Schwinn 520 Reclined Elliptical Detailed Review

Schwinn has always designed elliptical machines to deliver maximum results with comfortable workouts. This reclined recumbent elliptical brings together a unique combination of wind resistance of AirDyne technology and its ergonomic sitting position.

Schwinn’s newly designed recumbent elliptical has easy-to-use features and a unique console made with high standards for which the Schwinn brand is so famous. It is also simple to assemble the machine with its user-friendly interface.

This recumbent elliptical is similar to a recumbent bike where a user may recline while working out to support a routine workout identical to cycling or walking. At the same time, it is gentle on your back, knees, and entire body to offer zero impact workouts and low resistance. Hence, it is ideal for rehab, toning of leg muscles, cardio workouts, and weight loss routines.

It is a hybrid recumbent elliptical bike that uses the popular AirDyne technology to use smooth elliptical motions while sitting. It is a comfortable, practical, and low-impact choice for your home gym. The bike has a black body with reddish accents providing users a comfortable reclining sitting position while they are engaged in an elliptical exercise. It also features a non-pushy light grayish console to display key fitness metrics.

Although you cannot adjust the resistance, its Airdyne technology brings infinite resistance levels for you because the more you pedal, the more complex its resistance gets. Similarly, when you ease up its pedals, the resistance goes down with easy motions. This model provides you air resistance instead of the usual eddy current brake resistance on standard recumbent bikes. Now, suppose you are looking for a traditional recumbent exercise. In that case, this device is not for you as it has a different elliptical motion based on air resistance for low to zero impact workouts.

This recumbent elliptical bike offers BioFit comfort with oversized footplates, ventilated reclining seating, and a cooling fan design. The BioConnect feedback offers low impact elliptical motion, quiet belt, and smooth AirDyne resistance. However, unlike other bikes that offer more than 20 pre-set programs, it has only three programs to set your fitness goals, just fit for starters only. Similarly, the warranty is quite disappointing that does not match the quality of the bike.

This machine offers you two devices in one unit for low-impact workouts: an elliptical trainer and a recumbent bike. It is a decent bike with basic training features to help you get back into shape in no time. So it is not a wrong choice for casual use to get you into shape and burn some calories.

Salient Features of Schwinn 520 Reclined Recumbent Elliptical

Low Impact Workouts

This recumbent elliptical features state-of-the-art AirDyne fan system technology with a unique combination of elliptical paths and a recumbent sitting position while taking the load off your joints. The technology enables a user to work out in a comfortable and supported sitting position. It has a stride of 14 inches in the elliptical path to mimic a natural walking motion without any stress on your joints to provide overall functional fitness to your body.

Most combo machines with recumbent elliptical motions have a shorter stride. The stride of 14 inches on Schwinn 520 may not be perfect for taller people, but it should not be a problem as most people get used to it, mainly because they can work out in a seated position. All in all, it has a minimal impact on your joints.

BioFit Comfort

This recumbent elliptical offers a safe reclined sitting position to ensure comfortable workouts. The BioFit features also include contoured and ventilated seating to provide hours of comfort for extended activities and helps you improve your posture. The seat is ergonomic and exceptionally comfortable due to padding. Besides, oversized and flexible footplates enable multiple foot positions making the bike suitable for many users. Furthermore, it has convenient large pedals with straps to safely secure your feet while working out. Similarly, you get maximum comfort with the cool breeze from AirDyne fan motions to soothe you when you need it most.

BioConnect Feedback

It offers progressive but smooth resistance for you with its patented unique AirDyne fan system. A flexible and quiet rubber fan belt ensures that the bike works quietly, not irritating you or your colleagues. Finally, it can engage more muscles than on a standard bike, with its zero impact stride motions made possible with a 14-inch elliptical path for your legs for more effective workouts.

BioDyne Performance

It features a simple set-up for setting goals for time distance and calorie factors with a non-intrusive console position that provides an easy-to-read display with scrolling data points on fitness metrics like RPM, heart rate, distance, speed, calories, and time. It also offers integrated grip heart rate sensors that enable easy and accurate fitness monitoring by checking your heartbeat rates.

Easy To Use And Comfortable

The best part of this recumbent elliptical is that you can be sitting while using the elliptical motions, helping you to enjoy the benefits of a cross-trainer without having to stand up. That is a remarkable comfort feature of this machine. Moreover, you get additional comfort from oversized adjustable foot pedals and a contoured ventilated padded seat. Finally, the moment you start your workout, the AirDyne fan also delivers a cool breeze with its energy spins.

Enhanced LCD Display

This recumbent elliptical displays key fitness metrics in an easy-to-read scroll, including heart rate, RPM, distance, time, and speed. These statistics may sound basic, but they can keep track of your relevant fitness goals quite effectively. Pulse grips in the handlebars measure your heart rate and show it on the enhanced LCD screen.

Stable Frame

This recumbent elliptical bike is lightweight and weighs only 88 pounds, but it can handle user weight of up to 300 pounds because the bike’s frame is quite solid and stable. Heavy people have been using it without any reports of incidents because of a sturdy design. The design is user-friendly, and it is easy to get on and off this bike.

