Proform 750R Rower Review

Having an inspiring shape is the dream of many. We all want to get a fit body. However, many of us cannot fulfill this goal. We do not find the right equipment to get closer to our dream shape. You are here means you want the best trainer for your home gym to meet your fitness goal. If this is the case, you can consider having Proform 750R Rower. This world-class machine can help you to get the desired shape. The best part is that you can work on your entire body. 

Additionally, you will have a monthly iFit subscription. Yes, you can reach out to professionals and achieve more from your workout regime. This simple all-in-one trainer can help you to sculpt your body. Yes, the trainer features an ergonomic design and solid construction to support intensive workouts. There are twenty preset workouts and more than two dozen magnetic resistance levels. All these will help you to practice different variations. 

Also, the storage and transportation requirements make it a preferred choice for many. The machine is easy to fold and transport from one place to another. Also, it will come with many accessories to meet the different needs of trainees. You can track your fitness progress and share it with others. In brief, you will have everything to take your experience to the next level. The equipment will have high-end features to enable users to practice different workouts comfortably.

Are you a bit excited? Do you want to know more about the features? If yes, you can go through the following. The article will cover both positives and negatives. Therefore, you can decide without any confusion.

Features of the Proform 750R

The Proform 750R is a well-equipped machine that can help users to work on the entire body. Once they have this trainer, they do not need to buy separate machines to meet the different needs of workouts. It will help you to sculpt the lower part, upper part, and midsection of your body. Furthermore, you will have many features to practice different variations. You will have accessories to keep your device as well.

While using this machine, you can give full attention to your workouts. Also, you can get the support of industry experts. If you are a beginner, you might appreciate the help of professionals. If you want to share your progress, you can do it. Yes, you can monitor your progress and make changes accordingly. The Proform 750R can be the best both for beginners and experienced. You will get all the desired help.

Also, it features oversized footrests. You can comfortably practice intensive workouts without feeling restricted. In addition to the footrest size, there is an inertia flywheel. It will help with more natural motion. The weight capacity of this machine is 250lbs. Hence, people of all sizes and shapes can use this equipment.

Additionally, it features a space-saving design. Therefore, you can conveniently store it wherever you want. The limited space in your home gym will not cause a problem. There are transport wheels. You can move your 750R machine to any of your preferred places to practice workouts. The seat of this trainer comes with a steel material to offer a durable result. Also, it is oversized to give the desired support for your workouts. When it comes to exercises, there will be many options for different types of trainees. Here are some features that make Proform 750R Rower worth considering.

Full-Body Workouts

As mentioned earlier, this equipment can support all your workout needs. You can have everything to try different variations. You will love the design, size, console, display, footrest, seat, and a few other things. All of them can help users to practice workouts and share their progress. You can practice strength training and cardio workouts to boost your muscle strength and burn calories. You can practice all your exercises without any inconvenience.

Twenty-four Digital Resistance Levels

Proform750R features digital controls and magnetic resistance. The resistance levels will enable users to boost their intensity. Most importantly, they can practice whatever they want without experiencing any noise. That is something you might not expect from its leading competitors. Its silent magnetic resistance will empower your workouts and enable you to have an enhanced experience regardless of the intensity level. Also, there is a push of the button feature. That will help you to set your machine and adjust the resistance levels automatically. Hence, you do not need any effort to change the resistance levels. It is worth mentioning that there are twenty-four digital resistance levels.

Preset Workouts

In addition to resistance levels, there will be preset workouts. You can use those to practice different types of exercises. It can be the best if you are new to this industry. It features twenty preset programs. When ten of them help you to burn more calories, others will be watt-based. Also, these preset workouts can adjust the resistance levels to maximize the benefits of your sessions. You can comfortably practice whatever you want without worrying over resistance levels. You can also consider manual adjustments based on your workout needs.

30-Day iFIT Family Membership

Yes, you will have thirty days iFIT membership with this machine. For the first thirty days, you can use it for free. The trainers of iFIT will help you to transform your body fast. You can learn from their experience and achieve more from your hard effort. They will help you to control your resistance and practice workouts to meet your fitness goals. Yes, everything will be smooth, fast, and hassle-free. You will feel like you are in a gym. You will get all the needed guidance. Apart from that, you can share your progress with the fitness world. You can join any studio class and learn from them. You will get the support of a personal trainer at your home without any additional cost. Also, you can track every rowing session automatically. As it will record all rowing sessions routinely, you can use them for your reference in the future.

