Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i Review


Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i elliptical is famous as one of the best folding ellipticals that fold up faster after a workout and offer a space-saving design. It is the superficial level model from NordicTrack that provides impressive functionality and features for effective results. It has an 18″ stride and 18 lbs flywheel having a rear-drive design to maximize performance. Its 20 level resistance enhances the elliptical trainer usability for fitness enthusiasts. 

This fitness trainer equipment involves pulse grips, oversized pedals, and power-adjustable inclining that you can adjust accordingly. NordicTrack space saver has several integrated workout programs having iFit compatibility. Users will have the best exercise regimen for being healthy and fit. Its aesthetic design machine having solid build quality along with LCD gives incredible outcome. Nordictrack features compact footprints that allow users to store devices appropriately in any corner of the room.

Nordictrack SE7i Elliptical trainer aims for all those who require to boost their cardio fitness with total body fitness levels. Users willing to decrease weight, improve their strength, undergo endurance training, manage their blood pressure, and maintain weight must try out this trainer. Also, users looking for a variety of workout programs with the benefits of customization must opt for this trainer. Some users who have their budget as the critical criteria search for affordable trainers with performance-oriented results. Thus, it is a cheap and incredible option for users who want the best elliptical under 1000 USD. Overall, it is easy to store and use a machine having good features on a budget.

Nordictrack elliptical has an inclining range feature that enables users to increase the workout intensity without stopping to adjust the incline. Additionally, NordicTrack never compromises with the resistance levels available. Apart from its different features, the SE7i space saver is light in weight, having the lowest flywheel weight compared to other ellipticals at this cost. On top of all, its highest stride length is 18 inches. 

Salient Features

Stride Length

Affordable folding ellipticals come with short stride lengths ranging between 11 to 14 inches, which is ok for quick users or those searching for just walkers with light workouts. However, tall users will not like this budget elliptical because of its short stride length, as it will not enable you to run freely. So, here comes NordicTrack into the picture. It has a stride length of about 18 inches, which is considered good according to the cost. It is good to go for the users having 6 feet height or less. It will suit their body perfectly, which allows them to go for high, light, or medium calorie-burning workouts.


Nordictrack spacesaver SE7i elliptical trainer has oversized pedals designed with cushioning effect to ensure that users experience high comfort. There is cushioning support accessible with three setting adjustable pedals that improve the workout experience of the users. Hence, pedals offer incredible support in rigorous and regular sessions of workouts for staying motivated to achieve the goals.

In-built Transport Wheels

This elliptical trainer has built-in transport wheels that make it the perfect choice for households with space limitations. The folding provisions make it easy to store and move this trainer anywhere after your workout.


Nordictrack spacesaver SE7i elliptical trainer has aesthetically designed handlebars with a good comfortable grip. The provision of resistance level controls on handlebars enhances the trainer’s usability, making it more accessible to users to meet their daily fitness goals. 

Workout Sessions

SE7i space saver elliptical has preloaded workouts and supports unlimited workouts programs from the famous iFit app. It has 24 preloaded workout programs that the professional trainer designed. Also, each program has a set duration and adjusts the resistance/inclining level automatically. It can augment the challenge with the 8-degree tilt. iFit Coach is an all-in-one fitness application accessible with the annual membership and evolves with your regular activities to customize fitness. You can download new workout sessions anytime and also get a new personal trainer workout daily. Utilize the iFit’s HD videos library from popular trainers and enjoy google map workouts that track the automatic elliptical incline actual terrain.

These 24 pre-program workouts on the equipment will guide you with different resistance and intensities. On-board activities are enough to keep you active and offer plenty of training variables. It is a perfect exercise machine for users who are willing to function. It does not involve extra bells and whistles that several users do not want to pay.


Nordictrack trainer is a well-designed machine that speaks volumes regarding its durable features and performance. Thus, it is good to assemble this machine effectively to ensure smooth and precise functioning. The user has two alternatives available. The first one is to build the device by reading manual instructions accurately, and the other option is to hire an expert for services.

Designing And Top-notch Quality

Nordictrack elliptical is an innovative machine that boosts durable and high performance with its impressive features and functionality. It leads to high quality as this trainer has a rear design that provides immense support for the back, having dimensions of 80″ * 32″ * 67″.

This trainer equipment offers 18 lbs flywheels for accurate and consistent performance for long hours without compromising the performance. It supports 325 lbs weight having 18 inches stride length and power inclining ranging from 0 to 10 degrees. The elliptical trainer has a foldable design having transport wheels. It takes less space that enhances the appeal to the people for practical usage in an effective way.

The provision of a one-touch LCD comes with iFit compatibility and a music system that adds to its performance. Grip pulse monitor availability is helpful to read the heart rate accurately. The excellent hand grips make it convenient for the users, and thus it becomes cost-efficient equipment.

Warranty And Guarantee

Nordictrack spacesaver SE7i warranty comes with two year lifetime on parts, a lifetime warranty on frame, and one year on labor. It also provides a money-back 30 days guarantee. Thus, if you do not like the equipment, you can return it.

