Ivation Multifunction Heated Foot Spa
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Who does not know those days when you come home and you just want to drop heavily on your sofa? We all had this time in the evening, after a long day, when we need to sit down, relax, and take a moment for ourselves. What better in those situations than a heated foot spa session? Indeed you can go to your regular beauty salon, but if you haven’t booked or it’s too late: Will you skip your treat?

Heated foot spa units are an excellent alternative to a foot massage in a salon, are really convenient to use and turn out to be very economical on the long run: the initial purchase might be higher (or not) than a regular session at the salon but if you consider that you can use it several times a week for a number of years… the maths is easily done!

You can, of course, go for the classic option and fill up a bucket with hot water and soak your feet, but there are few points that might make you consider giving up on your home-made method and invest in a properly heated foot pa unit: buckets are not meant to accommodate human feet, so, they are no ergonomically designed for it and are often tight, it’s difficult to manage the temperature of the water (it’s either too hot or not enough and if it has the right temperature the bucket won’t keep it that way very long) and, last but not least, a regular bucket or basin will not deliver any massage to your feet.

We have already seen and reviewed many heated foot spa units and today we will focus on the Multifunction foot spa by Ivation: a unit that combines several functions that will help you relax, destress and relieve the pain in your feet.

Ivation Multifunction Foot Spa Specs

Specs & Details

  • Power Rating: 230V, 50Hz
  • Power Output: 450W
  • Dimensions: 16.5” x 14.9” x 9.2”
  • Weighs in at 6.7 lbs.
  • Display: LCD
  • Features: Timer, Heat & Massage Controls


  • Design: a pretty nice unit. Elegant, modern and stylish
  • Heat: a really good point for this unit, even when compared to others, is that it heats up the water up to 122°F and keeps it that way. It’s notably easy to control the heat as it’s accurately displayed on the LCD screen and you can regulate it through the arrow “up” and “down” next to “temp”.
  • Timer: you can set up different timings for your foot spa sessions. It’s fairly easy to use thanks to the “time” button on the control panel. We always recommend not to exceed 20 mins of heated foot spa. That’s really the optimum time.
  • Bubbles: the bubbles are gentle and pleasant; they will surround your feet and deliver a pure and relaxing massage to you. Excellent to ease out stress and relieve local pain on your feet. The action of the bubbles is powered by multiple water jets that will create bubbles. Bubbles are really appreciated as it’s a soft-touch massage and it’s not too vigorous.
  • Massage: The massage function, that is simply activated through the button “massage”, activates the massaging heads at the bottom of the unit from each side. The rolling massage heads are pretty standard compared to the ones usually fitted on foot spas, but, typically, there would not be an automated action: you need to rub your feet against them to feel the massaging sensation, those ones are automatic and spin at constant and sustained rhythm and this will be the more intense part of the massage delivered by this unit.
  • Acupressure nodes: you’ll find at the bottom of the unit acupressure nodes strategically spread to support your feet in the most ergonomic way possible.
  • Handle: the plastic part (blue) surrounding the unit is separated into two parts. The frontal one can be lifted and becomes a handle to carry easily the unit around. Efficient.
  • Attachments: in the center of the unit, you will be able to place four different attachments to help you finish the foot spa session with foot care. Those heads are:
  • Pumice stone: to achieve perfectly smooth feet. Especially useful for the ones that suffer from calluses or have cracks on the heel. Soak your feet until the skin is soft and then rub them against the pumice stone to smooth the rough parts and remove the calluses.
  • Brush: simple, direct action: to brush any residue off your feet.
  • Extra node-massage head: ahead with bigger nodes than the ones you can find at the bottom of the unit. This can be used if you want to squeeze your feet in a harder way in certain areas.


This multifunction heated foot spa from Ivation is really a deal. It has all the functionalities that a great device would offer and represents a brilliant alternative to a salon visit. It’s always nice to have someone rubbing and massaging your feet, nevertheless, with this unit, you are not far away from that sensation. Special mention goes to the heating function that is powerful and safe to use thanks to its accurate display; it will be particularly appreciated by people with sensitive skin or people suffering from diabetes and who need to be extra careful with protecting their feet. Overall, it’s a great appliance to have at home to enjoy when there is a need or simply when you wish.