Built-In Fitness Programs

You get the flexibility of setting your goals for three essential fitness parameters of speed, distance, and time with its three pre-set in-built fitness programs. Although you can not consider three programs a lot, it provides fitness by controlling key parameters. You can set your goals manually on the console to build it up, but you can also work it out without using any pre-set programs if you prefer.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Schwinn 520 recumbent elliptical bike features a grip heart rate system for monitoring your heartbeats. Although several users generally report inaccurate heart rates with grip sensors, we have not received any such complaints about the grip sensors of this bike.

Quiet Operation

There is a fan drive in this recumbent elliptical, which runs smoothly and quietly. You may paddle slow or fast to build your resistance because it adds up in the Airdyne fan with fast paddling and goes off when you paddle slow. Please note that its AirDyne fan makes some noise at higher resistance levels, but that noise is not overwhelming to disturb you or your colleagues.

Easy to Assemble

The Schwinn 520 recumbent elliptical is pretty straightforward to assemble. You can do so with a bit of help from someone or alone in a matter of only one hour or so. You can refer to the assembly guide, which helps you join pieces together, and mind that you need not be a mechanical engineer to assemble this device. It simply refers to putting together the pieces intuitively and tightening the screws.

Additional Features

It comes with an accessory tray and an integrated water bottle holder to help you hydrate yourself during heavy-duty workouts. The bike also features a quiet rubber fan belt and transport wheels for silent movements and easy storage when not used to claim your space, handy for tiny homes.

  • This recumbent elliptical combines a cross-trainer with a recumbent bike to optimize your workout efforts using its patented AirDyne resistance technology, offering two workouts in a single device.
  • It is an excellent choice for a low-impact workout that is easy on your joints, ideal for rehabs and weight loss, toning your legs, and general cardio purposes.
  • It is full of comfort features like reclined sitting position, contoured and ventilated seating for long workouts, ergonomic design, oversized flexible footplates, padded seats, oversized pedals with straps.
  • This recumbent elliptical offers a smooth, progressive resistance that works with your pedaling efforts; the faster you do it, the harder it gets.
  • Enhanced LCD offers a non-intrusive peep into your fitness statistics while working out.
  • Pulse grip sensors in the handlebars can accurately measure your heartbeats to show it on the console display for effective goal monitoring.
  • This recumbent elliptical features a quiet and smooth fan drive with a rubber fan belt that is super silent.
  • It is super easy to assemble your fitness machine by just joining different parts intuitively.
  • The recumbent elliptical also features an integrated water bottle holder, a media tray, transport wheels for added convenience.
  • This bike is ideal for home gym purposes due to its space-saving, lightweight, durable, low impact and quiet operation, high user weight capacity, and patented AirDyne cooling fan features.
  • It has a black body with reddish accents and a light grayish console to work as attractive home gym equipment. The display is non-pushy and provides the essential fitness details while putting in your efforts to stay fit.
  • It provides safety in terms of oversized strapped pedals and contoured seats. Moreover, you can enjoy its vigorous elliptical movements while sitting without having to stand up. Finally, it implies that you get a cross trainer free with a recumbent bike providing you the best of both worlds while ignoring their negative features.
  • It has a plastic seat with cheap looks that may not provide adequate lumbar support and safety.
  • You cannot adjust the resistance of this recumbent elliptical bike. The resistance is less effective as AirDyne technology uses a fan instead of a flywheel to generate resistance.
  • It does not have a Schwinn Connect facility to track your workouts which means that you always follow your fitness goals manually. In addition, the bike can not save your workout data, and you have to chart your fitness progress manually. The console LCD works on 2 AAA batteries which may need frequent changes, with some users complaining that the readout is dim.
  • This recumbent elliptical bike offers basic mechanical and program features. However, competing models can provide lifetime protection on the frame with five years on everything else and one year on labor at its present price point. In contrast, it provides only five years on the frame with one year on parts and electronics and only 90 days on labor. Again, it reflects a lack of confidence in the bike model made by the company.
  • It seems a bit overpriced with the above negative aspects. However, an extended warranty, more programs, high-quality seating, and a more advanced console may justify the current price.
  • There are only three basic pre-set programs, and even a traditional elliptical had ten different programs.
  • A short stride of 14 inches (20 inches in the Schwinn 430 model) is uncomfortable for tall people, so they may not get the best out of this machine.

Machine Specs of Schwinn 520 Reclined Recumbent Elliptical

Dimension (Inches): 61.7 x 28.3 x 40.2; Item Weight: 88 pounds; User Weight Capacity: 300 pounds; Elliptical Type: Recumbent; Flywheel: NA; Seat Type With Support: Lumbar; Resistance: Infinite Airdyne; Console Display: LCD Window with enhanced resolution; Display Readouts: Calory, Speed, Distance, RPM, Heart Rate, and Time; Color: Black; Drive System: Single-stage and high torque belt drive; No. of Workout Programs: 3; No. of Heart Programs: Nil: No. of Profile Programs: Nil; Custom Goal Programs: 3; Heart Rate Monitor: Grip type; Stride Length: 14 inches; Incline: NA; Quick Keys: Nil; Handle Bars: Static; Footplates: Large flexible for multiple foot positions; Water Bottle Holder; Media Tray; Transport Wheels; Frame Levellers: 4; Power: Two AA batteries; Warranty: Frame 5 years, Mechanical and Electrical – 1 year, and Labour: 90 days