MYX Fitness Bike Reviews

Are you planning for a home gym setup? Do you want the best equipment to take your fitness goal to the next level? We all want a fit body and an inspiring look. However, our busy schedule does not allow us to join a gym. If you want a home gym without spending much, you can think of having an MYX fitness system. This one bike can enable you to fulfill all your fitness goals.   

MYX fitness can redefine any home gym. Yes, it will have everything to allow users to practice different variations at home. It is a home workout system that can help fitness enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goals faster. It uses personalized heart rate monitoring and science-driven techniques to optimize the workout experience of users.  

The system features a Star Trac bike that comes with a 21.5″ HD touchscreen monitor. If you check the bike programming, you will come to know that it has everything to enable you to achieve a fit body and monitor your progress effortlessly. You can expect all the required help ranging from cross-training to strength training to positive coaching. The best part is that you can get all the benefits without being a part of an expensive gym. 

Furthermore, it is well-equipped and can be customized based on the unique needs of users. You will love everything about this bike. It is adjustable, compact, and well-made to become the first choice for professional gym-goers and beginners. Even if you have never been to a gym, you can use this bike to achieve your fitness goal. Also, you can get support from industry experts. They can help you throughout to take you a step closer to your fitness dream every day.

Are you a bit excited? Do you want to know more about the MYX Fitness system? If yes, you can have a look at the following. After going through this article, you can decide without any confusion. 

Features of the MYX Fitness

If you like to have and maintain a fit body, MYX Fitness can be your best companion throughout. You can also access its library on the touchscreen of your bike. Besides, you can access the training classes on your TV, smartphone, and your tablet. Yes, you can use any of your convenient devices based on your preferences. You will have many options for different exercises. You can choose the one that you find the best fit for your skills. 

You can also use the cross-training feature. If you want, you can use it off-bike on your mat. You can practice HIIT, meditation, yoga, kettlebell workout, and many other exercises. Also, it syncs with Apple Health to enable users to track their progress. Here are some features that you can go through to know what makes MYX Fitness worth buying.


The 21.5 inches HD touchscreen display and swivel allow users to have a clear view of their workouts. There are volume controls and a power button on the side of the screen. Also, it features a built-in USB that you can use to charge your devices. You can control most of the features through the touchscreen. If you want, you can move the screen. Also, it will have some manual adjustments. You can adjust the seat depth, handle depth, seat height, handlebar height, and resistance knob. The display feature has received a lot of appreciation from users.


You can use the interface of the screen to have a perfect picture of your profile. You can check the calories burned and classes you have joined before. Also, you can go through the highlighted workout classes. The new uploads can help you to focus on better choices. You can scroll down them based on your workout needs. Moreover, it features sections for MYX programming, the news channel, and some other topics. You will get the best support when it comes to a fit body and a healthy mind. 

You can check the top menu. Yes, there are specific tabs for cross-training, floor, and other classes. You can choose one based on length, type, and level. Once you decide on any, you can click on it to know more about it. You can see the equipment and other things. In brief, it will take you to the class with all the adequate preparation. In addition to these, you can pause and adjust the volume. You will have complete freedom in your workouts.


You will not have to assemble your bike. Yes, it will come pre-assembled. The design is compact, and you can store it in any of your convenient places. Also, the impressive design can boost the curb appeal of your home gym. It comes with a state of art sensor to track the distance, speed, and cadence. It is compatible with the Apple watch as well. The material is durable, rustproof, and hypoallergenic.

Apart from that, it can hold up to 350 pounds. The game-changing touchscreen comes with a built-in camera to offer the best support during workouts. Additionally, handlebars are adjustable. You can adjust them forward and backward based on your workout needs. Also, it features a customized heart rate zone to enable users to make adjustments with the guidance of experienced trainers.  


When it comes to performance, MYX Fitness can work as an all-in-one solution for almost all workouts. Once you start using its fitness classes, you can see the dashboard on the left side of the screen. The dashboard will show calories burned, the time elapsed, and the heart rate. 

Also, the coaches will help you to know more about customized heart rate zones. You will know which zone can be helpful for a particular type of workout.

Class Selection

From the above, you might have an idea about the class zones. Yes, there will be different types of class zones. You will get advice from coaches. You will feel like you are in a live conversation with an industry expert. It will build your confidence and inspire you to perform better. 

