Nautilus E618 Elliptical Review

Are you interested in Nautilus E618 Elliptical trainer? Do you want more information before going ahead with your decision? Nautilus E618 Elliptical is an advanced version of the E514. You can expect many improved features. The manufacturer has tried to help users with the best possible experience. It is a top-level machine that can meet the unique needs of users. The quality construction, superior comfort, innovative design, and training programs can inspire any to achieve fitness goals. Once you have this trainer, you can practice your workout every day without looking for any additional help.

Nautilus E618 Elliptical is a bit heavier than other models. However, it features an optimized drive train, longest stride, dual-roller track design, and customized heel support to enable users to practice workouts consistently. Additionally, users can expect the best resistance and the heaviest 30lbs flywheel.

When it comes to the strides, it has the 22 longest strides. The strides can support lower body workouts. Also, there is suspension cushioning that you can adjust to have an optimal experience. Its dual slide rails will ensure effective weight distribution and boost stability and performance. Besides, the rails will help with proper body balance. You will appreciate the 29 pre-set programs. Users can use any suitable program and achieve the desired benefits.

Apart from that, it offers four customizable programs. Moreover, you can expect the best technical features. We can take the example of USB charging, Bluetooth, tilting console, LCD windows, pulse grips, heart rate monitoring, quick controls, and many more. In brief, you will have everything to try different variations and practice all the exercises smoothly and comfortably.

Do you want to know more about the features? If yes, you can consider going through the following article. It will cover all the possible aspects to enable you to decide with a well-informed mind.

Features of the Nautilus E618 Elliptical

Nautilus E618 Elliptical is a front-drive machine with a flywheel on the front. However, it takes less space compared to a rear-drive trainer. When it comes to the footprint, it measures 27″ wide and 73″ long. Also, it features a thirty pounds drive. It will support up to 350 pounds. Besides, users can adjust the resistance precisely.

In addition to these, it features moving handlebars to enable users to maximize the benefits of workouts. You can adjust the handlebars based on the workout diversity. They can be helpful to shape the upper body.

When it comes to the lower body, there is a power incline. The maximum angle is fifteen percent. That will support lower body sculpting and strength training. Moreover, there are three settings for footplates. All these will enable users to try different variations without any complexity.

The programming is also worth mentioning. You can display the exercise data and programming on LCDs. Also, it features two LCDs to make it easier for trainees to have a clear view of everything. Also, the LCD will have adjustable angles. Apart from that, it comes with integrated speakers. Here are some other features you might like to go through.


Nautilus E618 Elliptical features a large footprint. Also, it has an extra-large crossbar tubing frame to offer enhanced stability and durability. This compact trainer comes with adjustable footplates that users can adjust between zero and ten degrees. Also, the dual slide rails will boost the balance and support all types of workouts. It is well-built and compact, and that ensures durability and easy storage.

Tilt Console

Users will find the console impressive. It has two separate windows with a media shelf. If you want, you can use the media shelf for your tablet. Even if you do so, you will not face any challenges in checking your workouts. As the console tilts, users can view the angle based on their workout needs. Also, it features easy-to-read and clear stop and starts buttons. You can use the built-in workout programs as well. There will be twenty-nine programs, and everyone can have a few choices without any exception. There will be programs for HIIT, weight loss, and heart rate.

Also, you can use the tablet shelf to charge your tablet or smartphone. There is a fan to maintain the coolness during workouts. The EKG pulse sensors will enable you to meet your target and enter the fat-burning zone.

Nautilus App

If you want to track your fitness progress, you can consider using its Bluetooth connectivity. You will have to download the Nautilus app, and then you can sync your data to know your progress. Most importantly, you can download the app for free. If you want, you can share your progress with others. You will also have the option to use other fitness apps.

Pulse Monitoring 

It will help to track the workout progress, and you will have two options. You can consider the EKG pulse monitor or the chest strap based on your convenience. The EKG pulse is right on the handles, and you can check your pulse from there. The chest strap will come with a box, and it is wearable. It helps with real-time and accurate monitoring.

Flywheel & Drive System 

The weight of the flywheel is 13.6 kg or 30lbs. You might find it heavier. But the benefit is that it will dampen all the motions. As a result, users can practice different types of workouts. Also, the weight will support the resistance of this trainer. When it comes to the drive system, there is an industrial V-belt system. The system will ensure effective power transfer. Another benefit is the durability, and it will work silently.

Handlebars & Pedals 

The machine features curved handlebars. Therefore, users can expect a better grasp, and that will support upper workouts. Besides, they can get support for different muscle groups. The foot pedals are adjustable as well. You can slightly adjust the pedal to have a comfortable feel. Also, you can change the angles to engage different muscles of your lower body. Apart from that, there is easy resistance and incline controls on the arms bars. Users will not have to use the console for everything. They will find most of the things handy.

Dual Slide Rails 

You will appreciate this impressive feature of the Nautilus E618 Elliptical. There will be two rollers on each track. As there will be dual rollers, the rollers will not come off the way. They will not break easily as well. Another benefit is that you will have better stability with dual rollers. You might not expect this feature from its leading competitors.

Main Specifications

The dimension of the Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainer is 73″ L x 27″ W x 67″ H. The weight is 231 lbs, and it can support up to 350lbs. This capacity makes it a preferred choice for almost all sizes of trainees. Also, there will be many adjustments to support different weights and heights. The color of the machine is black, and its fixed stride length is 22″. When it comes to resistance, it features magnetic resistance with twenty-five levels. There will be grip sensors and chest strap monitoring. Also, the connectivity is worth mentioning. Users can use Bluetooth, telemetry, and USB. Apart from that, there is a tablet holder and dual speakers for media support. Additionally, there is a three-speed fan.


Workout Programs

The trainer features twenty-nine pre-set exercise programs. Users can choose any of their preferred workouts. Also, there will be four user-defined programs that users can save for their practices. The pre-set programs will have twelve profile programs, four custom programs, one quick start, two fitness tests, one recovery test, and nine heart rate programs.

Satisfactory Warranty Period

The manufacturer offers fifteen years warranty on its frame, two years on the labor, and five years on the electronics and parts.


The pedals, handlebar, console, cushioning system, LCDs, and some other parts are adjustable. Users can adjust the angle and can have comfortable and supportive settings for their workouts.

 Media Capabilities

You can use the Bluetooth feature to share your fitness progress with your friends and others. If you want, you can share your fitness data with other apps. You will have many options to track your progress and share it with others.

Quick Touch Buttons

Users will have the option to set the incline and resistance with a single touch of the button. Some buttons can be helpful while practicing workouts. You will not have to reach the console always.


Time-consuming Assembly

The assembly will demand both your time and effort. You might need to spend around two hours on the setup.

 A Bit Heavier

This trainer is a bit heavier compared to its competitors. However, the weight ensures better stability and support.

Buying Guide to Nautilus E618 Elliptical

Nautilus E618 Elliptical is a well-equipped, adjustable, and comfortable trainer. Users can adjust features based on their workout demands. Also, it has extended warranty support. However, assembling is the downside.

Final Words

Nautilus E618 Elliptical is packed with many advanced features to fulfill your fitness goals. Also, you will appreciate the adjustments. Yes, you can adjust almost everything to create a more comfortable setting for your workout. You can practice different variations. The pre-set workout programs are worth considering as well.