Proform Studio Bike Pro Review

Here is a relatively affordable high-intensity indoor bike with a significant amount of features and cutting-edge technology. It offers you to ride exciting new locations globally led by world-class instructors, accesses new spin classes every day with a full year of iFit interactive training subscription. What’s more, you can even enjoy cross-training workouts when you step off your bike. It may be challenging for Proform to compete in the sub-$1000 price point, but it seems to have managed to add some tech-savvy features while developing this high-intensity indoor cycle. However, mind you, it is fair play despite some minor flaws here and there.

ProForm Studio Bike Pro is a well-connected bike with WiFi for iFit Coach Plus personal training and LiveCast studio classes. It is an entry-level model for indoor cycles but maintains midline in the entire exercise bike line. Earlier, Proform introduced a higher spec version of this indoor cycle with a 22-inch High Definition touch screen. It was available on the market for a brief period, and Proform discontinued it soon after. The Tour De France models are up in the line, available with power-controlled incline and decline options for about $500-$700 more.

This well-equipped indoor cycle is challenging enough for intermediate-level and novice riders, with a hint of stylish execution overall. You can track your fitness progress with ease with in-built software. You can very well keep track of your workouts on your mobile device or the bike itself through intelligent fitness software, iFit, delivering streaming workout programs. Your bike includes a one-year iFit membership with on-demand workout programs and immersive content. It lets you soak up the motivation of in-studio training sessions with a new live-cast addition every day. Moreover, you can virtually experience real-life bike routes powered by Google Street views with iFit Coach.

Proform Studio Bike Pro accommodates a wide range of riders due to its ergonomic adjustable features. You can lower or raise its handlebars according to your preferred riding style, and this bike has horizontal and vertical seat adjustment options. It means that your desired riding posture determines how high or low your bike seat will be. The bike setup is pretty idiot-proof, whereby you can use the crank style adjustment controls with a quick half turn to free up the bike seat and handlebar stack.

Suppose you don’t have multiple riders in your household. In that case, you are unlikely ever to touch again those adjustment controls – the kind of thing you dialed to move your handlebar and seat positions to suit your ideal riding posture. The bike has a compact and slim seat that you expect from a proper road bike form because it is typical of indoor cycles. Please note that new riders may initially find the saddle a little uncomfortable. However, you can easily swap out this compact seating with something cushier should you desire a comfortable alternative. Similarly, pedals come with cage clips having standard threading. So you can switch them to SPD clips or some other preferred pedals as per your unique preferences.

The assembly part is relatively more straightforward, which takes about one hour time for two persons. Bike maneuvering in small spaces can be tricky because Proform Studio Bike Pro is a bit long (56.6″) due to the screen. It has a quiet, narrow, magnetic flywheel, keeping the overall bike weight moderate. Please note that your bike needs a stable WiFi connection to run its programs, and your viewing experience may get choppy without proper WiFi connectivity.

The iFit Coach subscription comes bundled with many useful features, and the display has in-built rides with several great workouts. The bike cost includes the first-year subscription to the complete iFit package. Whether you are the kind of rider who sticks to a set routine or wants to change things up, you will see several benefits in renewing your subscription after the first year. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to renew your membership. Even without iFit, the bike system will track all the workouts on the calendar to let you track your previous rides and progress. You will still be able to review your fitness metrics such as heart rate, average wattage, elevation, time, calories, distance, and more. You can also access the entire data on your mobile devices through the iFit app.

The console of Proform Studio Bike Pro is easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface. You need to know an interesting point about the advertisements for bike rides with Google Street View mapping. Please note that these rides do not happen in real-time; only the software frequently changes the selected road’s pictures. If you are not interested in real-time videos, you can ride different terrains with a trainer to ride just behind the trainer.

It is an elegant feature to explore several exciting regions globally and quickly become one of your favorites. Even during the class, it automatically adjusts the resistance on these rides so that you can feel the changed resistance that comes with the terrain you are flying by every time. Moreover, the trainer also suggests the pace or cadence you should maintain along the way.

If you talk about spin classes, many classes are available, including hill training, high intensity, fat burn, cardio, glute work, etc. You will find that in terms of entertainment or motivation, some of the trainers are much better than others. Effectively, no matter how and where you train, you will find more or less the same scenario.

There is enough scope for improvement in the music for these classes because it is hardly audible most of the time. If you compare these classes with a regular pre-recorded session, you will find it fun to join these spin classes because you can see other people riding with you, making it more immersive and interactive. It is similar to trail rides mentioned above because the instructor can push you to work harder by changing the resistance of your bike remotely. Although you can override the feature, it is a fantastic way to challenge your fitness.

In a nutshell, the best feature of Proform Studio Bike Pro is the ability to ride along with a trainer. You get an immersive feeling that you are training in different parts of the world or cycling on the road outside for real. The ease of use and design of its console is palpable. On the flip side, a device holder to keep your smart devices would have been an excellent addition with an in-built cooling fan. However, we sincerely feel that it is unfair to expect the latter feature at the current price point.

