Total Flex Portable Home Gym Review

Design for maximizing the result in your fitness, Total flex S is considered one of the best entire body workout machines for your home. It has leg extension attachments with thick foam pads for luxury and adjustability. It provides you with good workout routines that work well for your hamstrings and calves. It works from the seat position for regular leg extensions that focus on the quadriceps. Total flex S lowers the body sculpting and firming that has foam rollers for comfort and adjustments. It has resistance cords included for different intensities. 

Total Flex S portable home gym is the intriguing option for those who want a good gym experience at home as it claims to provide a full-body workout by sculpting every part of the body. The steel seating unit has a cover of padded foam that also provides a quick changeover adjustment system with different resistance levels. It is a piece of workout equipment that allows you to transform your body with 40 other exercises. All exercises help you to target every muscle in your body. You can work on your lower body, upper body, and midsection all from the comfort of your house by utilizing this equipment. 

The reason behind total flex working is because of targeting particular muscles. It also keeps your heart rate up, leading you to burn calories. If you are willing to build muscles, you can opt for resistance exercises accessible in this machine. You can adjust the resistance level according to the challenging workout you wish to make. You will be able to build muscle by utilizing resistance levels which also increase your metabolism. The increased metabolism burns fat, leading to weight loss. It helps you go smooth in weight loss by using particular workouts that will shred body fat.

Total Flex S comes with resistance cords rather than weights with workout sessions and a healthy diet plan. The usage of different color cords offers excellent flexibility to the resistance alternatives so purchasers can raise or lower the levels according to the requirement. For instance, the intensity may vary for various body parts, or you may become more challenging for specific body parts by increasing power. The best part about the machine is that it is straightforward to assemble, carry and store. It is light in weight, portable, and a space-saving device for your portable home gym. You can fold it into a smaller flat and keep it under the bed or in the closet. 

Salient Features

Warranty And Weight Capacity

The essential feature for any workout equipment is a warranty. You get a one-year warranty on the parts of the machine. Total Flex S will limit the user’s weight to 136 kg or 300 lb. The Total Flex S gym machine transforms into a flat bench for building a solid back and chest, abs, and lower body muscles, toning hips and thighs. 

Easy And Quick Storage

A lot of workout equipment can take a lot of space and be bulky, but Total Flex S is not sturdy and does not even consume considerable space. You can fold it for easy storage and keep it in the closet or slide it under your bed without any effort. It is lightweight, and so you carry it anywhere after your workout sessions.

Comfy Seat

Total Flex S portable home gym is a well-made piece of exercise machine built from forged steel. It has a padded foam seat with a backrest for high comfort and support. It is a budget-friendly compact machine that brings a resistance system preloaded with right and left power pods. You can assemble this equipment quickly after sliding it out of the box and attached to the power pod. It has bolts by which you can fix it for getting ready to use. Within a few minutes, you will be prepared to work out, target, and work on your entire body from toe to head. The seat accessible will be comfortable in your complete workout program.

DVDs/Workout Exercises

Total Flex S helps reshape and tone the entire body, burn calories and build strength efficiently and faster. Its hardware design offers you 40 unique low impact and high impact workouts that offer aerobic functions and resistance for getting fit and healthy. It provides training DVDs with full-length workout sessions. You can transform yourself with rapid weight loss by having intense cardio combined exercise. 

Workout programs available on DVD show you exercises available for boosting metabolism, increasing heart rate, tightening tummy part, toning and lifting thighs, hips, and buns, including cardio workouts.


Total Flex S portable Home gym depends on resistance bands to offer resistance on the midsection, upper body, and lower body. The highest resistance utilizing different resistance bands is perfect for the lower body, but it might not be sufficient for most users.

Shipping And Assembly

The shipping cost changes for the Total Flex S equipment rely on the delivery type and the source of purchase. Some retailers may also offer you free shipping.

Total Flex S home gym comes fully assembled; all you require is to unbox the portable home gym. Select the resistance level and get back to work with sweat within 20 minutes or less from when you started. You can fold it and store it where you do not need to separate their parts.

Quick Setup

Setting up this exercise equipment is quick and easy and takes only a few seconds. All you need to do is to stand up and pop up the gears in place. Also, you can switch from one workout exercise to another in just a few seconds.


Accessories of the Total Flex S workout machine involve:

  • Padded leg and ankle cuffs.
  • Padded hand grips.
  • Owner’s manual.
  • Steel grip seat plate. 

Full Body Exercise Access

This individual machine offers you a full-body workout as it allows you to do 40 different exercises. You can exercise at home with comfort. While working out, you can feel comfortable and relaxed without worrying about people watching you— people with different fitness levels use this machine. Whether you are a fitness expert and a beginner, you can adjust the resistance level accordingly to match your requirements. 

Also, you can work out by targeting areas like hips, thighs, chest, buns, back, and so on. It provides you bi-directional power band resistance that is for both beginner and advanced levels. The exercises targeting your hips, butt, and legs are inner & outer thigh adductions, squats, leg raises, etc. Exercises that target your back and arms include lat pulls, bicep curls, flys, or shoulder presses. You can also make abdominal moves such as crunch combo, oblique twist, and seated crunch effectively.

You can adjust your machine in simple steps by squeezing the locking pins to make it a flat bench. It develops a strong back and chest. And for getting back to the previous setting, press it again, and you will get the inclining bench for targeting and defining your abs. If you target lower body workouts, decline to tone and tighten the thighs, glutes, and hips.

It is perfect for all fitness levels that you can fold up easily and open quickly and conveniently anytime. 

  • You can easily store and move it.
  • This Total Flex S Home gym has a comfortable and padded seat.
  • You will be able to target full-body workouts.
  • You can get resistance bands that you can use according to the intensity you wish. 
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Budget-friendly machine
  • You can transform it into a flat machine for storage.
  • It is small for taller users,
  • For some, it can be a gentle session of strength training.

Machine Specs

Product dimensions: 34″ *23″ * 24″ (H *L * W); Weight Of Product: 18 lbs; weight Capacity: 300 lbs; Product Material/construction: steel; Warranty: 1 year.

Final Words

Total Flex S portable home gym has an affordable price and brings many features such as resistance bands, 40 exercises, full-body workout with a comfortable padded seat. It is affordable equipment and an easy way to get in shape. Thus, this Total Flex S will work well for people looking for a budget-friendly workout machine for their portable home gym. It provides an adjustable seat that you can take advantage of during the workout.

This equipment helps you lose weight, stay toned, maintain weight, and reshape your body. Apart from this, it is helpful to focus on all body muscles and parts, respectively. Not only is it affordable, but also it is portable and lightweight so that you can assemble it quickly and carry it anywhere you want without too much effort.

You can fold it easily and slide it under the bed or in the closet, which will save you lots of space. Total Flex S is an all-in-one workout machine that you can have for your gym.