Forever and always shiatsu rolling foot massager: how to experience the pleasure of a foot massage in the comfort of your home. Just as its name suggests, this foot massager is a comprehensive device that will fulfill most of the functionalities usually offered by electric foot massager.

Kendal Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager
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The Shiatsu Rolling Foot Massage experience:

It will deliver to you shiatsu rolling foot massager worth a visit to the specialist thanks to its rolling and deep-kneading functions and air-pressure. It is ergonomically designed to provide the whole foot with a massage (little trick: if you want, you can try to put it on the table and use it for your arms or, in a less comfortable position maybe, you can try to fit in your calves). The air-pressure massage is an alternative to the more conventional properties of most of the other shiatsu rolling foot massager on the market and its purpose is to be more gentle on the feet and make your experience more realistic and closer to a real hand massage.

  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Whole foot massage
  • Calves massage
  • Air-pressure massage

Adaptability and customization:

Kendal foot massager functions

This electric shiatsu rolling foot massager from Kendal will indeed adapt to your feet shape, however, if you have regular feet or large ones, you will appreciate being able to customize still the settings of this device: you can choose between three different modes, adjustable strength, and speed.
NB: maybe not for very small feet as they might get “lost” in the device and not appreciate the full functions of this device.

  • Three modes
  • Strength
  • Speed

For whom:

Anyone will definitely enjoy a little massage in the evening after a long day. Also, although it’s not meant for specific therapeutical purposes, thanks to its nice and smooth massage, this device can help you to improve your blood circulation. This electric foot massager is very hygienic as you can remove the fabric foot covers and wash them and safe to use as it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of use. You can just keep on with the massage if you wish but it would not be recommended to keep it longer than 20-30 minutes: as much as it is enjoyable, it is still pressured on your feet, muscle and soft tissues, so if you keep it longer, especially the first time, you might experience cramps and soreness the day after.
NB: people with neuropathy, diabetes, or other specific conditions should always seek expert advice before using electric shiatsu rolling foot massager.

  • Helps to improve blood circulation
  • Relaxes tired feet and legs
  • Safe: will automatically stop after 15 mins
  • Hygienic: the fabric is removable and washable
Kendal foot massager reflexology chart

Kendal has specialized in electrical domestic devices and a lot of their products are present in American households, you can also trust this electric foot massager and get it for yourself if you wish to get a value for money relaxation tool.