, padding quality, and so on, except a few key enhancements, the first of which is the bench’s elevation. 

Ironmaster has responded to consumer feedback by lowering the elevation of its seat to that of a professional flat bench. It is fantastic news, as the Super Bench is now the most movable in the industry. 

Many flexible benches are terrible in flat positions; some have more gaps between the seats and back pads, many have tapered backrests.  

One advantage of the Ironmaster super bench is that it maintains grip on all four corners, unlike tripod-style frames.


Perfect for You 

You will be able to perform your workouts on this bench. It is easy to assemble. 

Connect and Expand 

Super Bench is the perfect addition to any home gym and will use less space. 

Perfect Proportions  

Without pieces unfolding or contracting, it’s simple to raise and spin at any time. You can move the bench from one place to another without any problem.  

Exceptional Quality 

The bench is of a very high standard. Built for the picky home gym user but strong enough to take on any challenge.  


The most common weightlifting benches are the ironmaster super bench. The Super Bench is durable and adaptable. With the addition of various Ironmaster accessories, the weight bench may be utilized in many workouts and features 11 lock-out positions. There is an inclined seat provided. 

Load Capacity 

When level, the Super Bench is strong enough to support 1000 pounds. That’s because of the load share between the cushion and the chassis in this position. 

However, it’s not the situation with the inclined bench. Whenever in an incline position, the load is distributed more evenly across the bench, which is lighter. In a nutshell, it can only support 600 pounds. 

So, if you’re a guy who weighs more than 200 pounds and wants to incline 300 pounds, you’re not going to be secure. Instead, use some professional benches. 


If the most modest attachments, the price approaches that of commercial-grade equipment. The flat bench posture is very high. 

Small Cushion

For solid and strict-form purchasers, the 10-inch cushion is too small. Similarly, for heavy lifters, the 600-pound seating size is not the best option. 

The bench’s expensive attachments are of a similar quality as the bench. It is a wrong choice for heavy lifters due to the low seat size and pad sizing. It’s an excellent value for learners and intermediates, but it’s not a super bench for end-game players. 

Crunch Adapter

The crunch sit-up adapter must perform the higher decline levels for ab exercise or decline chest exercises. Everybody who buys this bench needs this accessory to perform these workouts. Unfortunately, it is not included in the Super Bench standard price and must be purchased separately. Fortunately, it’s of the more affordable attachments. If you desire it, you’ll need to consider the extra cost when comparing the bench to the budget. 

Final words 

Even when you push or shift the bench, everything remains in place. Nothing has to be unfolded or deconstructed before being moved around. 

The ironmaster super bench is an excellent addition to any home gym. It can be great if you need all of the assistance you need to achieve your health goals. This equipment will function similarly to a gym. You may keep track of your achievements and achieve the body you want. You will be able to store the bench in your room easily as it takes less space.

Of course, there are other choices available, but this super bench is unrivaled for the price. It is the bench to get if you expect to use the three levels. You can get an inclined seat with a more prominent ability if you don’t think about the decline settings. Even after a few disadvantages, it is the perfect workout bench for you.