Lymphatic Drainage Massage Its Benefits, Types, And Cost?

You might have seen many celebrities on social media experiencing lymphatic drainage massage and treatment. So you may be having the curiosity to know what it is all about. There are many questions about what lymphatic massage is, its benefits, and the cost of the treatment. So, all the information is in detail below. 

As you might know, our body must be free from waste products and toxins to stay fit and healthy. Sometimes the body cannot keep those impurities because they can be harmful to your wellness and health. There are many options of lymphatic massage that helps to keep your body stay free from such nasty impurities. 

Lymphatic massage has become famous as the best health wellness treatment. Thus considering all its benefits, you can say that the process ensures the perfect functioning of your body. Lymphatic drainage can also prevent various disorders from occurring. So, let’s dive into this complete guide of lymphatic drainage massage, telling you everything from an introduction to its costing.

What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymph drainage treatment is a popular form of massage because of its valuable health advantages. Its particular approach concentrates on the lymphatic system, which is part of your immunity. It aids in helping your body to improve blood circulation, immune functions, and balance body fluid. Lymphatic massage restores lymphatic functioning and also reduces the local swelling. 

The lymphatic system works as an efficient cleaner for your body. It comprises large tubes, nodes, and tiny vessels that eliminate viruses, bacteria, cell waste, and fluid from the space between cells. Around 70% of lymph vessels have a position under the skin. Gentle pressure from the therapist stimulates vessels to work more efficiently that moves more lymph fluid to the heart. Therapists use circular motions and rhythms for lymphatic system stimulation.

Why Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Found Beneficial For Lymphedema?

Lymphatic massage is helpful for people having lymphedema who face swelling in one of their arms or legs. The lymph fluid causes swelling in the soft tissues because of cancer treatment, surgery, injuries, infections, and many genetic disorders. Some of the symptoms of lymphedema involve – 

  • Tissue swelling
  • Hardening or thickening of the skin
  • Skin discoloration
  • Pain
  • Heaviness in the limbs
  • Weakness 
  • Recurring infections

Lymphedema massage is different from all spa-style massages that stimulate and relax muscles. Lymphatic massage therapy needs gentle and light touch that helps to drain fluid and disperse it. It also decreases blockages in the lymphatic node system. Now, let us see the benefits you get by this drainage massage – 

Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Revving the lymphatic system gives the best results. Let us explore the advantages:

Immune System Boosting

Your immune system works to keep you healthy by protecting you from infectious organisms and other invaders. The lymphatic system becomes the fighter and defends your immune system. Thus, speeding up the drainage with the help of lymphatic massage will lead you to carry lymphocytes and macrophages quickly to kill invaders and remove them from your body. Getting a regular lymph drainage massage once or twice a month will improve the cells’ circulation through your body. 

This massage can be beneficial for your body to heal faster even when you are sick. It will build up the defense system to prevent you from getting sick next time with the same virulent disease. Apart from these, it also protects and heals you from colds, bacterial infections, unwanted invaders, and other viruses such as influenza.

Improves Detoxification

Improving detoxification is the excellent benefit lymphatic drainage massage offers. Excess of waste products in the body can cause many other health conditions. So, your body must be free from such waste and toxins for which you need proper detoxification. A lymphatic drainage massage will help you get this. 

Helps in Gut Health Also

The digestive system suffers a lot from many kinds of stuff because some people eat unhealthy food regularly, which comprises many harmful substances and bacterias. Your digestive system includes lymphatic vessels where the massage to lymph can reduce risks of cramps, bloating, not-so-pleasant natural urges, acidity, or other foodborne illness. 

Helps In Skin Problems

Another benefit you get from lymphatic massage is that you can get a good impact on your skin also. The world has tons of pollutants in the environment that can leave adverse effects on your skin. Your skin may get pimples, acne, dark color, dark spots, or eye puffiness that may keep you exhausted and frustrated. Lymphatic drainage massage can also deal with your skin issues by giving you a clean and clear face to reduce wrinkles and acne. It also helps you remove those fine lines and reduce the clarity of scar tissues. Even some surgeons advise their patients to go for lymphatic drainage massage after their cosmetic surgery.

