Conduction that’s greater than does water is, by nature of its heat, enabled by a paraffin bath. The use of mineral oil can decrease the temperature of the skin to a point. The use of paraffin baths to take care of feet or the hands and therefore are best. Many would suggest using a brush to use paraffin to other areas of the body, but it’s better to use a pack. Paraffin bath temperatures are usually in the assortment of 115°F into 125°F. The procedure requires dipping into a paraffin bath 6 to 10 times to form a wax glove around the foot or hand. The length with this way is usually 15 to 20 minutes. A used but effective option involves soaking the foot or the hand straight.

The heat has to be implemented for a while to receive favorable outcomes. Paraffin wax baths permit you to immerse your hands and soothe arthritis pains and aches. Some equipment available in the market also support elbows and feet, too. Before buying, Consider the attributes in addition to their dimensions. Before using a paraffin wax bath, examine the corresponding instruction booklet to ensure safe usage. Painful feet and hands can be uncomfortable, which makes it hard to do tasks of daily living. Many people with arthritis want to attempt different pain relief procedures, in particular, those who fear to utilize arthritis drugs. However, the use of paraffin wax baths and medication both recommended alleviating pain.

How to use Paraffin Wax Bath Step by Step:

  • Melt the wax & stir to speed the melting up process.   
  • Permit the wax to cool until it is a film on the top that is very. Make sure it is cool enough to put the hand or your foot. It ought to read about 125°F if you start your treatment.  
  • Make sure to use soapy water to wash your hand or the foot bath you are prone to look after. Next, step drying your foot or your hands.  
  • Relax your foot or hand, and then dip it in the paraffin, being careful not to touch the sides or bottom of this kettle. Permit the wax to come to just above the ankle or the wrist. It can help to have another individual guide your foot or hand and out if you’re unsteady.  
  • Remove your hands or foot out of paraffin and allow a few minutes to dry until it stops draining. 
  • Replicate these steps 8 to 10 times. Every time you dip, cease only under the prior lineup of wax onto your skin. Keep wax out of getting in beneath the wax that will avoid burning and is in your skin.  
  • Wrap it with the towel or plastic to contain the heat and hold it in place.  
  • Unwrap foot or your hand and slip the paraffin or foot back in the pot.   
  • Cover the paraffin and Keep it for next time.

Where to buy a paraffin wax bath:

Well, We’ve put down a listing of this paraffin wax bath for you to choose. ­

Therabath Professional Paraffin Bath:

Therabatt Paraffin Bath
  • Deep Immersion 6 to 9-pound capacity.
  • Safe temperature control and safety.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Light Weight.
  • Integrated Handles for safe Transportation.
  • Made in USA class 2 medical device.
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Therabath 2320

  • Up to 6 pound capacity for a refill.
  • 110 v and 220 v electrical options available.
  • Tank size large enough to accommodate men’s foot size 14.
  • Internal thermostats maintain a safe temperature.

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Homedics Paraffin Bath – 350

Homedics Paraffin Bath
  • Safety system with locking lid.
  • The light indicator lets you know when the wax is ready for use.
  • Available in Light Blue and Pink color.
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Satin Smooth Paraffin Wax Spa Thermostat

Satin Smooth Paraffin
  • Holds up to 6 pounds of wax capacity.
  • Low price and cost-efficient.
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WaxWel Paraffin Bath

Waxwel Paraffin Bath
  • Dimension 18 x 12 x 13 inch.
  • The standard unit comes with 100 Liners, 6 pounds of wax, 1 Mitt, 1 Bootie.
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