Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review

Nautilus T614 treadmill is an entry-level machine for home gyms designed to match commercial models with a maximum of 300 lbs user weight capacity and a top speed of 12mph supported by a 2.75 CHP motor. It has a running deck of 55 x 20 inches with a single-ply running belt resting on 2.5-inch crown rollers. Nautilus T614 treadmill is a folding machine with Soft Drop technology and a Strike Zone cushioning track with four hex cell designs for maximum support and comfort.

You get almost everything for your basic workout needs in the console of Natilus T614 Treadmill:

  • An MP3 port
  • A USB charging port
  • In-built speakers
  • A three-speed adjustable fan
  • A blue backlit LCD screen

Besides, you get an impressive program variety with 22 preset workout programs, including two custom programs. In addition, you can monitor heart rate with in-built sensors in the handlebars contact grips. Moreover, the treadmill is compatible with wireless chest straps, which you need to purchase separately.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill is a popular piece of equipment available at a perfect price for home use. Features like preset workout programs and an elaborate media shelf add to the convenience of users. You can also track your workout performance by wirelessly connecting to Nautilus connect app or My Fitness Pal. It is a valuable feature that only a few competitors provide.

Nautilus Treadmill is a leader in manufacturing quality fitness equipment for heavy-duty club use revolutionizing the fitness industry with popular brands like Nautilus, Universal, Schwinn, and Bowflex. Nautilus brand has complete lines of treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, and upright bikes. It means that due to the excellent brand equity of Nautilus, this treadmill can last you a long time at your home gym.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill has everything that users look for in a helpful treadmill. It has performance tracking with several workout programs with many features to make your workouts enjoyable and keep you coming back time and again. It has a much better console than most competing brands at the current price point, and you can see your workout data even in low light due to its blue backlit screen. You get access to 22 preset programs hitting everything from simple exercises to intense interval training or heart rate profiles.

The Nautilus T614 Treadmill is the best example of what a running machine should be. It is packed with valuable features like brilliant running deck cushioning and workout data upload to help improve your future workouts. Comparing it to similarly priced treadmills from influential brands like Lifespan, Horizon fitness, and Proform, it comes out pretty well with higher belt speed, steeper inclines, and a more powerful motor. On the flip side, Nautilus T614 Treadmill does not offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, which seems a bit odd. Even the running area of 55-inch length may not be suitable for taller users, but it is common for treadmills to have this much length at this price point.

Overall it is the best treadmill you can find for under $1000. The features that set this treadmill apart are how data uploads to Nautilus Connect and My Fitness Pal and several positive customer reviews online. Nautilus T614 Treadmill is an entry-level folding machine in residential series packed with in-built stereo speakers, an innovative cushioning system, a user convenient foldable frame, and lots of preset workout programs. USB charging port and MP3 player port enable uninterrupted enjoyable workout sessions. The goal tracking feature lets the users set their fitness goals and achieve them with economical pricing and several convenient features.

It is amongst the best treadmills available on the market for less than $1,000, with a responsive 2.75 continuous horsepower motor offering a speed range of 0 to 12 miles per hour. The console has a 5.5 inch LCD facilitating the users with easy reading of workout data. Moreover, you can enjoy challenging workouts with its motorized incline of up to 12%.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill is an essential piece of equipment for beginners who can choose the right option from 22 preset programs. The economical price makes it affordable for most such fitness enthusiasts.

Salient Features of Nautilus T614 Treadmill

Foldable Design

Nautilus T614 Treadmill is convenient and easy to store after workouts because it has a Soft Drop folding design. The machine is relatively compact and lightweight, and you get added mobility with its transport wheels.

Strike Zone Cushioning System

Nautilus T614 Treadmill ensures a smooth and comfortable running with four hex cell design of Strike Zone cushioning system in the running track. Moreover, large crown rollers of 2.5 inches ensure quiet and smooth workouts.

