Proform Hybrid Trainer XT Review

People looking for low-impact cardiovascular machines often consider buying either recumbent bikes or elliptical trainers. What if I say that you can have both of them at the price of one? Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is a two-in-one workout machine allowing people to perform both recumbent bike and elliptical style workouts without finding space for two devices. It costs below $1,000, and you may wonder if it is a good quality trainer worth purchasing or not. Let us find out.

Proform is a famous brand retailing commercial and home workout equipment, including strength training and cardio variants. You can use ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT as either an elliptical trainer or a bike for a standing or a seated cardio routine. The Elliptical part of this hybrid machine has adjustable, oversized pedals for all sizes and positions with moving handlebars; meanwhile, the recumbent bike has an adjustable cushion seat with back support and handlebars.

There is a screen available at the center to view your workout statistics. You may adjust the LCD to make those stats available irrespective of the mode you use. Please note that unlike traditional stationary bikes with circular movements, pedaling the recumbent bike on this hybrid involves a gliding motion in an elliptical fashion. As far as the assembly is concerned, some users complain that it is difficult to put together this trainer as it is a work of two persons and needs some time to put the parts together. Please note that if you can not handle it yourself, Proform provides professional assembly service for an extra cost.

After installation, it is pretty straightforward to use the machine, thanks to a user-friendly interface on LCD. You can quickly shift from bike to elliptical mode with only three easy steps. Put the elliptical pedals above bike peals, moving the console upward, and start by stepping onto the pedals. Move the bike pedals back and bring the console down if you want to get back to cycling mode. Please note that it has a stride length of 15 inches, so this hybrid trainer is not suitable for users over 5’7″.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT costs only $599 with free shipping, and you can opt for professional in-home assembly for an extra $199. It comes with a 5-year warranty on its frame and 90 days on labor and parts. You can also avail of a three-year extended coverage for $149. iFit subscription will cost you about $30 per month or $300 for the annual family membership. If you find later that this machine is not suitable for you, you also get a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

As usual, we see mixed customer reviews on this product model. Most happy customers positively review the fact that they get two machines in one in an affordable range. However, some customers reported that the trainer got locked on first use, and they had to subscribe for an iFit subscription. You can resolve the issue by holding the Bluetooth iFit button for 5-10 seconds. Other frequent complaints include short stride length, lousy customer service, lack of backlit display, etc.

Some users reported that this machine is meant for beginners because the resistance levels are not challenging enough. Other users complained of short stride length, making it uncomfortable for users taller than 5’7″. The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is convenient for users looking for a recumbent bike and an elliptical but doesn’t have the budget or space for two different machines. Overall, Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is worth considering if it fits your budget, workout goals, and of course, height.

Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is a recumbent bike and also an elliptical rolled into one. You can change from one mode to another with a quick setting of the pedals and console. It works in your favor because it will not take lots of your space, and you will still have two machines in the gym. If you need a total-body workout, you can use the elliptical part and move handlebars while you stride. Please note that the length of stride of this hybrid trainer is 15 inches long, which is on the lower side. We recommend that you try the machine once in a showroom to ensure that the stride is comfortable for you.

The most remarkable feature of Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is that it is well-integrated with a virtually interactive app – iFit. This integration includes GlobTrek Workouts which lets you exercise globally in many cities and landscapes using Google Maps. Please note that iFit membership is not free; you have to buy it extra, and you can access it on your computer or mobile device.

Proform Hybrid Trainer XT offers 16 preset workout programs; eight are for elliptical training, and the balance eight are for riding on the recumbent bike. Moreover, you get 16 resistance levels to challenge you. But mind you, these are low-level resistances in the fitness world because the resistance source is too lightweight – only a 13-pound flywheel. In that case, this hybrid trainer is best-suited for users who are fresh to daily workout routines.

It has a big console with an LCD screen. You can adjust the angle in either mode to easily track your workouts and track your fitness metric such as distance, calories burned, speed, and heart rate. Moreover, an in-built wattage power meter guides you to pick up or slow down your pace. You get comfortable rides on this hybrid trainer, thanks to an adjustable cushioning seat. Finally, you can try different foot positions for stability due to oversized cushioned pedals, which add to your comfort while performing various workouts.

The audio aux port lets you connect any MP3 device and boost volume with two integrated 2-inch speaker systems if you prefer musical workouts. Your activities will be more enjoyable when coupled with a podcast, iFit Coach, or music playlists. Next, you have got transport wheels attached to the front frame for moving around and quick storage. Moreover, staying hydrated is a breeze with a water bottle holder, thoughtfully placed on the front side. If you check the user weight capacity of this machine, it can accommodate up to 350 pounds, suiting most users. This Proform Hybrid Trainer XT model is perfect for users looking for low-impact workouts or beginners.

