Product Review

For several years, NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has been consistently securing the top position in treadmill customer reviews globally because it is fun to use this rightly priced powerful machine with iFit Coach. Minor upgrades in its 2021 edition have the potential to improve your overall treadmill experience, including enhanced graphics processing power with a 10 inch HD display, faster WiFi connectivity with dual modes of 2.4 and 5 Gigahertz, and a Bluetooth pairing feature to connect headphones. It has also improved automatic speed and incline controls for live workouts with quieter operation ensured by a new incline drive system. The best part is that it offers one year of family membership instead of a standard subscription of one person, free with upgraded NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill.

It includes popular features such as a quiet 3.75 continuous horsepower motor, powered incline-decline, iFit Coach exercises, built-in workout programs, and a 10 inch HD touch screen. While the motor is strong enough for runners, a powered incline can sculpt your lower half nicely.

When you choose to explore using the iFit Coach app with the Google Maps component, you can sync with the dips and elevations of the selected terrain with its powered incline and decline. You can experience virtual routes across Antarctica, Europe, Australia, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. Besides, you can generate goal-oriented suggestions and infinite workout program variety with iFit Coach tools.

You can fold your NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill to save floor space with its patented EasyLift Assist technology that works in just ten seconds. Overall, it is customers’ favorite treadmill for the best in-home workout experience.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill got an encouraging response with updated features. This popular model with iFit is better with enhanced Bluetooth audio functionality. Although it is the cheapest option in the commercial series, it is not an entry-level treadmill. Nevertheless, this cardio training machine is amongst the best buys of this year, satisfying power walkers and most runners with its functional features.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is a perfect fit for you if you are looking for the following in a treadmill:

  • You want to protect your joints with cushioning with an option to mimic outdoor running by turning it off quickly.
  • You intend to have a powered incline with decline.
  • You look forward to a quiet treadmill that can accommodate a top speed of 12 mph, with interval training and long-distance running.
  • You fancy several extra features to keep you going that extra mile. For instance, you want to explore complete unlimited workout programs with an iFit subscription.

Your NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is everything you want and much more. Let us review the great features of this treadmill to have a better idea.

Salient Features of NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

Quiet and Powerful 3.75 CHP Motor

It is amongst one of the most silent motors in the treadmill industry, with a continuous horsepower rating of 3.75 and a top speed of 12 miles per hour. So if you prefer a quiet and powerful machine, NordicTrack Commerical 1750 delivers well, making it perfect for continuous interval training and smooth long-distance training. This heavy-duty treadmill can support a user’s weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Touch Screen Control Panel

A touch screen panel has become an almost mandatory feature for fitness equipment. You get a 10-inch touch screen in this model, allowing you to check mileage and calorie data, flip between different workout programs more efficiently, and use iFit Coach to take advantage of readily available fitness guidance. Moreover, you can use its HD video feature to tread exercise paths and virtually run through actual streets using Google Street Views globally.

IFit Coach Treadmill Workouts

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill has an incline/decline feature ranging from minus 3 to 15%. It synchronizes with dips and elevations of chosen landscape to help you explore through Google Maps. You will feel as if you are running as usual on that terrain for a life-like experience. The sync feature is perfect for users who get bored quickly and struggle to remain motivated. They can now explore new locations to keep exercising to stay fit.

IFit Coach Data Tracking

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill can store fitness data of each session with iFit Coach. The moment you complete your workout session, it logs the fitness data into your treadmill and then pairs it up with other devices on iFit. The storage and quick sharing of fitness statistics ensure better lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise-related recommendations for your optimum health.

50 Workout Programs

Some of the best personal trainers have designed 50 different workout programs for your NordicTrack treadmill. It is a genuinely unique feature because you need not spend money on private training sessions and can depend upon this treadmill for your workout needs. You can choose from several workout options, including heart rate control, calorie burn programs, interval training workouts, and speed training sessions. It guides you through the exercise chosen by you to help you navigate from start to end to get the best benefits of each optimally designed program.