22 Preset Programs

The treadmill offers enough program variety with 22 different options. You can quickly choose the right one for you from options like speed burn, fat burn, incline burn, interval, train, endurance, user-defined, weight control, aerobic, anaerobic, healthy, heart health. It includes three interval programs, five heart rate programs, three weight control, five strength training, three quick goals, and one manual program.

Moreover, you also get two custom programs to personalize your experience. You can save and store your workout program for future sessions for continuing your training without hassles. The workout data points include pace, incline, calories, heart rate, distance, time, etc.

Fully Loaded Console

Nautilus T614 has a fully loaded console providing almost every essential feature, including a straightforward interface, audio system, cooling fan, control keys for speed and incline, and one-touch key for different preset programs.


Although the company provides detailed instruction manuals for assembly, some users may find the process time-consuming and a little bit complex. Once you put the big pieces together, the process is more or less straightforward. Nevertheless, you can opt for professional assembly from Nautilus by paying some extra amount.

Construction Quality and Design

After the day’s workout, you can save space with the Soft Drop folding system. It is a compact and lightweight treadmill that suits even smaller spaces. Transport wheels facilitate easy movements after use. Nautilus T614 Treadmill is an entry-level machine, and a running area of 20 x 55 inches is good enough in that sense.

The proprietary cushioning system adds to the comfort and smoothness of your running experience. The console has got comfortable features like a cooling fan, control keys, and a sound system. Overall, the build quality and design match the budget price of the treadmill.

Responsive Motor

The treadmill at 2.75 CHP ensures responsiveness, reliability, and performance. It is a powerful motor to provide a top speed of 12mph and can handle users up to 300 pounds.

Running Track

It has a running area of 20 x55 inches with a single-ply belt of 1.5mm thickness with Strike Zone cushioning for a smooth running experience.

12% Incline

You can make your workouts more challenging with 12% motorized incline levels and quickly achieve your targeted fitness goals. Such incline levels are pretty good for beginners in targeting fitness goals.

Monitoring Heart Rate

Contact pulse grips monitor your heart rate during the training, and the treadmill is also compatible with chest straps for wireless monitoring. Please note that you have to buy the belts separately.


You can enjoy an uninterrupted workout session with in-built speakers, a USB charging port, and an MP3 input port to listen to the music of your choice.

  • You can save storage space due to its innovative Soft Drop folding design.
  • There are 22 different preset workout programs to keep you motivated, including two custom ones.
  • The top speed of 12 miles per hour and 12% incline add challenge to your workout routine.
  • Wheels attached to the frame allow for easy transportation around your space.
  • You get excellent Strike Zone cushioning with a four hex cell design technology.
  • The console of the Nautilus T614 treadmill is fully loaded with comfortable features.
  • MP3 input port, in-built speakers, and USB charging port keep you going for long hours.
  • There is no lifetime warranty whatsoever, and almost every treadmill from a critical competitor offers one on the frame at least.
  • The package does not include a chest strap for wireless HR monitoring, and you have to buy it separately.
  • At the current price point and motor capacity, the weight capacity of 300 pounds is relatively low.
  • The console is a bit crowded and difficult to read.

Machine Specs of Nautilus T614 Treadmill

Dimensions: 72.2 x 35.2 x 57.6 inches; Running Area: 20 x 55; Foldable: Yes; Motor Horsepower: 2.75 CHP; Preset Workout Programs: 22; speed Range: 0 to 13 mph; Incline Levels: 0 to 12; Item Weight (Assembled): 200 pounds; User Weight Capacity: 300 pounds; Heart Rate Monitoring: contact Sensors; Compatible to Chest Straps (Not included); Warranty: Frame & Motor – 10 yrs, Mechanical and Electrical Parts – 2 yrs, Labor – 1 yr.

Final Words

Nautilus T614 Treadmill is perfect for a home gym. Performance and comfort features like a steep incline, spacious deck area, reliable running belt, several workout programs, and a powerful motor. It is the most basic model aimed at novice users with lots of preset workout programs. At the current price point, it is one of the best treadmills in this range.