Pedicure Callus Remover by Own Harmony
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Why Own Harmony’s callus remover?

Do you need to wear sandals soon or are you simply keen to display baby soft feet? Are you planning on going barefoot at the pool or the beach? If you are, then you may want to pay special attention to the soles of your feet. If the soles of your feet are cracked or dry, then you probably have built up calluses over time and may want to use a pedicure callus remover to clean and soften up your feet. Own Harmony provides a great product that absolutely can fulfill your needs. And if you are looking for an electric callus remover, then this may be the one for you. In a very little time, you will reach professional results that are clearly visible and definitely impressive.

Very gentle way to eliminate your calluses

Did you ever try to remove your calluses with a pumice stone or with a small blade? It’s not really comfortable, not very easy and certainly not accurate and safe. An electric pedicure callus remover is the safest, easiest and most practical way to get rid of calluses and gain back silky smooth feet. The ergonomic design of this device makes it very simple to hold and use for maximum comfort. The rollers are made out of quartz micro mineral crystals and are great to gently scrub away the dry, dead skin patches that accumulated over time around your feet area. As effective as those rollers are, you are still in charge, and to guarantee your safety, it is recommended that you don’t apply pressure on the same area more than 3-4 seconds to make sure you don’t reach your “alive” skin and end up injuring yourself.

User-friendly and effective must-have pedicure tool

Who does not like to get a pedicure? Pampered feet always feel and look better. But indeed it has a cost to visit the pedicure salon every week or even two times a week, so people opt more and more for regular pedicures at home and keep the beautician for special occasions. Can they get the same results at home? Absolutely! (with a little more effort). This electric callus remover spins up to 50 times a second and has scrubbing rollers that are 11% larger to cover more area and speed up the process. The battery is pretty effective too as one charge will last up to 45mins, which is enough time for you to realize several pampering sessions. You are saving time and money by getting this product from OwnHarmony to yourself.

Perfect pedicure at home

This pedicure tool is to be used on dry feet. We would recommend to obviously operate on dry clean feet just after shower (to get the calluses softened). You can use this callus remover anywhere you feel you need – heels, soles, toes – until you reach desired results and baby soft skin. Then you can brush off the calluses from your feet or rinse them quickly and apply some moisturizer. You will have picture perfect feet just as if you were leaving the nail salon.

Great value for money product

This pedicure tool is going to meet and exceed all of your expectations. Especially when you realize what you get for so little investment: an electric callus remover, an extra roller, a charger, a brush to clean the device and protective cover! It’s a real deal on its own without counting all the fees you save by doing your own pedicure. So if you are going to buy any kind of product to get rid of the calluses on your feet, then Own Harmony’s product is a great purchase. This pedicure callus remover is going to make you feel absolutely irresistible.