Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell Review

Are you planning to buy Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell? Do you want to know more about this dumbbell before going ahead with your decision? Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell is well-equipped to meet the unique needs of fitness enthusiasts. You will appreciate the quick adjustments and quality construction. In addition to easy adjustments, it has high weight increments to become the first choice for beginners and experienced trainees.

Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell can be a perfect addition to your home gym. The best thing about this equipment is its inspiring weight selection range. You will have the option to adjust it from five pounds to eighty pounds fast by using the handles. Yes, the handles will work as dials. Hence, you can consider five pounds or fifty pounds based on your workout needs. You might not expect such easy and impressive adjustments from its competitors. You can choose the weight limit and practice your exercises conveniently.

By having a pair of Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbells, you can get the benefits of sixteen pairs of dumbbells. Yes, you can get this benefit with the eighty-pound option. It will save both your money and space. Apart from that, you can consider having a stand. Yes, the dumbbell stand will ensure easy storage. But it will not come with the product. You will have to spend extra on it.

People find this dumbbell worth buying for its adjustment features. You can effortlessly adjust lighter and heavier weights with the twist of its handle. Also, the adjustments will be safe and rattle-free. As the product has come from a reputable brand, you can expect incredible durability and improved performance.

Even if the Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell comes with many advanced features, some trainees find the price more. However, if you consider the adjustments and durability, you will find this workout companion worth spending.

Are you a bit confused? Do you want to know more about the features and benefits? If yes, you can consider going through the following. It will answer a curious mind and enable you to get the best product for your workouts. We will discuss the features, benefits, and downsides. Keep reading to know how Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell can help you to meet your fitness goals.

Features of the Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell

If you buy a dozen of dumbbells for your workouts, you will have to spend more. Also, you will need more space to accommodate all of them. Some fitness enthusiasts buy different weights of dumbbells to maximize the benefits of their exercises. However, Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell can serve multiple purposes. Yes, it is a versatile dumbbell that can help to lift different weight ranges based on their preferences. You can store it in your home gym conveniently. It will not require a lot of space. More importantly, you can also have its stand to ensure easy storage.

Additionally, you will appreciate its dial function. This improved feature can help users with easy adjustments. In the current market, you will find many adjustable dumbbells. However, once you check the features, you will know that the adjustments will demand effort and time. You will have to change the setting. You might need to remove the weight as well. However, you will not experience all these complications with the Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell. You can use the dial function to adjust the weight fast and effortlessly.

As mentioned earlier, you will have the option to adjust the weight as low as you want. Also, it is adjustable from five pounds to eighty pounds. In the following, we will know more about the features. 

Quality Construction

The quality of this product makes it super durable and versatile. It is the world’s advanced fitness equipment. You can use it as an all-in-one solution for different workout needs. When it comes to the material, it will have machine steel weight plates. That ensures enhanced durability and creates a natural feel. This dumbbell is available in pairs. You will have the option to buy from 80LB or 50 LB. Also, you can adjust the dumbbell with five LB increments. The adjustment will be super easy by twisting the handle. You can get the custom weight fast.

The build quality is impressive, and the design ensures easy maneuverability. The steel handles and weight plates are stable. Therefore, users can change the weight securely. The weight adjustment will be smooth and satisfying. The material is quality steel. However, there will be little plastic in the overall construction.

Easy Adjustments

Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell has received a lot of appreciation for easy adjustments. Yes, users can adjust the weight by twisting the handle. This unique feature makes this dumbbell different from its competitors. Yes, you can switch from the lightest weight to the heaviest within a few seconds. Also, you do not need any skills to change weights. Even if the adjustment is easy, you need to be careful to handle the extra weight safely. It will not take more than a few seconds to adjust from the lowest to the highest and the highest to the lowest.

Weight Options

Yes, you will also find the weight options worth considering. There are fifty and eighty pounds options. You can choose the one based on your skill levels. Also, you will have to spend more on the 80 LB. If you consider the 50LB one, you can adjust the weight from five to fifty. However, if you go with 80LB, you will have the option to shift from five to eighty pounds. Hence, you will have to choose the one that can complement your skill levels. You can adjust the weight by twisting the handle regardless of the option you choose. 

Comfort Grip

This dumbbell will offer a comfortable and stable grip. It can be the best option for all sizes and shapes of people. The stainless steel material ensures an easy and comfortable gripping. The size makes it suitable for both large and small people. All will feel comfortable while using this dumbbell. Also, they can change the weight effortlessly. In brief, you can expect the best stability like traditional dumbbells. However, it will be super adjustable and versatile.


Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell features a weight plate design. The weight plates will stay snug while lifting. It will not rattle and shake that you might experience from many of its competitors. If the weight plates shake and rattle, you will not feel secure while lifting. However, you will not have this experience with the Nuobell. Also, the weight plates are strong with durable steel. The material will ensure a lasting result. Also, it will give an impressive look to your fitness equipment. In addition to the durability, the plates are secure and will not cause any issues during lifts. You can say that they are safe and can prevent any accident.


Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell is compact and can be an ideal choice for your home gym. Yes, these adjustable dumbbells will save you space and time. You can say that they are the most advanced adjustable dumbbells available in the current market. They will support different weights and can shift fast. Also, the material makes the end product super durable. Apart from that, they will not demand a lot of space for storage. They will take only four square feet of your home gym. Also, you can move them from one place to another. For this, you can maneuver their cradles. You will find everything smooth, easy, and hassle-free with the lighter-weight options. However, if you use the highest weight adjustment, you might find it a bit hard to move. But you will find it easier than moving sixteen pairs of dumbbells. 


The warranty period makes this product a preferred choice for many. Yes, it will have two years of warranty support from the manufacturer. If you want, you can also consider buying an extended warranty. You can get up to three years of coverage with an additional expense. You can decide based on your needs.

Optional Stand

As mentioned earlier, you can have an optional NUOBELL stand. The stand can be helpful for easy storage and usage. However, it will not come with the package. Yes, you will have to pay an additional price. You can have the 15KG stand. That is compatible with the 80LB and 50LB pounds. With this stand, your dumbbells will get the desired support during storage. Also, you can access your equipment easily whenever needed. The units will have only a 65cm x 61cm footprint. Also, you will not have to spend more on the stand. 

Click-lock Handle

The handles of the Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell are worth mentioning. You will have simple clock-lock handles. All you need to do is to rotate them to get the desired weight for your workouts. Once you get the weight in the indicator, you can pull the weight and start practicing your exercises. With 50LB and 80LB models, SMRTFT gives challenges to other leading adjustable dumbbell brands. All the credit goes to its solid construction, small footprint, and portability.

Main Specifications

Adjustable dumbbells have become a preferred choice due to their advanced features. They can save money and space. However, you can expect the best outcome with the Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell. It is well-equipped to be a suitable option for both commercial gyms and home gyms. These dumbbells can work like sixteen pairs of dumbbells. Also, you can adjust them by turning the handle. You can have this all-in-one adjustable dumbbell to get support for different weights. Also, you can shift from one weight to another conveniently.

Also, Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbells are available in pairs. You can buy 50LB and 80LB based on your workout preferences. Both these options will ensure easy adjustments by twisting the handles. Also, they come with a patented Swedish design. The construction is solid and sturdy with quality steel materials. Besides, there are knurled handles and plastic material to offer easy movement and better functionality. By moving handles, users can adjust these dumbbells by 5LB increments. Apart from that, they will have two portable cradles. You can also buy the stand separately to ensure easy storage. Additionally, the product will have two years of warranty support. Users will also have the option to purchase extra coverage.


Simple Twist Adjustments

Most users find the adjustments easy and fast. Within seconds and with a simple twist, you can adjust the weight. Also, it features an easy-to-read dial to make the adjustments easier. You can read it and shift the weight to meet your fitness goals.

Enhanced Durability

Another benefit is its superior quality. Yes, most dumbbell materials are plastic. Even some leading brands use plastic material. However, Nuobell will have quality steel material to offer a durable result. Also, the material will provide the desired stability to different weights. You can safely shift from one weight to another.

 Barbell Type Handle

You might be aware that most dumbbell manufacturers focus on contoured handles. The grip will be rubber or foam. But Nuobell comes with a barbell-type handle. Also, it has knurled finish to offer a firm grip. The handle makes this dumbbell visually appealing. If you use barbells, you will find it easy and more convenient.


You will have the option to go with either 50LB or 80LB pounds. In both these types, you can make easy adjustments by twisting handles. You can use the lightest and heaviest weights and shift fast within a few seconds.



You will have to spend more on this dumbbell compared to some of its competitors. Also, you will have to buy the stand separately.

Weight Limit

The weight lifting limit is only eighty pounds. However, some people might prefer to lift more than eighty pounds. If you are one of them, you might not find this dumbbell worth buying.

Final Words

Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell has received appreciation for the sleek look, firm grip, and seamless adjustments. Apart from that, you will have the option to lift from five to eighty pounds. Furthermore, you will find the material durable. If you want dumbbells with fifty to eighty ranges, Nuobell is worth trying.