ProForm Carbon El Elliptical Review

Are you looking for the best elliptical at an affordable price? Do you want all the advanced features to meet your unique workout needs? If yes, you can consider having Proform Carbon EL Elliptical. The costs and features make it a preferred choice for all fitness enthusiasts. Also, you can work hard without stressing your mind. Proform Carbon EL Elliptical will enable you to practice all your workouts at your home. You will love this addition since it is well-equipped to support different workout needs.

The features are worth considering. You can expect all the advanced features at an affordable price. It features eighteen resistance levels, silent magnetic resistance, EKG pulse sensors, mobile handlebars, comfortable pedals, and many other things. When it comes to comfort, you can also expect some improved features. There are an integrated tablet holder, front-mounted transport wheels, and an audio port.

Apart from that, you will appreciate its high-quality construction, adjustable stride, front-drive design, and advanced incline. In brief, it has everything that you can expect from an expensive elliptical. The flywheel weighs fifteen pounds, and it has inertia. Besides, you can expect the best connectivity with Bluetooth. Yes, it will enable you to connect to people with an internet connection. You can consider the iFit program to communicate with live trainers and get benefits from the virtual library.

Are you interested in Proform Carbon EL Elliptical? Do you want to know more about the features and benefits? In the following, we will answer all queries. You will be aware of the utility and positives. Also, we will cover the downsides. Go through both the positives and negatives to decide without any confusion.

Features of the Proform Carbon EL Elliptical

We will start with the weight. Yes, it can support up to 300lbs. That means it can accommodate almost all users. Most importantly, people with more weight can expect better stability. The trainer is also compact and will not take a lot of space in your home. You can store it in any of your convenient places. Whenever needed, you can use the wheel to move it conveniently without using your muscle power. Have a look at the following features to know the product is suitable for you or not.


The five inches high contrast display can enable users to have a clear view of their workouts. Furthermore, it will have QuickSpeed buttons that users can use to transit from different levels. Users can check workouts and make improvements based on their performance.


It is worth mentioning that this trainer will not have preset workouts that you might get from most of its competitors. However, it helps users with iFit. You will have to take the subscription to get the benefits of iFit. After subscribing, you can access unlimited workouts. Besides, you can join the instructor-led sessions. There will be many other fitness tools as well. Also, iFit will track the data of users automatically.

Stride & Incline

You might be aware of both these features. Yes, they can make a noticeable difference in your workout experience. You can expect the best incline and stride from Proform Carbon EL Elliptical. You will have a nineteen-inch power stride that is adjustable. 

You can adjust your stride and try different variations to achieve your fitness goals. When it comes to the incline, you will have 20 degrees adjustable incline. Also, the incline ramp will offer five different positions. As a result, you can shape your lower body fast. You can target your guards, glutes, calves, and other parts as well.

Handlebars & Pedals

Proform Carbon EL Elliptical features two handlebars. One is the fixed handlebar, and another is mobile. However, the fixed one will enable users to track their heart rate. All the credit goes to the EKG pulse sensors. The built-in sensors will track the heart rate. Also, the mobile handlebar will enable users to sculpt their upper body with a low-impact workout experience. Also, the mobile handlebar comes with soft-touch upper-body grips. You will have oversized pedals. That can fit all the feet sizes. Apart from that, the pedals are adjustable. Hence, users can try different positions to find a comfortable fit. Also, the enhanced stability can support intense workouts.


The console will have five inches window with touch-resistance buttons for easy and fast usage. There will be a port for the charging. You can also use the built-in speaker of the console to listen to your favorite music. There is a media shelf as well. You can use it to read or keep your smartphone based on your convenience. Also, you can connect it to the iFit coach and get more benefits. It will enable you to use online streaming services. You can share your progress with the world.

Heart Rate Monitoring

With this trainer, you can easily monitor your heart rate and make improvements based on your condition. For heart rate monitoring, you can keep your arms on the fixed handlebars. The built-in EKG grip sensor will monitor your heart rate. You can read your heart rate any time you want. It will help you to ensure that you are in the fat-burning zone.


The flywheel weight will determine the flexibility of your elliptical. Yes, you can expect a better outcome with the heaviest flywheel. Heavyweight can offer the required smoothness. Also, you can have this benefit from this trainer. The flywheel weighs fifteen lbs. That ensures more smoothness and better results.

Front Drive Design

You will like the front-drive design of the Proform Carbon EL Elliptical. The front-drive design will help users to practice their workouts with easiness. You will be centered towards the front while using this trainer.

Transport Wheels

You might find this feature impressive since it helps with easy movement and easy storage. As the trainer is for a home gym, the manufacturer has tried its best to enable all types of users to have this machine to support their workout needs. First of all, it is affordable. Second, you can move it from one place to another. The transport wheel will move the machine effortlessly. You do not need to use your muscle power. Also, you can store it in any of your suitable places.

 Automatic Adjustments

The machine will feature eighteen digital resistance levels. Also, it will adjust the resistance automatically during workouts. You can have the required resistance without any manual effort.

Main Specification

Users can expect many advanced technologies. We can take the example of the EGK grip pulse sensor, high contrast display, and iFit enabled. When it comes to engineering, there are adjustable stride, front-drive design, eighteen resistance levels, quick controls, twenty-degree adjustable ramps and their five positions, oversized pedals for better stability, and upper body grips.

In addition to the above, It has an integrated tablet holder, transport wheels, oversized levelers for feet, a water bottle holder, and speakers. All these offer the required comfort and support the unique needs of users. When it comes to the weight capacity, it can support up to 300lbs. Therefore, most of the trainees can use this trainer. Also, it can be the best option for oversized feet. Pedals will offer the required comfort and support for intensive workouts. Apart from that, users can expect an extended warranty.

The manufacturer offers ten years warranty on the frame and one year warranty on the labor and parts. The weight of the product with the box is 202lbs. It proves the quality and sturdiness of the end product. However, you can easily maneuver it with front wheels. The dimension is 68.5″ L x 25″ W x 67.75″ H.



Even if the trainer lacks preset workout programs, users will have many options to explore its iFit coach. They can learn from professional trainers and achieve more from their workout regime. You will have the choice to choose from different levels of workouts.


Affordability is another benefit. You can enjoy all the advanced features without hurting your budget. Also, it offers a bit of automation to enable users to practice their workouts without any disturbance.  

Easy to Use

The machine is easy to transport from one place to another. Users can choose any of their comfortable rooms to practice their workouts.

Optimal Comfort

Users can adjust a lot of things in the machine to get a comfortable position for workouts. Also, they can track the progress and plan accordingly. Apart from that, they can use the device holder and bottle holder to make the most out of their workouts.


You can use this trainer for a long time to maintain and achieve a fit body. The solid construction will help with the desired durability. Additionally, you will get an extended warranty.


No Preset Program

You will not have any preset workout program. However, you can use the iFit coach.

iFit Subscription

You will have to pay for an iFit subscription. It will not come with the package.

Final Words

Proform Carbon EL Elliptical can be perfect if you want an affordable, well-equipped, and customizable elliptical for your home gym. Also, you can use Bluetooth connectivity and share your progress with others. You can interact with the fitness world and achieve more as well.