Within the bike itself, you will have many options. You can try resistance-heavy climb rides, endurance rides, rhythm rides, recovery rides, warm-up rides, and HIIT rides. Also, couches will help you to practice your workouts on the floor. You can do strength training, mobility pilates, core training, yoga, barre, kettlebell training, or any other exercises that you find worth doing. 

The classes will vary from five to sixty minutes. Therefore, you can join one even if you have a busy schedule. Also, the cross-training will combine many different styles in one section. You will have new workouts every day.

Heart Rate Zone Monitoring

You will love this feature. Also, you can use this feature without any skills. This feature will be available for your workouts. As stated earlier, the coaches will guide you in each class and help you with the correct zone. Therefore, you can practice your exercises safely without any fear and confusion. Also, heart rate zone monitoring will help users. They can get sustainable results and speed up the recovery time.


It is one of the best features of MYX Fitness. You will have many different exercises to get real-time benefits. By practicing different variations, you can focus on the five core elements of workouts. These five elements are endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, and calm. The MYX focuses on the combination of different rides to achieve this benefit. Users can practice many exercises on this bike. Besides, they can consider off-bike workouts. Here we can take the example of strength training, yoga, and HIIT. Also, there will be many recovery workouts and meditations to maximize the benefits of exercises.

Positive Coaching

The concept might sound inspiring. Yes, you can expect this feature from MYX Fitness. The coaches can be the best guide throughout. They are health and wellness experts. They can help to achieve your fitness goals and develop positive thinking. They will work to keep you motivated, engaged, and confident. You can focus on the workouts more since there will be no other barriers.

Main Specifications

We will start with the look. The compact size and the sleek design make the bike super impressive. The gym bike stands forty-seven inches high. Also, it is fifty-four inches long and twenty-one inches wide. It has a forty-one-pound flywheel as well. The best part is that it can accommodate all types and sizes of riders. It can be the best workout companion for people between 4’11” and 6’8″ in height. When it comes to weight capacity, the bike can support up to 350 lbs. You might not expect such a feature from any other gym bikes available in the current market.

Apart from that, the bike is fully adjustable. You can adjust the handlebars and seat easily to make it more comfortable. Also, the pedals of the bike are dual-sided. That will enable users to wear both their cycling shoes and athletic shoes.

What Makes MYX Fitness Worth Considering

MYX Fitness is well-made to become a suitable choice for those who want a gym bike at their home. Users will find all the features worth considering. Most importantly, they would love to get guidance from industry experts. It is something they might not expect from other gym bikes. You can practice workouts on the bike and off the bike. You can track your progress and make improvements whenever needed with the guidance of coaches.

Furthermore, the bike is adjustable and can be the best companion for all sizes of people. The compact design will ensure easy storage as well.  



Affordability makes this bike a preferable choice for many. Users can expect all the advanced features without hurting their budget.


Users can practice both on-bike and off-bike workouts to get all the desired benefits. They can do strength training, yoga, and many other exercises on the floor.


The bike can help to try different variations. It can be perfect for both experienced trainers and beginners. As it is easy to adjust and use, beginners can get all the benefits. Also, it can accommodate people of almost all sizes. Users can change the seat height and depth to feel more comfortable. 

Direct Training

Once you have this bike, you can get benefits from industry experts. Experienced trainers will guide you throughout to achieve your fitness goals. 

Compact and Silk Design

The bike looks impressive and can be stored conveniently. The compact design makes it the best choice for both indoor and outdoor workouts.

Large HD Touchscreen

The bike features a large touchscreen and a built-in camera to ensure easy usage. You can stream the classes on the screen.


No Live Classes

Even if experts train you, there will be no live classes. Some prefer live sessions to get fitness training. If you are one of them, you might not find this bike the best option.

No Additional Support

This bike can enable you to connect to Apple Health only. But it does not work with some other leading fitness apps.

Monthly Membership

Yes, users will have to spend on a monthly membership. You will have to pay $29 every month. It is an additional expense. However, you can also use the bike without the membership. But you can access most of the features with this membership only.

Buying Guide to MYX Fitness

MYX Fitness system can be the best for all types of users. It is adjustable, comfortable, and suitable for specific weights and heights. This bike is also available at a competitive price. However, you will not have live sessions. Also, you cannot connect it to other apps. You can decide on one that you find more convenient for you.

Final Words

MYX Fitness system works more than a simple gym bike. It is a fitness program that is well equipped to enable users to achieve their fitness goals. There will be different variations and guidance throughout. The bike is adjustable and features many classes. That helps you to find the most suitable one for you. It is certainly worth trying if you want a companion to support all your workout needs.