Proform Studio Bike Pro comes with a fair price for the number of features it offers. It is perfect for avid riders who prefer to include all the bells and whistles. Similarly, besides various options, trail and spin classes are ideal for new riders looking to try out cycling and finding a routine that suits them.

Proform Studio Bike Pro gives a bang for your buck with moderate pricing, combining helpful tech with sound engineering. You can blast your tunes with dual two-inch speakers to motivate yourself during workouts. The iFit Coach, multi-position handlebars, SMR, and adjustable seating options are like the icing on the cake. Finally, leveling feet are helpful on uneven flooring when you are pushing yourself during intense rides.

Overall the Proform Studio Bike Pro will keep most riders motivated and challenged for years.

Salient Features of Proform Studio Bike Pro

10 Inch High Definition Touchscreen

The new Proform Studio Bike Pro has a 10″ HD touchscreen to deliver on-demand scenic outdoor tours and studio workout sessions.

On-Demand Training Programs

Your studio bike can access iFit Coach Plus personal training and LiveCast studio classes. Firms shoot LiveCast classes in good-looking studio gyms featuring Proform fitness machines, making new spin classes available to you on-demand every day.


Sometimes you get full-body workout sessions developed by trained instructors asking you to get off the bikes, do pushups and use light dumbbells (included in the box), etc. Moreover, if you want to keep an eye on your video classes, you may flip the 10″ HD screen because it tilts and swivels.

Free One-Year Subscription to iFit

Proform Studio Bike Pro comes with a one-year free subscription to iFit Coach Plus – the coach that fits your HD screen and also your pocket. This innovative coaching software delivers custom recommendations for sleep, nutrition, and fitness by adapting to your activities.

Scenic Settings

You get workouts in scenic settings globally to keep you fresh and motivated in terms of exercise choices. iFit Coach plus delivers three workout programs every day according to your fitness goals and your abilities.

Fitness Metrics

Your bike provides feedback about your exertion levels with a color-coded Watts display. It also provides a clear view of your fitness metrics related to calories burnt, speed, heart rate, and other session data, logging everything in iFit for future reference and analysis.

SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance)

Your indoor cycle uses SMR, a patented resistance system for quiet operation and durability. Like any other magnetic resistance exercise bike, it operates on the same principles of using magnets to add resistance to the rolling speed of the flywheel. It is a tried and tested platform, and nothing is out of the ordinary here. SMR is reliable, simple, and silent due to the absence of direct contact and too few moving parts.

Pedals and Seating

You get dual-sided pedals on Proform Studio Bike Pro to give you the option of using clips or toe straps. Moreover, you can swap the seat and the pedal to your preferred component should you wish to change things for comfort because both parts are universal. Padding of bike seats offers excellent ergonomy at par with road bike standards. You can also adjust it four inches back or forward and 13 inches up or down.

Miscellaneous Features

The console has an in-built bottle holder for convenient hydration. You also get three-pound dumbbells with the machine, which you can store on a holder integrated with the bike. Finally, transport wheels help you reposition your bike quickly.

Warranty & Guarantee

The warranty of the ProForm Studio Bike Pro indoor bike includes lifetime coverage on the frame, three years on parts, and one year on labor. Moreover, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

  • It comes with a 10 inch HD monitor touchscreen display. You can view it from anywhere by tilting or swiveling the monitor.
  • The seat and pedals are universal, allowing you to swap them with other more comfortable alternatives.
  • You get one full year of free membership to iFit Coach Plus.
  • You get access to on-demand LiveCast bike classes.
  • Color codes watts display can depict exertion levels.
  • Patented Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) offers 22 levels of quiet frictionless resistance and durability.
  • Handlebars and saddle are adjustable for optimum comfort, suiting your posture.
  • Bike pedals come with toe cages and clips.
  • Transport wheels enable quick storage.
  • Water bottle holder offers to hydrate you during intense workouts.
  • After one year, you will have to pay subscription fees for iFit Coach Plus
  • The screen size is on the smaller side, with competing models offer larger ones.
  • Some users are not comfortable with technology and computers with features that take time to learn.

Machine Specs of Proform Studio Bike Pro

Dimensions (Inches): 64.75 x 25 x 59.25; Type: Indoor Cycle; Drive System: Flywheel; Resistance: 22; Resistance Type; SMR (Silent Magnetic); Pedals: Clip-In Pedals and Toe Cage; Frame: Commercial-Grade Steel; Max. Weight: 250 pounds; Display: 10″ Smart HD Touchscreen; Seat: Ergonomic Padded

Warranty: Frame: Lifetime, Parts: 3 Yrs, Labor: 1 Yr.

Final Words

Proform Studio Bike Pro exercise bike is a moderately priced machine for indoor biking. We appreciate a generous dose of adjustability and immersive training workouts from iFit Coach Live and Live Cast, an excellent buy at the current price point.