Display System

The display system is worth mentioning. Yes, it will have a multi-color and five-screen display. You can use this display to monitor your metrics. Yes, you can observe the calories, speed, distance, RPM, and time. All these will help you to achieve more from your workouts. You can track your workout sessions and monitor your progress. If you think that there is an area for improvement, you can go ahead. Also, you will have the option to adjust the console angle to ensure better readability.


The versatility of the Proform 750R makes it the best choice for a home gym. You will have many advanced features. You can use them to practice different workouts without any hassle. Also, there will be a few auto adjustments. You can work on any of your preferred muscles. You can work on up to fourteen areas. Yes, you can target all the possible areas. You can target your shoulders and arms. You can work on deltoids, shoulders, forearms, triceps, and biceps.

Additionally, you will have the option to work on the lower, upper, and mid-back. Also, you can work on your stomach and lats. When it comes to your lower body, you can target your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and claves.

Easy Storage

As Proform 750R comes with a foldable design, the storage will be super easy and convenient. You can consider this option for a restricted space as well. The space-saving and improved features make the end product incredible. The unique SpaceSAver design can enable you to store this equipment in any of your preferred places. Also, the smaller footprint ensures easy storage.

Easy Transportation

The machine features easy transportation. Yes, it has transport wheels. Whenever you want, you can move your trainer from one place to another. Also, the design makes it inspiring. You can keep it in your living room and take it to your home gym if required. 

Optimal Comfort

The comfort level is worth considering. Yes, it will have many features to ensure unparalleled comfort. You can take the example of the seat. You will have light seat padding to practice all your workouts comfortably. Also, it features soft-touch handlebars. The handlebars ensure easy gripping. As a result, there will be less fatigue while practicing for long hours. You will love the outcome. Other features are pivoting foot pedals and a 90 nylon belt. When the pedals help with the best fit, the belt will give enough room for users to pull back. Apart from that, the seat is large and wide enough to help all types of users to get a comfortable fit. Also, it comes with a tablet holder. Hence, you can keep your tablet on the holder and stream the iFIT classes.

Main Specifications

Proform 750R Rower is one of the most developed rowers available in the current market. Yes, it can satisfy all types of users. You will have a high-contrast display and thirty days iFIT family membership. In engineering, there is the steel seat rail and molded, ergonomic, and oversized seat. There are adjustable and multi-position handlebars. The convertible and comfortable pedals ensure easy usage for different types of users. Besides, there is an inertia-enhanced flywheel. Besides, there are many features to offer optimal comfort to users. You can expect the space-saver design, integrated tablet holder, Audio Auxiliary Port, and front-mounted transport wheels.

In addition to these, there will be some additional features. Proform 750R Rower comes with a 250lb weight capacity. The weight of the product is 116lb. Apart from that, you will have an extended warranty period. You will have ten years warranty on the frame and one year warranty on the parts and labor. The footprint of the machine is 45.5″ x 22″ x 86.5″. Furthermore, there are twenty-four magnetic resistance, adjustable tablet holders, and twenty preset workouts. 


Impressive Design

Many users appreciate the design. The sleek design can boost the curb appeal of any home gym. Also, it is foldable. That means you can fold your machine and store it in your convenient places. Apart from that, there are transport wheels. These wheels can make it easy for users to transport the machine from one place to another. They do not need to use their muscle power to move the trainer. 

Quiet Operation

The machine will run quietly and smoothly. Yes, it will not make any noise while practicing workouts. Therefore, you will not experience any disturbance while using this trainer. All the credit goes to its belt. Yes, it features a belt design that ensures a noiseless operation. The belt will make the row quiet and smooth. 

Easy Tracking

Users can track essential metrics and share their progress with others. They will have the opportunity to connect to others. They can track their calories burned, time, distance, and a few other things to design the best workouts. With a better understanding, they can meet their fitness goals fast.

 Expert Help

You can also get the help of experts and feel like you have a personal trainer. You can connect to the fitness world and make progress fast. You will find everything easy and smooth. 


Additional Expense

It comes with a 30-day iFIT family membership. You will have to pay to continue with this membership beyond a month. You might find the end cost more. However, you can use preset workouts instead of continuing with the membership. You can decide based on your preferences. 

Lacks Heart Rate Monitoring

The trainer will not monitor your heart rate. You might need to spend on an additional device to get this benefit.

Final Words

The Proform 750R can be a great companion for both beginners and experienced trainees. You can use this trainer to boost your cardiovascular health, burn calories, and strengthen your muscles. The comfortable and large seat, preset programs, manual adjustments, automation, ergonomic design, and some other high-end features make the end product worth buying. Once you have this machine, you can comfortably work on your entire body.