Relieves in Pain And Headache

Headaches and some other pains may occur when there is congestion in the body. Pain may also occur when the route of blood or body fluid has blockages. Thus, lymphatic massage can provide you relief from headaches, sinusitis, and pain. The massage decongests the tissues and improves the blood flow reducing the pain and discomforts.

Speeds Up The Healing Process

If you get any injury or any surgery, you will get faster relief from the lymphatic massage. After traumatic or surgery incidents, the affected tissues get swelling or inflammation. But lymph drainage treatment is a therapeutic and tender process; it will drain the tissue.

By reducing inflammation and draining tissues, Lymphatic massage helps you to speed up the healing procedure. It is the reason why surgeons usually suggest patients go for the lymph massage.

Decreases Fluid Retention

People face fluid retention, which is also famous as Edema, that may occur for many reasons, ranging from pregnancy to long flights. It may happen when the circulatory system moves oxygen and nutrients back and forth via tiny capillaries and essential fluids. The stretching and movements push lymph out from tissues and get in the circulation. The manual lymphatic massage on an intense level speeds up the internal circulation moving lymph within the body at a higher rate. 

Enhances Radiance

Lymphatic massage helps you aesthetically and improves the natural systems in your body. Improving the lymph drainage will make your skin look more beautiful. Moving lymph will help you decrease the oxidative stress that rises due to free radicals by eliminating the harmful substances and toxins. Decreasing fluid retention will make your skin look less blotchy and puffy. Overall, lymphatic massage is the all-rounder that heals faster and better by reducing pain, discomfort, stretch marks, etc. 

Prevents Lymphedema

The lymph flow interruption may lead to lymphedema, giving you extensive swelling in one or more limbs. Consistent lymphatic drainage massage will prevent lymphedema. So, if you are already living with it, proper massage may help you decrease swelling or prevent complications.

Increase Your Relax

Getting a gentle lymph drainage massage will relieve stress. Additionally, you can also observe some rejuvenating impacts other than cleansing and detoxifying. Your sleeping pattern may also improve, along with reducing pain and anxiety. Thus, lymph massage makes you feel relaxing.

Now when you have the information on the advantages of lymphatic drainage massage, let us show you the costing details too – 

How Much Does The Lymph Massage Cost?

On average, a lymph drainage massage costs you around $100 per hour of therapy in the US. So, if you are willing to get a massage session, you can also go for more than an hour. But again, the cost varies from place to place depending on different factors. For instance, in Miami, it is 75$, whereas, in some other areas, it is as high as 250$. But 75$, 100$, and so on are not costly. Lymphatic massage is affordable according to its benefits and worth. Yes, lymphatic massage is a good investment for your body.

Different Types Of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

There are four types of lymph drainage massages considered beneficial by physical and massage therapists, doctors, and specialists. Those types are – 

Foldi – It is the extension of the Vodder technique. Foldi therapist will knead alternatively between circular hand motions as well as relaxing moments.

Vodder – Vodder is the technique where therapists use sweeping movements around the area.

Leduc – It is the type of lymph massage that relies on hand movements for collecting the lymph fluid before reabsorption or redirecting to the extensive lymph system.

Casley-Smith – It is the approach to lymph massage that includes the circular hand motions, mainly the sides and palms of the hand.

All these above techniques work on the same principle where they all use gentle movements to stretch the skin in the lymph flow direction. The process varies in timings, also between 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

Final Words

Lymph massage therapy exists globally for ages and is still considered a significant health practice that helps heal the body, mind, and soul. Lymph drainage impacts different body systems to improve lymph circulation and create a host of health advantages from immunity improvement to enhancing beauty.