The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is an ideal entry-level hybrid that offers the perfect bike and elliptical training mix in one device. It is available at an attractive price point of below $1000, great for you if you have just started with an exercise routine. Since it is a two-in-one machine, it is a great way to add variety without taking too much space with multiple devices.

Salient Features of Proform Hybrid Trainer XT

Two Machines In Single Unit

Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is a recumbent bike as well as an elliptical device. You make strides on an elliptical or ride a bike with just two straightforward changes to the console and the pedals. When you get two devices within one unit, it becomes an ideal piece of equipment for your small home gym.

iFit Coach Feature

If you have a monthly or annual subscription, it is the most fun feature. You can track the iFit Coach exercises through your desktop computer or mobile device.

Sturdy Frame

Its frame consists of sturdy steel tubing for excellent durability, allowing a generous weight capacity of 350 pounds to accommodate a wide range of users. The frame has transport wheels on the front for easy movements around your place.

Movable Handlebars

When looking for an intense workout, you can use soft-grip movable handlebars in elliptical mode to turn a regular activity into full-body exercises.

Adjustable Seat

You can adjust the cushion seat up or down or back and forth to assist you in discovering the ideal fit.

Track Workout Data

You can monitor your workout parameters with an LCD on your hybrid trainer. It shows you the details of duration, distance, calories burnt, speed, watts, and heart rate. Watts shown on the display screen indicate when to pick up the pace or slow down a bit.

Tablet Holder

Although the trainer does not have an in-built touch screen, you get a tablet holder integrated with the iFit app to keep your touch screen devices safe. You can view on-demand classes, live stream videos on your devices. It also helps you quickly track your iFit workouts or engage with your device.

Preset Workouts

Proform Hybrid Trainer XT offers enough workout variety with 16 preset workouts developed by certified personal trainers. You can use 8 of these programs on the recumbent for lower body workouts and eight for elliptical training.

Music System

A dual speaker system adds music to your workouts. You can also use the audio aux port to connect MP3 devices to listen to your favorite playlists. You can plug in your device to add volume to iFit workouts and podcasts.

Handgrip Pulse Sensors

In-built pulse sensors in the handlebars offer quick measurement of your heart rate.

Water Bottle Holder

Quench your thirst with a bottle kept on the console’s water bottle holder.

16 Resistance Levels

There are 16 resistance levels on this trainer, which may be sufficient for beginners and intermediates users-however, professionals need to look for higher resistance elsewhere.

SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance)

Proform Hybrid Trainer XT has a silent magnetic resistance system for quiet workouts, but a relatively light flywheel may cause clicking or squeaking sounds during exercises.

  • It is one of the most affordable hybrid trainers at $599, providing two pieces of equipment in a single machine.
  • You get 16 resistance levels for workout variety and to keep you motivated.
  • Your trainer is iFit-enabled which means that you have access to a rich database of fitness videos, online streaming, on-demand classes, and trainer content.
  • Aux port for audio is convenient for playing your favorite music. Moreover, it features dual speakers in-built into the machine so that you stay motivated to exercise more with music.
  • You get access to 16 preset workout programs. Half of the programs cater to elliptical training aimed at full-body workouts, while the others are for recumbent bike riding workouts.
  • The frame of your hybrid trainer is made of sturdy steel with a max user weight capacity of 350 pounds and has transport wheels for space-saving benefits.
  • You can enjoy full-body workouts using the moving handlebars in the elliptical mode.
  • You can adjust the seat vertically or horizontally to suit your comfort.
  • There is a tablet holder to support your devices safely.
  • You can track your workout metrics on the LCD screen, including watts and heart rate.
  • The warranty period on labor and parts is too short.
  • The assembly seems to be somewhat complex, with features of two machines in one piece.
  • The stride length is short for users with a height of 5’7″ and above.
  • The backlit display is missing, forcing you to avoid too dim and too bright places.
  • You have to spend extra for an iFit subscription to get meaningful output from this hybrid equipment.

Machine Specs of Proform Hybrid Trainer XT

Dimension (Inches): 60.5 x 24.5 x 70.5; Foot Print of Hybrid Trainer (Inches): 24.5 x 70.5; Machine Type: Recumbent Bike Plus Elliptical Hybrid; User Weight Capacity: 350 pounds max; Machine Weight (Assembled): 117 pounds; Flywheel: 13 lbs; Display: LCD; Stride Length: 15 inches; Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse Sensor Grips in handlebars; Preset Workouts: 16; Resistance Levels: 16; iFit-enabled; Water Bottle Holder: Yes; Tablet Holder: Yes; Warranty: Frame – 5 Yrs, Labor & Parts – 90 days.

Final Words

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT has 16 preset workout programs with 16 resistance levels, suitable for beginners looking for low-impact cardio workouts. What’s more, you get on-demand and live classes through an iFit subscription. Overall, It is an affordable machine if you are keen on both recumbent bike and elliptical style workouts.