Incline & Decline Range of -3% to 15%

If you need to add intensity to your exercise routine, the incline is a vital feature for your treadmill; perhaps decline too. NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill will not disappoint you because it offers a wide range of minus 3% decline to 15% incline.

If you use incline and decline levels judicially, you will be able to increase your muscle strength, cardiovascular conditioning level, and resting metabolic rate simultaneously. You also get a better deal on the calorie-burning rate. Moreover, if you prefer interval training, you can use the incline levels to complete your interval faster instead of running all the way.

Going on an incline is far easy on your body than running and jogging for regular training, especially if you are prone to injuries. By increasing the gradient by 1-2 percent, you can reduce some of the impacts on your joints that you may otherwise force onto them.

Tablet Holder

This treadmill has an in-built tablet holder to hold your smart devices, tablets, magazines, or books so that you get entertainment while doing exercises. In the 2021 upgrade, the console design ensures that magazines or devices do not obstruct your view of the screen.


It features a set of three-inch digitally amplified wireless speakers to make you listen to your favorite workout playlists with Bluetooth audio technology. It is a nice feature to connect to instructor-led training with your Bluetooth headphones.

Tread Belt

You get enough space to move with a tread belt of 60 x 22 inches which is two inches more than the industry standards, easily accommodating bulky users. The belt thickness offers better overall durability by helping minimize the noise it makes while operating it.

Cushioning Preferences

Suppose you want to prepare for a road race, but you train yourself on a treadmill. In that case, the last thing you will ever need is a cozy deck that will make things too easy. NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill offers you the flexibility to turn it on and off as per your preferences at the click of a button. On the one hand, it can save your joints from impacts, and on the other hand, it can mimic actual outdoor conditions. However, please note that you will be adding 30% extra impact on your joints by turning it off. So we recommend that you must not train in this manner on a long-term basis.

Heart Rate Monitoring

This treadmill also offers chest strap tracking of heart rate with Bluetooth technology. But mind you, you will have to purchase the chest strap separately. The Heart rate monitoring system features contact sensors on its bars to enable you to perform training at correct intensities.

Cooling Options

Dual AutoBreeze workout fans come to your rescue to keep you cool while walking or running on this treadmill. They are handy when you are grueling with a high degree incline for uphill training or working out continuously for long hours. Anyway, it is always lovely to have such a comfortable feature to make your life easy!

Foldable Options

If you can tuck away your treadmill into storage after you complete your workout session, there is nothing like it! You can store this folding treadmill upright for easy packing, an ideal space-saving option. Please note that when the machine is not in a folded condition, it has a total footprint of 81.25 x 39.25 x 71.

  • 3.75 CHP motor with a top speed of 12 mph
  • 10 inch HD touch screen display
  • Free one-year iFit Coach family subscription
  • 50 Workout Programs
  • Incline and decline of -3% to 15%
  • Tread Belt of 60×22 with the foldability
  • Option to switch off cushioning
  • Audio connectivity to Headphones
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Cooling fans and Tablet holder
  • Customer reviews mention that the assembly process of this treadmill is a little unwieldy. You may need several people to move and set the machine up. Hence you may have to pay extra for professional assembly.
  • If we compare its warranty with key competing models, a warranty of 2 years on parts and electronics seems to be too short.

Machine Specs of NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

Treadmill Dimensions (inches): 81.25 x 39.25 x 71 (L x W x H); Motor: 3.75 CHP; Top Speed: 12 miles per hour; Running Area: 60 x 22 inches; Incline: 15%; Decline: (-)3%; Foldable: Yes; User Weight Capacity: Up to 300 pounds; Built-In Programs: 50; Touchscreen HD display; iFit subscription free for one year; Bluetooth 2021 Upgrades: Dual-band WiFi compatible updated HD Touchscreen; iFit available as a new mobile app also; Quieter Drive Incline technology; Bluetooth upgrade can pair headphones too, besides your smartphone; iFit membership for one year for the entire family.