Accessories Available

There are different additional features in-built –

  • AutoBreeze fan: you get a built-in fan for helping you to keep relaxed and comfortable.
  • Tablet/Mobile Holder: You get a tablet holder that allows you to place your tablet/mobile firm during workouts on the console.
  • Audio Jack: You can plug in your speaker or MP3 player and listen to your favorite workout music via built-in speakers.
  • Water Bottle Holder: You can place your water bottle in the holder available during your workouts and have a sip whenever you want.

Foldable, Easy, And RollAway Frame

The most significant benefit of the Nordictrack spacesaver SE7i Elliptical is its short footprint when not in use. It can be assembled in 15 minutes and stored discreetly in the closet space. This equipment is perfect for customers that look for a portable elliptical at an affordable price. The 18 lb enhanced wheel, rear-drive motor, and oversized cushioning pedals help to offset the lightness and keep you at a more stable, natural, and tailored posture through your rotation. Also, it is vital to mention that the stride smoothness will not match the glide of other non-portable ellipticals having a difference in weight.

Nordictrack SE7i prefers the unique storage feature like a vertical space-saver design similar to the SNAP technology they utilize in elite elliptical trainers. You have to fold the arms and console to the base frame, lift it to standing, and use the wheels to roll in the storage for stowing away the SE7i.

Resistance Levels

Nordictrack SE7i elliptical trainer has silent magnetic resistance that provides 20 resistance levels for amazon workout options. Users can optimize the workout regimen by having different levels of resistance. 

The provision of one-touch controls on the handlebars makes it highly comfortable for users to interact in different intensity levels without stopping the workout and modifying the levels of resistance.

iFit compatibility

iFit is the fitness service of Nordictrack that gives you access to unlimited instructor-led exercises, metric tracking, scenic rides, and all that stuff. NordicTrack provides you a free month with buying, but it is again entirely optional for you. They show you the pop-up to set up your equipment initially, but if you push and hold the Bluetooth button for about 20 seconds, you can continue without signing up.

Heart Rate Monitor

The SE7i elliptical machine has reasonable grip heart rate monitors integrated into the fixed handles that are compatible with Bluetooth settings also. 

Fitness Meter

This elliptical trainer has an LCD control that is easy to use. It displays accurate information regarding many things such as calories, distance, etc. The backlit display of the console adds to the customer base as the users prefer to have a console having the feature.

It’s 24 pre-program workouts made by professional experts that enhance its usability. Users can utilize their smartphones or tablets to connect online, watch their videos, or surf the internet. 

iFit coach provision provides an entirely new workout session that users can easily access to improve their fitness levels. Users can track different terrains via google maps like the Swiss alps or another country to provide a challenging platform. Users can get the advantage of iFit coach having a facility that offers workout programs, exercise sessions, and dietary recommendations. The accessibility of grip pulse monitor, iPod compatibility, and the one-user profile add to the console usability. Hence, the console offers quick control features to match up the performance of the users.

Power Inclining Range

You get about 8 degrees of power incline on this machine. It is not the highest incline that you can get with the elliptical, but it is still good considering the price. Incline range changes the slope of the running path that helps you to work on lower body muscles. It is the perfect way to change the inclining content during a workout of the calorie-burning session. Thus, you can adjust the incline range according to the required intensity of workouts.

5″ LCD Console

The LCD console present on this elliptical is standard, having one-touch controls. It is large enough to check out all your workout metrics comfortably with its backlit. This monitor feature is the most impressive and allows you to choose resistance levels, incline, and workout programs.

NordicTrack’s one-touch console will be a refreshing change that is fine and easy to use. It has all the required stuff like 24 preset workouts, power-adjustable incline, heart rate monitor, speed, calories, distance, 20 resistance levels, etc.

Noise Level

As the SE7i elliptical utilizes magnetic resistance, it produces less noise. The pedals glide smoothly, and the handles are attached so that you can exercise without disturbing those around you. The motor makes a bit of noise when you incline or decline it.

  • Comfortable and top-notch rear-drive design.
  • 24 preset programs.
  • 15 minute assembly time.
  • Space saver equipment.
  • iFit compatibility.
  • Adjust Power incline up to 8 degrees.
  • One-touch control for incline.
  • Workout fans.
  • Access to Cushioning and adjustable pedals with an excellent aesthetic appeal.
  • Accessible Holder of Water bottle.
  • LCD/monitor display speed, calories, distance, heart rate, etc.
  • A stride length of 18 inches may be short for taller users who are above 6 feet. 
  • No wireless pulse receiver is available.
  • Screen with no HD quality.

Machine Specs: 

Compact/folding: yes; stride length: 18 inches; flywheel: 18 lbs; Preset workout programs: 24 sessions; fan: yes; weight capacity: 325 lbs; Dimensions: 80″ * 32″ * 67″ (L * B * H); machine-weight: 190 lbs; drive: Rear; resistance levels: 20; sensors: heart rate cardio grip monitor; warranty: 2 year on parts, lifetime on frame and 1 year on labor.

Final Words

Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i trainer is an affordable and compact training machine that you can fold after every workout session. It features a durable rear-drive design providing total comfort to users. This machine is highly recommendable for short-height people and those looking for a high-performance within-budget trainer.