When technology meets wellness great zero gravity full body massage chairs are created. Being massaged from head to toes by a device that scanned youк body and can deliver a fully customized experience. Sounds good? Wait until you try it… then it will sound AND feel good.

Zero Gravity Full body massage chairs have proved their value nowadays and you won’t be able to find a reason not to have one at home: why would you? Beneficial for your body and mind, they offer a multitude of great advantages! To quote only a few we have: improved blood circulation, better quality of sleep, stress relieve, pain control, full-body relaxation… and much more.

Osaki Titan is among the world’s top distributors of electric massage chairs and other wellness devices. They are also renowned for their top customer service and their high-quality products. The OSAKI OS-4000 Zero gravity full body massage chair is no exception to the rule and turns out to be a bestseller on the market and a consumer’s favorite massage chair.

Osaki OS-4000 full body massage chair review
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Here is what it can offer to you zero gravity full body massage chairs:

– Body Scan: thanks to the back rollers of the very ergonomic S-track, the massage chair will scan the curvature of your spine in an accurate way. This will help to deliver the most precise massage hitting all the right and crucial spots. The personalization of the massage experience is a key factor in how beneficial the session. Would a professional therapeutic massage healthy young woman like he would massage an older man with back problems? No. The same goes for the electric massage chair and this Osaki model definitely got the point. This device also has a unique enough functionality: leg scan. The leg rest will be fully extended at the beginning of each session and will contract slowly towards your feet until you stop it by pressing with your toes. Tailored made chair.

– Zero gravity: this position has been first presented by NASA. It is the optimal and least stressful position for astronaut’s bodies when being carried to space. The goal is to reduce as much as possible the pressure on the spine and the organs through reaching the best body alignment. Thus, all the vital functions are improved. This zero gravity full body massage chair even offers dual zero gravity positions. The second one is a slightly more reclined position where the legs are above the heart level: the scope is to improve blood circulation.

– Air Massage: Titan Osaki really wanted to concentrate the best of technology in this massage chair. They came up with the fact that reducing the number of airbags would allow a bigger surface coverage and more tranquil and quiet massage experience. You will feel as relaxed as ever. No part of your body will be neglected or forgotten as this chair will cover your shoulders, arms, calves and feet, hips and lumbar zone. On top of a fully comprehensive massage, you’ll be able to enjoy some much-appreciated heat therapy thanks to the two heating pads situated in the lower back area.

osaki os4000 air bag position

– Isolated pillow neck massage: if you see the above section, we did not mention neck massage. On purpose. This amazing chair has a dedicated pillow for neck massage! It surely deserves a paragraph by itself. The stiff and painful neck is one of the most dreaded sensation by people sitting all day long in front of the computer (often in not very ergonomic position). The neck pillow is composed of three airbags and can be operated on by its own. Just in case you don’t want it and would feel better with a simple headrest, you can just flip it backward.

– LCD display remote: the control panel is absolutely intuitive and easy to operate. It’s set on a metal stick on the side of the chair for easy access. You can choose amongst 8 pre-set programs (Healthcare, Relax, Smart, Circulation, Demo, neck & Shoulder, Back, Lumbar and Full Air). Each of these programs has a specific goal and pattern. The speed, intensity, and type of massage will vary according to the chosen program. The different massages that you can get are kneading, tapping, shiatsu, rolling, combination and Swedish. We are sure you’ll find soon enough your favorite one (or all of them ?). Let’s also note that the massage experience is highly customizable and you can create your own perfect massage every single time. You can control the 5 speed and intensity levels and you can also choose manually which airbag area to activate. An auto-timer setting is also available and you can set it up by 5 minutes slots from 5 to 30 mins. For more flexibility, there is also a wireless remote control for basic functions such as speed, intensity, position. It’s really convenient if you are lying down and want to change slightly the settings without quitting that super comfortable position.

osaki os4000 massage chair specificationsSpecifications

Model: OSAKI OS-4000
Rated Voltage: 110-120V
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Main Body Dimension: 52L x 31W x 34H (inch)
Vertical Side: 38L x 25W x 15H (inch)
Gross Weight: 255 lbs
Net Weight: 213 lbs
Accommodate comfortably anybody up to 6’3
The seat base has a total width of 17 inches which translates to about a 40-inch waist capacity.


3 years standard manufacturer’s (The chair comes with a 1 year plus 2-year additional parts factory warranty. Inquire directly for more details)


+ Zero Gravity Full body massage chair
+ Heat therapy
+ Pre-set programs
+ Highly customizable
+ High quality of materials
+ Easy and intuitive to use


 Heavy and quite spacious
 Installation (but there’s a proper video guide to follow)

Final Thoughts

There’s not much more to say about the OSAKI OS-4000 zero gravity full body massage chair except that it is an excellent piece of technology dedicated to wellness. If you are looking for a modern, comprehensive and effective massage chair you can easily opt for this top-rated model. It will satisfy the most demanding users whether they are looking for a simple chill and relaxation after work or looking to achieve some more specific health-related goals such as relieve muscular pain, improve blood circulation or improve blood circulation. It’s indeed one of the best zero gravity full body massage chairs on the market.