The Health O Meter Brand

Health O Meter is a leading professional scale brand founded in 1919 for more than 100 years as the Continental Scale Works. The brand has a rich heritage of doctor’s beam scale invention. Almost every medical professional uses this brand. The brand’s success stems from its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction due to its rich technical expertise with medical scales for over a century.

Pelstar LLC, an ISO 13485 certified company, manufactures Health O Meter scales. As of today, Pelstar keeps the tradition as amongst the leading manufacturer of weighing instruments for medical use and professional health care.

General Product Features

Health O Meter Scale lets you stay on top of your health goals by tracking your progress, monitoring, and managing your weight precisely.

Digital Health O Meter Scales

These digital scales provide a complete fitness analysis with weight tracking and body fat analysis scales to help you reach your fitness goals. You can accurately track your weight with bathroom scales, body fat scales, and Bluetooth scales.

Weight Tracking Body Scales

These digital Health O Meter scales can quickly track weight loss progress by storing your last weigh-in value.

1.   Glass Weight Tracking Scale: It tracks your last weight for up to two users for quick and easy tracking. It features a modern glass platform that complements your decor. The display of 3.4 x 1.8 inches ensures better readability. It can read weight accurately with an error tolerance of only 0.1 kg. It comes with a five-year warranty. The scale uses four load cell system to record weight accurately and precisely.

2.   Stainless Steel Scale: It has similar features to a glass weight tracking scale but uses stainless steel instead of glass material. It tracks your last weight for four users.

3.   Extra Wide-Scale: It is a glass weight tracking scale that offers better stability due to its wide-scale platform. It has a large, easy-to-read LED display. It uses four-load cell technology. This Health O Meter scale has a large platform of 15.5 x 11.5 inches with enough room to stand and can measure weight up to 400 lbs in 0.2 lbs increments. It has a bright blue backlit display in 4×2 inches. As soon as you step on the scale, the instant-on feature starts recording your weight. This bathroom scale is durable and comes with a 5-year warranty.

4.   Extra Wide Stainless Steel Weight Tracking Scale: It features an oversized display and a vast scale platform for better stability and stainless steel construction.

Body fat analysis scales

These Health O Meter Scales can track your fitness goals by measuring body fat content and weight metrics. These scales feature an iridium tin oxide coating which permits transparent conductivity to track body fat data, including BMI, hydration, and bone mass. They feature blue backlit LCD readouts on a tempered glass platform and store information for up to four users. The scale capacity is 400 pounds with 0.1 increments. They need 4 AA batteries to operate.

1.   Body Analysis Scale: You can personalize your weight value by customizing the readout.

2.   Body Fat Monitoring Scale: With this scale, you can quickly calculate your daily calorific intake.

3.   Body Fat Scale (WHM): It can measure your hydration, body fat, and weight metrics.

4.   Body Fat Scale: It can record your bone mass, BMI, weight, and similar body fat data for monitoring your fitness goals.

Specialty Health O Meter Scales

Suppose you are interested in the precise measurement of the weight-related data with special-purpose scales. In that case, these specialty scales are available in two distinct categories: dial scales and baby scales.

Dial Scales

Dial scales are easy to read and easy to use. These mechanical dial scales can provide accurate weight measurement. They feature an oversized dial with large numbers. A bright red pointer ensures that you can read your weight at a glance. This Health O Meter scale never needs any batteries because it has a spring-powered analog design. It can quickly measure up to 400 pounds with one-pound increments. Its stable steel build ensures durability and stability. It comes with a five-year warranty. Moreover, the extra-large platform provides comfortable use.

Baby Scales

Baby scales can track your baby’s growth during crucial development years, where weight variation may mean a lot in monitoring and controlling a baby’s health. It has a plastic scoop platform in 21.5 x 10 inches for added security. The scale has a capacity of 44 pounds with 0.5 pounds increments. If you use the hold function, the recorded weight will remain on display even when the baby moves around. The scale comes with an auto-shutoff feature.

Moreover, zero function can reduce the weight of diapers and clothing to provide a more accurate reading. You can also convert this Health O Meter scale to a toddler scale by removing the scoop tray. This Health O Meter scale needs a 9-volt battery to power its 1.2 inches LCD readout.

How-to Guide about Health O Meter Scales

1. Please do not move the scales unnecessarily, as you must reset them to zero after every movement to get a correct reading.

2. For best results, use the scales on a hard surface. If you place the Health O Meter scale on a deep soft pile rug, it might affect the reading.

3. The scale automatically shuts off when not in use for a pre-programmed period, usually 60 seconds to two minutes.

4. The auto zero feature in some scales can automatically set the scale to zero upon activation.

5. The instant-on feature automatically turns the machine on when you step on its platform.

6. The tap-on feature is an internal mechanism in the scale which triggers activating the Health O Meter scale when you tap on the scale to start.

7. The best way to clean a scale is to use mild soap and a soft, damp cloth. Never use abrasive or strong chemical cleaners.

8. Never submerge the entire unit in water. The product will be void of warranty and may behave erratically or may not work at all.

9. When you use the scale for the first time, please remove the plastic shipping pins. Also, let the scale reach room temperature to function correctly.

10. You may weigh yourself almost the same time every day for consistent results. You may take your weight yourself without clothing for the best performance to avoid weight variation due to the differential clothing weights.

11. If the backlit display does not work or the scale does not start, it probably needs a battery replacement.

12. To use a digital scale, gently tap on the right or middle of the display sets to zero to use the device now. Step on it and 3-4 zeros may appear. After it records the correct weight, it will display on the LCD panel.

13. If the LCD shows ‘Lo,’ it means that the 9-volt battery needs replacement.

14. If you see the ‘C’ letter on the panel, it means that the scale is calibrating itself. It happens on first use or after every battery change.

15. If you see ‘Err,’ you have exceeded the maximum limit.

16. Lithium battery scales can operate in a wide range of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. They feature a small self-discharge which increases the battery life. A typical lithium scale battery lasts ten years for an average family of 4, weighing once a day.

17. Don’t use a body fat scale if you use a pacemaker.

18. For an accurate body fat calculation, use it on bare feet.

What may cause inaccurate reading ?

1. Make sure the scale to zero before taking a bodyweight reading.

2. Please don’t use it to weigh any other item like luggage or suitcase. It may damage the scale, and you may not balance it correctly.

3. You can use the scale to weigh small objects by lifting them and calculating the differential weight from the weight taken without any item. Please ensure you do not exceed the maximum capacity of the scale, usually 400 pounds.

4. The scales have tolerance of one percent of your total body weight on both the positive and negative sides. On some Health O Meter scales, the increment is 1 pound. Don’t expect the device to give exact weight, and you must consider the tolerance. To avoid tolerance issues, try to weigh at the same time every day or without clothes before or after taking a bath.

5. For maximum accuracy, use it on a hard surface.

6. If you are slightly lean to the left, right, front, or back, it may cause the scale to give an incorrect reading.

7. If you accidentally drop the scale, the product may malfunction and may not depict the correct weight reading.

8. Please ensure that your feet are not hanging off the scale. You have to stand on the platform straight and still for a brief period to get an accurate reading.

9. If you are leaning against the wall or another person is holding your hand, or if the product is touching other objects, it may give an incorrect reading.

10. Please allow the scale to set to zero before another user takes the weight.

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